We live in a world where being a celebrity results in unbelievable riches. There have always been super rich people and some of them have always been real jerks. But previously these were mostly people who inherited old money, or people who built business empires. Then we started a new class of rich, the celebrity class. Originally some of these people at least appeared to have real talent. They were movie stars, or musical performers or star athletes. They entertained people. But now we seem to have a new class of people who are famous primarily for being famous.

Perhaps the penultimate of this category is the bizarre case of “Prince Harry” and Meghan Markle. Harry famously wants to be known as a prince, while simultaneously trashing the royal family that made him a prince. He is then making a fortune, not because he has even pretended to accomplish something, but rather because he is bad mouthing the royal family that provides the only excuse for anyone knowing his name. For a while, Harry seemed like a decent guy who spent his time in the British military without being a total jerk. But his only talent now seems to be biting off the hand that fed him. His wife, Meghan Markle, is primarily famous for marrying him and then encouraging him on his mission of destruction. Ironically, she feels intitled because somehow marrying a prince made her the ultimate victim. Sadly, far too many people are thrilled at the opportunity to throw money at these two in hopes that they can be even more destructive.

Today actually accomplishing something takes second place to being a really good victim. I frankly find it hard to understand why anyone would care what either of them think about anything. But obviously a lot of people must care because they are making a fortune doing this.

Then I realized that these two are just part of the pattern. We used to admire people for, well, accomplishments. Or at least, the perception of accomplishment. Now no accomplishment is required, it is enough to be famous or to be against something. Some people are literally famous for being victims. This is so financially rewarding that people are faking being victims because it has become so lucrative. Just recently, another, politician was complaining about hate mail and death threats that she very likely wrote to herself.

Being “anti” something is not exactly new. There is always something to complain about. In addition, we all know people who aren’t happy unless they are unhappy.  But being “anti” is often only destructive, since there is little, or no thought given to the consequences. Some historians believe that some form of anarchy dates back to pre-history.


In 1894 the Omaha Daily Bee described anarchists as “those who believe all human government is usurpation, tyranny, essentially wrong.”  President William McKinley was shot and killed by an anarchist.

Wiser people have learned from this and realize that while anarchy can be popular, and it may change things dramatically, it seldom solves problems. In the end, those who seek solutions rather than just change for changes sake are those who make things better. There is probably no better example of that than the difference between the French Revolution and the American Revolution. The American Revolution led to our constitution, our bill of rights, our limited government, and workable compromises between being able to govern while avoiding tyranny. The French Revolution led to violence and bloodshed, resulting in chaos and ultimately dictatorship.

Today we need to pay attention to those who are only interested in upping the “anti”, without actually proposing anything approaching a solution. That is particularly true when the “anti” is based on a patently false narrative. We are reminded that those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.



Someone apparently thought it would be a great idea to have Joe Biden do a Town Hall. It was hosted by CNN who predictably chose Don Lemon as the moderator. They then filled part of the hall with designated supporters. Based on the size of the audience, these are becoming increasingly difficult to find. It was an unmitigated disaster. This is easy to verify. The MSM has barely reported on this at all. Real Clear Politics, which at least pretends to be non-partisan gave a scathing review:

The Absolute Farce That Was the Biden-Lemon Town Hall | RealClearPolitics

Ok, this is an opinion by Joe Concha, who is not exactly a Biden fan, but most of the damage was done by Biden himself.

When asked about what the Biden administration would do to “incentivize” those who haven’t returned to work yet, Joe said the following:

“I think it really is a matter of people deciding now that they have opportunities to do other things, and there’s a shortage of employees. People are looking to make more money and to bargain. And so I think your business and the tourist business is really going to be in a bind for a little while.”

Here is his answer about whether children 12 and younger should be vaccinated:

“The question is whether or not we should be in a position where, you, uh, um, are why can’t the, the, the experts say we know that this virus is, in fact, uh, um, is going to be, or, excuse me, we know why all the drugs approved are not temporarily approved.” 

Incredibly, Don Lemon came perilously close to underperforming Biden, but that, of course, was an impossible task. His final question was:

Mr. President, you’ve been the big guy for six months now in the White House. Can you take us behind the scenes, something that was extraordinary or unusual that happened that stands out to you?”

Here is how the President of the United States, the man who holds the nuclear codes, responded:

“Yeah, ‘Mr. President, you didn’t close the door. … Mr. President, what the hell are you going out at this time for?'” (Laughter) “You know, it’s a wonderful honor. As you can tell, I hope I have very good manners, but I’m not very hung up on protocol.”

Far more people watched Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity than watched the CNN townhall with Joe Biden.  I was not one of them. This may shock some people, but I seldom watch either Carlson or Hannity. The reason is that I am sick and tired of hearing how bad things are with no one seeming to offer an ounce of optimism about anything. It is increasingly difficult to find anything worth watching on TV. I started watching the opening to the Olympics, got bored and just turned it off. It just seems so fake. There are no spectators, the Japanese people appear to be against the Olympics because they fear Covid 19 and the only thing that seems to be reported about our athletes is focused on the handful of people who kneel for the national anthem and do a variety of other things to slam America.  Then there are these world leaders, including First Lady Jill Biden, standing there, fully vaccinated, wearing masks, looking terrified. I hope NBC didn’t pay a lot of money to broadcast this disaster. Actually, I hope they did spend a lot of money.

In my opinion, if you don’t want to represent our country and be proud, then don’t. Say whatever you want but stop assuming that the entire world is waiting breathless for the opportunity for you to bad mouth your country as a reward for being selected for the Olympic team.

We do watch the San Francisco Giants, primarily because they have the best record in baseball, and they keep beating the Dodgers. Watching the Dodgers lose in the most painful way possible is worth the price of watching woke commercials. But we also boo the commercials, for sport. As for the NFL, well they have descended into the no viewer zone.

The point being is that the entire country is tuning out at an unprecedented pace. I suspect even Democrats are getting sick of this. The CDC is all over the place. One of our clients asked about guidelines for an employee who had a mild case of covid. He is now past the quarantine period, but still tested positive this week. The CDC says someone can test positive up to three weeks later, but you can’t infect anyone after nine days. But, even if you are vaccinated, you still need to wear a mask, except when you don’t need to wear a  mask, such as working at Amazon. If you get Covid, you are immune and can’t inflect anyone, but you still need to wear a mask, because you aren’t vaccinated, and if you are vaccinated you still have to wear a mask because other people may not be vaccinated. All of the above information came from the CDC. It is consistently inconsistent.

Today, Secretary of the Treasury warned that if we don’t raise the debt ceiling, like now, the consequences will be drastic. Hmm. This takes place next Sunday, and congress is already on recess. Nancy Pelosi is too busy gloating over the January 6th commission to worry about something as minor as our international credit rating. Odds are they will find a way to fit this minor item into the agenda, somewhere, hoping no one realizes how much the debt ceiling is being raised. Otherwise, people might be concerned that we are spending too much money now, making it oh so difficult to explain why we need to spend another $3.3 trillion or so.

But here’s the good news. We have someone really sharp on the job. Joe Biden went to town, and this was so spectacular that everyone can now sleep easier, not! It did accomplish one thing. If you need a good laugh, go ahead, and watch some of this. If you can ignore the fact that this guy really is President of the United States, it is pretty hysterical. What could possibly go wrong?



The Tampa Bay Buccaneers visited the White House. If you read the reviews in the MSM, you would think that Tom Brady took shots at Donald Trump. That would be interesting because Brady was previously caught with a MAGA hat. This is an absolute case study in how some people hear what they want to hear and other people, listening to the same conversation heard something completely different.

Here is a headline saying that Brady trolled Donald Trump. There are many, but here is the one from ESPN:

Tom Brady trolls Donald Trump throughout White Home go to (Video) (espnsportsblog.com)

Here are the jokes that ESPN felt were aimed at Donald Trump:

“Not many people believe we could win, 40 percent in fact, still don’t believe we won. Do you understand that, Mr. President? “

Then later:

“People started calling me ‘Sleepy Tom’” after forgetting about the Chicago Downs.”

The author said this could have cost Brady a chance to play golf with Trump this summer. The assumption is that Brady changed his mind after Trump: “having become a symbol of bigotry and hate.”

The New York Post was more neutral and described this as Brady joking with Biden about election results:

Tom Brady jokes with Biden about election results, nicknames (nypost.com)

Other people, watching the same video, described this differently:

Tom Brady Trolls Election Deniers While Celebrating Super Bowl Win With Joe Biden at White House (popculture.com)

Still other people described this as Brady trolling Biden, right to his face.

USSANews.com | The Tea Party’s Front Page.

Tom Brady Trolls Joe Biden Right To His Face And Breaks The Internet!”

So, was Brady saying that the people who think Trump won are delusional, or that nearly half the country questions whether Joe Biden really won the election. When he talked about being called “Sleepy Tom” for doing something he admitted was really stupid, was he praising Joe or laughing at him?

Obviously, no one knows what Brady really meant. We do know that during the Super Bowl itself, Brady trolled Democrats by using “Reagan, Reagan” as audible call sign. Brady is a sharp guy; odds are he knows that Joe Biden is not up to the job. I personally think he was trolling everyone by saying things that can be interpreted however one wants.  I have a tee shirt that says: “Enjoy  Weed” then underneath that it says, “California.” It is my favorite shirt because a ton of people, obvious pot smokers, come up to me giving a thumbs up. In other words, they are outing themselves. I just smile and say it’s a  town, but you just outed yourself. They usually laugh, sheepishly. Other people come up, know that Weed is a place, and smile. It is a classic example of something being interpreted completely differently, depending on who is reading it.

Here is a picture of that shirt.  Enjoy!

We are truly in a twilight zone where nearly half the people believe things that are demonstrably false. Some of this is because of a very visible coordination of misinformation by the DNC, the RINO Establishment, and the MSM. Lies are told over and over again until more and more people believe. But they are still lying. And ultimately, any strategy based on patently false assumptions is doomed to failure. People may not fully comprehend the absurd lies told to support irrational strategies to defeat climate change, that can’t possibly work, but they understand shortages, and hot days without air conditioning and skyrocketing gas costs. They also understand that all of the Democratic strategies to deal with homelessness has resulted spending astronomical sums to reward people for being homeless, which, predictably has resulted in a surge of homelessness.

In the meantime, we are thankfully granted brief moments of relief which put this all into perspective. What better way than an appropriately absurd comedy show. Whatever Tom Brady meant or didn’t meant, he definitely provided some well needed humor available to anyone who watched the Brady Bunch.



Just this week Fox News and other media outlets ran a story explaining why Ritz crackers have ridged edges. The explanation was that this made it possible to use the cracker to cut cheese, if no knife was available. Shannon Bream had one of her reporters test it out, and yup, it kinda sorta does let one cut cheese with a Ritz cracker. Perhaps Shannon Bream gave the best response ever when she said: “How could anyone be alive on this planet, this long, and not know that?” It does, in retrospect seem pretty obvious. It also seems impossible to understand why no one bothered to even ask the question before now. Strange.

Last year was strange. This year is turning out to be stranger. It is increasingly difficult to separate facts from fiction. It is impossible for those who rely on the unreliable MSM. Now we have the President of the United States saying that people are dying because of “misinformation” spread on social media. This is because, gasp, we are still short of 70% of people getting the COVID 19 vaccine. Now, if you believe the MSM, COVID 19 is back, in the worst possible form, and likely to kill everyone. Anyone who disagrees with this is spreading not just “misinformation,” but also “dangerous misinformation.”

So, I did a little research to find some of that “dangerous misinformation.” So far, I have seen reports of people getting sick from the vaccine itself. That appears to be accurate. Probably more accurate than the exaggerated hospitalization and death reports regarding COVID 19, with one exception. Elderly people in nursing homes did die from COVID 19 at alarming rates. This appears to have happened primarily in Blue States where Democratic Governors ordered patients in these facilities, who tested positive for COVID, sent back to the facility. The reason for this is obvious. When the state is paying for your health care, it feels it has the right to decide when and how that health care is delivered. They didn’t consider these elderly patients worth the cost. The result was that thousands of them died unnecessarily. But, if you point that out, you are probably guilty of spreading “misinformation.

I now realize the real problem is that we have been misspelling this. It is not “misinformation” which implies that data is incorrect, it is “miss information” which means it strays from the required narrative. Anything that causes someone to draw the wrong conclusions is “miss information.” How date anyone challenge the reporting by the MSM or the rants coming from the White House? Are we to believe that these people are mere mortals, capable of error? Perish the thought. If Joe Biden says the Texas Voter ID law is racist, then it is racist, whether it is racist or not. If he says the rapid increases in the cost of gas is due to climate change, then it is due to climate change. Cancelling pipelines and blocking people from drilling for oil is not possibly a factor.  If Joe Biden says paying people more on unemployment is not discouraging them from working, then it is not discouraging them from working, even if they say it is discouraging them from working. Pointing out the obvious problem with this reasoning is “miss information” and while technically accurate is socially unacceptable.

The audit in Arizona has already found 73,000 ballot received but never sent out in the first place. CNN issued a scathing response saying that this could just be a case of missing paperwork. How could anyone possible consider this to be suspicious? Some would point out that having 73,000 ballots with no supporting paperwork is a problem, but that also would be “miss information.” Any information that creates a potential that Donald Trump was right when he says the election was stolen is by definition “miss information.” Anyone who dares suggest that it is increasingly hard to believe that 84 million people voted for someone as obvious inept and extremely radical as Joe Biden is not only spreading “miss information” but also spreading dangerous “miss information.” The next thing you know people will start asking hard questions about how anyone can have confidence is an election system that was at best completely disorganized. That would be so unacceptable, because it would cause people who wonder what or more specifically who decided it was a good idea to put someone like Joe Biden in the White House. Nothing could be more dangerous than that. Why, gasp, some of these people might even vote for Republicans, without understanding that the Republican Party is the Party of White Supremacy. That it is the price of “miss information” and if Republicans, not Democrats, are put in power we might return to the problems created by Donald Trump, like low interest rates, a soaring economy, a decreasing trade deficit and gasp, low unemployment for everyone, particularly minorities. It might confuse people into making very poor decisions regarding who is and who is not their real friends. That, of course, would be the ultimate tragedy. The only solution is to clamp down, once and for all, and eliminate “miss information.”



DSome people in government appear desperate to continue controlling our lives. The method of choice is requiring people to wear masks, non-medical grade, proven to be ineffective, even for people who have been vaccinated. So how do they get people to continuing doing things that don’t work and border on ridiculous. The answer is to scare them. You scare them with the “science.

There is no science showing that wearing a non-medical mask in an uncontrolled environment accomplishes anything. There are studies showing that if people sneeze, violently, while wearing a mask, it travels a shorter distance. But studies comparing places with strict mask mandates and places with no mask mandates show very little difference. The only way to truly test something like this is to use a carefully conducted scientific study that compares results with two similar groups with the only difference being who wears masks all the time and who doesn’t. Real scientific studies require special controls, usually a double blind study, and careful measurement of results. No one has come close to doing that regarding masks. I personally think the only thing masks accomplished was to have people stay home and avoid mingling with other people at all. That is a good way to prevent getting any communicable disease, like a cold, but it is impossible for society to function this way for very long without extreme economic effects. You know, like what is happening now. Then, when people finally do mingle, the disease just starts spreading again. That is exactly what happened with the Spanish Flu, but those who don’t learn from history are condemned to repeat it.  Delaying the spread of COVID, until we had a vaccine, arguably worked, but now that we have a vaccine, it is time to return to normal.

Some people want everyone to continue wearing masks, all the time, even if vaccinated. The facts do not support this. Fewer people are getting hospitalized from COVID and fewer are dying, so they must focus on something else.  Oh, how about the percent of positive tests. Then this number is extrapolated to produce really scary numbers. That is where the bad math comes in.

Let me explain. I will use the COVID 19 dashboard for California.


As of today, there have been 3,748,365 total cases with 63,598 deaths. There have been 71,458,534 tests with 130,709 tests. There have been 42,782,508 vaccines administered.  If you do simple math, you see that the total positivity rate is 5.25%, for the entire population, and at worst that is now 3.6%  (The website says 3.7%). Then this is used to justify desperate things, like LA county making everyone wear masks again, even if vaccinated. The problem is that these numbers are very misleading. The only question is whether this is deliberate distortion or mere incompetence. There is obviously a big difference regarding the number of people being tested, who is being tested and why they are being tested. For example, they did 130,709 tests today.  Earlier this year, they were testing over 400,000 people per day. The number of people being tested has dropped significantly, for a good reason. They used to require tests of almost everyone. For example, if you had to get a medical procedure, you got a test, if you had to travel you got a test, etc. Put another way, earlier this year they were testing over 800 people per 100,000 people.  Everyone knows this. There used to be test sites all over the place. Now, not so much.

There is a reason fewer people are being tested. It is because they now mostly test people who are unvaccinated or who have symptoms. Also because hospitalizations and deaths, are thankfully way down. Even unvaccinated people are tested less often.

So, let’s look at that math. As recently as March we were still testing about 450 people per 100,000 or about 300,000 tests. Now we are testing between about 200 people per 100k or about 120,000 per day.  So, if the positivity rate is 3.7%, let’s use the state estimate, that means there were about 125,702 people tested and 4,651 of them tested positive. But, if they had tested at the same level they were doing in March, they would have tested about 300,000 people yet the results would probably be about the same or say a little higher, about 5,000.  That would be a positivity rate of about 1.7%, assuming you were testing the same way you did in March. Put another way, we were testing 450 per 100k but now are testing only about 200 people per 100,000. In order to determine the positivity rate per 100,000, you should take that into consideration. This means the positivity rate per 100k is not rising, it is falling. Instead of 5.4 cases per 100k it should be 5.4 cases per 200k, which would be 2.7 per 100k.  Oops, crisis over.

This is verified by the more important data, hospitalized patients, and deaths.  The number of hospitalized patients was about 20,000 in February, today it is about 2,077 or about 10 percent of that.  And this number has not changed much since April. There were 46 more patients today and this is an increase of about 2.3%.  The number of new cases is increasing very slightly, 0.1% and the number of deaths is increasing very slightly by about 0.1% per day.  The point being that the numbers with the least credibility are being used to scare people into taking action proven to be ineffective.

It is extremely critical during an emergency, that people can trust the information provided by our government officials. In this case the information being presented is highly misleading and it ignores other data that paints a very different picture. I am not sure which is worse; if this is done intentionally or if this is mere incompetence. The only thing certain is that it is extremely misleading and it is dangerous. The problem is that the next time there is a crisis, people simply may not trust the government.

The MSM should wake up to this and start spending a couple of minutes studying the data. I am not a scientist or a doctor. These numbers are beyond obvious, and they are readily available. It doesn’t take a genius to at least ask pointed questions. That is particularly true when the lockdowns and mask mandates have been so economically devastating. In addition, there are other tests showing that for some people wearing a mask is actually dangerous. That is particularly true if people keep wearing the same mask, without ever cleaning it. People have avoided getting crucial medical tests because of unnecessary lockdowns. I still think more people may die from COVID restrictions than from COVID itself.  At a minimum, if this disease is going to control our lives, people ought to be asking serious questions and demanding honest and serious answers.  Instead, anyone who even pretends to challenge the status quo is quickly silenced. Today the White House admitted asking Facebook to stop anyone from spreading misinformation. Misinformation is anyone who disagrees with them. That is remarkable when much of the information coming from this White House regarding COVID has been discredited.

It is long past time to stop making decisions on bad science and worse math.



The Arizona audit results are in, and they are stunning. Some things are certain. One is that the usual suspects will go postal and immediate challenge the audit. One notes that if the audit supported the original results, this would not be happening. Another is that to the extent possible the MSM will avoid reporting on this at all. This will be dismissed as more delusional nonsense from the basket of deplorables.

It will be beyond interesting to see how well these guys have documented their findings. Based on preliminary reports and the reported double checking of results, this may be very well documented. It better be well documented, because if they did find evidence that Trump actually won the election in Arizona, we will instantly enter a not so brave new world. There are a lot of people who are terrified at the prospect of a legitimate challenge to the 2020 election. They should be. But frankly, they should have been just as worried during the period from November 3, 2020, to January 2, 2021, when a proper investigation could have removed a lot of questions while there was time to fix things. Pretending there are no questions or that they are all illegitimate is a recipe for disaster. A disaster that could have been avoided. A disaster that is looming on the horizon.

Things are so bad that a significant number of Republicans in Southern States are apparently seriously asking whether it is time, again, to secede from the union. That is extremely unlikely to happen, but it is indicative of how seriously people are viewing the problem. Almost anything is possible.

Some were probably hoping that this audit would answer a lot of questions. Actually, it raises more questions than it answered. For example, the audit showed that there were 74,000 ballots received, but there is no record that they were even mailed out. They have found obvious duplicate ballots. In some ways, this was the worst possible result for Democrats. There is no one wildly screaming that Trump won, they just very simply and professionally pointed out reasons why it is impossible to trust the official results. If nothing else, this is a case study in how not to conduct an election. Regardless of the impact on the 2020 results, a lot of people are going to demand changes to prevent this from happening again. This is ridiculous. Here we are, more than 8 months after an election and we don’t really know who won?  Seriously? Frankly, it was better when we just used paper ballots counted by hand. At best, this is hopelessly incompetent. At worst, the 2020 election was stolen. Which do you prefer, mere stupidity or criminality? Neither is remotely acceptable.

Hopefully at least some people will recognize the obvious. This is a serious problem and if it is not fixed a lot of people, perhaps even a majority of people, will lose confidence in the system itself. If you want to see what this looks like, check out Cuba.

Laurence Tribe, a Harvard Law Professor said that Trump should be charged with insurrection over January 6th.

Laurence Tribe: Charge Trump With “Insurrection” Over January 6 | Video | RealClearPolitics

His statement is ridiculous. He says he is not going to judge any of the evidence in advance, but then judges the evidence in advance. Then he mentioned Jeffrey Toobin, yes that Jeffrey Toobin, and says that even though Toobin realizes there are legal problems with doing this for the first time, that is not a reason to not do it.  When Jeffrey Toobin hesitates to do something because he thinks it is stupid, that should really scare people.

This is utter nonsense, particularly from someone who claims to be an expert on the law. Then, incredibly, after not judging the evidence in advance, he opines that “this was the first insurrection that we had since the Civil War.” This is not just wrong, it is not just absurd, it is insane. That causes me to wonder why someone of this stature would say something so ridiculous. The only possible answer is that he is absolutely terrified at the alternative. The alternative being that when Trump said the election was stolen, it was because the election was stolen, and when people responded with anger, they had just cause because the election was stolen and no one in a position of authority was willing to do anything about it. They weren’t even willing to investigate. That should terrify people like Laurence Tribe.

Now, in the ultimate act of absurdity, congress, which should be investigating the 2020 election itself, is instead investigating whether Trump was encouraging an insurrection by pointing out the obvious. We can survive Joe Biden being President. We could even survive having Kamala Harris as President. We can survive Chuck Schumer being Majority Leader of the Senate and Nancy Pelosi being Speaker of the House, all of them pushing insane and irresponsible socialist legislation down our collective throats. It will be painful, but we will survive. But we cannot survive being stupid enough to believe the nonsense about there being zero problems with the 2020 election.

This is rapidly coming to a head. Democrats are pushing legislation to make it far easier to steal elections. Republicans are pushing legislation making it much hard to cheat. Every poll shows the Republicans have the winning argument unless the poll is taken only by anchors in the MSM. Each day provides more proof that these clowns will repeat any Democratic talking point, even when those talking points are not only wrong, but they are also absurd.

Anyone paying attention should realize who is winning and who is losing this argument. The MLB All Star game moved from Atlanta for precisely this reason had dismal ratings. Now the NFL is planning on pushing BLM nonsense and is even planning on playing the “Black National Anthem” before every game. Perhaps people who promote this song should remember that this was a hymn, written as a poem by James Weldon Johnson in 1900 for the Anniversary of Abraham Lincoln. You know “that” Abraham Lincoln. The first REPUBLICAN President. The one who freed the slaves by defeating DEMOCRATS. I doubt that very many African Americans were even consulted about this decision.  There is nothing wrong with the words to the song, just the fact that people forget who made the song necessary and who made it possible. Hint, hint, it was Democrats who made it necessary and Republicans who made it possible. Just saying.

In any event, the only thing certain is turmoil, like we have seldom seen in this country. Those current considering themselves in power, in both parties, are actually on withering heights and sooner than you think that white mountain upon which they have installed their thrones may resemble that condominium tower in Surfside Florida.



The Democratic narrative is collapsing. This is happening so fast that it is often difficult to keep up. Several things are developing, simultaneously, that are guaranteed to rock the political landscape. This would already be happening if the MSM was not desperately trying to cover-up everything Biden. But that cover-up is unraveling, and the protective barrier is breaking down. It is now only a matter of time, and not much time.

The attached article, from the Associated Press, is just one example of leaks in the protective barrier. While the Biden administration and the MSM parrots are shrieking that the January 6th, 2021, protests was an armed insurrection, equal in seriousness to the civil war, the facts are getting in the way of the narrative. So far, other than in outrageous statements made by prominent Democrats and RINOs like Liz Cheney, swallowed whole by the MSM, no one has actually been charged with conspiracy, or sedition or treason. Not even close.

Are Jan. 6 rioters traitors? So far, criminal charges say no (apnews.com)

There were some participants in this event who said incredibly stupid things. For example, read the statements attributed to Thomas Caldwell:

He has been charged alongside other members and associates of the far-right Oath Keepers extremist group with conspiring to block the vote certification.

He later boasted in a message to a friend about grabbing an American flag, joining the crowd that surged toward the Capitol and saying, “let’s storm the place and hang the traitors.” The 65-year-old from Virginia told his friend, “If we’d had guns I guarantee we would have killed 100 politicians.”

If you want information about the Oath Keepers, here is a link to their website. You decide if this is a far-right extremist group.  Guardians of the Republic – Oath Keepers

One notes that they didn’t have guns. Another guy, Guy Reffitt, allegedly spoke of “dragging … people out of the Capitol by their ankles” He was one of the few people armed and was carrying a gun and wearing body armor. Even he put a different perspective on this when he wrote:  “If overthrow (of the government) was the quest,” Reffitt wrote about Jan. 6, “it would have no doubt been overthrown.” In addition to be incredibly stupid, because no one on January 6th, 2021, was remotely capable of overthrowing the government, it is an admission that this was never even the plan.

It is unlikely that anyone will be charged with a truly serious crime including treason or sedition. Some people will be charged, with things like trespass or in the case of Mr. Reffitt with entering a restricted building with a deadly weapon. But it is increasingly obvious that there was not even an attempt at insurrection. Just a handful of people who got over-heated and said and did dumb things.

Another shoe is about to drop and that is the result of election audits, particularly in Arizona. There are increasing reports that these will be beyond explosive. That would explain why they are spending so much time verifying everything. If solid proof is provided that not only was there massive fraud, but it was also more than enough to change the ultimate results, that changes everything. Even the MSM will take notice. There will be an immediate attempt to discredit the audit, but ultimately that may only increase its credibility.

Now combine this with runaway inflation, skyrocketing gas prices and a President Biden who looks increasingly inept. To make things even more impossible, no one in either party is suggesting it is time for Kamala to take over, because she is even worse. People are just now realizing the amount of freedom we all surrendered because of COVID 19. If the government tries to reinstate some of this, they will be playing with fire. California is now demanding that all students wear a mask for in person learning. I doubt seriously that this will be well received.

The government is simultaneously telling us the vaccine, developed primarily because of the leadership of Donald Trump, is the only thing protecting us, but even if you are vaccinated you still have to act as if you are not. The only solution to this is to force people who do not want the vaccine, who do not think they need the vaccine and who fear the vaccine may have dangerous side effects, to get the vaccine anyway. But, even after being forced to get the vaccine, it won’t matter, because there will always be some people who remain unvaccinated. If this does not make any sense to you, it is because it does not make any sense.

In the meantime, the people in Cuba are trying to finally get rid of the communist government that destroyed their country. We should not underestimate this. Wanna be socialists in the United States often point to universal health care in Cuba as an example of how communism did some good things. The problem is that healthcare in Cuba is a hot mess and part of the reason all those people are protesting.

Things are really heating up. Just imagine if the American people are confronted with overwhelming evidence that Joe Biden is president only because of a corrupt election that was covered up by the DNC and the MSM.  That not only did they cover that up, but they also tried to silence anyone who dared even raise the possibility of a problem. There is nothing in our constitution that addresses this. There is no process to do a recall or even to “de-certify” results, even if they are proven to be fraudulent. We are already steaming toward a 2022 election that is likely to be a political bloodbath for Democrats. But the next Presidential election isn’t until 2024. It is far from certain that Joe Biden will even be alive by then and few would predict that his senility would not have advanced to the point of no return. No one wants Kamala. Just recently she insulted minorities by saying they couldn’t be required to have Voter ID because they didn’t have access to xerox machines. There was bi-partisan booing. She is one of the few people capable of making Joe Biden look good in comparison.

I doubt seriously that there is any potential that Donald Trump will be reinstated as President. But we are close to the point where somebody must do something. When Abraham Lincoln won the Presidency no one in either party thought he was up to the job. His own cabinet prepared to do the governing and planned to reduce him to a place holder. Remember that he was not even the featured speaker at Gettysburg, they only invited him because they had to reluctantly include him in the program. But Lincoln was far more capable than they imagined, and they ended up following his leadership. Joe Biden is no Abraham Lincoln.

Each of Biden’s attempts at a press conference ends up only showcasing his ineptitude. They also reek of desperation. He is pleading with people to believe him, while telling absurd lies that even he doesn’t believe. He is literally trying to argue that the Texas Voting rights legislation is pure Jim Crow, worse than the civil war. Only truly desperate left-wing anchors on the MSM are even pretending this is logical. Watch for more and more MSM reporters to start deserting the Biden Administration narrative. When the ship of state is so clearly headed toward the shoals, wise people abandon ship.

The Biden administration is headed toward an epic fall. That is no longer even up to debate. The question is when? The more important question is what happens after the fall?



It is really hot out there.  Here in Sacramento, we are used to getting 100 degree days. We always talk about how it is a dry heat. That is true by the way, I would rather deal with Sacramento at 100 then Miami at 90 because of the humidity. But hot is still, well, hot. Last summer, we drove home through Death Valley, in July. The temperature was about 119 degrees. Probably normal for Death Valley that time of year. Fortunately, our car air conditioner was working fine, so we really didn’t notice the difference until we stopped at a store, in the middle of the valley. The walk from the parking lot to the store was impressive. But it was also not as bad as I expected. Now I wouldn’t want to camp out in this, and we spent the minimum time getting to and from our car. We also started our car, remotely, so it had cooled off before we got back in. But the point is that in the modern era, with air conditioned cars and home, we can handle this.

I couldn’t help but notice that some of the records being threatened happened in 1895. Now in 1895 there was no air conditioning, so people had to rely on electric fans. But then I did some research and discovered that the Folsom Powerhouse did not go into operation until July 13, 1895, so it is unlikely that anyone even had electric fans. I sometimes wonder how people could possibly stand this type of weather. I wonder more why anyone would even try.

Today our Governor is blaming all this on climate change. We note that he did not say global warming. That is because scientists don’t use global warming because it is too easy to disprove. So, they use climate change, but they mean global warming. Every day we hear people promising to change California to develop clean energy, so we won’t rely on fossil fuels at all by 2030. How the this is going to reduce world-wide CO2 levels, when places like China are not even pretending to change remains a mystery to me. I also am not sure how they intend to do this. I have seen no evidence that solar, or wind energy will come close. In addition, a lot of people here are buying backup generators, run by natural gas, to provide power when the electrical grid fails. This is happening at the same time some geniuses are demanding that all new building are totally electric, with no natural gas. We hope that the electric grid does not fail this time. So far, SMUD, has not cut power during this kind of event.

We recently got a great offer from PG&E to connect our thermostat with their grid, in exchange for about a $75 bonus. I read the fine print, and this would allow PG&E to manipulate my thermometer to 78 degrees, to reduce energy use. This of course would happen during the hottest part of the day, when we need the air conditioning the most. Since PG&E doesn’t even supply our electricity, I ignored their offer. In addition, we have solar panels on our house, precisely so I don’t have to turn down the air conditioning on a day like today. Duh!

The point is that stupid ideas are going up faster than the temperature. With this kind of brilliant management, we could see a return to 1895, complete with extremely hot weather and the joy of dealing with this without air conditioning. We also could be dealing with it without air conditioning in our cars either because the plan is to make all cars electric, and if the electric grid goes down, so do they. Incredibly people are responding to weather patterns that have been around for centuries with plans to manage them by micromanaging everything creating a real potential for worst case scenarios, say around 2030. Nice! Few realize something that should be obvious. We have a lot of oil, and we have a lot of natural gas. We have been using these fuels safely for decades and they are abundant. Gas powers our cars very well, the air is remarkably clean, and our homes are warm in winter and cool in summer.

Solar Farms take up enormous space and no one knows the full environmental impact. We do know that there is a significant cost to transmitting power any distance. We also know that wind farms also take up a lot of space and they only work well, if the wind is blowing at exactly the right speed. If you drive by a wind farm, you soon notice that most of the windmills are not, well, windmilling. That is because windmills only work for a certain narrow range of wind speeds. If the wind is too strong, they shut down. If the wind is too weak, they don’t move. So, they use a variety of windmills so that some of them work most of the time, assuming there is some wind. Also,  assuming they aren’t in places, other than California, where they can freeze at the worst possible time. Or that some Russian Hacker hasn’t shut down the grid demanding ransom money. In other words, what could possibly go wrong, with the answer being, just about everything.

When I was growing up, we didn’t even have TV. Then we got TV, but it was black and white. Then we got color TV, but the TV sets were expensive, and the color wasn’t that good. Now TV sets are dirt cheap, and the color is amazing. Our telephone was on a party line. Several different people shared the same line. Dialing long distance was expensive and a challenge. Today almost everyone has a smart phone that is actually a computer. If you have an apple watch, you can use that as a phone. The point is that technology is great, and it has made our lives better. But we may be close to the point where the same technology that has made us free may become the technology that enslaves us. That is particularly true as the government takes more and more control of technology.

Regardless of who you wanted to win the 2020 election, the MSM and the social media networks were all in on defeating Donald Trump. If Trump is right, when this failed, they just used technology to change the results. Hopefully, there will be real investigations and we will all learn the full truth about this. We already know that the MSM and social media were united in a campaign to make Trump look bad, in every way possible. They were definitely in collusion to micromanage how each of us make decisions that personally impact us. We have been warned. If we do not recognize the danger and put in safeguards, the future may start to look a lot like 1895. Actually, it will be even worse, because the government and only the government will decide winners and losers. Not based on performance or character but rather on skin color and things like gender identity. They have already tried this, Joe Biden tried to give agricultural support only to black farmers.

Always remember that government that can give you everything you want can also take away everything you need. One thing is certain, the politicians in charge will always put themselves first with little or no regard for anyone else. The other thing that is certain is that they will make incredibly dumb decisions that negatively impact everyone else and then blame it on Donald Trump or whoever else happens to be available.



People have been trying, and failing, to civilize Afghanistan since Alexander the Great. It has never worked out well. The Soviet Union famously invaded Afghanistan when Jimmy Carter was President. Jimmy responded by boycotting the Moscow Olympics. We then went through several years where the Olympics were basically destroyed by politics with numerous retaliatory boycotts. Once again, we have a U.S. President, threatening to boycott the Olympics in China. Only this time, the cost may be far higher than retaliatory boycotts. Such a move could be considered a loss of face by China and the results could be beyond catastrophic.

To be fair, Donald Trump was also planning on removing troops from Afghanistan. He was demanding Generals provide some definition of success that would justify continuing to put troops in harm’s way. But at least Trump was allowing the military to decide how and when to achieve this. Biden just ordered everyone out and as a result we are leaving in the worst possible way. According to reports, we abandoned Bagram Airbase and didn’t even bother to tell our hosts we were deserting them. Nice! There are numerous reports, all too believable, that Afghan troops are surrendering left and right to the Taliban and gleefully handling over those nice new American guns, ammunition and Humvees. There is no hint that the U.S. will do anything to even slow this down.  This is not just shameful, it is humiliating.

I still shudder at what happened in Vietnam. I was a Vietnamese linguist, so I knew what was really happening. Despite the many mistakes, we made in trying to fight that war with one hand tied behind our back, we were winning. The North Vietnamese were ready to give up. They feared Richard Nixon and believed him when he said they could have peace or they could have war, but they had to choose. This is almost identical to the message President Eisenhower sent to end the Korean War. He told China they could have peace, or they could have war, but if they chose war, it would not be confined to the Korean peninsula. They signed a cease fire, and it is still in effect today. If Richard Nixon had not been removed from office, odds are high that the cease fire would have held and today South Vietnam would look a lot like South Korea. But once Nixon was removed, for doing things that Democratic Presidents did on steroids, that was all thrown away. Democrats had total control of congress and Gerald Ford was not strong enough to fight the war without their backing. The result was a humiliating loss for the U.S. That was bad enough, but the highest price was paid by those who stupidly assumed the U.S. was capable of being a dependable ally.

Most people today are still in denial over who we were fighting against and what we were fighting for in Vietnam. They assumed this was just a civil war that was none of our business. The truth was quite different. The communists were willing to sacrifice over a million people to gain total control. They had zero interest in compromise. Many of the Vietnamese who escaped, after we deserted them, did so at great risk and arrived in this country with next to nothing. Yet they realized this was still the land of opportunity and they thrived. If you doubt that, talk to any of those brave people who risked all to come to America. Ask them if they are interested in moving back to Vietnam. Ask them how many of their friends and relatives still living in Vietnam tell them they made the wrong decision.

Yet the anti-war crowd, who wanted to end that war without regard to the consequences, remain oblivious to those consequences. Seldom in the history of the world have so many people been so blissfully proud of achieving such horrendous results while remaining so oblivious.

Well, we are doing it again. While we may argue that our actions in Afghanistan perhaps reduced the chance of another 9-11 type attack, that will be small comfort to the honest people remaining in Afghanistan who will be left to pick up the pieces. In addition, we may not have prevented this type of attack, merely postponed it. ISIS seized the day in Iraq and Syria due to the decision by President Obama to just abandon Iraq. Expect similar results in Afghanistan, on steroids, because neither Syria nor Russia will have any interest in even resisting the coming horror.  More importantly, what nation on earth would be dumb enough to trust us after this fiasco.

At the same time, we are weakened domestically by run-away inflation, dwindling supplies, skyrocketing unemployment and a re-introduction of the misery index. Joe Biden brags about creating new jobs, but there are no new jobs, just some people slowly returning to jobs needlessly lost during the pandemic. He has even slowed down that process by foolishly paying people to delay returning to work. There is no chance this is going to work out well, for anyone.

The only good news is that Jimmy Carter brought us Ronald Reagan and Ronald Reagan brought us morning in America. That part of history also repeats itself, but once again only at great cost. In addition, the usual suspects, as always, will learn nothing from history.


NO. 2

It is increasingly clear that something must be done about Joe Biden. The problems are beyond obvious. But it is also becoming clear that no one, in either party, is excited about turning things over to Kamala Harris. At least Joe has the excuse of age and senility. There is no such excuse for her. Today we may have seen further evidence of this and potentially tentative steps toward a strategy to deal with the Kamala problem first, paving the way for a solution to the Joe problem. Politico, which has become very liberal, published a major hit piece on her. Not only that, but they did research dating back to her Presidential campaign.

‘Not a healthy environment’: Kamala Harris’ office rife with dissent – POLITICO

The New York Post went a step further. Their headline reads as follows:

Report claims Kamala Harris’ staff feels they are ‘treated like s–t’ (nypost.com)

She’s No. 2: Report claims Kamala Harris’ staff feels they are ‘treated like s–t’

The Number two here does not refer to her position in line to the Presidency.

It is shocking that Politico would write this article about a liberal Democrat female VP. This really doesn’t pull any punches and it is unlikely Politico would have published this without a wink and a nod from the real DNC establishment. One will note that this doesn’t mean Politico is secretly joining the Trump parade. Far from it. What it does mean is that the problems regarding Kamala have gone public and we can expect more of this. Watch closely to see if any prominent Democrats start rising to her defense. One would think that a liberal Democratic woman, particularly the first woman of color, to be VP would be quickly defended. But that does not seem to be happening. Instead, I am seeing articles saying that most Americans blame her for the border problems. That seems a bit unfair, even to me, because this problem was created by Biden, and he just dumped it on her because he has no clue how to fix things. But again, I look around for the Kamala Harris faithful and so far, they are few and far between. Oh, the usual suspects in magazines like Vogue are still gushing, but they aren’t exactly talking about any accomplishments. On the other hand, there appears to be an effort to elevate Nurse Jill to second in command. She is the one, not Kamala, going to the Olympic games.

This is impossible to predict, but things are definitely changing, and we should all pay attention. One will recall that before Democrats took out Richard Nixon, they took out Spiro Agnew. He was replaced with Gerald Ford, who the Democrats considered to be a competent caretaker but not really a threat. They were right about that, as he was beaten by Jimmy Carter.

One problem for Democrats is that they don’t have a bench. The only name that Republicans would probably consider would be Joe Manchin and it is not clear he could get support from enough Democrats. Once again, this is a reminder that Democrats are caught in a trap they constructed themselves. In the meanwhile, every time the world turns, it exposes another serious problem Democrats created all by themselves. It turns out that doing everything exactly the opposite of what Donald Trump did or would do is not necessarily a plan for success. Trump had and has, his issues, but some of his plans, like regarding the border and the economy were working pretty well. If Democrats were smart, they would have just done the same thing and repackaged it as their own idea. That is what they did with the vaccine distribution, and it is the only thing close to being a success. But then, one would have to do a lot of research to find an establishment Democrat capable of logic and common sense. Seen one lately? Anyone?

Put this in the context of the rapid public disclosure of systemic problems with the 2020 election. Ironically, the knee jerk decision to suspend Rudy Giuliani’s law license may just be the straw that breaks the camels back. The problem is that in making this decision they relied on specific allegations of Rudy Giuliani lying about the 2020 election, when the opposite is true. Giuliani has his issues, like stupidly dying his hair only to have it “leak” on national TV and occasionally speaking when it appears he may have had a couple. But he is a brilliant attorney, and his legal filings will withhold scrutiny. In other words, while Rudy did not tell any lies in his legal arguments on behalf of Donald Trump, those trying to destroy him are telling lies. That might work, if the only coverage was by CNN, but this will be elevated to real courts, with real judges who will make real decisions and the facts all support Rudy. So, about the same time those who took this unprecedented and illegal action against Giuliani will be exposed we will also be dealing with the results of the Arizona audit. The only thing worse than having a President as obviously incompetent as Joe Biden is if people are confronted with the reality that people cheated to put him there.

This is a time when Democrats desperately need a real leader to step forward. Instead, they keep pushing out Joe and trying to hide Kamala. This is unlikely to end well for them.