There are a lot of myths about a full moon. Most of them are not true. For example, many people believe hospital emergency rooms are always flooded during a full moon. Certainly, a lot of emergency room physicians believe that. The following article addresses the myths and the math regarding this subject:

Is the ER really any wilder during a full moon? DOs weigh in – The DO (osteopathic.org)

One thing is certain, you can see more clearly at night if there is a full moon. In addition, a full moon can be very pretty. It seems likely that a full moon does impact some people, if only because it is really obvious. Who knows what triggers some people to do weird things.

That brings me to my point. It is obvious that this midterm election is going to be wild. Some people are predicting an enormous red wave. Some are predicting it won’t be “that” bad. No one is predicting that Democrats will have a good night, just a potential they can hang on to the Senate by the skin of their teeth. They already hold on by the skin of their teeth because the vote is 50/50 and they have zero margin for error.

So, I thought it would good to research November 8, 2022, to see if perhaps God has an opinion. Well Glory Be it turns out there will be a full lunar eclipse on November 8th.

SVS: November 8, 2022 Total Lunar Eclipse: Visibility Map (nasa.gov)

This includes the entire United States. One has to wonder what this means. Did God decide to hide the moon to hold the lunatics at bay. Perhaps I am wrong about this, but that would seem to benefit Republicans. At least based on what people say publicly, the loony tunes sure seem to gravitate to positions held dear by the DNC. If they were scared to go out, because the moon is missing, well there you go!

By the way, the darkest areas appear to be Washington, Oregon, and California. Florida, on the other hand, not so much. Could that also be an omen?

The reality right now is that things look scary good if you are a Republican. How good? Well, the Republican running for the Senate against Maggie Hassan in New Hampshire appears to have a chance at winning. No one expected this, Mitch McConnell gave up and decided to spend his money supporting Murkowski in Alaska. An interesting decision, regardless of what one thinks about Murkowski, because her opponent is a Republican. It just doesn’t seem to make sense to spend money on a Senate race where Republicans win regarding of the outcome. Was Mitch, perhaps, influenced by a full moon?

It also appears that Republicans may even have a chance to beat Patty Murray in Washington. I wouldn’t bet on that, but if it really happened, this would elevate the Republican red wave to a full-scale tsunami.

It is sometimes said that we seldom realize our greatest hopes or worst fears. That is certainly true now. The only thing certain is that Democrats appear to be quaking in fear and Republicans are trying to suppress grins. Watch closely, because that full moon will disappear, briefly, next Wednesday and when the light comes back, we may see a whole new political landscape.



If you look closely at the pictures of Nancy Pelosi’s house in San Francisco, one thing is very obvious. There are security cameras all over the place. One suspects that there are also a lot of security cameras located on other homes in that area. This means that there almost certainly have to be pictures of David Depape and possibly Paul Pelosi prior to when police showed up at that house.

We have security cameras at our house, and I know how this works. There is zero chance someone could get anywhere near my house without triggering an alarm. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that those cameras on the Pelosi house were monitored by a central station. At a minimum, there is almost certainly a DVR that records everything, and it marks times when the camera detects motion,

We already know that the “ex” of David Depape gave a phone interview from her prison cell. Oxane “Gypsy” Taub is apparently incarcerated in the California Institution for Women, after being convicted on abduction charges in 2021.

Pelosi attacker David DePape’s ex says he is ‘mentally ill,’ once came home thinking he was Jesus: report (msn.com)

“He came back in very bad shape. He thought he was Jesus. He was constantly paranoid, thinking people were after him. And it took a good year or two to get back to, you know, being halfway normal,” Taub told the outlet.

Pressed about DePape’s political leanings, Taub said he had never been particularly involved.

“When I met him, he was only 20 years old , and he didn’t have any experience in politics, and he was very much in alignment with my views, and I’ve always been very progressive. I absolutely admire Nancy Pelosi,” she said.

There is a video of an interview with his neighbor. There are reports he was living in a yellow school bus located outside the home of his ex. Although the news media is extremely unlikely to show this video, you can see it on YouTube.

Actual interview of neighbors of David DePape. – Bing video

This is hardly the type of person likely to spend hours posting articles about the stolen election etc. Frankly, he doesn’t seem to be the type of person who communicates very well with anyone.

This is not the first time someone targeted that house. Someone painted graffiti on the garage door overnight during New Years 2021. Among other things it said :”We want everything.” It is doesn’t look like something one would expect from a mysterious right-wing group supporting Donald Trump.


The police story is changing significantly. First Paul Pelosi said this was a friend, said his name was David, and asked for a welfare check. Police said someone else let them in the house. There were reports Depape was found in his underwear, in Pelosi’s bedroom.

Now the police story is changing, they are walking back things reported previously. One notes the FBI is there to assist, so perhaps that explains the “verification process.”

Democrats clearly want to use this, as a minimum, of preventing Republicans from campaigning against Nancy Pelosi. Republicans, of course, criticizing Democrats is the major source of violence in America. It is pure bad luck that Republicans, like Steve Scalise have been seriously injured by people who listen to Democrats.

One thing is already obvious, the cover-up team is in full spin mode. The MSM has zero interest in sorting this out. They prefer to run with the narrative that someone broke into Nancy Pelosi’s house and beat up her husband because they were fueled by right wing MAGA hatred.. End of story. What more do you need to know?

Which brings me to my point. There have to be pictures and the question is “will the FBI/DNC/San Francisco Police cover-up brigade be able to confiscate ALL of them?” We can be sure the pictures from the Pelosi cameras will never see the light of day, at least prior to the mid-term elections. The ongoing investigation blanket used to cover things up when Democrats mess up is already up and running.

But it may not work. The only thing certain at this point is that nothing about this situation adds up. Democrats might have gotten away with this if they had not tried to make Depape a right wing Republican conspiracist gone wild. But, once again, they can’t help themselves. They can never let a good tragedy go to waste. They are beyond desperate to stop the monstrous red wave just over the horizon. Ironically, if they hadn’t tried to exploit this politically, people might have just let it go. But now they have made that impossible. Eventually a sizable portion of the truth will come out, one way or another. Get the picture?



Paul Pelosi was viciously attacked at the Pelosi home in San Francisco. Obviously, this is unacceptable to anyone. We can be sure of two things. Republicans will quickly denounce the violence. Democrats will try and seize the day and take political advantage. The MSM is already starting to spin the narrative that this is the result of violence against Nancy, similar to what happened on January 6th.

But this story gets stranger by the minute.

“Mr. Pelosi and DePape were observed by SFPD officers in the home, both holding one hammer. The suspect pulled the hammer away from Mr. Pelosi and immediately assaulted him with it, officers then tackled the suspect, SFPD Chief Bill Scott told a press conference.”

It only took five minutes of research to find out a lot about David DePape. The New York Post reported the following, which is quite remarkable.

David Depape ID’d as intruder who attacked Paul Pelosi (nypost.com)

According to his relatives, he was estranged from his family. “

Other people who had known him told CNN he had struggled with hard drugs and lived in a storage unit in the Berkley area.

He supposedly had a website and apparently posted links CNN has already described as conspiracy theories:

Alleged Pelosi attacker posted multiple conspiracy theories | CNN Politics

One conspiracy theory was that the 2020 election was stolen. (Welcome to the club.). That COVID vaccines were deadly. (Not sure he is wrong about that either). That the Democratic commission to investigate January 6th was a farce. (He is not unique in believing that.) That the Global Elites plan to control your money. And that George Floyd actually died of a drug overdose. (He probably, unlike CNN and most of the MSM, actually read the autopsy report.) None of his posts appear to even mention Nancy Pelosi. Yet, this just seemed: “too convenient.”  It was hard for me to imagine a nude activist drug addict converting to run a conservative right wing conspiracy site and being motivated to attack Paul Pelosi. Well glory be. Now we learn that those websites were fake. Created yesterday and already deleted.

EXCLUSIVE: Two Far-Right Websites Attributed to David DePape to Smear Conservatives Were FABRICATED – They Were Created Friday and Deleted Saturday (thegatewaypundit.com)

We don’t know what actually happened. but we do know this is increasingly unlikely to be the coveted October surprise Democrats desperately need. My guess is that Mr. DePape is already yesterday’s news, the police will shut up because of an ongoing investigation, Paul Pelosi will say nothing, and the media will demand we respect the Pelosi’s privacy.

But it may not work, because this is so strange and just plain juicy. Did David DePape really invade the Pelosi home in his underwear? Why do some pictures show the glass broken outward, not inward. Who was the third person in the home. Oh my. We can be absolutely certain the MSM will not investigate this. We can also be certain other people are all over it. We can also be certain that the less you hear the more you know.

The Perils of Pelosi. Just when you thought Democrats might just be able to dive back into the water, this happens. Sometimes losing an election is the lessor of evils.



It wasn’t that long ago that RINOs ruled the Republican Party. But they didn’t rule the country, because RINOs are exceptionally good at compromising with Democrats, at the worst possible moment. Democrats never bother to compromise with them. The MSM loves RINOs because they consider them to be bipartisan, which means they cave on principle. RINOs never learn, because they view themselves to be the cultured elite, who never forget their proper role in the establishment. That includes losing gracefully to Democrats.

This year there was a war within the Republican Party between the cultured elite, meaning the RINO wing, and the MAGA wing, meaning the people who stupidly listened to Trump. Most of those MAGA Republicans beat RINO Republicans during the primary elections. RINOs were terrified, because they were certain that all those MAGA Republicans were too loud, boisterous, and uncultured to win an election against a Democrat. Democrats believed that too, which is why the DNC stupidly supported some of those MAGA candidates in the certain hope they would be easier to beat in the midterms. They both miscalculated and will pay an extremely high price for that mistake.

A funny thing happened on the way to the Forum. MAGA Republicans, certain to suffer humiliating defeats in the mid-term elections, are gaining ground rapidly on their Democratic opponents and unless something happens, and soon, they are going to sweep Democrats right out of power. In doing so, a lot of RINO dreams will go out with the tide. Mitch McConnell is stupidly funded Lisa Murkowski, the arch typical RINO now that John McCain has departed the scene. Republicans in Alaska prefer her Republican opponent. If Murkowski wins, which is far from guaranteed, it will be with second place votes originally cast in favor of a Democrat guaranteed to lose. Ranked choice voting means the results will always be rank.

Dr. Oz wasn’t given a hope of winning a Senate Seat in Pennsylvania, particularly after being endorsed by Donald Trump. While he benefited from Democrats choosing the worst possible candidate, he is still winning. More people, in both parties, are predicting that Republicans are going to win and win big. What’s more, almost all of those Republicans who ran on a platform of claiming the 2020 election was stolen, are winning. Perhaps because a majority of people not working in the MSM agree with them. They agree with them because, like, this is really obvious.

This means in addition to Republicans winning, and Democrats losing, RINO Republicans are losing too. They are losing control of the Republican Party. They are losing control of the narrative and they are losing the ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. They are deliciously losing to a new class of Republicans so naïve and stupid that a lot of them plan to keep their campaign promises. RINO Republicans are astonished that they these “new” people don’t understand the game. Don’t they realize that when dealing with Democrats, who never compromise on anything, without regard to the consequences, we need Republicans to cross over party lines for the greater good. The greater good meaning acceptance by the cultured elite who care little about the impact of policies on the little guy.

This is a reminder that the MSM and the cultured elite never understood the MAGA movement. They assume that all these people were misled and confused by the despicable lying red head named Donald Trump. They hate Donald Trump, with a passion so they missed the obvious. Donald Trump wasn’t misleading people; he was listening to them. He is a highly skilled actor who understands the need to connect with the audience. I know many people who don’t personally like Donald Trump, they are turned off by his obsession with himself. But they realize that regardless of his faults, Donald Trump actually made good decisions and things were better when he was in charge. Trump, like all good entertainers, understands his audience.

Democrats, on the other hand, remain blinded by their hatred of Trump. They hate him, so they hate anyone who supports him. Sometimes even when they actually agree with Trump supporters on a high percentage of issues. In the meantime, Trump has already put his stamp on this election. Ironically, the Democrats focus solely on him caused them to totally miss reality. The reality that Joe Biden is doing an awful job. People do notice when gas prices skyrocket. They notice when the cost of everything, including groceries is going up. In addition, they have to put up with serious supply chain problems. What fun to pay so much more for something you can’t actually get. They notice when crime escalates to the point it is affecting people in places close to home. Just ask Paul Pelosi.

In the meantime, if you want to see the last standing RINOs, they can increasingly be seen, out in the open, surrounded by nobody, talking primarily to themselves and the ghosts of RINOs past There they stand, increasingly alone, on the verge of extinction, still wondering why everyone else got this so wrong.



Every night, around 9:30 p.m. I take my Miniature Schnauzer, Becky Jo, out for a walk. The goal is for her to poop. I bring along a little plastic bag, so I can properly reduce global warming by cleaning up the end product. Dog owners know that their four-legged family members develop preferred locations to perform bodily functions. Becky Jo is no exception. But last night, she went to a new location, on a different neighbor’s yard. As I shined my flashlight on her, to properly identify the objects that needed to be picked up, I noticed a new sign, just put up yesterday. It was for Charlie Crist to be the next governor of Florida. She decided to poop right underneath that sign. I was tempted to leave things there, as a token of my appreciation, but reluctantly did the right thing and removed the incriminating evidence. It is probably a good thing I didn’t have my cell phone with me, because I would have had difficulty resisting the urge to take a picture of this. When I told my wife about this, we both praised Becky for her foresight, political perception, and performance.

There are other signs of the times. One is the outcome of the baseball playoffs. We can be sure that MLB and all the advertisers were dreaming of an epic clash between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the New York Yankees. If that had happened the viewership would have been off the charts and the announcers would have come prepared with endless anecdotes about previous Yankee-Dodger world series. But that was not to be, instead it will be the Houston Astros and the Philadelphia Phillies. The truth is that neither playoff series was even close, and the Astros and the Phillies earned their way into the World Series. Their fans are over the moon, but the rest of the country is unlikely to take much notice.

I couldn’t help but reflect that Philadelphia and Houston are both located in states where Democratic dreams are fading as fast as the hopes of the Yankee and Dodger fans. Yes, there will be a world series. No, your team won’t be there.

It is impossible to predict the final results in Philadelphia, but it is probably Doctor Oz who is shopping for apparel appropriate to wear to the U.S. Senate and Doug Mastriano is gaining ground rapidly on Josh Shapiro in the governor’s race. In Texas, Democratic dreams of Beto O’Rourke beating Greg Abbot have already melted away, again.

Things are now so obvious that even the MSM is starting to notice. No one, other than Whoopi Goldberg on The View, even pretends anymore. She remains distressed that Stacy Abrams, who she wants to be President of the United States, appears to be losing bigly to Brian Kemp, again. We wonder if she will complain about this election being stolen, too?

In the meantime, just when you thought Joe Biden could not possibly get worse, he gets worse. If Democrats are smart, which is an oxymoron, they will send Joe to Delaware, for the duration, blame it on Covid and pray for the sympathy vote. But prayers, from people who don’t actually believe in God, are not particularly likely to be well received.

Everywhere you look, it is a sign of the times. Women are responding to the drum beat of Democratic politicians campaigning solely on the right to choose an abortion by choosing to become Republicans. They can join the Hispanics and Black people who are also in a rush to flee the insanity.

Regardless of what Democratic politicians say, or what is reported by the MSM, gas prices are scary high, food prices are skyrocketing and if you have money, it is harder to find things. You can fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time but right now Democrats aren’t fooling anyone. (Abe was right, again)

Few, other than my neighbor, even pretend otherwise. Those who still pretend should not be surprised to receive gifts, such as the one delivered by Becky.



Are you sick and tired of all those campaign ads yet? I suspect the answer is a resounding yes, for people in both parties. It is often said that the campaign that has the most money to spend usually wins, but I wonder if that is actually true. The following article from Politico is interesting. This sure seems like another case of “follow the money.” Only in this case, the money is deserting races where Republicans were once considered to be at risk.

House Democrats retrench as GOP money floods the map – POLITICO

“Frustrated Democrats bemoan that their party’s outside groups are unable — or, some say privately, unwilling — to devote precious funds toward what they see as winnable seats.”

House Democrats’ panic has escalated this month as GOP outside groups continued to smash fundraising records. Despite high candidate fundraising, Democrats have been unable to respond with the same volume of money, and the party has struggled to free up the resources to attack potentially endangered Republican incumbents — a crucial part of their strategy, since they need to offset expected losses in more conservative Democratic-held districts.

Democrats currently have just a 5-seat majority and already seem to be abandoning some tough seats that their incumbents currently hold in Arizona, Wisconsin, Texas, and Michigan.

“The No. 1 factor here is money,” said Tim Persico, executive director of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

I for one am not sure that spending enormous amounts of money on stupid ads most people choose to ignore really decides elections. But I am absolutely certain that not being able to run any ads at all is a recipe for disaster. Perhaps not because the ads actually work, but rather because running no ads at all is even worse.

Once again it is time to follow the money. This time the money is circling the drain, along with the wishes and dreams of the Democratic Party. Less than two years ago Democrats were on top of the world. They controlled the House, the Senate, and the Presidency. They blew it. Joe Biden has turned out to be worse than anyone imagined. We all expected him to be boring and uninspiring. All that was necessary was for him to change nothing. Instead, he went on a mission, between breaks to Delaware, to reverse every Trump policy without regard to the consequences. Today we all know the consequences.

He received little or no help from the House or the Senate since neither Chuck Schumer nor Nancy Pelosi have demonstrated even faint hints of leadership. This is so bad that even if Democrats somehow manage to keep control of the House or the Senate, neither of them is likely to survive in leadership.

So, follow the money, it is easy to see, Democrats get up every morning in a quest to find another way to waste more money on things that have not and cannot work in the faint hope that somehow, this time, it will be different. It won’t. Follow the money. After circling the drain, it will lead to a nationwide Democratic political graveyard.



If someone is really smart, they will make a movie about the Joe Biden presidency. Several possible titles come to mind. “The Man Who Never Was.” “The Wizard of Ahhs” or “The Madness of King Joe.” They wouldn’t even have to make things up. Joe provides ample material on a daily basis. This would be hysterical if he wasn’t President of the United States. I would even suggest hiring Chevy Chase for the starring role, since he is obviously skilled at playing the useful, or not so useful, idiot.

But Joe Biden is President of the United States and while the entire world is laughing at us, this is not really funny. This is so bad that virtually everyone assumes that someone, other than Joe, is secretly in charge, but no one seems to know who that someone is. Frankly, things are deteriorating so badly, on every front, that I doubt anyone wants to take ownership of this mess.

Perhaps the last person on earth to realize that Joe simply is not up to the job is Joe Biden. He obviously lives in his own little world, oblivious to reality. We saw absolute proof of that when he stupidly told the Mayor of Ft. Myers that “no one f—s with a Biden.”  I then realized that Joe tells all these absurd lies about things he never did because Joe embraces his own delusions. He probably thinks he is the best President in the history of the United States, doing a wonderful job. He doesn’t even notice that no one shows up to see him. I doubt anyone even tries to tell him everyone laughs at his daily gaffes and blunders. Joe just keeps reading his que cards and operates under the illusion that he is good at this. The number one characteristic of incompetent people is that they don’t know they are incompetent. Joe is the head of that class.

It is increasingly clear that no one else is buying this any more and that includes Democrats. In fact, Joe may have more to fear from Democrats than Republicans, because he is dragging the entire Democratic party down the drain with him. Those Democrats, particularly younger Democrats, miraculously still standing after the people get to vote, expressing their love and appreciation for everything Biden, will be furious, scared and determined. Furious that they are being dragged down by this disaster, scared that their own personal survival may be at risk, and determined to find a way to end Bidenopoly.

But, like a storm cloud following a hurricane, Kamala Harris lurks just over the horizon. Few things scare Democrats more than the prospect of replacing Joe with Kamala. I doubt that anyone in either party thinks she would be an upgrade. It would be like replacing the captain of the Titanic with the crew member who just sunk a life boat. It reminds me of a movie, I can’t remember the name, where this guy who works in a TV studio dreams of being in front of the microphone. But when he gets his chance, he literally breaks out in a sweat and can hardly speak.

I recently talked to a Guy who used to run the Met’s fantasy baseball camps. He told me about one “fantasy” player who knew he was going to get a chance to hit against Tom Seaver on the last day of camp. Unfortunately, he told everyone he was going to smoke one and Seaver heard about it. Seaver threw three pitches. The first was a curve ball that backed the guy off the plate. The second was slider on the outside corner that nearly had him falling over. The third was a 95-mph heater right down the middle that the guy watched for strike three. Then the catcher handed him the ball. Tom Seaver had written on it, saying “enjoy your three and out.”

Kinda like that. Never, never land. Joe never was a star student, he barely passed. He never hit a ball off the wall during the congressional baseball game, he struck out. He never drove an 18-wheeler, he was just a passenger. Never marched with Martin Luther King, was too busy making friends with former Klans men like Robert Byrd. Never did any of the things he remembers so well. Never seen anything like this. Hope we never see anything like this in the future. Never, never, land.



I do not know what will happen during the midterm election. No one knows, until the counting is done. But I certainly know who thinks they are losing, big time. Democrats are absolutely freaking out over several developments. Perhaps the most important is that at the worst possible time, Joe Biden is putting on an unprecedented display of ignorance and incompetence. In addition, he doesn’t even gain the sympathy vote because he is such an obvious jerk. The result is that his approval rating has plummeted to new lows and that may be over estimating things. This is so bad that Saturday Night even ridiculed him. It is so bad that no Democrat, other than Charlie Crist in Florida, seems to think Joe Biden is an asset. It is so bad that Barrack Obama is not bothering to campaign for Democrats, probably because he may not be that sharp, but he knows a losing hand when he sees it.

This is frankly so bad it is becoming scary. Is it really possible that the Democratic machine, fueled with all those delicious dollars from big business and Hollywood celebrities is really going to crash and burn like this. How can a party that gets so much free fawning coverage from the MSM possibly muck things up this bad? It seems too good to be true, but all the signs are there. Perhaps the big October surprise this year is there is no October surprise. Democrats sure seem to be caught in a perfect storm of their own manufacture.

They went all in on pro-choice, failing to understand something really important. When it costs $7 per gallon to fill your car, when the cost of everything is skyrocketing if you can even find it. When a senile fool pretending to be President of the United States starts saying stupid things about nuclear Armageddon. When the party that wants to take away your guns is proving why they are actually necessary. When our schools are a hot mess. When our economy is in the tank and getting worse by the minute. People aren’t all that focused on the need for an abortion when birth control is readily available. When the Republican governor of Florida builds a new highway bridge in three days, while “President” Biden is deciding whether or not to visit. When the President of the United States is 15 to 24 points underwater during a mid-term election in every swing state. Then don’t bet on blue.

Granted, Republicans are famous for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Granted Democrats are equally focused on stealing another election. Granted the MSM is still all in on the DNC, without regard to the consequences. Remember that Don Lemon cried his way off his last Prime Time TV show, still oblivious as to why this happened. Remember that someone paid Chris Cuomo about 1/20th of his prior salary, only to discover that no one cared to watch him. And remember that even Jen Psaki is trashing Biden now that he is no longer paying her to lie for him.

Remember that the walls closing in on Donald Trump keep falling on his enemies. Remember that people line up for hours just to listen to what Democrats call the irrational rants of a senile fool, while Joe Biden has to pay a fortune to draw enough people to fill a phone booth.

Perhaps the red wave will fade away. Perhaps Democrats will keep both the House and the Senate. Perhaps Wisconsin will be 80 degrees in February. Perhaps Gavin Newsom will impress anyone other than the assigned committee to count votes in California. Perhaps Hurricane Ian will make a U-turn and return to CUBA. Perhaps, just perhaps, but don’t bet on it. Instead follow the money, or should I say, what’s left of the money. The money that even Nancy Pelosi isn’t spending to try and rescue lost causes. Watch for Democrats, lots of Democrats, and their supporters in the MSM, all desperately seeking Susan, or should I say some kind of employment. All of them will blame Joe Biden, conveniently forgetting that they and they alone were the ones who made him possible in the first place.

Slip sliding away
Slip sliding away
You know the nearer your destination
The more you’re slip sliding away

Democrats, less than two years ago, had it all. They had the House, the Senate, and the Presidency. They had everything except a plan and an ounce of leadership. They also didn’t have even a shred of character or common decency. Now, enjoy the ride and watch it all slip sliding away.



Usually, it is Democrats who strike with the October surprise. But this time, the real October surprise is no surprise at all. It is rather that things are rapidly becoming too obvious to ignore. Democrats were and are counting on outrage over the repeal of Roe v Wade to save the day. But every poll shows comparable results. No one, and I do mean no one, thinks things are going well. No one expects anything to get better. No one thinks we are heading in the right direction. Whether fair or not, most of the blame lands on Joe Biden. But in reality, the blame falls on a lot of people. Starting with those stupid enough to put him in the Oval office and expecting something different. The list is actually exceptionally long. It includes much of the MSM, which ignored the obvious and embraced the ridiculous. Sometimes it is hard to determine if they are this corrupt or just this stupid. One thing is certain, they see a vastly different world than the one I see wherever I look. At times, the difference is so stark that one must ask a fundamental question, are they this far out of touch, or am I that far out of touch.

This reminds me of an incident when I was on a Risk Management Think Tank. A broker had gathered some of the top risk managers in the country to some meeting at Hilton Head Island, so they could “pick our brains.” The first night there was this presentation by a risk manager for a major corporation. He described a bold innovative approach to risk management, one that did not focus on thinks like claims and loss control, but rather compensating geophysical activity that made these largely irrelevant. He had all kinds of charts and graphs. After the meeting, I went to dinner with a friend who was also a risk manager. He was someone I knew and respected. I said: “either everything I ever learned about risk management is wrong, or this guy is insane.” He looked at me, smiled, and said: “you’re not the one who’s insane.”

I won’t mention the name of that individual or his company but can say it was a household name and was one of the most respected companies in the world, until it collapsed overnight and literally disintegrated.

The same standard applies now. There are a lot of people trying to convince everyone else of things that simply are not possibly true. Yes, men and women are built differently and regardless of how one view his or herself, that doesn’t really change anything. Yes, criminals are criminals, they have zero interest in living by the rules and the only effective solution is to put them in places where they cannot hurt anyone else. Governments, even the best governments, are inherently inefficient and corrupt. The smart people in government know this and they just get out of the way of the truly capable and creative. The role of government must not to pick winner and losers, they tend to always pick losers It is far more effective to keep a level playing field. When they do that, the truly creative people take over and the rising tide lifts all ships.

The more money government spends, the more it wastes, the higher inflation, the less equity and the more frustration for the average citizen. If a government wants to build things like roads and bridges, GREAT! But when they want to end the global warming, excuse me climate change, that has been going on for centuries, by doing things that can’t possibly work, don’t expect good results.

This is sure looking like a very red October, for several reasons. Democrats have control of the House, the Senate, and the Presidency, social media, and the MSM. They desperately try to silence anyone and everyone who disagrees with them. As a result, they live in a bubble that does not represent reality and like most people living in bubbles, everyone can see right through them. But one is reminded that equal responsibility goes to the Republicans who found a way to be outwitted by such obvious dim wits.

We may be strongly divided regarding who may or may not fix this, but there is little doubt regarding who simply cannot be trusted. Quite bluntly when the ship of state is sailing directly toward the shoals, anyone who wants to change course is an attractive alternative. Republicans are unlikely to win big this November, but Democrats are almost certain to lose. As if things weren’t bad enough, this hurricane is going to take a lot of wind out of the Democratic sales (pun intended) and skyrocketing gas prices won’t help. Blaming the other guy, solely because he or she is the other guy, ain’t going to work this time. Baring a miracle, the world will turn upside down this November. The question is who out there can right the ship.



Normally during this time of year, we brace ourselves for a Democratic inspired October surprise. Perhaps the best example of that was when the story of George W. Bush’s DUI arrest was leaked to the press the weekend before the 2000 election. It almost worked and Bush defeated Gore by the narrowest of margins. The worst example of this was on October 31, 1968, which LBJ announced a complete bombing halt of North Vietnam. The timing was obviously designed to help Hubert Humphrey defeat Richard Nixon. It did not work. But it did make deprive Richard Nixon of the options necessary to win that war.

This year we may see a lot of October surprises, none of them desired by Democrats, that will have an enormous impact on the Mid-Term elections. Ironically Democrats are largely responsible for most of this, but obviously did not intend the inevitable results.


The cost of gas is going up. Biden is running out of oil from the Strategic Oil Reserve which he used to artificially lower gas prices. Gas prices have already started to rise and that is likely to increase even faster in the near future.


The interest rate on a new home mortgage is now around 6.5%.  One year ago, it was about 2.5%. This is easy to understand. The monthly payment on a $500,000 home increased from $1.976 per month to $3,160 per month. That will price a lot of people right out of the market for a new house.


Stupid is as Stupid does. Stacy Abrams argued that the sounds of a fetal heartbeat at 6 weeks was artificially generated to create a false argument against abortion. In addition to being laughed off the stage, she pointed out something the pro-choice movement chooses to ignore. Abortion is not just about the woman; it is about ending a heartbeat. The entire Democratic argument has been that abortion is only about the woman’s right to her own body, Stacy Abrams just made it very obvious that this is not actually true.


Governor Newsom signed a bill allowing human bodies to be composted, instead of buried in a casket. His argument that this would be helpful in reducing climate change is just laugh out loud stupid. No one is buying this.


The stock market is officially in a bear market, lower than when it started the year. This affects a lot more people than you realize, but particularly people counting on their stock portfolio to fund their retirement.


Fortunately, most of us live in pretty safe areas. However, there is a serious issue regarding rising crime statistics and most people are concerned about this. The reality is that a certain percentage of people have zero interest in following rules. The only known solution is to put these people behind bars. It would be nice if that wasn’t necessary, but history teaches us that there is no rational alternative. Democrats have foolishly ignored this reality and it is going to hurt them big time.


Anyone who has been to a grocery story or even gone out to eat, knows that inflation is all too real. While rich people can absorb this, the average person cannot. The reason is that most people have limited disposable income and when the cost of food, gas, electricity and housing increases, there is little margin for error. No one in the MSM can actually explain this away. It is really simple. When Biden took office, this was not a problem, now it is a big problem. As Bill Clinton famously said, “it’s the economy, stupid.”

In order for Democrats to have a reversal of the big red wave, they need to convince people to fear something even more. It is said that we seldom experience our greatest hopes or worst fears. Democrats are very close to delivering on our worst fears. While the MSM pretends to ignore this, facts are stubborn things, and the facts all point to a red storm warning.

What could make this even worse? Easy. Have the President of the United States shows up 30 minutes late for the funeral of Queen Elizabeth, the most watched funeral in the history of mankind. How, exactly, does any American Administration allow something this stupid to happen. Sadly, a better question is was anyone really surprised?