You couldn’t even make this up. There are reports that Joe Biden practically demanded Merritt Garland get off his rear and investigate Trump regarding Jan 6. That would be the same Merritt Garland who couldn’t find the time to investigate Hunter.

So, his boy Jack gives this press conference, cheered on by Merritt Garland, saying that the biggest lie by Trump was that the 2020 election was stolen. Well look around sweet pea and you will see thousands, no hundreds of thousands, no millions, no hundreds of millions of people in America who think there were some really obvious and very serious problems with the 2020 election.

But this gets even worse. By charging Trump with lying about the 2020 election, Trump now has the power to subpoena people about problems with the 2020 election. The result is they may have just facilitated the serious investigation they have ignored and pretended wasn’t required and made it an urgent necessity. Nice! Most semi-intelligent people not working for CNN or feeding questions to Brett Baier know that the problem was never that the election was investigated and there was no evidence, but rather that it wasn’t investigated at all. Once Mike Pence folded like a cheap umbrella, we were stuck with the ultimate Joe and Kamala clown show with no option to fix this before 2024.

I have always felt that history will be a lot kinder to those who tried to stop Joe Biden from stealing an election that to those who facilitated it without the slightest regard to the consequences. Well welcome to the consequences. Now the U.S. credit rating has been downgraded, for only the second time in our history. The first time was in 2011. Hmmm. Who was President in 2011? Asking for a friend. Then S&P downgraded us, and the stock market dived. Nice job Joe. “Bidenomics” is a work of art.

This reminds me of a scene from National Lampoon’s Vacation, filmed in 1983. Clark Griswald (Chevy Chase) goes for a skinny dip with the character played by Christie Brinkley.  He comes up with this lame excuse he plans to give his wife. He tries this out on his son who just says: “Do you think mom will buy that?”

I had the same thought when Jack Smith was on national television saying that January 6th was a planned insurrection fueled solely by irrational lies created out of whole cloth by the delusional mind of Donald Trump. Do you seriously think very many people, other than those previously mentioned, will buy that?  My prediction is that when the dust clears, rather than seeing Trump put in jail for treason, a lot of people are going to start questioning all the other January 6th convictions. For the first time this too may actually be investigated and those 15,000 hours of video by Tucker Carlson may make for some great late night TV.

In the meantime, after Merritt Garland and Joe tried to put this all to bed with that sweetheart deal, and failed, we are beyond the “Son Set”. Like the real sun, this son is going down. And this “Son Set” has the potential to be beyond spectacular.



The testimony by Devon Archer was devastating for a lot of reasons. One is that it exposed Joe Biden as a habitual liar. This reminds me of when Bill Clinton went on national TV and said: “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky.”

I remember one major news commentator at the time saying that if Clinton was lying, he was in serious trouble. Clinton ended up getting impeached and he would have been convicted and removed from office except that Democratic Senators realized this would be a political nightmare for them. So, while they knew the charges against Clinton were totally accurate, they bought his defense that since this was just about sex, it didn’t matter.

The record is now clear, Joe Biden lied to the American people. When you combine this with all the other evidence, conveniently ignored by the MSM and Democrats in congress, this is literally becoming a joke. But there is nothing funny about this. It is increasingly obvious that not only is Joe Biden corrupt, this corruption was with our worst enemies. It is impossible to reconcile this with him continuing as President of the United States.

This means while some people may foolishly try to spin this away, the double secret probation committee is probably already in session. Unless they are stupid, they are desperately seeking Susan or rather a way out of this mess.  It is as simple as this, if Joe does not go, and now, he may bring down the DNC, the DOJ and the FBI with him. If he does not go now, it will be impossible to justify the multiple indictments against Trump for doing things that aren’t crimes.

Now Jack Smith has doubled down on stupidity by indicting Trump for trying to overthrow the government. First, he doesn’t have the authority to indict Trump who was sitting President at the time, for something he did while in office. Only congress has that right, it is the right of impeachment, Democrats tried that, twice, and they failed. This is so blatantly political and so wrong that it would not surprise me to see the Supreme Court step in. This has gone from ridiculous to insane.

Brett Baier’s interview of Trump’s legal counsel was embarrassing. He tried to push back with Democratic talking points about all these lawsuits that were dismissed. That misses the real point. Many Americans, including a lot of Democrats, think there was something seriously wrong with the 2020 election. Does anyone who has spent ten minutes in a history class fail to understand the blatant history of corrupt elections in places like New York City, Philadelphia, Chicago and many more. How is it even possible to believe there couldn’t possibly be a problem when the evidence is all around you.

Now the DOJ under Joe Biden has literally doubled down on weaponizing the DOJ. One would think with all the recent embarrassing witness testimony about this that they would hesitate to do anything that might pour more fuel on the fire. Instead, they are doubling down on the insane prosecution of Trump while slow walking everything Biden.

Do they really think no one notices this? A lot of us have noticed this for a long time and now this is increasingly obvious to almost everyone. Of course, this does not include those who would vote for any Democrat and believe anything said without regard to the facts and with even less regard to the quality of the candidate.

But there are already some serious leaks in the Dam, and I honestly think things are about to start moving at warp speed. Even those who would prefer to go slow, cannot ignore the callous disregard of serious and legitimate concerns regarding the politicization of the DOJ when the DOJ is doubling down on ridiculous.

While some of the usual suspects are rushing in, wiser heads, including people as wild-eyed as Adam Schiff, are starting to hesitate. Earth to Democrats, if someone like Adam Schiff starts to say hesitate be afraid, be very afraid. This is truly a time when only fools rush in. We could just see world’s largest parade featuring the self-identification of the most fundamentally stupid people in the history of American politics.



The “golden globe” was designed to focus attention on performances the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) considers to be worthy of applause. But now, there may be another category for a “golden globe”. This type of recognition is not necessarily a good thing.

Sometimes the best way to evaluate how an opponent feels about someone is the length to which they will go to silence them. This is one reason the constitutional protection of free speech is absolutely vital to democracy. Despots are always focused on silencing opinions from people they fear. But sometimes when there is an attempt to suppress speech, and people take the risk and still come forward, that actually just puts a “golden globe” around their testimony and often makes it impossible to ignore.

We already saw some of this regarding the whistleblowers in the IRS. There have been other whistleblowers in the FBI etc., but the MSM tried to discredit them and more importantly ignore what they had to say. Sadly, this was often successful. That tactic did not work as well regarding the IRS whistleblowers. One reason is that they were skilled at answering questions and they had an inconvenient number of facts supporting their opinion. The DOJ doubled down on this disaster by sending out constantly evolving letters from U.S. Attorney David Weiss regarding what he was and was not allowed to investigate.

The same people have been tried to discredit Donald Trump since day one. Now this as reached the point where he seems to be indicted for something else on a daily basis. At some point one has to ask, if the evidence of his criminal behavior was so obvious, why do you need to charge him with two thousand other crimes? Anyone remotely familiar with criminal prosecution knows that a smart prosecutor focuses on the more serious charges to avoid having the jury distracted. If the DOJ or any of the local prosecutors on a mission to destroy Trump really believed in their case, they would be furious at all the “other” indictments that only tend to cloud the issue.

Now, Devon Archer, the former business partner of Hunter Biden is going to go live. The DOJ is terrified and Saturday they seriously tried to put him in jail to shut him up. Now they are claiming this is just a normal process, but I doubt many people will buy that. The reality is that this shows absolute desperation to shut him up. It just put the ultimate “golden globe” around his testimony, and this could be impossible to ignore.

Ironically, if they had just spread the word that he is just a convicted felon trying to worm his way out of trouble, it might have worked. CNN would have certainly bought that. But this is now so obviously a desperate measure to prevent him from talking that a lot of people, including many in the MSM are likely to be paying riveting attention. According to reports, he is going to say that he personally witnessed Hunter Biden literally bring his dad, Joe Biden, on a phone call to convince people that Joe was in on the deal. Not just once or twice, but routinely.

Just when Democrats were already on the edge trying and failing to shore up the rapidly declining Joe Biden, they are being confronted with the awful truth that it sure looks like he is also a crook and a threat to national security. It really does not get any worse than this and it would not be surprising to see Democrats start to distance themselves from him as rapidly and as far as possible.

There is one more serious problem. Recently people have been showing videos of Joe Biden denying any knowledge of his son’s business in 2019. Two things are obvious. One is that he is clearly lying. But the other, perhaps worse, is that comparing video of him trying to talk then versus now is overwhelming evidence of his mental deterioration. This “golden globe” is not only focused on Devon Archer, but it is also focused on Joe Biden and that may be even worse.



There are certain days that will always live in infamy. Days like the attack on Pearl Harbor by the Empire of Japan on December 7th, 1941.  November 22, 1963, when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. September 11, 2001, the day the World Trade Center was attacked. Now we have July 26, 2023, the day the Hunter Biden plea deal was rejected by the judge.

Democrats in congress and their fawning supporters have just been dealt the ultimate body blow. For years there has been a cover-up of everything Hunter Biden. The theory was that MAGA Republicans were pushing a discredited conspiracy theory. That argument just died today in that courtroom in Delaware.

This judge was appointed by Donald Trump but was considered to be a candidate as a potential nominee for a federal judgeship in the Federal Court by Joe Biden. She ruled against John Paul Mac Issac, the person who repaired Hunter Biden’s laptop, in his defamation lawsuit against CNN, Politico, and Hunter Biden. They probably considered her the ideal choice to just rubber stamp the Hunter Biden plea deal and move on. Big mistake. She not only rejected this; in the process she elevated the Hunter Biden saga to front page news.

The rejection of this plea deal is a full body blow to the DOJ and particularly prosecutor David Weiss. This follows dramatic whistleblower testimony before congress and the scheduled appearance of David Weiss next week. This is the worst possible development for a DOJ and FBI already under attack for partisan application of justice.

Every major news organization will be investigating and reporting on this. Each engaging in a desperate rush to report important developments before its competitors. The race is on.

If any of the allegations regarding Hunter Biden and Joe Biden have any basis in fact, that is about to become public knowledge. This is so bad that it wouldn’t be surprising to see some Democrats support the demand for a Special Prosecutor. They may want to do this if for no other reason than to distract from the public House hearings on this subject. One thing is certain, presenting this plea deal, only to have it totally rejected by this judge, is the ultimate embarrassment for the DOJ at a time when they can least ignore it. If Merritt Garland is smart, he will start firing people and open his own investigation. But that is very unlikely to happen, because if he points a finger at anyone else, he will be pointing at least four more at himself.

At this point anything could happen. It would not be surprising if Merritt Garland resigned. But that would not solve the problem, because when the President is the suspect, anyone appointed by him will be suspect. That is why the Special Counsel rules are there.

McCarthy has been hinting at appointing an Impeachment Special Counsel. This may just push him to take definitive action. In view of this development, few people have any remaining confidence in the DOJ or the FBI. Even Democrats who desperately want to support the DOJ, will hesitate because at best the DOJ looks hopelessly incompetent.

This reminds me of the man who admitted to having several illicit affairs with other women, while married because he desperately needed an alibi for a murder. Sometimes a really unpleasant choice is still better than the alternative. Democrats may be at that point and odds are they are desperately looking around for someone, anyone, to take Joe Biden’s place. In 2020 they chose Joe Biden because they feared that Bernie Sanders could lose 50 states. Now the only real option is Robert Kennedy, Jr. and Democrats fear him more than they feared Bernie. Some have speculated that Gavin Newsom represents the great white hope. That of course is more attractive to people who are unfamiliar with the brilliant job he is not doing in California.

If nothing changes there is a chance that the election could be between two people under indictment for serious crimes, Donald Trump, and Joe Biden. That would obviously be unthinkable. At this point Donald Trump has been charged for so many crimes, in so many areas, by so many different prosecutors that while it is hard to imagine him being convicted, unless the trial is held in New York of Washington D.C. at a minimum he is going to be seriously distracted from his campaign for President.

It would not surprise me to see this quickly end the Presidency of Joe Biden. But it may also make a lot of Republicans start to seriously consider an alternative to Donald Trump. The only thing worse than having both candidates under indictment is to have only your candidate under indictment. In every war, there are always casualties on both sides.

One thing is certain, our world has changed, and it is time to fasten our seatbelts as this is going to be a very bumpy ride. A lot of people are being forced to follow the son and following the sun always results in things getting very hot.



It is obvious that the pressure to appoint a Special Prosecutor to investigate Hunter and Joe Biden is increasing daily. Under 28 CFR § 600.1 a Special Prosecutor or Special Counsel may be appointed by the Attorney General. The standard is where a Justice Department investigation would present a conflict of interest. If Merritt Garland had a shred of integrity, he would have already appointed a Special Counsel regarding this issue. But that is not the only option. Congress can also appoint a Special Counsel through the passage of legislation. Since the Senate is controlled by Democrats, it might be a challenge to get a Special Counsel approved.

(The Supreme Court precedent in Morrison v Olson, confirmed the power of congress to appoint a Special Counsel through legislation.)

Just imagine if Merritt Garland still refuses to appoint a Special Counsel resulting in the House passing legislation appointing a Special Counsel and the Senate voting to block that. When you combine that with the appointment of a Special Counsel to investigate Donald Trump, the political fallout would be enormous.

No one can predict this, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Special Counsel legislation passed by the House. Then the Senate would debate this. Behind the scenes, key Senators would be telling Joe they will be forced to vote for this, unless he does something, such as to order Merritt Garland to appoint a Special Prosecutor. It is hard to imagine Biden asking Garland to appoint someone to investigate himself. At this point, it would not be a surprise if Biden is strongly encouraged to develops a “medical condition” that reluctantly results in him resigning from office. Kamala Harris would be the new President and she would likely announce that since Joe has resigned there is no longer a need for a Special Counsel. She might even decide to pull a Gerald Ford and pardon Joe Biden.

This of course would be beyond bizarre. But we are close to the point where a lot of people, including top Democrats, consider Joe Biden to be a liability they can no longer afford. Ultimately these people are very likely to throw Joe under the bus if necessary to save their own miserable hides. One problem is that we may be beyond the point where Joe is remotely capable of recognizing the obvious and doing the right thing. That could even lead to a 25th amendment action, where the VP with a majority of the cabinet sends a letter to the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House a written declaration that the President is unable to assume the powers and duties of his office. At that point, Kamala Harris would become acting VP.  The President could response by saying no inability exists and unless the VP and a majority of the cabinet disagrees, within four days, he is back to being President.

If you think this sounds insane, it is because it is insane. But this is what happens when you rig a federal election to put someone like Joe Biden in the White House. The only option, other than impeachment, to fix the error, requires the VP and the cabinet, all appointed by Biden, to do the right thing for the right reason. That, of course, is the least likely result.

Odds are this will only be resolved when the public outcry is so severe that no other options exist. Congratulations to everyone who made this possible. Special supporting actor awards to the MSM who ignored the obvious and reported the ridiculous. Honorable mention to the local DNC committees who helped either rig the vote or cover up for those who rigged the vote.  And very special credit to RINO Republicans who saw this happen on their watch and never considering doing something to fix this before it was beyond fixing. Well, welcome to beyond fixing. Enjoy the ride. “Ain’t that special.”



Curiosity did indeed kill the cat and couriosity may just kill the FBI. Curiosity is defined by the Oxford Dictionary as the strong desire to learn something. Couriosity is defined by me as “the strong desire to ignore the obvious if there is concern that the answers will be inconvenient.”

Yesterday Senator Chuck Grassley released a copy of an FD-1203. That is an FBI document prepared by the FBI in June of 2020. A confidential human source reported that the Biden family pressured a Ukrainian oligarch to pay them $10 million. The MSM, predicably, is saying this is from an unverified source. One notes that they do not say a discredited source. Nor do they say the allegation has been disproven. Some are saying this has been debunked, but that is not accurate. It is more accurate to say this was never properly investigated.

This report is beyond explosive, and I believe that when the American people become aware of this they will explode in anger. Not just toward the DOJ and the FBI, but to the entire establishment who colluded to cover this up during the 2020 election.

Here is a copy of that FD-1203, along with the typical redactions. You can read it for yourself.  I doubt that you will ever see a copy of this disclosed by the MSM anywhere, anytime.

FD 1023_Senator Grassley_FINAL (

It is impossible to reconcile the reporting in the MSM and the response by the DOJ, the FBI, and Democrats in congress with the facts and evidence. Even if this was an unverified source, the allegations are so serious that they warranted an immediate and full out investigation. Here we have a candidate for President of the United States literally accused of soliciting and accepting a bribe regarding official action taken while he was Vice President of the United States. We also have a video of Joe Biden literally bragging about how he personally intimidated Ukraine into firing this prosecutor by threatening to withhold $1 billion in U.S. aid. What more, exactly, was necessary to provide sufficient hint of a serious problem?

When you consider the fact that the FBI had possession of the Hunter Biden Laptop and the IRS was investigating evidence of money laundering by the Biden family, the decision to not launch a full-scale urgent investigation of this allegation defies any explanation.

This is the same DOJ and FBI that appointed a special prosecutor to investigate alleged collusion between Donald Trump and Russian, even after it knew that there was zero credible information to support that allegation. For almost the entire Trump administration there were almost daily leaks, at some of which came from the DOJ and FBI, and people like Adam Schiff that kept the Russia Collusion hoax alive long after it had been totally discredited.

Even more incredibly, Democrats in the House and the Senate literally impeached Donald Trump for suggesting that Ukraine investigate this.

You can read what Trump actually said in that phone call:

Read the transcript of Trump’s conversation with Volodymyr Zelensky | CNN Politics

Now, in the ultimate irony, we have the MSM cheering on the DOJ and the FBI for launching numerous legal assaults against Donald Trump, during a Presidential Election. Yet, they can’t comprehend why the DOJ, FBI, and IRS would even consider investigating Joe Biden regarding anything, even when the allegations are regarding corruption at the very highest level and potentially bordering on treason.

That report should have gone off like a bomb at the DOJ and the FBI. But it didn’t. It didn’t go off at all. Instead, they appear to have slow walked, another, investigation designed to yield no results while blocking the ability of anyone else to even ask questions. This is way beyond unacceptable. It is way beyond weaponization of the DOJ and the FBI. This literally brings into serious question whether we can possibly trust them to do their job. We certainly can’t under the current leadership.

Perhaps I am wrong, but I think this is about to blow sky high. A huge percentage of Americans already distrust the results of the 2020 election. Many of them believe Joe Biden is corrupt. This is just going to pour gas on a fire that is already glowing hot. It sure looks like we are on the verge of another national nightmare, similar to Watergate. Only this time the allegations are a lot more serious than a botched burglary at DNC headquarters. What, many are sure to ask, could be more important than knowing whether or not a candidate and now President of the United States solicited and received bribes from a foreign entity. The world wants to know.

Couriosity is going to do a lot more than kill a cat, and it is about time.



It seems like every day we are confronted with “another” report of Donald Trump being investigated if not indicted for some crime. We are now at the point where there are only two possibilities here. Either Trump is a serial criminal who deliberately breaks the law at every opportunity focused solely on his own advancement, or the people opposed to him are losing their grip on reality. It is increasingly clear that they will not stop until they have destroyed Donald Trump, by any means necessary. Nothing else matters to them. This means Republicans have only two options here. They can go to war with those who are so openly abusing the legal and justice system for political purposes, or they can throw Donald Trump under the bus. There is no safe middle ground here, even for those who would prefer to stay far away from the fray.

Now the Michigan Attorney General has charged people who requested authorization as alternative electors, due to well documented problems during the 2020 election in Michigan, with felony charges. This is literally an act of war against anyone who dares hint that there were problems with the 2020 election.

Regardless of what one thinks about Donald Trump, the relentless legal attacks on him cannot be safely ignored. If it can happen to Donald Trump, it can and will happen to anyone who’s views are opposed by the liberal left. There would no longer be any doubt, this country would be dealing with a totally weaponized legal system that does not even pretend to honor the right to protest and the right to free speech. Incredibly this is facilitated by the same DOJ and FBI that lied about the Russian Collusion hoax and which appears to have colluded with the Biden Campaign to cover up alleged misdeeds by both Hunter Biden and his father.

This attack on Donald Trump is an attack on all of us. It is the reason he is leading in all the polls, and it is why Democrats are in serious jeopardy of pushing the country into electing him for another term as President of the United States.

If Trump is elected President, it would be understandable if he went on a mission to either destroy the DOJ and the FBI or to force drastic change. He would be tempted to use the DOJ and the FBI against his political opponents the same way it has been weaponized against him. It would take an incredibly strong person to resist doing that.

I have no illusions that Donald Trump is a saint and some of the allegations against him have at least some merit. But if this standard were applied to every major political personality, we would soon run out of any candidates for office who are not hopelessly corrupt. Those who are truly corrupt never hesitate to ignore the law and go to war with anyone who opposes them.

Fortunately, there are signs that even Republicans who despise Trump have identified the problem and they are motivated to fix this. At least some of the leaders in the Republican Party, including Kevin McCarthy are gearing up for battle. Fortunately for them, those who are so opposed to Donald Trump have made a major mistake. By charging him for a crime, for everything he does that they don’t like, they have only exposed themselves. They have exposed themselves as people who are on a mission to silence and destroy anyone who opposes their world view. They can’t even spell compromise. The volume of charges against Donald Trump has made this impossible to ignore. They must either be defeated or there is real risk of living in an intolerable police state.

We are now at the point where anything Donald Trump said or did that hinted at problems with the 2020 election is considered to be a felony. This is exacerbated by the ridiculous claim that the protests on January 6th, 2021, were an armed insurrection attempting to overthrow our democracy. That is patently absurd. The good news is that every poll shows most Americans are not buying this nonsense. The recent boycott against Bud Light and Disney should have sent a loud message to the people leading this assault, but they are obviously incapable of listening. I am reminded of the words of Admiral Yamamoto after he realized Japan had attacked Pearl Harbor without even the courtesy of a declaration of war. He said:

“I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.”

Although this quote was in “TORA, TORA, TORA” there is little evidence that Yamamoto said exactly this. However, the sentiment was correct. After Pearl Harbor, the country united with a purpose to defeat both Japan and German. That is because the American people were confronted with the cost of doing nothing. Kinda like today. We either unite behind those who are determined to confront this attack on democracy by the weaponization of the DOJ and the FBI or pay the consequences. To many people, the volume of legal assaults against Donald Trump are evidence of the consequences. Ironically, if he actually is guilty of any of these charges, there is now virtually zero chance of him being held accountable.

We are close to the point where it may become harder to find someone who admits to being a liberal Democrat than it is to find cases of Bud Light on a shelf at Costco.



One of the problems with all serial liars is that eventually their lies contradict themselves. We are seeing that on full display regarding the strange case of Ray Epps. We might not even know about Ray Epps if it wasn’t for Tucker Carlson. Tucker was sent all those videos from January 6th, and he used them to display the actions of Ray Epps. There were all these videos of him waving signs and encouraging people to storm the Capital. Yet, incredibly, the DOJ just didn’t seem to care. They prosecuted everyone else in Washington, D.C. who even appears to have spit on the sidewalk outside of the Capital building on January 6th. But they didn’t prosecute Ray Epps. In Tucker’s opinion, the only rational explanation for this “special treatment”, was that Ray Epps had to be an informant or perhaps even an undercover agent for the FBI.

Now, after all the other suspects have been rotting in jail for months if not years, the DOJ finally decides to prosecute Ray Epps. The attorneys for Ray Epps stupidly decide to sue Tucker Carlson and FOX News for defamation. The argument appears to be that because Tucker falsely accused him of being an informant for the FBI, that resulted in the DOJ charging him with criminal actions. If this makes zero sense to you, it is because it makes zero sense. The MSM, almost as determined to destroy FOX News as they are to destroy Donald Trump responded in horror. In a desperate attempt to defend Ray Epps, they admitted that there was no insurrection, and argued that Ray Epps was just another over-enthusiastic Trump supporter, guilty of nothing more than disgust at the entire process. You know, like most people who paid attention to the 2020 election.

Well, there goes the neighborhood, or at least the MSM clinging to the ridiculous theory that this was an insurrection, an attempt to overthrow the government, a day worse that December 7, 1941, when Japan attacked the United States. In their haste to defend Epps, apparently because trashing FOX News is what really matters, they forgot something. If Ray Epps wasn’t participating in an insurrection, neither was anyone else.

This is just one example of how tide has turned. There is an old saying, that you go broke slowly, then at the speed of light. The narrative has been that anyone claiming the 2020 election was stolen was telling the big lie, after being brainwashed by Donald Trump. The problem is that a huge percentage of people still think the election was stolen, and they are right. Even if the MSM did nothing more than help the DOJ cover-up the Hunter Biden laptop, and they did a ton more than that, this alone was illegally interfering in a Presidential election by lying to people about that laptop. They pretended it was Russian disinformation when they knew that was absolute nonsense. Numerous polls show that if people knew the Hunter laptop was legit, this was so awful that they would have never voted for Joe Biden. Bingo!

But there is more, much more. Does anyone really trust a national election that depends on how votes are counted in places like Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Detroit, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York city or any other major metropolitan area? Those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it. The historical record of systemic fraud in these areas’ dates back to when they first started keeping records.

Another real problem was numerous late minute ballot drops, all miraculously just enough to “give” the Presidency to Joe Biden. It included numerous reports of Poll watchers blocked from actually watching. Then there was the massive vote by mail election with the votes counted by machines programmed and operated by Democrats. Apparently the MSM thought no one noticed. We all noticed.

There were also those unrelenting attacks on Trump by the liberal MSM who routinely accused him of lying. On the other hand, Biden, who actually is a serial liar, is seldom if ever accused of that by the MSM. They frequently just edit the video to ignore the silliness. Then, when caught beyond dispute, they just casually dismiss this as Biden being Biden. The reality is that the only thing that ever mattered to them was that Joe Biden was not Donald Trump.

All of this is crashing down before our eyes. CNN ratings have cratered beyond recovery. Although rare, the rest of the MSM, and even some people on CNN, on occasion, are starting to report somewhat honestly about Joe Biden. Perhaps that is because they cannot ignore the fact that he has made us an international laughingstock, only the people in the U.S. are not laughing. It is ludicrous to think that Joe Biden is remotely capable of running an effective campaign for re-election. The only reason that is even considered a possibility is that despite the obvious problems he is still not Donald Trump. The liberal left would literally drink poisonous Kool Aid if that would get rid of Donald Trump. They would take a double dose if that would destroy FOX News in the process. They can’t stand the thought that someone who occasionally disagrees with them is watched by so many people. Once again, the enemy of their enemies, Donald Trump and FOX News, is their friend. Hence, the idiotic decision to try and provide cover for Ray Epps, who inconveniently is on video doing the exact same thing that got others prosecuted and convicted and sentenced to ridiculously long prison terms. Suddenly, the prosecution of Ray Epps is wrong, because he is just another over enthusiastic Trump supporter with no intention of overthrowing the government, just legitimately angry at the whole process. In doing so they forgot something. If Ray Epps wasn’t participating in an insurrection, neither was anyone else.

The result is an “Epps tide”, and while a rising tide raises all boats, an Epps tide can leave a whole lot of people stranded in the mud.



We are now officially in “Never, Never Land.” Democrats and their fawning supporters in the MSM are on a mission to destroy Donald Trump once and for all. They may or may not succeed, but they are absolutely going to do anything and everything to make this happen. At the same time, the same people are suddenly realizing what most Americans already knew. Joe Biden is a complete and total disaster as President, and he has the potential to take the Democratic Party down with him. Finally, the only person they fear more than both Donald Trump and Joe Biden is Kamala Harris.

Just think about this for a moment. The ONLY person mentioned seriously as an alternative to Joe Biden is, gasp, Gavin Newsom. That would be the same Gavin Newsom who has achieved the impossible, changing the lyrics from “California Dreaming” to “Dreaming of leaving California.” One poll allegedly showed that up to 40% of people living in California would prefer to move elsewhere. That is incredible when one considers that California used to be the ultimate land of opportunity.

Yet this is the best alternative Democrats have to Joe Biden. That says more about the Democratic Party than it does about Joe Biden. Joe Biden was only “selected” to be the nominee in 2020 because every other candidate self-destructed. One of the first to self-destruct was Kamala Harris. Few remember that prior to her speaking in public, she was considered a serious threat to win the nomination. She had everything going for her. She has dark skin. She is a female. She was District Attorney for San Francisco. She was Attorney General for California. She was a United State Senator. What could possibly go wrong? Easy. It became very obvious that there is an enormous difference between winning a statewide election in California, as a Democrat, as having any real accomplishments. When the rest of the country got a first-hand look at Kamala Harris, they just giggled and said “seriously?

Every statewide elected official in California is a liberal Democrat. Part of the problem is the inept California Republican Party. I lived in California for over three decades. During the last couple of decades, the only thing certain is that Republicans would choose nominees for office that had zero chance of winning an election. The only exception was Arnold Schwarzenegger who ran inspire of the Republican Party. When Kamala Harris ran for the U.S. Senate, the Republican candidate came in third. The choice was between Kamala Harris and Loretta Sanchez. Duf Sundhem (who?) came in a distant third. The other Republicans were big names like Phil Wyman, Tom Del Beccaro, Greg Conlon, Steve Stokes, George C. Yang, Karen Roseberry, Tom Palzer, Ron Unz, Don Krampe, Jarrell Williamson, Von Hougo and write in candidate Alexis Stewart. The last serious election was the recall election against Gavin Newsom. I still remember watching the news on election night and noticing that seven million Democrats had voted for Newsom before the polls closed. Since there are about ten million Democrats in California, this means that we are to believe that 70% of them voted prior to election day to save the world’s greatest Governor, Gavin Newsom. No one in the MSM seemed to notice that this might have been a little suspicious. What? Question the integrity of an election in California. UNTHINKABLE. I rest my case.

When writing this I realized something important, and smiled. The Republican Party in California is remarkably similar to the Democratic Party nationwide. There literally is no one on the bench.

So, my prediction is this. The Democratic nominee with not be Joe Biden. The Republican nominee will not be Donald Trump. If you want to see the candidate Democrats fear, just check out who the MSM is targeting. Right now, that is Donald Trump. Next in line is Ron DeSantis. What the MSM and the establishment may be missing is this: “To wise people who do not trust the MSM or the establishment, being attacked by these untrustworthy clowns is a badge of honor.” That is how Donald Trump won in 2016. It just may get him elected again.

But if he is elected, Democrats will spend the next four years making it impossible for him to govern. They would rather see the country fail than to see Donald Trump win.

We are now in Never, Never Land. The rest of the world is laughing at us. The most powerful nation in the history of this planet has descended into a bizarre place where we cannot find anyone acceptable to be the most powerful person on earth, the President of the United States? Never, Never Land where there is no consideration to doing the right thing for the right reason.



What many people have long suspected a federal judge has confirmed. The Biden administration was colluding with social meaning companies like Twitter and Facebook to censor unwelcome debate. Most of us were aware of this, because we saw it happening. If someone wrote an article even hinting that the COVID Vaccine might not be necessary for someone with natural immunity, this would be blocked and replaced with a reference to CDC guidelines. It did not end there. While I have never seen an incident where unjust criticism of Donald Trump was ever blocked, criticism of the Biden administration had a very different standard. This was more than obvious with the way the Hunter Biden laptop story was buried. The “wicked which” was the group of unelected bureaucrats who decided “which” was and was not misinformation. This was easy to understand, unless you were a Kool-Aid drinking left wing liberal Democrat who foolishly believed that CNN was the most trusted name in news. It was the most trusted name, by those who couldn’t bring themselves to consider any alternative explanation.

This Federal judge not only ruled against the Biden administration, but he did also so with a scathing rebuke. This was so strongly worded and so well-reasoned and sourced that even the liberal media is paying attention.

Here is an article from CNN.  Yes, that CNN.

What matters here is that the Department of Health and Human Services, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, the US Center for Disease Control, the Justice Department, the FBI, the U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy and White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre all told to stop communicated directly with social media. They are prohibited from: “specifically flagging content or posts on social-media platforms and/or forwarding such to social-media companies urging, encouraging, pressuring, or inducing in any manner for removal, deletion, suppression, or reduction of content containing protected free speech.”

This impacts Facebook/Meta, Twitter, Youtube/Goggle, Whatsapp, Instagram, WeChat, TikTok and others.

This decision went off like a bomb, and unless this decision is overturned, it will change everything. While we all suspected such collusion, clearly the Judge feels that this is a systemic administration wide system designed to promote the Biden Administration narrative and to stifle anyone and everyone who dares disagree. A lot of us realized that a whole lot of people were routinely repeating Democratic talking points and ignoring anyone who dared argue with the narrative, but this is confirmation that it was more than coincidence, it was a deliberate strategy orchestrated by the Biden Administration and embraced by social media.

At a minimum, we are going to start hearing the other side of the story and that alone may be devastating. This is made worse by the increasingly obvious development that many of the harshest critics of the Biden Administration COVID 19 restrictions turned out to be the ones who were right. Combine that with the fact that most people are so over COVID. The real problem is that this absolutely shreds the absurd MSM assertion that they are the ones who are fair and balanced, and Fox News only listens to right wing conservatives. The truth is coming out and this is increasingly difficult to safely ignore. If one watched the White House Press briefings recently, admittedly a tough assignment, things have changed dramatically. Karine Jean-Pierre is finding it increasingly difficult to respond to questions, she reads almost every word of every response from a script and the repeated questions show that few people are buying this anymore.

What should have been obvious for a long time is now too obvious to ignore. This is what happens when people are caught in just too many bald-faced lies. Eventually, people don’t believe you anymore, even if you are accidentally telling the truth for a change. We are now at the point where we still may not know who we can trust, but we absolutely know who can never be trusted again. The Wicked which is on full display, and it is a very ugly scene.