My wife’s family is from North Tonawanda, New York which is a short distance from Niagara Falls. As a result, I have been to Niagara Falls many times. Every time I see the falls, I ask myself the same question. “Who discovered the existence of these falls?” Imagine yourself in a canoe, enjoying the nice strong current, only to notice a loud noise and an enormous cloud of mist ahead. Suddenly you find yourself headed toward the brink of Niagara Falls with no potential of avoiding going over the edge. Enjoy the ride, it will be your last.

Today the entire Democratic Party has voted to go over the falls. They have convinced themselves that the solution to the problems created in large part by their own irresistible urge to spend money they don’t have on things no one needs is to spend more money they don’t have on things no one needs. Somehow, they think this will result in a huge win that will propel them to victory during the mid-term elections. If this succeeds, we are doomed, not because of this impact of this legislative nightmare, but because the country will have proven itself to be irredeemably stupid.

The least likely outcome will be that the inflation reduction act will have any impact on reducing inflation. Even the usual left-wing socialists masquerading as objective journalists in the MSM are scratching their heads on this one. Every poll shows that the number one concern for most people is the economy and whether fair or not, most people blame Joe Biden. It is hard to find anyone, other than a Democrat in congress, who thinks this is a good idea. Yet every single Democrat in the Senate voted for this disaster, and it was passed with the vote of the only person in the country more incompetent than Joe Biden. What could possibly go wrong?

Perhaps I am wrong. Perhaps this is pure economic genius. Perhaps spending billions on things, we don’t need with money we don’t have will miraculously turn this recession into an economic boom. Imagine you are a person who inherited a ton of wealth. You decide you no longer needed to earn money; you can just spend it. You buy houses and cars you don’t need. Eventually you run out of money, so you borrow more money to buy more houses and cars you don’t need. This has been tried by some of the richest families in this country, and the results have always been the same. If you want to see how well this strategy works, check out the American Dynasty series on Fox Nation.

The only question is how soon it will become obvious that this is the economic equivalent of pouring gasoline on a fire to try and slow the spread? My guess is far sooner than anyone can even imagine because every smart businessman is looking at this and unless they are on the receiving end of a ton of cash are saying, “uh, no.”

I wonder if Democrats in congress even realize what they have accomplished. We are now at the point where even life-long Democrats are increasingly likely to vote for Republicans, not because they deserve their support, but rather because the entire Democratic Party just voted to go over the edge. Things are so bad that the margin of victory for Republicans may be so large that even the vaunted Democratic fraud machine is unlikely to find enough votes to change the outcome. This is so bad that even some of the really poor candidates stupidly chosen to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory may accidentally still win in spite of their best efforts.

One other thing about Niagara Falls. Things that go over the edge, tend to get caught in the currents under the falls, smashed to pieces, until the falls spits out the remains to get washed away in the downstream current.



The China Syndrome was a fictional story about the theory of a nuclear meltdown where reactor components melt through their containment structures and into the underlying earth all the way to China.

The China Syndrome – Wikipedia

We are already starting to see how China is responding to the visit to Taiwan by Nancy Pelosi. Things are spiraling downward, only this time starting in China and headed toward us. China has already declared that it was stopping all dialogue with the U.S. on major issues. In addition, China is formally withdrawing from the Climate Change accord reached with Barack Obama in 2014. “Cooperation on returning illegal immigrants, criminal investigations, transnational crime, illegal drugs, and climate change will be suspended. “

China conducts ‘precision missile strikes’ in Taiwan Strait | AP News

This of course is in addition to military exercises and firing test missiles.

China wasn’t actually doing all that much to eliminate emissions. Now they won’t even pretend anymore. We can be sure it will not stop there. The most important point is that now China officially considers us an enemy. That is a serious problem.

An even more serious problem is an administration making things much worse. The U.S. responded to the military exercises by China by cancelling an intercontinental ballistic missile test.

China halts climate, military ties over Pelosi Taiwan visit; Pelosi says China cannot isolate Taiwan (

In an effort to ease the tensions, Kirby said the U.S. would postpone intercontinental ballistic missile test scheduled for this week. Kirby said the decision to reschedule the test was intended to demonstrate “the behavior of a responsible nuclear power by reducing the risks of miscalculation and misperception.”

The Biden administration may be proud of this, but history teaches us that appeasement is the path to war. It is foolish to assume that if you reward bad behavior, you get less bad behavior. It is hard to imagine this administration looking even more pathetic, but they just may have surpassed all previous efforts.

Well welcome to beyond pathetic. Nancy Pelosi, say she feels a special connection with China because when she was a child, she was told if she dug deep enough, she would reach China.  Just in case you think I am making this up, that even Nancy Pelosi is not this stupid, here is the quote:

Nancy Pelosi slammed over so-called ‘connection’ with China: ‘We are truly led by imbeciles’ | Fox News

“When I was a little girl, I was told at the beach if I dug a hole deep enough, we would reach China, so we’ve always felt a connection there,” Pelosi said.

Note how she refers to herself in the third person while spouting this nonsense.

Japan has recently increased its defense capability and the Japanese Defense Minister, Nobuo Kisha said that the missile fired by China, and landed in Japan’s exclusive economic zone, “threatened Japan’s national security and the lives of the Japanese people, which we strongly condemn.” China and Japan are not exactly friends. One should remember that Japan treated the Chinese people horribly during World War II and it is unlikely they have forgotten.

We can only hope that wiser heads prevail, probably in China, because we have run completely out of wiser heads here. Perhaps it is just me, but when someone in the MSM refers to Joe Biden as “The President” my response is: “seriously, you’re buying this?

There has been some good news this week. The establishment in Arizona tried, and failed, to stop people like Kari Lake from getting elected. Odds are the real difference was so enormous that they did not have enough votes available to steal, not that they didn’t try. It looks like several “pro-Trumpers” are winning primary elections, in spite of enormous funds spent to prevent just that. In some cases, they have won in spite of polls by the usual suspects showing them behind. They have even won in cases where they were behind on election day. Either Republicans have learned how to beat Democrats at their own game, or actual support for these candidates was strong enough to overcome the establishment machine. I strongly suspect the latter.

I don’t think anyone in the MSM, or the establishment is remotely prepared for the tidal wave of support building for the “throw the bums out” movement. Now Democrats have done the dumbest thing possible, voted for another massive spending bill accompanied by tax increases on everyone. They either stupidly think this will work, or just want one more sip from the well of corruption before it collapses completely. Every poll shows that the primary concern for voters is inflation, and no one thinks this has any chance of fixing that. Few people other than the idiots who voted for this, even pretend it will work. Instead, the Democratic Party may literally experience a true nuclear level melt-down. A real-life China Syndrome event.



Nancy Pelosi is traveling throughout Asia. This is a tradition by congressional representatives during their August vacation. They travel the world, at Tax Payer expense, supposedly spreading good will throughout the world. It is actually frightening to realize that all over the world people of the caliber of Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi represent the face of America. We can be absolutely sure of two things. One, no one is intimidated by either of them. Second, many are having difficulty taking us seriously. I mean with over 300 million people this is the best we got?

Now Nancy Pelosi is going to Taiwan for no apparent reason. Perhaps Paul needs some more Asia contacts to fill out his portfolio. China is responding by threatening to shoot down her plane. Even Republicans are backing Pelosi’s decision to visit Taiwan, because they don’t want to let China pressure us. But no one is asking the most important question. Who thought this was a good idea in the first place? If you lived on Taiwan, would a visit from Nancy Pelosi be worth risking getting attacked by China?

We all better hope that China does not do something stupid like try and shoot down her plane or use this as an excuse to attack Taiwan. But history tells us this is exactly how wars start. Archduke Ferdinand was assassinated in Sarajevo. He was the assumed heir to the throne of Austria Hungary. As a result, Austria Hungary declared war on Serbia. The entire world began choosing sides and the result was World War I.

Archduke Ferdinand was almost killed in a hunting accident the year previously. Some speculate that if that happened World War I could have been avoided. The point being that the Archduke’s decision to visit Sarajevo, where he was not exactly welcomed, resulted in his assassination. In retrospect, his decision to take this vacation was probably not a particularly good choice.

The bigger problem here is that China made Pelosi’s trip a big deal, she went anyway, and now China has lost face. They obviously chose to not shoot down her plane, but they will not ignore this. The only real question is how and when they will pay us back for this very public slap in the face and how we will respond.

The United States policy toward Taiwan has always bordered on insanity. We agree that Taiwan is part of China but want this resolved peacefully. The people in Taiwan consider themselves to be an independent democracy and it is unlikely they have any interest in becoming part of China. The people in Hong Kong can provide first-hand evidence on why that would be a really bad idea. This means at the same time Nancy Pelosi is saying Taiwan is an important ally and an independent democracy we are also saying Taiwan belongs to China. Failing to make a decision is a decision, almost always the worst decision.

It would be reassuring if we had mature, responsible, experienced adults with character in charge of making these extremely important decisions. Instead, we have Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer. Perhaps the only good news is that the trip by Pelosi received strong bi-partisan support from Republicans. The better news is that Republicans have a good chance of taking over in November. The best news is that China needs us more than we need them. Their economy is fueled largely by products sold in the U.S. and elsewhere. Trump understood that. The question is whether anyone was listening and paying attention.

While this was happening, Joe authorized a drone strike in Kabul to kill the alleged head of Al Qaeda. He then bragged about how this puts a final nail in the Al Qaeda coffin. Unfortunately, the opposite is true. The reality is that the Taliban offered Al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations a safe haven, again, in Afghanistan. The Biden Administration knows Al Qaeda is far from dead. The State Department issued a worldwide travel alert to U.S. citizens over an Al Qaeda terror threat and Washington apparently is prepared to close its embassies and consulates throughout the Muslim world over security concerns. What a remarkable way to celebrate the elimination of a threat.

US issues global travel alert over Al Qaeda threat, prepares to close embassies | Fox News

This isn’t funny anymore. Most of us are well aware of the damage done to our economy by placing someone like Joe Biden in the most important office in the world. Unfortunately, as bad as things are economically, we may pay a much higher price internationally.

The only good news about the Perils of Pelosi is that her time in office is rapidly ending. It is a bad movie, with some really ugly scenes, but like all movies, the end is coming sooner than you think.


Global Warming is real. Just ask the New York Times. It warns that the Earth’s Warming Could Set Off Widespread disruptions. Some of this is profoundly serious. Most of the beaches on the East Coast will be gone in 25 years. They are already disappearing at a rate of 2 to 3 feet per year. The problem is that the New York Times published this article of September 18, 1995.

GLOBAL WARMING MYTH: In 1995 The New York Times Warned that East Coast Beaches Will Be Gone in 25 Years (

This explains why no one is summering in the Hamptons anymore. All the beaches are under water. And if we don’t wake up, Manhattan is next.

This, of course, did not happen. It did not come close to happening. Yet the same “News” papers are running the same headlines this year, with the same predictions by the same scientists.

This is not new. The same catastrophic level of warming was predicted in 1987. That is after predicting a new ice age in the 1970s. The only thing certain is that these clowns will be wrong, very wrong.

Climate Change is real. But that does not mean that rising CO2 levels are at fault. It doesn’t even mean that the earth is getting warmer. It is warmer, in some places, it is colder, in other places. It is very dry in some places, very wet in some places. This has been going on for as long as anyone kept records.

But something did change. Something really big, like the speed at which the earth rotates. What, you didn’t notice that? On June 29, 2022, the National Physical Laboratory in England recorded the shortest day in history. That’s right folks, instead of a standard 24-hour day, God shorted us by 1.59 milliseconds. And it won’t stop here. The earth is going to spin faster because the earth, is, gasp, wobbling. This is so bad we might even need to add a second during the next leap year.

June 29 was the shortest day in recorded history — a ‘wobble’ in the Earth’s spin shaved off 1.59 milliseconds (

This reminds me of Y2K. That is when the electronic world was supposed to end because of changing from 1999 to 2000. We were told that all those computer programs were written by people who never imagined they would live until 2000, so they just assumed every date that mattered was between 1900 and 1999. The problem this was that in theory, computers would confuse 2000 with 1900, which is only off by about a hundred years. (Minus a few seconds). The company I was working for was so terrified about this that they set up a Y2K war room. They spent millions on this for more than 24 months. As head of the Risk Management Department, I was told to prepare for chaos. So, we did. We had a team, on duty, at our headquarters in San Francisco. When London celebrated 2000 with no obvious problems, we started to relax. When New York, Chicago and Denver did the same thing, we realized that the only thing we had to fear was fear itself. We locked up the Y2K crisis center and walked down town to watch the fireworks over San Francisco Bay. They were the only significant fireworks from Y2K.

What if the earth speeding up makes things warmer? Think about this. If you keep the same air mass and move across it at a faster speed, the average temperature will by definition increase. Holy Batman. Is this what Al Gore saw in his prophecy? We should have realized this. He was just off by a few decades. How could anyone doubt scientific analysis from someone who flunked out of Divinity school. Oh, I understand. Al Gore thought he was God.

This is an enormous problem for a lot of people. How do you adjust your alarm clock? Don’t try to set it using an atomic clock because they are wrong too. Have you ever tried to read the alarm clock manual and tried to figure out how to compensate for 1.59 milliseconds? What will you do in 2050, when everyone is driving electric cars, and all the computers stop working because the earth is rotating too fast? Don’t blame me. You’ve been warned.

Some people are probably horrified at the thought of New York City being under water. But at least this has the potential to slow down the crime rate. And if you think Democrats are all wet, well you will have pictures to help make your case.



The Biden Administration is over. Its version of events is so ludicrous that absolutely no one is buying this anymore. In addition, by embracing the ridiculous, they are publicly shredding the last hint of credibility. Apparently, someone decided that if they just pretend down is actually up, people will miraculously believe this, despite all the evidence. They are pretending that if you define a recession differently, it is not longer a recession. But the MSM that has covered up everything Joe Biden since he ran for President, is not covering up anymore. Even if they wanted to do that, the evidence is impossible to ignore.

I strongly believe that it won’t end here. Once someone loses this amount of credibility, people will no longer believe anything they say on any subject. That includes subjects like Joe Biden’s health, his mental acuity, Hunter Biden and even the 2020 election. Everyone is immediately uniting behind one fact; Joe Biden is a disaster, he is not only a serial liar, he is a bad serial liar, and he is hurting EVERYONE. No one in their right mind would even consider trusting him.

What happens when there is a complete breakdown regarding public faith in our most important institutions. We may soon learn. Hopefully, people will wait for elections. But once thing is sure, change is already on the way. The only question is whether that change will be for better or worse. In democracies, change is usually for the better, because liberals are voted out of power. But the exceptions, like Venezuela, are a warning to the world.

So, what could make this worse? Easy, having Joe Biden, who lives in a bubble, fully vaccinated, twice boosted get COVID. What would make this border on insanity? have him isolate for five days, return to public view, sorta, only to test positive again and disappear again.

Who knows, this may be the best option for President Biden. Have him test positively, for COVID, with no symptoms, but requiring him to give up public appearances. Perfect. Why not? After all, this strategy worked brilliantly during the 2020 campaign, resulting in eighty-four million people voting for this clown.

The bell has rung for the Biden Administration and the count down clock is fully operational. Democrats are already lining up to replace him. The best, actually only, argument for keeping Biden is that he is still considered the most likely candidate to beat Donald Trump. Seriously? All of the other potential candidates are worse, much worse than this act? Talk about a short bench. How about no bench.

Change is in the wind. The MSM has already switched horses and they don’t even know what other horse they want. It is like abandoning ship only to discover this is the only ship in the area. The Titanic survivors, if they were still around, could tell us all about that.

The Joe Biden version of reality has been completely shattered. With it the hopes and dreams of the progressive left, who demanded he double down on insanity, foolishly thinking the rest of the world was just as delusional them. Want a perfect example of that. Numerous female swimmers are expressing personal joy at having to undress in front of Lia Thomas, who in spite of being considered fully female by the usual suspects apparently still has, gasp, male body parts. The ladies are the polar opposite of amused.

Incredibly, this isn’t even the worse news of the day. That would be this:

$10 million settlement announced for workers forced to take COVID shots –

Workers at NorthShore University HealthSystem filed a lawsuit because they were forced to take experimental COVID-10 shots. They just got a $10,337,500 settlement to “compensate these health care works who were victims of religion discrimination, and who were punished for their religious beliefs by taking an injection associated with aborted fetal cells.”

Note all the working parts here. Forced to take “experimental vaccine. Religious discrimination. Aborted fetal cells. Just when the pro-abortion crowd thought it was safe to go back in the water, we learn that “aborted fetal cells” were allegedly used to develop at least some of the COVID-19 vaccines.

There is nothing like having to pay a huge class-action lawsuit to get someone’s attention. It gets better, if you didn’t take the shot, you get $25,000, but if you took the shot, you only get $3,000. Would you be happy if you took the shot under duress and those who said no get over 8 times as much? No one is going to be happy about this. The question is why they would make this settlement. The obvious answer is they feared something worse. What could that be, you might ask? Well, how about some of those people who were forced to get a vaccine they didn’t want, die from complications. A lot of very young athletic people seem to be dying unexpectedly? Coincidence?

Talk about a shattered version of events.



The January 6th Committee has wasted a lot of time ignoring the obvious and embracing the ridiculous. The truth is and always has been obvious. Donald Trump was exceptionally angry because he believed the 2020 election was hopelessly flawed and possibly stolen. He was frustrated that no one was willing to even investigate this. He was dismayed that so many people wanted him to ignore the problems and just pretend that Joe Biden won in a fair and honest election.

He wanted somebody to do something. Those who had pretended to offer him solutions had flailed miserably. Those who were capable of investigating this refused to even try. The MSM was only interested in seeing Trump defeated. He felt very alone, except that he knew he had millions of supporters who agreed with him.

Trump put together a rally at the Capital, designed to put pressure on Republicans in congress to do something to investigate this mess. Time was running out. Once congress “certified” the election, the die was cast. Joe Biden would be the next President, without regard to the consequences and there would be no opportunity to fix this.

President Trump was being told that it was congress who had the authority to determine who won an election and in the past congress has rejected what they considered to be false electors. There were three cases where congress did decide who won a presidential election, Thomas Jefferson, John Quincy Adams, and Rutherford B Hayes were all elected president by congress after a messy election.

The constitution specifically gives congress this authority. But, in recent years, congress has merely functioned as a rubber stamp. This was based on the assumption that there had been reasonably fair elections and the results had been certified. But in this case, some of the elections were run in clear violation of state law. The people certifying the election was not the state legislators, but rather election commissions. There were at least some states where state legislators were openly challenging results, and some had requested authorization to present a separate slate of electors.

That alone gave congress authority to ask states to certify the election, one way or the other, and move on. No one expected Mike Pence to just declare Trump the winner. He was only expected to facilitate the process.

It is clear that Trump made no plans for an insurrection. He offered the National Guard in advance of the event and on the morning of the event told his top military officials he wanted a safe process. He asked his supporters to march peacefully over to the capitol and make their voices heard.

The situation at the capitol got completely out of control. There were people trespassing inside the capital. Congress was evacuated and when they came back, they just quickly voted to ratify vote by the electoral college.

That begs the question, who benefited from tand who did not benefit from the “Capitol riot?” Donald Trump certainly did not benefit, because there was no longer any discussion regarding the legitimacy of results. The kangaroo court went into full court press.

One has to imagine that the people who benefited were those who did not want to hear from State Legislatures questioning the process and questioning the results. The people who benefited were those who wanted no investigation, no honest debate, and no delay. They wanted Joe Biden inaugurated and Donald Trump sent packing, without regard to the consequences.

Now we know the consequences. Joe Biden is a total disaster as President. The economy is tanking, we are faced with one foreign disaster after another. We will be fortunate if he does not stumble into World War III. This is the weakest possible President at the worst possible time. The problem has been compounded by him being surrounded by perhaps the most ineffective and in some cases downright dangerous cabinet in U.S. history. When you add in a senate run by Chuck Schumer and a House run by Nancy Pelosi, it is impossible to predict anything close to a good outcome. The only bright light is that an independent Supreme Court is making decisions based on the law and the constitution at a time when checks and balances are desperately needed.

A high percentage of people believe the 2020 election was highly flawed and possibly stolen. They didn’t need Donald Trump to tell them that. There are numerous serious accusations of fraud, but no real investigation by anyone that could be trusted to give a fair and impartial report. The MSM just says this was discredited while doing zero real investigation and providing no credible facts or analysis. But the facts are out there, and it will take very little to turn this into a full blown political tsunami.

None of this is based on wild conspiracy theories or bizarre speculation. All of the above is actually quite obvious to anyone paying even a slight amount of attention. It is so obvious that even graduates of places like Yale and Harvard may eventually understand the problem. My guess is that a whole lot of people, not hindered by a liberal Ivy League education, have figured this out already and we are likely to hear from them in about three months.

In the meantime, Democrats are going all in on climate change hysteria. Again, they are ignoring the obvious. When it is 90 plus degrees out, people are far more worried about their air conditioner working than whether people are trading in their SUVs for Teslas. Even if that works, which is questionable, air conditioning is faster.



Joe Biden has COVID. We should all hope he gets better. While some in the liberal left rejoiced when Donald Trump got COVID and prayed to the God they don’t believe in that he would die, most sane people don’t behave like that. Life is always sacred, even the life of someone like Joe Biden who many people believe, with legitimate cause, is destroying much of what we hold dear. It is one thing to dream of the day he is out of power, it is another thing to wish him ill health.

But even those who don’t believe in God often believe in Karma. They are not sure what that even means, but they believe it anyway. Here is probably the most protected man in the world, who lives in the world’s tightest bubble, double vaccinated and doubled boostered, surrounded by people who are vaccinated and tested regularly, and he somehow got COVID anyway. No one seems to know when or how. If Joe Biden can get COVID, everyone can get COVID. Ironically, the quicker he recovers the more COVID disappears from the conversation. And if this somehow does him in, who will want to continue getting vaccinated. Either way, this is so over.

In some ways this resembles poorly written comedy. The same man who filmed wearing two masks, surrounded by people twelve feet away, all wearing masks, made a video after getting COVID, without a mask and then was filmed sitting at his desk, without a mask. His wife, who is supposed to be isolating with him, is not wearing a mask either. His Vice President, who was next to him on Air Force One last week, is spewing nonsense without a mask not even mentioning COVID. You can’t even make this stuff up.

The White House tried to show transparency by sending out the White House Physician who conveniently couldn’t answer any questions, because he isn’t the President’s personal physician, and has no direct information. Even the MSM is getting annoyed by the silliness here. It is like they all looked around collectively and asked: “doesn’t anyone else realize none of this makes sense?

It is increasing obvious that this cannot continue, and candidates are already jockeying for position in the race to replace Joe Biden. Few people expect Joe Biden to be able to run for re-election and even fewer think he has any change of actually getting re-elected. The only argument being made by anyone encouraging him to consider running for re-election is that they somehow still believe he is the only one capable of beating Donald Trump. Wait, what? Joe is still the best you got?

Think about that for a minute. No matter how bad Joe Biden performs, there is absolutely no one in the Democratic party viewed as a potential upgrade. Gavin Newsom is dreaming of doing the same brilliant things he has done to California for the entire country. Gavin’s dream is everyone else’s nightmare Those who are not throwing up are having difficulty restraining the giggles. Kamala Harris is so bad that she is the primary reason some people pray for Biden’s health.

In the meantime, the masks are coming off. Even the NYT writer who promoted the Russia Conspiracy nonsense recently admitted he was wrong and apologized. That is not a sign of true repentance, but it is a sign of giving up on the illusion. The CDC just announced they will no longer tell Cruise lines how to operate. It won’t stop there. My prediction is that COVID will go away, not because COVID is going away, but because they won’t bother testing for it anymore and they certainly won’t waste time reporting on COVID statistics.

Thank you, Joe. By getting sick you may have help us all get better.



The quote actually is from Hamlet. Some people think Hamlet said this, but actually it was said by his mother, Gertrude. What she actually says is:”The lady doth protest too much, me thinks.” People have been arguing about the real meaning of this line for over four hundred years. But my personal interpretation is that when someone whines too much about something, they are often the ones trying to cover things up.

Joe Biden did this when he blamed everything on “Putin” including the price of gas. Then, when gas prices dropped slightly, he tried to take all the credit personally. Few are buying this. More importantly Democrats and the liberal left have tried to blame everything on Donald Trump. He was the source of all discontent. He was a threat to democracy. He created all this hate and division. He tried to overthrow the government by protesting the 2020 election with the big lie about widespread voter fraud. If they really want to see who is spreading hate and discontent, buy some mirrors.

While Donald Trump is often his own worst enemy, a lot of things he warned us about and problems he predicted have turned out to be very accurate. One of them is the 2020 election. The more we learn, the more troubling the results. But the real problem is that no one, capable of conducting a real investigation, made any attempt to determine the truth. Instead, we are routinely told that these accusations have been discredited, with no factual evidence supporting that conclusion. Those who are developing such evidence are quickly shouted down or just ignored. It is increasingly clear that the protesting about how there is no evidence of a problem with the 2020 election is in and of itself reason to be suspicious. If there truly was no problem, then both sides would have been equally interested in an investigation to document the facts.

Few people know that the ballots used during the presidential election in Florida during the 2000 election were investigated many times and the results were always the same. Bush won, by a ridiculously small margin, but he still won.

We love to watch “COPS” primarily because the suspects tell such obvious and ridiculous lies. Our favorite is when someone is caught with dope in his or her pocket and quickly says “these aren’t my pants.” Then they come up with some ridiculous explanation regarding how they were wearing pants that didn’t belong to them. The police seldom believe this nonsense. When the police stop someone who actually has nothing to hide, the results are vastly different. Both parties are polite, and things move quickly. The point being the quicker someone starts complaining about their innocence, the more likely they are hiding something. The louder they complain, the more likely they are hiding something big.

Democrats have been complaining, loudly, for a long time. And, it has sadly worked for them. But then along came a spider, or should I say Joe Biden. Joe got himself elected president, with a lot of help from his friends, and the results have been disastrous for everyone, but particularly those who worked so hard to put him in the White House.

Democrats are likely to get trounced in both the House and the Senate. This would have been guaranteed if Republicans hadn’t put forth candidates like Dr. Oz and Herschel Walker who are capable of losing races that should have been easy victories. Republicans continue their streak of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. But facts are stubborn things and the facts, for Democrats, are all bad, unbelievably bad. We recently watched the “Who is Hunter Biden?” series on Fox Nation and it was stunning. Stunning because there is so much evidence and because this is so bad and because the MSM ignored this during the 2020 campaign. If the MSM had only reported honestly on Hunter Biden during the 2020 election, Joe Biden would have lost in a landslide. But the delay of game is over, and the Hunter moon is rising.

The shrieking about the alleged insurrection on January 6th, 2021, has reached its peak and failed miserably to meet even minimal standards. When you combine this with the blatant lies, distortions, and omissions by the January 6th Committee itself, this is brewing into a perfect storm. The sad reality is that few people in either party like clowns like Adam Schiff or Liz Cheney. They are tolerated only because they are considered useful in destroying Donald Trump. But unless something drastic develops soon and very soon, the walls closing in on Trump, again, will miss by a mile.

Democrats thought they could win on climate change. But they missed something big. Most people realize that while climate is changing, the ridiculous demands to do stupid things to save the planet have zero credibility. By the way, it was hotter in 1936 then it is now. But that being an inconvenient fact, is ignored. Isn’t it obvious that if we are breaking a record more than one hundred years old, one hundred years ago it was hotter? Duh!

Democrats thought they would win on Roe v Wade. That is why AOC and her ilk pretended to be handcuffed after illegally protesting the Supreme Court. A court, by the way, which is not even discussing Roe v. Wade. They are protesting the gate after they let the horse out of the barn.

The noise is about to get louder and more hysterical. That is a good thing. It means they are losing, and foolishly assuming that if they just scream nonsense louder, someone will listen this time. They don’t and won’t. They just buy ear plugs, move away, or vote for someone else.



John Bolton is an interesting man, to say the least. He was very militaristic as National Security Advisor and was extremely critical of President Trump for not being daring enough. Trump, on the other hand, said Bolton never saw a war he didn’t like. They clearly do not like each other.

So, Jake Tapper thought interviewing John Bolton would be perfect. Another former Trump official more than willing to dump on the Donald. Bolton did exactly that, but in doing so he may have just destroyed the January 6th committee case in the process. Bolton admitted that he had personally helped plan coups d’état and, in his opinion, Trump couldn’t have pulled this off if he tried. He said Trump simply was unwilling to put in the time and effort to organize a coups d’état. This had the ugly odor of truth. A truth that the January 6th committee has exposed but ignored. There was no coups d’état because there was no one around ready, willing, and able to organize something like that. Trump was willing to claim the election was stolen because he clearly still believes the election was stolen. So do a lot of other people, including a lot of Democrats. Whatever you think of the Proud Boys or QAnon or and of the other alleged conspirators, none of them were capable of pulling of something like an insurrection. That should be obvious to anyone who watched the actual footage of the events on January 6th. It was a lot of things, but an organized military assault isn’t on the list. So far, the only people who were armed appear to have been FBI informants. The “rioters” didn’t shoot anyone, they didn’t kidnap anyone, and they didn’t bomb anyone. Most of the pictures show people with smiling faces posing with American flags as photo ops. It was always a joke to call this a planned insurrection and John Bolton just exposed that myth in the most effective way possible. No, Trump didn’t try a coup d’état because he wouldn’t even know how.

What made this more devastating is that Bolton was so obviously telling the truth. We probably need a few people like John Bolton around, ready, willing, and able to color outside the lines, but we don’t want people like this in the Oval Office.

The MSM has worked almost as hard at pretending the January 6th committee is anything other than a sick joke as they work at pretending Joe Biden is President of the United States. But it doesn’t matter anymore, because both the January 6th committee and Joe Biden have been exposed as frauds. Liz Cheney who was seriously mentioned as a possible GOP Presidential Contender is polling at around 17% among Republican voters in Wyoming. This is in spite of the daily publicity and the mountains of cash thrown at her by the usual suspects. There are reports that she has millions more than her opponent, but no matter how much money is spent and no matter what is reported by CNN, the people in Wyoming are not buying any of this. Soon and very soon, no one else will buy it either. The problem is that the January 6th committee had everything its own way, no real Republicans on the committee, selective editing of documents, deliberate misrepresentation of facts, ludicrous allegation, and fawning coverage by the MSM. They still botched it because what they didn’t have and don’t have are any facts. And, ultimately, if they fail to get Trump indicted, for something, they have failed.

In addition, at the worst possible time, increased information is developing that creates grave concern regarding allegations of systemic fraud during the 2020 election. That should not be a surprise, based on the locations involved like Philadelphia, Chicago, Milwaukee, Detroit, and Atlanta. Does anyone really believe elections in major metropolitan areas have no element of corruption? Please!

Just because systemic corruption is ignored and accepted does not mean it does not exist. The 2020 election was run so poorly, with nationwide mail in voting and minimal controls that proving election fraud is and has been a challenge. It is easy to understand why Trump never had a chance at proving this prior to January 6th, 2021. But other people have been looking at this, and they do have facts, and they do have evidence, and people are getting arrested, and this is soon going to be impossible to ignore. I doubt that anything will result in over-turning the 2020 election, but it will incentivize some people to make sure this never ever happens again. The Supreme Court was not about to interfere in the 2020 election, but don’t assume they won’t take action to make sure they are never asked to do this regarding future elections either.

Ultimately, someone just needs to point out the obvious. Would you rather accept responsibility for putting Joe Biden in the White House? Or for trying to stop that. I know, way too easy.



Politico has named Liz Cheney as the GOP Man of the Year. Apparently, this is for showing raw courage real male GOP politicians cannot find a way to muster. This is almost the equivalent of naming Caitlyn Kaitlin Jenner as “Woman of the Year” by Glamour magazine in 2015. I do not pretend to speak for all men and certainly don’t pretend to speak for any women. I am always amazed at people who pretend that they speak for entire classes of people for which they obviously have zero qualifications. It is like an atheist providing guidance to Southern Baptist on the true meaning of “Christ’s teachings.” Why on earth would anyone be remotely interested in the opinion of someone who is admittedly a “non-believer.”

The reality is that they honored Liz Cheney, not because she is a female and certainly not because of actual courage. It takes little if any courage to say and do something politically correct, but factually ridiculous. January 6th, 2021 was a lot of things, but an attempt at armed insurrection by Trump supporters is not on the list. We constantly hear about the violence of that day but compared to the true violence of BLM protests during the summer of 2020, it doesn’t even come close. When Jack Del Rio mentioned that he was not only criticized he was fined $100,000. How dare anyone point out the obvious when the obvious conflicts with the opinion of the oblivious?

Incredibly Liz Cheney is praised for daring to let someone testify, under oath, in public, about second or perhaps third-hand information that was almost immediately discredited. If there is a lower standard than that, even the MSM has yet to discover it.

As for me, after I had flown on my 200th combat mission, I decided that it was no longer necessary to prove my manhood to anyone. I remain amazed at men who seem to be in constant need of confirming their manhood, usually by doing something incredibly stupid. Perhaps the best measure of true manhood is when you reach the point of not caring what other people think about the subject.

The reality here is that Politico has reached a new definition of manhood, not remotely related to actual gender, or even assumed gender. Liz Cheney has her faults, but to the best of my knowledge she has never claimed a new or assumed gender. No in this case the sole standard is agreeing with someone who based their opinion on facts not in evidence and in many cases ignoring facts actually in evidence. If true manhood requires one to adapt the standards demonstrated by someone like Adam Schiff, spare me the insult.

How about doing this. Let men speak for themselves. Let women speak for themselves. No single woman speaks for all women. No single man speaks for all men. If one does choose to do this, it would be more impressive if they started had formed their opinions with at least some regard to actual facts and evidence. I suspect most women were not exactly impressed when Caitlyn Jenner was proclaimed “Woman of the Year” by Glamour Magazine. I am absolutely positive that most men are not impressed when Politico stupidly names Liz Cheney as “Man of the Year.” “Come on Man!

Note: The Microsoft Word editor was upset by the choice of the word “manhood.” Apparently, that is insulting to people who have more fluid assessments of their own gender. I apologize.