There are more and more stories surfacing, all designed to portray Donald Trump as dangerously delusional. But one of the problems with these type of stories is that they can go both ways. For example, Trump is roundly criticized for saying he didn’t think the U.S.S. Gerald Ford Aircraft carrier looked right. He also complained about the cost and the efficiency of the elevators. Here is a report on that from Business Insider:

Trump Ranted About US Aircraft Carrier to Military Officials: Book (

I don’t doubt that this story is accurate. But it is also ridiculous. One notices that Trump didn’t demand they overhaul the ship. He just said complained about the cost and said: “The generals and admirals were horrible businessmen, Trump complained repeatedly, and particularly terrible at acquisition and deal making on ships, ensuring the military was always being ripped off,” the book said.

One will note that President Eisenhower warned us about this when he was President. Here is what he said in his farewell address:

A vital element in keeping the peace is our military establishment. Our arms must be mighty, ready for instant action, so that no potential aggressor may be tempted to risk his own destruction…

This conjunction of an immense military establishment and a large arms industry is new in the American experience. The total influence—economic, political, even spiritual—is felt in every city, every statehouse, every office of the federal government. We recognize the imperative need for this development. Yet we must not fail to comprehend its grave implications. Our toil, resources and livelihood are all involved; so is the very structure of our society. In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military–industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists, and will persist.

We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes. We should take nothing for granted. Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals so that security and liberty may prosper together. [emphasis added]

Trump was basically saying the same thing. That there is danger in having all decisions made by what he called the military industrial complex. Yes, he has red hair. Yes, his personality can be annoying. But, at least in this case, he had a point. Check out how many former flag officers are now bagging big bucks from Defense Contractors. The conflict of interest is obvious. There are some people who describe what they consider to be spectacular failures as a result. They are not necessarily correct in their evaluation, but these are legitimate questions. Here is what William Astore wrote about this in March of this year:

The spectacular and expensive failures of the U.S. military –

He is a retired Lieutenant Colonel (USAF) who taught at the Air Force Academy and the Naval Post Graduate School. I don’t pretend to be qualified to answer his questions or confirm the validity of his opinions. But read what he wrote about the Gerald R. Ford-class aircraft carriers:

* And speaking of boats, perhaps you won’t be surprised to learn that the Navy has had serious problems of its own with its most recent Gerald R. Ford-class aircraft carriers. That service started building carriers in the 1920s, so one might imagine that, by now, the brass had gained some mastery of the process of updating them and building new ones. But never underestimate the allure of cramming unproven and expensive technologies for “next generation” success on board such vessels. Include among them, when it comes to the Ford-class carriers, elevators for raising munitions that notoriously don’t operate well and a catapult system for launching planes from the deck (known as the Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System or EMALS) that’s constantly breaking down. As you might imagine, not much can happen on an aircraft carrier when you can’t load munitions or launch planes effectively. Each new Ford-class carrier costs in the neighborhood of $14 billion, yet despite all that money, it simply “isn’t very good at actually being a carrier,” as an article in Popular Mechanics magazine bluntly put it recently. Think of it as the KC-46 of the seas.

So, instead of being offended that Trump would ask questions, maybe General Milley should have asked himself if Trump had a point. Perhaps if he did that, Trump wouldn’t have felt the need to bring it up over and over and over again? Is the problem here that Trump kept asking the same question or that Milley just didn’t want to hear about it? In other words, what if Trump had a point?

I think the advancements in technology are a large part of what has kept us safe. The success of Iron Dome in protecting Israel against multiple rocket attacks borders on miraculous. On numerous occasions the U.S. had completely destroyed sophisticated air defense systems thought to be effective. Check out how quickly the U.S. overwhelmed the Iraqi air defense system. But history also teaches us that sometimes the most important lessons come from highly flawed messengers. Sometimes we assume that because some lacks what we consider to be the right level of expertise that nothing they say could be true. And if we don’t like someone, we may not hear something very important.

I have personal experience with this. When I worked for Spartan Stores, Inc. we had an SI Order Matic Machine (We called it Big Blue). It was 30 ft high, and it was really amazing to watch in action. We were all very proud. All these boxes of groceries would just slide down onto this multistory conveyor system and the boxes came out the other end, in exactly the right order to put on pallets. I sometimes took visitors from other countries on a tour of our distribution warehouse just so they could see this amazing machine in action. Yet I remember talking to someone who worked on the machine, and he laughed and said, “Sometimes I wonder if this does not take more effort than it is worth.”  I ignored this, because to me the SI Order Matic was an obvious success. For the record, I had little influence over the operation of this machine.

Later, I went to work for Fleming Foods. When I visited their distribution center, I instantly noticed they did not have an SI Order Matic. That surprised me, so I asked them if they had ever considered it. They laughed and said: “We had one, we realized it took more effort to run it than it was worth, so we tore it down and went back to manual picking.” I later learned that Spartan Stores discontinued using the SI Order Matic for the exact same reason, in 1987.

Penicillin was discovered by a Scottish scientist named Andrew Fleming.

Alexander Fleming Discovery and Development of Penicillin – Landmark – American Chemical Society (

He had a bunch of petri dishes that contained colonies of staphylococcus, the bacterial that causes boils. But on one dish, he discovered one area where the bacteria was not growing. He noticed that there was a blob of mold there. Prior to this, no one seriously considered mold to be much help in curing illness. He then did more tests and found out this mold juice killed streptococcus, meningococcus, and diphtheria bacillus. He was able to isolate penicillin from the “mold juice.” He published a report on this in 1929. But not much was done until some doctors at Oxford started working on it in 1939. Ironically, the first person they used it on was a man who scratched his face while pruning roses and developed a life-threatening infection. He was injected with penicillin and started to recover, but they ran out of the drug, so he died anyway. But someone realized how valuable penicillin could be if made available to British troops wounded on the battlefield. To make a long story short, a decision was made to visit the U.S. and get help producing this more efficiently. Several U.S. Pharmaceutical companies including Merck, Squibb, Lilly, and Pfizer were looking into this when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. Suddenly, the need became urgent. By March 1942 there was enough penicillin available to treat one patient. By 1943 they were able to produce 21 billion units, in 1944 they produced 1,663 billion units. In 1945 that had increased to 6.8 trillion units. By 1949 the annual production of penicillin in the U.S. was increased to 133,229 billion units and the price dropped from $20 per 100,000 units to less than ten cents. Penicillin has saved a lot of lives, including mine. I was injected with massive doses of penicillin when I got Scarlet Fever while in basic training.

The point being that sometimes the greatest lessons come from listening to people who notice things that matter. Mocking Donald Trump, President of the United States, and ignoring important questions because you don’t like his personality is the opposite of leadership.



If you have spent any amount of time watching murder mysteries a couple of things become clear. One is that there is a big difference between believing someone is guilty of a crime and proving someone is guilty. It is also obvious that sometimes the best detectives get this wrong. They start out assuming one person is responsible only to later be confronted with facts proving them wrong. Sometimes, even when all the facts seem to line up, the truth remains elusive. That is one reason these shows can be so intriguing.

There are also times when detectives are convinced of someone’s guilt, they are right about it, but they cannot prove it. Sometimes, justice delayed truly is justice denied. The problem is exasperated by the fact that a really smart criminal can sometimes be very skilled at not leaving any evidence.

We recently had a case like that in the Sacramento area. The following article describes this case:

Golden State Killer admits to dozens of rapes, 13 murders (

In this case the killer was nicknamed the Golden state Killer. It took over ten years before police even figured out that a serious of assaults in Central and Northern California were connected to slayings in Southern California. Actually, they never figured out who had done this. What happened was that critical DNA evidence has been preserved. But no one matched that DNA. Then someone, in a stroke of brilliance, searched a genealogical DNA database to look for “similar” DNA from potential relatives. They found “distant relatives” matching the DNA. Then, when they figured out the prime suspect was Joseph James DeAngelo, they still had to get a sample of his DNA. They got it from the door of a car driven by him while he was shopping at Hobby Lobby. Later they found more DNA in his trash.

How Investigators Got the Golden State Killer Suspect’s DNA | Time

There is no doubt that DeAngelo was the guy, he eventually confessed. But some people were troubled at the thought that police could get forensic access to people’s DNA who were clearly not involved in this crime at all. It is reported that two states, Maryland, and Montana, now limit forensic genealogy because of this concern.

The point being that when dealing with very bright criminals it is often difficult, if not impossible to get the evidence necessary to convict them. In the case of DeAngelo he wasn’t even a suspect until someone did the forensic DNA analysis of people not involved in the crime.

A lot of people were very frustrated at the length of time it took John Durham to finally indict someone who matters. It seems pretty obvious, just from what was reported in the MSM, that the Hillary campaign had basically planted fake evidence to create the Russian collusion myth. Some people still believe the myth, because they need to believe that Trump was compromised by Russia. But in reading the actual indictment handed down against Michael Sussman it is now easy to understand why this took so long. Here is a copy of the actual Indictment:

Sussmann Indictment | PDF (

I must admit this also explains why people like James Comey took these allegations seriously. It also explains why some in the MSM bought the story. Some of them still buy the story because they want to believe. What Durham has done is to build his case and slowly and methodically document it down, in some cases, to the very minute. We can be certain that some very highly compensated and skilled attorneys are already working overtime to fight this indictment. If Durham had not taken the time and effort to investigate this case it is likely that no indictment and certainly no criminal charges would have been the result. Instead, the Russian collusion myth would have continued forever, in at least the minds of those most fixated on hating Donald Trump.

This is also a reminder of why a quick investigation into the obvious election fraud we all saw during the 2020 election had no chance of succeeding. But there is another story out there, just surfacing, that may change that too. We all know about the forensic audit in Arizona. There has never been an election scrutinized to this level of detail. But other people were working on this from a very different angle. They have been reviewing hours and hours of CCV video. It turns out that in a lot of cases, the voter lock boxes were under constant video surveillance. There are allegations that they now have video of people, carrying bags of ballots, and dropping them off into several different lock boxes at multiple locations. We have all seen detective shows where someone was looking at hours of video tape watching for one minute detail that helped solve a crime. Well, it appears that a team of people may have been doing exactly that regarding the 2020 election. Here is what Breitbart had to say on the topic:

True The Vote Conducting Massive Clandestine Voter Fraud Investigation (

If accurate, this is astonishing. They apparently started by getting a collection of cellphone GPS data in key election hot spots. This included evaluating 10 trillion cell phone pings. They then used this data to gather surveillance video on drop boxes in Georgia and other states. Incredibly, they are talking about viewing two million minutes of video. There are apparently at least three teams of analysts still pouring through the data. True the Vote is responsible for this effort. It is just possible they may be close to producing evidence that will prove a significant amount of systemic fraud during the 2020 election. Perhaps even enough to overturn the results.

It has already shown why this was such a daunting task and why the evidence rushed together following the election was obvious inadequate to convince a court of law. It will be very interesting to see what happens next. It could be beyond explosive.

When you combine this with the obvious mess being inflicted on the entire world by the Biden administration, then almost anything is possible. Like they say, a picture is worth a thousand words and some people literally may have looked at two million pictures.

In the meantime, Bull Durham may have done us all a favor by refused to be rushed and by also refusing to back off.



Prior to and following the 2020 election, Nancy Pelosi was questioning whether Donald Trump was fit to be Commander in Chief. She apparently was terrified that Trump literally wanted to nuke China. I have seen no evidence that Trump even considered this. In fact, Trump stopped the military from launching an attack against Iran because of the alleged shootdown of a U.S. drone. If anything, the U.S. Military complained loudly about what Trump would not authorize, not that he was threatening everyone.

Yet, incredibly, the Washington Post is reporting that twice, during the final months of the Trump administration, Gen Mark A. Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff, told General Li Zuoncheng of China that the U.S. would not strike and if they did, he would warn them. Milley has no confirmed this. He is proud of this.

The person who created the crisis was not Trump, it was Nancy Pelosi. She said she wanted to wrest control of America’s nuclear arsenal away from the President, who she described as unhinged. I personally would be a lot more concerned about having someone like Nancy Pelosi in charge of the Nuclear Arsenal.

In response to this, General Milley told Pelosi that Trump had the sole authority. But then Milley apparently took it on himself to bypass the President and communicate directly with China.

Bob Woodward is reporting on this. I wonder if he realizes that he is discussing treason at the very highest level of the deep state. No one is alleging that Trump had any plans to attack anyone. Even Milley does not claim that. In fact, Milley admitted that when he said: “The American Government is stable and everything is going to be ok.”

But it was far from ok, because it is clear that General Milley felt that he, and not President Trump was in charge. He allegedly told military commanders that he, not President Trump would need to approve any order. Not only that, but he also never even told President Trump about that phone call. That is unacceptable. It is literally tantamount to treason.

In this case, Milley felt that he was the adult in the room, but what if you had a General who thought we should re-invade Afghanistan. Just look at what has already happened in Afghanistan. Biden clearly overruled the Deep State, with disastrous results. Just this week Biden was speaking when someone literally cut off his microphone. Obviously, someone felt compelled and authorized to silence the President of the United States. While anyone watching Biden, who is showing signs of dementia, should be concerned about him making these kind of decisions, the solution is not to change one of the most fundamental safeguards in our constitution. If the President is not up to the job, the 25th Amendment provides a solution. That solution does not include Nancy Pelosi asking for the nuclear codes and it does not include General Milley ignoring the constitution. It does not include someone deciding when and where Joe Biden can speak. If Milley really thought Trump was unhinged, he should have followed channels and notified Vice President Pence and the cabinet. He did not do that. He just chose to bypass Trump.

I have seen zero evidence that Donald Trump intended to attack anyone. There is no doubt that he is angry, with cause, about what he still considers to be a stolen election, but no one suggests he was unhinged and about to launch nuclear weapons. So, if China got that perception, what was the source of that? At least part of this was because of completely irresponsible comments by Nancy Pelosi and by equally irresponsible reporting in the MSM. This is not only wrong, but also extremely dangerous. What would have happened if China really believed that Trump would launch an unprovoked nuclear attack? Would they just ignore that? This is exactly the kind of situation where an accidental nuclear war is possible. Perhaps even worse would be if a country felt they could attack us with a nuclear weapon, and we would be unwilling or unable to respond?

We now have a full-fledged constitutional crisis on our hands and a lot of people, in both parties, better realize that. We will soon learn if there are any Democrats who are willing to consider putting national security first ahead of party politics. Regardless of the reasoning involved, General Milley effectively conducted a military coup. There is no other possible explanation when the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff decides he has the authority to by-pass the President of the United States. There is a reason the President and only the President has the nuclear codes. If there is an issue, the second in Command is not the Secretary of State or the Secretary of Defense, it is the Vice President. Did anyone even discuss this with the only possible alternative to Trump, Mike Pence. Did anyone even hint that Mike Pence is delusional?

A President may need to make that kind of horrible decision some day, without a lot of notice. There won’t be time for congressional hearings. Failure to respond could result in irreversible catastrophe. We now have proof that the Deep State exists and that it considers itself all powerful. The good news is that General Milley wasn’t determined to attack anyone. The bad news is that a future Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff may have a very different view. General McArthur wanted to attack China during the Korean War. Yet when Truman fired him, McArthur accepted that decision. That is because even though McArthur thought Truman was wrong, he respected the fact that the constitution gives that power to the President of the United States, not the military. There were numerous times when Eisenhower strongly disagreed with FDR with regard to political decisions, but he accepted the constitutional authority given to FDR.

There are always people who disagree on almost every subject. One of the things that keeps us safe is separation of power and civilian control over the military. If General McClellan had refused to accept the constitutional authority of Abraham Lincoln, he would have ended the civil war by negotiating with the South. He did not do that, instead he ran for President on a platform recommending exactly that. Fortunately, for everyone, he lost that election. That is why we have elections. That is why we elect a President. That is why the military reports to him and not vice versa. It is why we have the 25th Amendment. It is why no political party should have even considered nominating someone as obviously incapable as Joe Biden to be President of the United States.

It used to be that neither party would consider nominating someone clearly incapable of being President. Sadly, those days are gone. It is why we have an immediate and serious constitutional crisis. The crisis is compounded by irresponsible reporting that routinely accused President Trump of being mentally unstable and falsely claimed that Trump was lying about almost everything. The same MSM that is overtly covering up the obvious problems with Joe Biden. It is Biden who tells ridiculous, easily debunked lies. It is Biden who shows signs of irrational rage.

Based on what I am seeing come across on social media etc., I really think this is about to explode. The outrage may not be limited to Republicans. We are in serious trouble if this is limited to Republicans. Democrats should be equally concerned about this. One thing that appears to be consistent in both parties is anger over conducting a 20 year war in Afghanistan only to suffer a humiliating defeat. While some blame Bush, some blame Obama, some blame Trump and some will blame Biden, no one is happy with this result. No one is pretending this is even close to acceptable. At least some of that blame should fall squarely on the shoulders of the Deep State.

I cannot possibly predict this. We have never seen anything like this. Perhaps the closest was when Truman fired McArthur. McArthur resigned and famously gave a speech to a joint session of congress. He harshly criticized the decisions made by Truman, but he also recognized that Truman had the authority to make those decisions. He ended by saying:

“I now close my military career and just fade way, an old solider who tried to do his duty as God gave him the light to see that duty. Good Bye.”

While many people believed and still believe that McArthur was right about what needed to be done, no one suggested a military coup. No one proposed leaving such decisions up to the military. McArthur understood that. Milley, not so much. Ironically, he may just may have accidentally provided the wakeup call needed regarding the usurpation of power by the deep state. General Milley has stupidly verified some of our worst fears. Now he is even admitting it and pretending he did the right thing. He does not realize that hating Donald Trump does not actually trump the Constitution of the United States. Now the question is whether any Democrat will rise to the challenge and do the right thing for the right reason.

In the ultimte irony, people like Milley are simultaneous demanding people follow the chain of command, while themselves being deliberately insubordinate. We can be certain that at least some military commanders have figured this out and they will not keep silent. One of the most despicable people out there is Lt. Colonel Vindman who literally gave highly questionable testimony designed to get Trump impeached and removed from office. But even Vindman is outraged by this and is openly demanding that General Mark Milley must resign. Vindman tried to misuse the constitution, but at least he realized that the constitution matters.



The recall election regarding Governor Gavin Newsom was officially set for yesterday, September 14, 2021. But in reality, the election was decided long before then. As soon as the polls closed, reports started to come in from about 8 million votes that had been submitted before September 14th. Although there were reports of long lines on election day, in reality this was an exercise in futility. The results were cast in stone before the first voting booths opened yesterday.

Yet, there are still close to 30% of votes that have not been counted. As of 9:00 a.m. ET today, there were 5,840,283 votes against the recall and 3,297,145 for the recall. This was estimated to be 70% of the “expected” vote. The Secretary of State is saying the election won’t be certified for quite some time, perhaps 30 days. The state mailed out over 22 million ballots. This means they are expecting final voter turnout to be about 59% of eligible voters. 46.5% of voters are registered Democrats, 24.1 % are Republicans and 23.3% are “decline to state.” This means there are about 10 million people registered as Democrats, about 5 million registered as Republicans and another 5 million independents. So far, the vote against the recall is officially just under 6 million votes, or about 60% of registered Democrats. The yes vote is 3,297,145, which is about 32% of the Republicans and Independents. This means either a lot of Republicans and Independents voted against the recall, or something is really wrong. This should be obvious to anyone paying attention, but odds are no one in the MSM will even notice. There is a big difference between having wide-spread public support and creating the illusion of wide-spread public support.

The only thing clear is that this is a pathetic way to run an election. In some cases, the state even allowed people to print their own ballots. Some call it a recipe for fraud, and that seems accurate, but honest or not it is definitely a recipe for incompetence. This is the same government that paid millions in EDD benefits to people literally in prison.

However, Democrats may have made a huge mistake by defeating the recall. If Newsom had been recalled and replaced by Elder, the results for the average citizen would be about the same. Taxes would still be high and Elder would be powerless to change that. Gas prices would still skyrocket, and he couldn’t change that either. The homeless problem would not go away. Inflation would not go away. Elder would have faced a hostile Democratic legislature that would have made it difficult for him to accomplish anything. He would have been inundated with lawsuits. The MSM would have attacked him relentlessly. If you doubt that, remember they literally accused him of being a racist, because he is black but not liberal.

Democrats have successfully beat the recall, they are in total control. They won. That sounds great until you realize they also own the results, and the results are guaranteed to be bad. This is exactly how socialists have gained and lost power everywhere in the world this has been tried. It will happen again, right here, in Blue California. Yes, it will be bad, but Democrats will own it. The only way socialists remain in power is through the exercise of brute force, like in Venezuela. Here, fortunately, the military and the police will not go along with that. While Democrats are singing “Happy Days Are Here Again” the opposite is true. No one is going to be happy about the huge mess they are creating. They have reached their peak and the only possible direction available to them is down. Way down.




Today is election day.  Many are convinced that Gavin Newsom will cruise to victory in the recall election. They could be right. It is hard to ignore the very real potential for fraud. But they may be missing something very important. Newsom was elected in 2018, when there was no Presidential election. The choice was between Newsom and Cox. If you recall, 2018 was a horrible election for Republicans in California. Democrats won 7 congressional races where incumbent Republicans were replaced by Democrats. Some will recall that Democrats were openly harvesting ballots in Orange County. But in the 2020 election, even though Trump got very little support in California, Republicans took back 4 congressional seats. The point being that the 2020 election was very different than the 2018 election, which Gavin Newsom won by a landslide.

One of the reasons Republicans won in 2020 is that Democrats were pushing the lockdowns and Republicans were against them. Another factor, which is being ignored, is that some Democratic areas have far fewer registered voters than in prior years. In 2019, for the first time in 20 years, Los Angeles County had to clean its voter rolls. Do not underestimate this. According to Real Clear Politics, California is in the process of removing 5 million inactive voters:

Calif. Begins Removing 5 Million Inactive Voters on Its Rolls | RealClearPolitics

Over 1.6 million voters were removed in Los Angeles County alone. Another issue is the fact that California Drivers licenses have changed. It is estimated that up to 5.7 million drivers’ licenses were not real IDs. Secretary of State Padilla had to agree to update California’s National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) manual. In California, you must be a U.S. Citizen and a resident of California. For the first time, voter records are reconciled with drivers’ license records and in California, for the first time, drivers’ license records verify citizenship. While there are still a lot of people out there who do not have drivers’ licenses that are real IDs and this was extended because of COVID, there is at least a data base that can be used to reconcile people who received ballots and people who are legally registered to vote. This means the voter rolls in California today may be remarkably different than they were in 2018 and they have also changed since 2020.

Just before the 2016 election, I wrote that if voter turnout in 2016 was more like the midterm election in 2014 than when Obama won in 2008, that Trump had a chance to win the election. At the time every major political pundit was expecting Hillary Clinton to coast to election. She had purchased a massive fireworks presentation to celebrate her victory. Even on election night, all the major networks were expecting Hillary to win, until it became obvious that she had lost.

Since that election there has been massive vote by mail and few honest observers would consider the 2020 election to be above reproach. This election is also about mail in ballots, but there have been changes. This time people can vote in person, again, and many may choose to do that. In addition, every ballot drop box is monitored by TV cameras. There is obviously still a potential for massive fraud, but it is at least arguably harder in 2021 than it was in 2020. And the results in 2020, regarding congressional races, was very different than the 2018 election.

Every political pundit, including conservative pundits, expect Newsom to defeat the recall. But if messaging matters, and it sure did in 2018, they could be wrong. The real question is how many people want mandatory vaccinations and mask requirements. Before you assume anything about this, consider the following. There are numerous reports of police and other first responders resigning in mass because of vaccine mandates. Some hospitals have reported high numbers of health care workers quitting because of vaccine requirements. So, while 80%, according to Newsom, of Californians have been vaccinated, the remaining 20% may be very hard to convince. That is why Newsom is making vaccines mandatory, if he does not do that, a lot of people will just say no. If the reports across the country and any indication, many will still say no, even if it means they are unemployed as a result of that decision.

My guess is that close to 100% of the anti-vax crowd will vote to recall Newsom. The question is whether this will be enough to tip the scales. Don’t assume that everyone who is opposed to mandatory vaccinations is a Republican. We will know, possibly as early as tonight. In 2020, no one expected Trump to lose California by a massive margin, yet Republicans gained four house seats. Expect the unexpected. We will soon know for whom the toll bells.



The California recall election is tomorrow, September 14, 2021, sorta. That is the date on the Calendar, but since every single registered voter in California got a printed ballot and a return envelope, a lot of people have already voted. If you want to vote in person, you can do that. But no one is going to bother checking any ID. That is irrelevant in California.

What to Bring to Your Polling Place :: California Secretary of State

“In most cases, a California voter is not required to show identification to a polling place worker before casting a ballot.”

California is all in on vote by mail. Both Democrats and Republicans have previous referred to vote by mail as a recipe for fraud, because it is a recipe for fraud. In California vote harvesting is allowed, which means you can turn in a ballot for someone else. Nice! This is illegal in most states for a reason. Not here.

This is the reason most pundits predict Gavin Newsom will win. But he isn’t acting like someone who expects to win. He has Joe Biden campaigning for him. That is an act of pure desperation. I don’t recall seeing a single ad praising Gov. Newsom, other than Barack Obama saying he kept us safe from COVID. Many commercials warn against the Republican recall and literally say people will die if we remove Newsom and replace him with an anti-vax Trump Republican. For the record, the Republican candidates appear to have been vaccinated and all encourage vaccination. They just don’t want to make vaccinations mandatory.

People are assuming that because there are so many more Democrats than Republicans in California that higher voter turnout means Newsom wins. The theory is that Newsom will only lose if Democrats stay home, and Republicans turn out in force. That is one of the reasons Democrats are all in on vote by mail, it is easier for lazy people to vote. If more people vote, they win. Or, at least they think they win.

But not all Democrats may be buying the mandatory vaccination strategy. They also may not be buying the masking school children hysteria. In other countries, including the UK, kids have been going to school, without masks and without vaccines. You just don’t know that because no one is the MSM dares report that. Instead, we are inundated with people telling us masks work. They save lives. If you only watch the MSM or read newspapers, you probably believe that. But last Saturday and Sunday people showed up in mass for college football games and NFL games and few of them were wearing masks. No one was social distancing. If masks really work, then COVID cases should skyrocket over the next two weeks. If that doesn’t happen, then it is going to be nearly impossible to sell this myth much longer. They sometimes say people vote with their wallet or their feet, last weekend they just may have voted by screaming and yelling at football games.

It will be interesting to see how Hispanics and African Americans vote on the recall. A lot of people who are resisting vaccinations are from these two demographics. They don’t trust the government. Hospital workers and first responders are also pushing back against the vaccine. So are union workers. The questions is how that will impact the way they vote during the recall. It would be foolish to think this will have no impact.

Most people think Newsom wins big and people living here, used to prior elections, expect that result. But if this is even close, that changes everything. Newsom not only needs to win, but he also needs to win big. Watch the reports tomorrow night. If there are very few reports, it will be because Newsom is under performing. If he is way ahead, they will tell us that almost immediately. If they say we won’t know the results for several days, it will be a very bad sign. If, by some miracle, Newsom is behind in the initial reports, expect the counting to continue until the last possible moment as Democrats search for more votes.

So, it would be foolish to have high hopes, but things have changed. Democrats expect to get 75% of the Hispanic vote and 90% of the African American vote. As Joe Biden said, if someone doesn’t vote for him, they aren’t black. This is the same theory that resulted in people campaigning for Newsom calling Larry Elder, who is definitely black, the face of white supremacy. Perhaps I am wrong, but I suspect more than a few Hispanics and African Americans are sick and tired of being taken for granted. When you combine that with being forced to take a vaccine they don’t want, this can be beyond explosive.

If Newsom wins, he loses anyway. If he backs off on the mandatory vaccines and school masking, he will prove himself the ultimate hypocrite. But if he doesn’t, he is up for election again in about a year, and the Republicans will be a lot better prepared to take him on. Think about this. If he wins, because of obvious fraud, then a majority of legal voters rejected his plan of action. He better realize that, or he will be in serious jeopardy. One thing is certain, the least likely thing is if Newsom does the right thing for the right reason. He won’t even consider doing that. Any decision he makes will be based solely on politics.

If he loses, it will send shockwaves across the country and the world. The bottom line is that while I do not know who will win the recall election it do know that the big loser will ultimately be Gavin Newsom. The MSM will never admit that. Neither will the DNC. But secretly they all know this is true. Newsom may or may not continue as governor, but his dreams of being President of the United States are going up in smoke faster than the forests in California. I think Newsom knows that too, which is why we may see a very bitter and angry man tomorrow night, regardless of the reported outcome.


54 40 OR FIGHT!

In 1818 a treaty between the United States and the United Kingdom arranged for joint control over the Oregon Territory. It was no surprise that the vast majority of people who actually settled there were from the U.S. In 1844, James Polk, a real dark horse, ran for President and defeated Henry Clay with the slogan “54 40 or fight.” Eventually the United Kingdom reluctantly agreed to accept the 49th parallel. In case you are interested, here is a map showing the 54 40 U.S. claim and the current border.

Polk got four things done as President that really matter. He did settle the boundary dispute with Great Britain. He did reduce the tariff between the north and the south. He did propose restructuring the U.S. Treasury and most significantly he acquired California from Mexico.

Polk was responsible for the Mexican American War which resulted in the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. Mexico lost close to one third of its territory and the United States took control of California, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico. In addition, this treaty was signed just before Gold was discovered in California. Whether one considers Polk to be a greedy imperialist or a gifted leader, it is hard to imagine the United States without the territory gained as a result of the Mexican American War.

Today we have another 54 40 fight on our hands, but it has nothing to do with any border. It is rather regarding the election to recall Gavin Newsom. Most polls show that 54% of Republicans are totally engaged to get rid of Newsom, while 40% of Democrats are energized to keep him. The issue will be decided on September 14, 2021. If 54% of Republicans vote and only 40% of Democrats vote, Newsom is toast. The margin would be too great for the traditional ballot harvesting and fraudulent votes to overcome.

The polls show this to be close, and Newsom is looking and acting terrified. There is a desperate attempt to scare people into voting for him, claiming that vaccine and mask mandates are necessary for our survival. Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Amy Klobuchar, and Kamala Harris have all campaigned for Newsom. All have argued that recalling Newsom is akin to committing suicide.

The personal assaults against the top Republican, Larry Elder, have been way over the top. A woman, wearing a monkey face threw an egg at him. Imagine that being done to a black Democrat running for office. The MSM would have gone hysterical. When it happened to Larry Elder, they just ignored it. He has even been called the black face of white supremacy.

What is astonishing is that no one, including Newsom, is even pretending he is doing a good job. They have chosen to fight this battle solely on saving us from COVID and right-wing Trump Republicans. I am not sure that is going to work. We better pray this does not work. If other Republicans and independents see those commercials the same why I see them, Newsom is making a huge mistake. They are insulting and infuriating. They are making blatantly false accusations against Elder, mostly that he is an Anti-Vax, Trump Republican. Elder actually is vaccinated and supports vaccination, he just is against mandatory vaccinations.

The ads are saying that Newsom will require vaccines for all teachers and health care workers, and he will demand students wear masks in school. Perhaps I am wrong, but this seems like an insane argument. Some of the strongest voices against mandatory vaccines are health care workers. School Boards all across this state are facing loud and angry protests against mandatory mask mandates for schools. It is obvious that Newsom is more terrified of the California Teachers Association union than he is of the citizens living here. If the Newsom strategy works, we are in for a very tough year. He is likely to double down on the insanity, convinced he has a mandate to micromanage COVID. But, if he loses, it will send shockwaves across the political landscape. Those shock waves will go far beyond California, they will spread across the country and potentially the globe. This is literally coming down to a choice between being governed solely by irrational fear based on continually evolving and questionable science or a return to normalcy.

The bottom line is that if Republicans do not come out in force with a 54/40 turnout advantage, we are going to be fighting Gavin Newsom for the next 18 months. It will be a fight that no one, on either side, can possibly win.

54 40 or fight. Sounds like history is repeating itself, again.



On September 2, 2021, an article was published by Greenwichtime.

Study: Warmer Arctic led to killer cold in Texas, much of US (

I read this and laughed out loud.  Read the following conclusion by Seth Borenstein, AP Science Writer:

Warming of the Arctic caused by climate change has increased the number of polar vortex outbreaks, when frigid air from the far north bathes the central and eastern United States in killer cold, a study finds.

The study in the journal Science Thursday is the first to show the connections between changes in the polar region and February’s Valentine’s Week freeze that triggered widespread power outages in Texas, killing more than 170 people and causing at least $20 billion in damage.

One of the advantages of blaming everything on climate change is that anything that happens confirms the theory. But in this case, Mr. Borenstein would have been wise to wait, say, one week. Because the following chart was just published by NOAA shows that arctic ice has actually increased substantially over last year. The reason this is happening is that the Arctic is not actually getting warmer, it is getting colder.

Arctic Sea Ice News and Analysis | Sea ice data updated daily with one-day lag (

He didn’t even need to wait for the Arctic Ice analysis. Last week KTLA produced a report saying NOAA predicts 70% chance of a La Nina Winter.

NOAA predicts 70% chance of La Niña winter: Here’s what that means for drought-stricken SoCal | KTLA

What  does La Niña? A La Niña is “a cooling of the water in the equatorial Pacific, which occurs at irregular intervals, and is associated with widespread changes in weather patterns.

Wait, “cooling of the water.” What the heck” Just recently we were told that hurricanes would be much stronger in the future because the water is so much warmer. The only real question is whether these climate change alarmists are lying to us, or they are just this stupid. I personally think it is a lethal combination of both.

The following graph shows what to expect from a La Niña.

While this is a pretty fair assessment, things can change dramatically with some minor changes. For example if the Jet Stream moves just a little south, that “Wetter” area could include much of Northern California. While that nice blocking high pressure circle does usually happen, it is not automatic.

Now I am not a prophet, so I predict nothing other than this: “no matter what happens, it will be based on ‘climate change,‘ and will always mean ‘global warming‘ even when there is no global warming.” I also predict that, as always, the vast majority of predictions based on a lack of facts and any attempt at objectivity will be wrong, by a huge margin.

In other words, it is certain to be ICY HOT. Don’t sell your raincoat or umbrella. Definitely consider buying flood insurance if you are in or near a flood zone.



Remember how the media covered the Presidency when Donald Trump was in office. Every night we were reminded that Trump was the worst liar in the history of the U.S. President. He told so many outrageous lies on a daily basis that they lost count. So, what were the worst lies told by Donald Trump.

The 15 most notable lies of Donald Trump’s presidency – CNNPolitics

Trying to pick the most notable lies from Donald Trump’s presidency is like trying to pick the most notable pieces of junk from the town dump.

So ,there must be a lot of really big whoppers, right?

Daniel Dale can tell you:  “But I’m qualified for the dirty job. I fact checked every word uttered by this President from his inauguration day in January 2017 until September 2020 — when the daily number of lies got so unmanageably high that I had to start taking a pass on some of his remarks to preserve my health.

So, according to this scholar, who researched every word spoken or written by Donald Trump since the day he was inaugurated, here are the top 15 lies:

The most telling lie: It didn’t rain on his inauguration

The most dangerous lie: The coronavirus was under control

The most alarming lie saga: Sharpiegate

The uglies smear lie: Rep. Ihan Omar supports al Qaeda

The most boring serial lie; The trade deficit with China used to be $500 billion

The most entertaining shtick: The burly crying men who had never cried before

The most traditional big lie: Trump didn’t know about the payment to Stormy Daniels

The biggest lie by omission: Trump ended family separation

The most shame campaign lie: Biden will destroy protections for pre-existing conditions

The lie he fled: He got Veterans Choice

The Crazy Uncle lie award: Windmill noise causes cancer

The most hucksterish lie: that plan was coming in two weeks

My personal favorite lie: Trump was once named Michigan man of the year

The most depressing lie: Trump won the election


Judge for yourself. The same man said that yes, Biden occasional exaggerated, but they were not serious lies, like those told by Trump.

I had originally posted a list of Joe Biden’s lies, but the result was a blog that was far too long to read. There are a lot more than fifteen. Biden has a life long history of claiming false accomplishments. It is hard to pick a favorite, but the following one definitely belongs on the list:

“But I played when the first – the second congressional baseball game at the old stadium, the old Washington stadium. And I hit one off the right-centerfield wall. I think it’s 368 or – I don’t know what is exactly now – but off the wall. And I’m rounding – anyway, to make a long story short, my kids remember that all the rest.

Biden never even played a game in that the old RFK stadium and he went 0 for 2 during the game in which he did play, at another stadium. Of course this was long ago, in August, 2021.

Many of Biden’s lies, before coming President, were mostly amusing. Few people bought this nonsense. But now, when it really matters, he continues to lie and this time it is really important.

I once knew an attorney who had been retained to represent a doctor sued of malpractice. When I saw him he was down in the dumps, very depressed. I asked him what was wrong? He told me he absolutely hated his client. It turned out his client had cut the wrong leg off a 13-year-old girl with cancer. The doctor’s argument was that the operation was actually a success, they just cut the wrong leg off.

I wonder if that is where Joe got the inspiration for his recent series of victory appearances, trying and failing to spin the debacle in Afghanistan as an incredible success. Democrats like to claim that the big lie is that Trump won the election. Right now a lot of people, including Democrats, wish that was actually true. The really big and important lie is that Joe Biden is remotely capable of being President of the United States.



I believe pro-choice Democrats may be making an enormous mistake. They were so anxious to rip the Texas law forbidding abortions at six weeks, that they missed something really big. Up until now, pro-choice Democrats have been pushing the big lie, that abortion is only about a woman’s right to choose, about reproductive rights. Nothing else matters. In trying to sell this, they deliberately misrepresented the science and pretended the fetus was not actually a human being, until it was born alive. Then they even stretched that to justify late-term abortions where babies are sometimes born alive and then murdered. They ignored the evil practice of Planned Parenthood buying and selling body parts from aborted fetuses. They got away with this because the MSM was more than happy to go along with the narrative and pretend there was something scientific about this nonsense. As a result, many people gave little or no consideration to the scientific fact that a fetus is a real live human being. That is why this case is so important. It is a reminder that even as early as six weeks, a fetus has its own heartbeat.

Think about this. In the vast majority of cases, the time of death is considered to be the moment the heart stops beating. The heartbeat is the most important symbol of our humanity. That is one reason there are so many songs about a beating heart. Here as just a few:

Beat of My Heart

Every Beat of My Heart

Heart of my Beat

The Beat of My Heart (Is for you)

Kelly Clarkston’s hit “Heartbeat Song” includes a recording of her daughter River’s heartbeat, record while she was still in the womb.

When Jen Psaki arrogantly shut down a male reporter for daring to ask an obvious question about the obvious conflict between Joe Biden’s alleged catholic faith and his pro-abortion stance, she made this impossible to ignore. While Democrats will predictably focus on the extremely small number of cases, like rape and incest, where one could at least argue that abortion is possibly the lesser of two evils, a lot of people will be stunned at the scientific fact that, yes, a baby does have its own heartbeat as early as six weeks into the pregnancy.  Ms. Psaki would also be wise to consider that some of the strongest voices in the pro-life movement are women. Women who have been pregnant often consider the child they have borne or are bearing to be a gift of God.

While the predictable voices are huffing and puffing about the Texas law prohibiting abortions, they just may have changed this topic forever. The more people learn about fetal development, the more likely that are to become pro-life. Even those who consider themselves to be pro-choice, seldom believe that abortion should be acceptable and even good under any circumstances.

Hundreds of pregnant women and new mothers have been accused of child abuse or other crimes if they used illegal substances while pregnant. This varies significantly by state. If a child is born alive, and abandoned by the mother, that is almost always a crime. If you kill a pregnant woman, you are likely to be charged with two murders, not just one. Scot Peterson can tell you all about that. Yet, in most states, it is perfectly legal to kill that same baby if it is done through abortion. It has always been intellectually indefensible to treat the same unborn child completely differently if the child dies as the result of an abortion or from any other cause. A child either has independent rights, as a living human being, or it does not. If abortion is to be justified that should be after recognition that abortion, like murder, is the killing of a living human being. There is nothing scientific about pretending that a fetus with its own heartbeat is not a living being.

One of the first rules passed in any society is about when it is and is not acceptable to kill someone. If someone is trying to kill you, you have the right to defend yourself. That has been true in almost every culture since the beginning of time. That is why the term “justifiable homicide” exists in our laws. It is still a homicide, which is always bad, but there are times when it is considered justifiable, such as in self-defense.

Incredibly the pro-choice movement frequently accuses the pro-life crowd of being hypocrites if they are in favor of the death penalty. I have always found that logic to be astonishingly bad and often wonder why no one in the MSM ever calls them out on this. It is easy to reconcile the belief that all life is sacred while having a legal standard for killing someone when the circumstances justify it. In both cases the value of the life is recognized.

I personally do not like the death penalty for several reasons. One is that there is a history of it being applied more often to black defendants than white defendants. That is indefensible. In addition, with the development of DNA, there is proof that at least some people were sentenced to death for crimes they did not commit. In addition, sometimes sentencing someone to death actually rewards them. They get years of free legal defense, often paid by taxpayers. They get a lot of undeserved publicity and even more undeserved sympathy from those more focused on the death penalty than the crime which triggered the sentence. It often takes years to carry out a death sentence and a lot of people on death row die of old age. I would rather see people sentenced quickly to life without the possibility of parole. In some cases that may be a sentence worse than death.

In any event, I really think pro-choice Democrats have made an enormous mistake. The Texas law may or may not survive the ultimate Supreme Court challenge, but it has already reminded people of something the pro-choice people want everyone to ignore. The beat of a heart is really important.