The following article from Newsweek is significant because it shows the absolute desperation of Democrats and their fawning supporters in the MSM.

Donald Trump ‘Almost Certainly’ Facing Two Defeats: Ex-Supreme Court Lawyer (msn.com)

Neal Katyal is famous for representing Nestle and Cargill at the Supreme Court. This was a class-action suit brought by former enslaved children who were kidnapped and force to work on cocoa farms in the Ivory Coast. Kathal argument was that Nestle and Cargill could not be held liable because the corporation that supplied Zyklon B to the Nazis to kill Jews and other minorities in extermination camps were not indicted in the Nuremberg Trials. Your client should not be held responsible because the people who produced Zyklon B to extermination camps were not held liable. Seriously?

Neal Katyal – Wikipedia

That case was dismissed because the Supreme Court ruled that the Alien Tort Statue (ATS) does not apply because the alleged actions did not take place in the United States. Katyal is a high skilled attorney, who, by the way, got trapped at Burning Man when it rained and had to hike six miles through mud to get out. Sometimes smart people do really dumb things.

Nestlé USA, Inc. v. Doe – Wikipedia

In any event, other legal experts point out that the “hush money” case will be dismissed because Alvin Bragg doesn’t have standing to bring the case. His argument is that these payments are a form of election interference. Even NPR admitted that this has routinely been called the weakest of the criminal cases against Trump.

Here’s what you need to know about the New York hush money case : Trump’s Trials : NPR

The weakest case may be the alleged misuse of classified documents by Trump. The double standard regarding how Biden was treated is a huge problem. An even bigger problem is that this is specifically addressed in the Presidential Records Act (PRA) of 1978. Here is a link to that Act.

Presidential Records Act (PRA) of 1978 | National Archives

Special Prosecutor Jack Smith, notorious for abuse of prosecutorial power pursuing public officials, is furious that Judge Cannon ruled that the PRA is the law in this case. Smith is trying to pretend this belongs under the espionage act. Espionage Act – Definition, Examples, Cases, Processes (legaldictionary.net). While that case is drawing a lot of media attention, it is going nowhere.

The point being that Democrats are pinning all their hopes on legal cases against Trump guaranteed to fail. This is like pretending an unmodified Ford Pinto could win the Indianapolis 500. The only reason they are doing this is that they have absolutely nothing else. This is the same reason they continue to support Joe Biden. They have absolutely no one else. The only person with approval ratings lower than Biden is Kamala Harris. Gavin Newsom’s management of California is an unmitigated disaster. California has run out of money and no amount of spin can change that.

Democrats are absolutely terrified at the prospect of Donald Trump getting elected President again. They have already proven they will do and say anything to stop that from happening. They are unlikely to give up and they are even more unlikely to even consider doing the right things for the right reasons. Desperate people do desperate, sometimes incredibly stupid, things. Almost anything is possible.



There was a 4.8 Magnitude Quake in New Jersey today. The response by the media was absolutely hysterical. They were extremely excited and acted like this was a world-changing event. Those of us who live or have lived in California just laughed. My wife and I were at the World Series game in San Francisco when the Loma Prieta earthquake hit. Now that was an earthquake. This could be compared to a truck going over a speed bump. There just is no comparison.

This is a reminder that just because something hasn’t happened in quite a while, doesn’t mean it won’t happen again. These types of earthquakes, although rare, are not exactly unprecedented.

In the meantime, the real shakeup is happening in Washington, D.C. Joe Biden is only attractive as a candidate if he is considered the best (only) option to defeat Donald Trump. But there’s more than one problem. Although the MSM will continue to cover-up his history of corruption and telling absurd unbelievable lies, they can’t cover up the mess he has created. In addition, his mental deterioration is so obvious and advancing so rapidly that it is increasingly impossible to ignore. At last count over 70% of Americans, including a majority of Democrats, don’t think he has the physical or mental capacity to be President.

Staggering 77% of Americans think Biden is too old for second term (nypost.com)

There is no change that this will improve between now and the election. Instead, it is likely to get worse, possibly much worse.

Another huge problem is that Joe Biden is rapidly losing a significant part of the Democratic base. Democrats could ALWAYS count on getting about 90% of the Black vote and a huge percentage of the Hispanic vote. It didn’t matter what they said or did, this voting block was a lock. Democrats and their fawning supporters missed a few things. Like the fact that the skyrocketing cost of food, housing, electricity, and gas impacts lower income people far more than the wealthy. In addition, when reporting on the homeless population, they failed to understand that these tent cities are not exactly showing up in gated communities. More recently they missed the memo pointing out that all those delicious illegal migrants, getting that free food, housing and a “Get Out of Jail Card” are doing most of their damage in low-income areas. The people Democrats take for granted are the ones feeling the pain of Biden economics. They are also the ones most impacted by rising crime. No amount of spin by the MSM can change that. They see it all with their lying eyes.

Black voters are fleeing Biden in droves. Here’s why | The Hill

They also see Joe Biden at a major fund raiser with Bill Clinton and Barack Obama surrounded by filthy rich liberal celebrities. You know, the people who spend extraordinarily little of their income on things like food, transportation, and housing. They spend it on mansions and private jets they use to fly to lavish parties. When Joe Biden says he is going to sock it to the rich, that seems hard to believe when it is those same rich people kissing the royal ring. At the same time, Donald Trump was at the funeral of a Police officer, joining the audience in the Lord’s Prayer. No contrast there.

The cultured elite is having their world view shattered in every way possible. They can’t believe that Donald Trump will, again, escape the legal walls closing in on him. How is that possible? They can’t imagine a world where Black and Hispanic voters vote for Donald Trump. Don’t these people understand that it is the cultured liberal elite, living in gated communities, who love and adore them? Don’t they watch CNN or MSNBC? Perhaps the biggest problem is that the $5 bill, using other peoples money, they grudgingly hand out won’t even buy a Big Mac anymore. But these people would never eat at a McDonalds, so they just don’t have a clue.

The world is starting to shake rattle and roll and unless something changes, it will roll Joe Biden, Democrats, and his fawning supporters in the MSM right out into the street. There, when they finally see reality, it will be far too late.



The total eclipse is coming. Some places have already declared a state of emergency in preparation for this. The biggest problem appears to be an expected onslaught of visitors. Every time there is an eclipse, people are sternly warned not to look directly at the sun. Every time there is an eclipse someone ignores this warning and is blinded.

In this country, we have an E Clips problem. This is when the MSM deliberately distorts anything Donald Trump says in a desperate attempt to defeat him. These, as all the other feeble attempts to destroy Trump, only make him stronger. Ironically, they could have easily prevented Trump from gaining political power by just ignoring him. But instead, they are drawn to him like bees to honey and whether they hate him or love him, they absolutely cannot ignore him. He lives in their heads.

I personally know many people who will vote for Trump rather than Biden. But they are not blinded to his faults. These are all too obvious. They just realize that one doesn’t have to like him personally to like the decisions he made as President. This is what the MSM just doesn’t get. They assume that everyone who supports Trump is some weird MAGA Republican oblivious to reality. Reality, of course, visible only to those who live in their own self-created delusional view of the world.

The result is a world where increasingly people on both sides ignore the facts and rely on partial or deliberately misleading reporting. There was a time when if we saw a video, or film of something, we could judge this for ourselves. Sadly, that is no longer true. It is too easy to edit video and make things seem hugely different than reality. While the MSM does this all the time when reporting on Donald Trump, many conservative outlets do the same things regarding Joe Biden. The biggest difference is that the MSM tries to pretend they are real journalists only interested in the truth. The result is that it is increasingly impossible to trust the MSM to report objectively on any subject.

The good news is that people no longer rely on the MSM for information. The old saying: “fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame of me” is still true today. No matter how many times people try to tell you “Bideneconomics” is working that myth is shattered by anyone who fills up a car with gas, buys groceries or tries to get food at a restaurant, even a fast-food restaurant. No matter how many times people try to tell you the people swarming across our border are not a problem, even sanctuary cities are begging them to please stop coming. No matter how many times people try to tell you there were no problems with the 2020 election, there are almost daily reports proving the opposite. Seriously, letting anyone vote, even if they are dead, multiple times, with mail-in votes counted only by Democrats without checking dates or signatures is not a problem. Please! Even Democrats, other than party leaders, want secure and honest elections.

The real eclipse lasts only for a brief period. The most important thing about an eclipse is that it creates a greater appreciation for sunlight.

The problem with E Clips is that eventually the truth emerges, and people see right through them. But it is important for Republicans to understand that the best defense against the E Clips is to not copy them, but rather to let the sunshine in.



Most of us learned about the Ides of March as the date Julius Ceasar was assassinated. In 44 BC. It was the midpoint of March, corresponding to 15 March on the Gregorian Calendar. The assassination of Julius Ceasar changed Rome forever. William Shakespeare wrote about in in Julius Ceasar. This ended the Roman republican and Julius Ceasars adopted son, Octavian, became Emperor August in 27 BC. Wikipedia has an article about this:

Ides of March – Wikipedia

In the case of Julius Ceasar, he was warned about the Ides of March, he laughed, all the way to the Senate, where he was assassinated. March has frequently been a month of transition. It is often said that if March comes in as a lamb, it goes out as a lion. I certainly have memories of March weather events that were quite challenging. Growing up in the Midwest, March as often the month when you “thought” winter was over, only to get a very unpleasant reminder that this was not necessarily true.

Groundhog day is celebrated at Gobbler Knob in Western Pennsylvania on February 2. In theory, if he sees his shadow, there is going to be six more weeks of winter. If not, then spring is on the way.

March is also a transitional month for a lot of reasons, including political reasons. During an election year, March is when things start getting serious. This year, both Biden and Trump “cinched” their nomination in March. Yet there is no guarantee this fall will actually be a matchup between Biden and Trump.

Democrats believe Trump will be blocked from even running, but so far, every lawsuit filed against him has failed miserably. If anything, they have made him more attractive for one simple reason. “If so many mean despicable people hate him and fear him, he must be doing something right.” Every time they try another legal tactic to take him down, the stronger he becomes. In addition, the press is so consistently negative about Trump, and they lie about him so constantly that even if he does or says something outrageous, few will believe it and even fewer will care.

One must ask, “Can the country really be on a path to an election for President of the United States between two elderly men absolutely despised by the opposition?” Liberals will NEVER unite behind President Trump, and conservatives will NEVER unite behind Joe Biden. The reasons for this are starkly different, yet equally true and extremely significant.

It is time to consider the eyes of March. Those things we all saw very clearly. Last week we were shocked to see the Francis Scott Key bridge destroyed in just a few seconds. This was a reminder that somethings the things that matter the most are the things no one predicted.

Rational Democrats in a position to do anything must be terrified by the eyes of March. The rate of mental deterioration affecting Joe Biden is impossible to ignore. It seems ridiculous to even consider the possibility that Joe Biden will the Democratic nominee. Yet, so far, there is no apparent plan to replace him. Partly because he thinks he is doing great; his wife thinks he is doing great. and Kamala Harris shows no signs of thinking at all.

Yet Spring is on the way, and so is summer. The DNC convention will be held in August. If nothing changes, Democrats are heading full speed ahead for a world class thumping in November. There must be at least some Democrats desperately trying to slam on the brakes or at least point this ship in another direction. They see the same things we see, they are not actually stupid, and panic is the ultimate motivator. The eyes of March have revealed the truth, and those who ignore their lying eyes will pay a very steep price.



Democrats were already reeling because of the daily mental decline of Joe Biden, the whimpering word salads from Kamala Harris and RFK Jr choosing Nicole Shanahan to be his VP running mate. Nicole Shanahan is beyond rich; she was married to Google cofounder Sergey Brin. While it is unlikely she will help RFK jr. win, she has already been successful in pushing the DNC into full panic mode.

In the meantime, Trump has been having an incredibly good week. It was hard to imagine anything that could make the situation worse. But then we wake up to learn that the Francis Scott Key Bridge over the Baltimore Harbor had been struck by a freighter and it immediately collapsed. The video of this is beyond horrific. This obviously shut down the entrance to Baltimore Harbor. It has also shut down the bridge built to give trucks hauling high hazard materials a safer route through the area. Expect to get stories about world class traffic jams that will stagger the imagination.

The usual suspects, the politicians who always seize any opportunity to exploit an disaster have already shown up for the obligatory photo op to show they are important and in charge. Imagine living in Baltimore, understanding the importance of this bridge and learning that Pete Buttigieg is in charge of fixing this. Expect Baltimore to run out of alcohol within hours. Then imagine hearing Joe Biden reflect on commuting across the Francis Scott Key Bridge on his train before someone pointed out there were no train tracks on that bridge. Oops.

But the real pain has just begun. It will take weeks, maybe months, perhaps years, to just clear the debris out of the harbor. Then they can “start” to think about building a new bridge. The old one took five years to build and cost $110 million. This one is likely to take much longer than that and the cost will be in the billions, not millions.

In the meantime, all those people relying on the Baltimore harbor for their jobs are already researching how to collect unemployment and look at other harbors, anywhere, that still function. To give you an example of the cost, Carnival Cruise Lines just announced that they expect this to cost them at least $10 million.

Imagine the response when the environmental lobby realizes exactly what has been traveling across that bridge in a long, endless line of trucks. What if one of those trucks was on the bridge when it collapsed? Carbon emissions anyone?

Joe Biden is almost certain to demand that the federal government be involved in designing the new bridge and will arrogantly insist it be built solely with union labor. That will speed things up and it will absolutely reduce costs. Right?

Perhaps one of the local leaders will step up and fill the leadership gap, but it is still a really big gap. In the meantime, if they do everything perfectly, the results will be far from perfect. This is a hot, actually cold, mess and it is going to get even uglier the more we learn about it. The only thing absolutely certain at this point is that the double secret probation committee is working overtime to find some tiny ray of sunshine regarding this fiasco. Oh, I know, blame it on Donald Trump.




The MSM is on a mission to convince everyone to ignore their lying eyes. The number one topic is regarding whether the 2020 election was stolen. The sad truth is that this was so poorly run and with so many gaping holes in election security that auditing this was always a hopeless dream. That was the whole point of the massive mail in ballots. Everyone who was remotely honest knew this was a recipe for fraud. This was so obvious that Elizabeth Warren, Ron Wyden, Amy Klobuchar and congressman Mark Pocan, all Democrats, wrote a letter to Dominion Voting Systems in December 2019 warning about this. Here is a link to that letter:

H.I.G. McCarthy, & Staple Street letters.pdf (senate.gov)

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency warning about this prior to the 2020 election. Those warnings were ignored and letter the MSM treated any hint of problems with mail-in voting as “disinformation.”  But the facts are there, just hidden from the public and ignored by the MSM.

Production-11-hotdoc-1-mail-in-voting-risk.pdf (aflegal.org)

A high percent of Americans, including a lot of Democrats, understand this. Yet our representatives in congress, including far too many members of congress, look like deer in the headlights when pressed about the 2020 election. The right answer is really simple.

  1. Joe Biden is the legitimate President of the United States because congress voted to certify the election.
  2. That does not mean that the 2020 election was fair and honest.
  3. It does not mean that if votes had been counted consistently and fairly the result would still be the same. The sad truth is that we may never know the full extent of fraud that took place in this election but denying that such fraud existed is a pathetic joke.
  4. The reality is that there was almost zero effort to verify the vote the 2020 election because too many people, like you, were so thrilled to see Donald Trump humiliated that you simply did not care.
  5. How do you expect people to trust you to tell the truth when you refuse to cover what Donald Trump actually says, then deliberately misquote him to support your own personal agenda. How about this? Let people hear what he has to say, exactly the way he says it, and judge for themselves.

Then the ultimate zinger. I think history will be much kinder to those who tried to stop the selection of Joe Biden, to be President of the United States and Commander in Chief, as the result of such a poorly run election, than to those who tried to stop it.

The real misinformation is by those who lied to the American people over and over again. They lied about the 2020 election. They lied about COVID 19. They lied about the dangers of all mail-in ballots. They ignored videos of late-night ballot drops. The ignore legitimate concerns about the vulnerability of voting machines, outline by top Democrats in 2019. They lied about the 2020 election being investigated.

Now they are trying to sell the myth that daring to question what happened during the 2020 election is somehow a threat to democracy. The real threat to democracy is pretending that the 2020 election was the safest and best run election in history and that 84 million people really were stupid enough to vote for Joe Biden.

Joe Biden and his fawning supporters in the MSM have millions to spend spreading more misinformation. This starts by humiliating Republican leaders who should be much stronger at pushing back against the nonsense. Once again, they are ignoring the all too real danger of putting someone who can’t remember how to tie his shoes back into the Oval Office.

The real problem here is misinformation, but not by supporters of Donald Trump, but rather by those who are desperately hoping we will “miss information” necessary to save our country.



We moved to Florida in May 2022. The Governor of Florida was Ron DiSantis. He had barely squeaked by into office in 2018. Florida was famous as a swing state, with elections often hanging in the balance until the last possible minute. It was so close in 2000 that Al Gore presented his case to the Supreme Court to recount all the ballots in districts guaranteed to lean Democratic. The Supreme Court voted 7 to 2 to demand that if votes were recounted, the same method had to be used in every county. Then they voted 5 to 4 to stop counting which meant Geoge W. Bush became President of the United States.

But in 2022 things were vastly different. DiSantis won in a landslide and Republicans won all over the state. We wondered why the tremendous change. Today we got at least part of the answer. We went to vote in the Republican Primary. First, we went to the wrong precinct. They took one look at our drivers’ license and gave us directions to the correct precinct. When we got there, we were met by the screener. He checked our drivers’ license, compared it to the voter registration database. He verified that our address had not changed. Then he had us sign the screen, and he compared the signature on our drivers’ license to the one provided on the spot. We were given a numbered slip to get a ballot. The person who gave us the ballot verified that this was a legitimate ballot number, then marked it so that it could not be reused. What a novel idea. Limit voting to registered voters who are required to provide identification. Then document that each voter only votes once. Now you understand why Florida suddenly went from a purple swing state to a solidly red state. Lesson learned.

This explains Democrats are absolutely terrified regarding voter registration requirements. They say this is because of voter suppression, but it appears as if the only votes being suppressed are for non-citizens, dead people, people who have moved and people who want to vote multiple times in the same election. This reminds me of a friend of ours from Chicago. He told us his parents had been life-long Republicans, until they passed away and then started to vote Democratic.

One of the severe problems with RINO Republicans is that they think compromising with Democrats is the high moral ground. Earth to Rinos. Compromising with people who have zero interest in listening to you or even tolerating you is not the moral high ground. It is political suicide. It is no surprise that Democrats routinely run the table in every major metropolitan area where it is easier to “manipulate election results.” This is why Republicans win all over the country, geographically, but get trounced in places like New York, Chicago, San Francisco, LA, Baltimore, Detroit, Milwaukee, and other major metropolitan areas. Democrats would like to have you believe this is because the people like well-run cities, so they vote for Democrats. The reality is they are often afraid to vote against a Democrat, any Democrat. This is why when Huma Abiden’s husband, Anthony Weiner was caught with his pants down, Democratic leaders, who personally knew EVERY VOTER registered in the district, were shocked to realize that a gasp, Republican, Bob Turner, was going to win the special election to replace Weiner. Democrats quickly eliminated this congressional district in their redistricting efforts, so Turner was only in office for one term.

The record is clear. Democrats are totally for free and honest elections if people only vote for Democrats. If a Democrat loses, for any reason, there are loud shrieks of a rigged election similar to how they responded when Trump won in 2016. However, if a Republican even hints there might be a problem with all mail in elections in Democratic controlled machine areas, they are accused of trying to destroy democracy. In the case of Trump, they have literally accused him of inciting an insurrection.

It is long past time for Republicans learn how to play identify politics. Every poll shows that even Democrats support fair and honest elections. Oops, I should have said “regular people who happen to be Democrats” not the class of clowns who seek only to be perpetually in power. Perhaps, more Republicans they should visit Florida during an election. But if you live here and want to vote, make sure you are registered don’t forget your drivers’ license.



I reluctantly watched the State of the Union address by Joe Biden. It was much better than expected, because he only had only a few gaffs, and he was able to stay focused and deliver the speech.

However, what really matters in a State of the Union address is how it impacts anything or anyone. This was by far the most divisive State of the Union address possible. Biden took several opportunities to trash Trump, the Supreme Court, and Republicans in general. That played well to the Democratic members of congress in attendance and to the usual suspects in the fawning left wing MSM. Republicans were absolutely appalled. The question is how undecided voters respond. One safe assumption is that few bothered to watch this performance.

Democrats are trying to spin this as: “yes, Joe is old, but he is a nice guy and Trump is a dangerous jerk!”  This speech did nothing to help that narrative. Biden was bitter, angry, and in some cases downright delusional. One severe problem is that he keeps harping on January 6th, ignoring two key facts. One is that a high percentage of Americans, perhaps a majority, believe there were serous problems with the 2020 election. Many of them, who were paying attention, are convinced the election was stolen. Another is that few people buy the myth that January 6th was an armed insurrection. It was a crowd, that got out of control, with some people acting irresponsibly, but there was no attempt to overthrow the government. No one, including Donald Trump, has even been charged with insurrection.

But perhaps the most important impact of this speech is how it impacted Republicans. If they were not united behind Trump to defeat Joe Biden, they are sure united now. The facial expressions by Mike Johnson, Speaker of the House sitting right behind Biden, were priceless. He wasn’t buying this nonsense, and he isn’t going to buy it in the future. This morning, he was on Fox where he said:” The State of the Union made it clear: it’s time for a new President.”

Republicans also had a bad night. Trump decision to troll the State of the Union, while interesting for some people, was an incredibly stupid idea. In effect he did the same thing to Biden that the MSM does to him, and it did not elevate him, instead he came close to lowering himself to Joe Biden’s level. The GOP hecklers were out of line and ineffective. We all must respect the office of President of the United States, and the State of the Union speech, even it is impossible to respect Joe Biden.

The rebuttal to the State of the Union speech by Katie Britt was very polished but it took far too long and in some ways her performance was way over the top. She is a very impressive person, and she delivered a polished performance, but that isn’t what was required. I finally realized what was wrong. She came across like one of those cultured elite talking heads we have all come to despise. I would have preferred someone like Senator John Kennedy from Louisiana. He would have absolute skewered Joe Biden and made people laugh in the process.

Ultimately, thankfully, Joe Biden was so plain awful that even Republicans will probably be unable to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, again. This speech made it almost impossible for Democrats to even consider replacing Joe Biden, and if he is the nominee, they are going to get trounced. He did just enough to silence his critics in the Democratic Party, but he did absolutely nothing to convince people he is capable of being President of the United States. The fact checking on this speech will be beyond brutal.

Joe came across as a bitter, angry man, incapable of uniting this country. The only people who bought this clown act are already delusional anti-Trumpers. Baring something unforeseen, it will be the Joe and Donald show next fall.

The most common characteristic of incompetent people is that they don’t know they are incompetent. Since they are incapable of evaluating their own performance, they are also incapable of learning valuable lessons. The very last person on this planet to acknowledge the incompetence of Joe Biden, is Joe Biden. Last night proved one thing: “what you see is what you get, and who everyone who watched that State of the Union with an ounce of objectivity saw the real Joe Biden, a rapidly aging incompetent bitter and angry man.



Barnum’s American Museum opened on the corner of Broadway, Park Row and Ann Street in 1842. It was an enormous success, until it burned to the ground in 1865. But Barnum had a problem, the museum was “too” popular. People were so thrilled by the wonderful exhibits that they didn’t want to leave. So, Barnum put up signs saying: “This Way to the Egress.”

Barnum’s American Museum – Wikipedia

Most people did not know what an “Egress” was, so they willingly followed the signs which led them to the exit, and they found themselves outside on the street.

Today the United States Supreme Court, in a unanimous decision, ruled that: “States may disqualify persons holding or attempting to hold “state” office. But States have no power under the Constitution to enforce Section 3 with respect to federal offices, especially the Presidency.”

This obviously destroyed the decision by the Colorado Supreme Court to remove Trump from the ballot, but it also makes it extremely difficult for any of the other “indictments” against Trump to succeed. This is a devastating blow to the national effort by the DOJ and local prosecutors to block Trump from being a candidate for President. That includes the cases brought by Jack Smith and the infamous Georgia case accusing Trump of trying to overturn an election. If the people prosecuting these cases are wise, which is extremely unlikely, they will see the obvious and end the nonsense. That will leave only the absurd cases in New York. One regarding an alleged sexual assault in a major department store where the plaintiff can’t remember the year and for which there are no witnesses. Another the case where a liberal Attorney General and a Liberal Judge decided that Trump somehow defrauded people with simultaneously making them a lot of money. Then the case alleging that Trump’s payment to silence Stormy Daniels was a major felony. The key witness in that case is a disgraced attorney previously convicted of perjury. These cases, while expensive to defend and embarrassing will do nothing to prevent Trump from running for President.

The Supreme Court, in its unanimous decision, has provided an Egress from this absurd abuse of power by the DOJ and liberal Democratic prosecutors. This ends the liberal naïve hope that somehow, somewhere, one of these absurd legal cases will stop end Donald Trump.

This now forces the DNC to look in the mirror and acknowledge three things. One, that Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee and he will be on the ballot. It is increasingly difficult for Democrats to even pretend that Joe Biden is capable of beating Donald Trump. This is further complicated by the presence of Kamala Harris as the only viable alternative. If you shoot at a king, don’t miss. They took multiple shots at Donald Trump and missed every time.

It is impossible to predict what Democrats will do, but they will do something. They will consider doing anything to stop Donald Trump. They desperately need to choose a Democratic Candidate for President, but the Democratic Bench is absolutely empty. The only thing certain is that doing the right thing for the right reasons is the least likely outcome.

Those people who have a long history of not acting reasonably or rationally are extremely unlikely to act reasonably or rationally now. However, like the naïve people who followed the signs to the “Egress” in Barnum’s American Museum, they have just found themselves on the outside and they can’t even look inside. They have two choices, accept their fate, or look for someone much wiser to provide direction.



We are going to Disneyworld in a few days, along with friends and family members. So, I have been checking out You Tube videos of the rides and attractions to determine which rides to avoid. The top of my personal list of rides to avoid is the Tower of Terror. I went on this ride once, years ago. That was more than enough.

Then I realized that in some way the entire country is already in line to go on this ride. One of the more interesting parts of this ride is that everyone gets on an elevator. The elevator ride invites you to the Twilight Zone where weird things are guaranteed to happen. Actually, there are two elevators, one to take you up and a second one to take you up, then up and down several times before finally letting you out at the end of the ride.

While the Tower of Terror is actually quite safe and amusing, it is ridiculous to put the country through this nightmare. We are now at the point where it is beyond obvious that Joe Biden is totally incapable of being our Commander in Chief. Yet, because he is President of the United States, that is his job. Right now, it is difficult if not impossible to know who, exactly, is performing the role as Commander in Chief. If you thought that would be the Secretary of Defense, which would make sense, that illusion has been shattered. Our esteemed Secretary of Defense went into ICU and not only didn’t bother to inform our President, but he also didn’t inform his Deputy, who is supposed to take over. Wow! Is there a description stronger than “Dereliction of Duty?”

Joe Biden routinely says he was supposed to do this or that. He reads instructions off printed cards. He needs help finding the exit. When allowed to speak without adult supervision he repeats outrageous lies, easily disputed, about imaginary events that could not possibly be true. He even has conversations with people who have been dead for years.

Yet the MSM continues to pretend he is still our Commander in Chief. If people really believe that the entire country would become the Tower of Terror. What makes this even worse is that his sole replacement is Kamala Harris, who is much younger, but has even less leadership ability than Joe Biden, if that is even possible.

His opponent, Donald Trump, is only four years younger. He is much sharper than Joe Biden. But there is no guarantee this won’t change over the next four years. Hopefully, he will choose a VP far more competent than Kamala Harris. Trump is also an extremely divisive person. Some people adore him. He is a brilliant entertainer and fun to watch. He is also extremely skilled at listening to the audience and giving them what they want. Other people hate him with a passion that is impossible to overstate. That is why he has been subject to so many ill-advised lawsuits and indictments. He is very unlikely to be convicted of anything and odds are he will be elected President. But the day he takes office those opposed to him will spend the next four years trying to make sure it is impossible for him to govern.

One good thing about the Tower of Terror is that eventually, the ride ends, and the nightmare is over. The same is true for our country. We can and will survive this. But that doesn’t mean we should be foolish enough to continue on this ride.

This is impossible to predict. How on earth could the supposedly cultured elite establishment allow this to happen? I think the answer is beyond obvious. They forgot what is important. They forgot about the need for a President of the United States, to be ready, willing, and able to accept the awesome responsibilities of being Commander in Chief. We are all likely to pay a terrible price for this miscalculation. Some would argue we are already paying a remarkably high price for selecting someone like Joe Biden to be President of the United States.

But the good news is that it is hard to imagine Joe Biden getting re-elected. Even the DNC and their fawning supporters in the MSM are not THAT stupid. We hope! Getting on the Tower of Terror, when there is evidence of significant mechanical problems would be beyond insane.