It is amazing to watch all the pundits weigh in on an IG report they have never seen. This is evidence that they are terrified that this report will disclose the real conspiracy against Donald Trump. It is important to realize that the IG report is only part of the investigation. Horowitz only has limited authority. This was addressed in H.R. 4917, which authorized an IG to issue subpoenas, but only if approved by a panel of three other inspector generals. It passed the House in September 2018 but was never passed by the Senate. This means the IG has very limited ability to do anything other than report what is verified by actual documents.

The most likely result is that Horowitz will report what was done wrong, but he will not have enough information to evaluate intent other than from public records demonstrating bias. The result is that William Barr could totally embrace the findings of the IG report, but that does not mean he will consider this report to exonerate anyone.

This is easy to understand. Imagine there is a person who decided to hire someone to murder his or her spouse. Financial records would be subpoenaed and evaluated. These records would show what funds were expended and who received them. But a report on these records would not be nearly enough to convict anyone. There would also have to be testimony, probably by a medical examiner, showing when, where and how the person died. There would be a detective who described his or her investigation. He or she would report on interviews with the suspect and with others. There would likely be eyewitnesses called to testify.

The point is that the investigation by the IG, by definition, is insufficient to support a prosecution. While he can be critical of people for failing to follow procedures, he cannot indict anyone. He didn’t even have the authority to subpoena records or testimony. It would hopelessly naïve to think that this report would accuse people of criminal conduct,

This means a lot of people, on both sides, have been creating absurd expectation for the IG report. When the actual report is produced, it will be declared a nothing burger. This ignores the reality of the situation.  The IG report is part of a much bigger investigation. It is important, but it is far from the entire case. What really matters is how it meshes with a much broader criminal investigation being conducted by John Durham. When Durham speaks, he is not going to be critical of people, he is either going to indict them or close his file.

Horowitz delivered the IG report to the DOJ and the FBI. Everyone involved reports to William Barr. William Barr announced that he has received the report and is reviewing it.  Now that the comment period is over, Horowitz will deliver the final version to William Barr sometime prior to next Tuesday. It will be William Barr, not Horowitz who will make the public statement regarding the report. He will not necessarily limit this to what is in the report. Remember that when he delivered the Mueller report, he also said that he and Rosenstein had determined that there was no obstruction of justice.

The first time anyone will hear directly from Horowitz will be next Thursday when he testifies before the Senate Judiciary Committee. This means the real bombshell next Tuesday is likely to come from William Barr and while he will certainly reference the findings of the IG report, he is extremely unlikely to limit his comments only to that report.

Once again, the speech by William Barr to the Federalist Society is extremely important. If he has facts to support his accusations, Tuesday is going to go off like a nuclear bomb. If he does not, then he is going to have a hard time justifying his previous remarks. Since he has obviously read the entire unredacted report and he knows exactly what John Durham has found, it would be wise to assume that he does indeed have the facts.



Wild World of Sports used to have the famous “Thrill of Victory and Agony of Defeat” intro. Most of us don’t remember the victory celebrations but a lot of us can sure remember that ski jumper missing the end of the jump.  Here is a link to the YouTube of this intro:

In a close game, the issue may be in doubt for the entire came. This is why some of the greatest victories and the worst defeats happen in a very short period of time. For every last minute comeback, there is a team in agony on the other sideline. But there are also cases where the defeat is so obvious and so devastating that fans start leaving before the game is over. We saw that Sunday when even Jerry Jones left the Dallas Cowboy’s game before the final whistle. It was beyond obvious that the Bills were going to win. There were later reports of players in the Cowboy’s locker room screaming at each other.

Democrats in congress are trying to score a last minute victory over Donald Trump and they are running out of time. In an act of absolute desperation, they are trying to jam an impeachment hearing through the House Judiciary Committee before the end of the year. Good luck with that.

The House will go into recess next Thursday, December 12, 2019. This means Nadler has exactly 9 days, including today, to get this scheduled for a vote. That will be three days after the IG report is issued and one day after the House Judiciary Committee accepts testimony from Michael Horowitz. I doubt that any sane Democrat would vote for to impeach President Donald Trump before those two events. That would risk monumental embarrassment.

If the Democrats had a brilliant chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, with several years’ experience as a former U.S. Attorney, and he or she had been investigating this case for several months, they would still have trouble getting this done before next Thursday. Instead the person in charge is Jerry Nadler. He is inheriting a file from Adam Schiff. Does anyone seriously these clowns are remotely capable of pulling this off?

The most likely result is something similar to the scene in the Dallas Cowboy’s locker room yesterday where a bunch of fed-up losers resort to screaming at each other.



There are two stories in the news that both demonstrate how the MSM sometimes reports facts while totally missing the point.  Here is a report in Salon titled: Rudy Giuliani attempted to profit off Ukraine efforts:

One would think that Giuliani was trying to make money for digging up dirt on Joe Biden. The same article claims that the Lutsenko gave false information about Biden. It also described the baseless theory that Ukraine, not Russia, interfered in the 2016 election. Political, that right wing rag, already reported that Ukraine did interfere in the 2016 election on behalf of Hillary Clinton. While Russia also tried to interfere, if anything the Ukraine had more of an impact.

There is no evidence that any of the accusation against Biden are false, they are just ignored. We constantly read where Biden did nothing wrong, but never reporting the facts that scream of corruption. It is proven that Biden admits threatening Ukraine with withholding $1 billion in aid unless they fire a specific prosecutor within six hours. It is also proven that Hunter Biden was paid a fortune by a Ukrainian energy company well-known for corruption. What is missing is the willingness to admit this at least looks bad and begs investigation.

They also ignored the significance of what services Giuliani offered. Yes, Giuliani did propose work in exchange for significant compensation. That proposal was to recover assets allegedly stolen from the Ukrainian government.  Giuliani, while he was investigating Biden and others, found evidence regarding large sums of money illegally diverted. His proposal was to be rewarded for helping recover some of those assets. Earth to liberals, one does not ask to be paid for recovering assets unless one has strong evidence that they were stolen, who stole them and where they are now.

This is common practice in the U.S. Attorneys are routinely paid fees in return for recovering assets. Regardless of how one feels about attorneys, this is hardly unusual.

The other was regarding the New York Time article claiming the IG report would find no evidence that the FBI spied on the Trump campaign. But the same article provided proof that the FBI did exactly that.  How is this possible? Easy. Both the New York Times and the Trump administration agreed that the FBI used informants planted within the Trump campaign. One person, since identified, was Stefan Halper. The NYT explains that he wasn’t  spying he was just “hired by the FBI to secretly engage in conversations under false pretenses and then report back whatever he learned in those conversations.”

In both cases the pattern is the same. If a Democrat does something, it is totally innocent, regardless of circumstances. If a Republican does something, it is criminal, regardless of circumstances.

This type of reasoning clearly works if you want to get your story released by the MSM.  It absolutely works if you want airtime on CNN. However, it does not work in a real court of law. It also won’t work in the court of public opinion when people learn the facts. The NYT story conveniently ignored the inconvenient coincidence that those Stefan Halper paid interviews were part of a chain of circumstances that ultimately resulted in a fraudulent document used to obtain a FISA warrant.

This all ends Tuesday, when the IG report is released. Remember that the person releasing that report to the public will be William Barr, not Adam Schiff. If Barr’s speech to the Federalist Society is any clue, he is likely to draw scathing conclusions from this report. Then, two days later Horowitz is going to testify before the Senate Judiciary committee chaired by Lindsey Graham. One will note that this is the Senate Judiciary Committee, not the House Judiciary Committee. There is a huge difference between a committee chaired by Jerry Nadler and one chaired by Lindsey Graham. That is evidence that Horowitz is not necessarily going to suggest a slap on the wrist for process violations. Keep in mind that the last time Horowitz testified he made a criminal referral regarding James Comey.

We are nearing the end. Regardless of the spin by the MSM, the actual report is about to be released and it is likely to be devastating. It is also likely to be accompanied by criminal indictments. One way or the other, Tuesday and Thursday have the potential to be days that rock our world. By this time next week, we will all be very aware of that.



There have been numerous leaks about the IG report, all of them downplaying the negative impact on people like Comey and McCabe. We can be sure that people like Comey & McCabe were mentioned in the report and their attorneys were allowed to review reported facts. It is unlikely that they were allowed to read the executive summary or the even conclusions reached based on this information.

That means that when it leaked that neither Comey nor McCabe were acting with bias, that opinion in unlikely to come from the IG report itself, but rather from what their attorneys want you to believe. It probably falls in the category of wishful thinking. In addition, it is may be nothing more or less than a preemptive response to a potentially devastating IG report.

We know that two people already know exactly what is in that report: William Barr and President Donald Trump. Obviously, John Durham also knows what is in that report, but he isn’t talking to anyone. Trump probably did not read the actual report, but he would certainly have been briefed on the findings by William Barr. More importantly, he would have been briefed on the significance of those findings.

This means that unless Barr is delusional or hopelessly biased, his comments before the Federalist Society are the best insight into the actual report. So are the recent public comments by President Trump. Trump said that the FBI was plotting against my election. He described the IG report as a horror show. He said the DOJ report totally exonerates him. He said that what Comey did was criminal.

Now compare that with what Barr said at the federalist society. He literally described a war against a duly elected government. He is either delusional, hopelessly biased, or telling the truth. If he is telling the truth, the IG report is not only going to be a strong public rebuke, it is likely to include criminal referrals. In fact, we already know that, because John Durham has been pursuing a criminal investigation for quite some time. It has been acknowledged that this includes requesting assistance from Australia, the United Kingdom, Italy and Ukraine.

The liberal left has described this as reexamining conspiracy theories and baseless allegations of misconduct. When reading these types of comments, remember they are coming from the same people who pushed the Trump Campaign Russian Collusion theory, with zero evidence. Talk about a conspiracy theory and baseless allegations of misconduct.

Today, the DOJ took action that should set off alarm bells. They filed a joint request, with the defense, to the court regarding the Michael Flynn sentencing hearing to postpone that until after the IG report is released. Flynn’s attorney already says there is Brady material that has not been released.

One thing is certain, the IG report will be released next Tuesday and Lindsey Graham will start holding hearings next Thursday. Combine that with the request, by Lindsey Graham, for specific documents regarding Joe Biden. It is unlikely that Graham would ask for these documents unless he knew what was already in there. He has obviously been hesitant to hold hearings until the IG report was released. Some in the conservative media have loudly criticized him for that. But perhaps Lindsey was less interested in a public show hearing than in letting the professionals conduct a true criminal investigation.

It is quite possible that the spin cycle will come to a halt next Wednesday. Remember that even the attorneys for people like Comey and McCabe may not fully realize the extent of legal jeopardy for their clients until that report is released. Wise attorneys representing clients who are charged with serious crimes tend to clam up and stop volunteering information.

We have seen far too many cases where a bombshell is expected and the result is a big dud. We should not be unrealistically optimistic that this will be different. But we should also not ignore the comments by William Barr and President Donald Trump since, if accurate, this may just be that rare exception.







Democrats has finally done it. They managed to evict Trump from the White House

Flock of birds on NORAD radar cause White House to lock down

The White House and U.S. Capitol were briefly put on lockdown Tuesday morning after authorities said an unauthorized aircraft entered restricted airspace near the Mall.

An alert was issued about 8:30 a.m. and the buildings were locked down “due to a potential violation of the restricted airspace in the National Capital Region,” according to a spokesman for the U.S. Secret Service.

 A U.S. Capitol Police spokeswoman said that “in an abundance of caution … access to Capitol Complex buildings was restricted for a short time.” A D.C. police spokeswoman said the alert involved an aircraft.

 North American Aerospace Defense Command officials initially said they scrambled aircraft to respond to a violation of airspace, adding that the aircraft was not considered hostile.

Opps, not quite:

But on Tuesday afternoon, Maj. Andrew Hennessy, a U.S. military spokesman, said no fighter jets were scrambled in the incident.

 Hennessy said NORAD dispatched a single Coast Guard helicopter to respond to something flying a “track of interest” over Washington’s Special Flight Rules Area, which restricts air traffic over the region as a security measure. The helicopter crew found nothing of concern and the event was considered resolved without incident, Hennessy said.

We already knew that the sham impeachment was designed by bird brains to remove Donald Trump from the White House to prevent his re-election. Now, we have actual proof.



It is increasingly clear that the attempt to impeach Donald Trump has failed. While there will still be some huffing and puffing, Democrats have blinked and are trying desperately to negotiate a surrender. Even Adam Schiff said he didn’t know if HE would vote for impeachment.

This is so over. Democrats will spend the Thanksgiving recess looking for an exit. Republicans, on the other hand, would love to see Democrats vote to impeach and then get humiliated in a Senate Trial.

CNN said that Devin Nunes met with former Ukrainian prosecutor Victor Shokin in Vienna last December. Democrats would have you believe that such a meeting would be an ethics violation.

He said he would make no public statement because of an ongoing criminal investigation. Then he dropped a bombshell, ignored by everyone:

I will win in court in, and they’ll have a chance to cooperate, and they’ll have to show how they work with somebody who has been indicted, which is likely conspiring to obstruct justice.”

Nunes knows things you do not know. What if he is right about somebody getting indicted. Perhaps Nunes knows who is about to be indicted by John Durham. He may even have been involved in helping obtaining the information needed to obtain that indictment.

CNN interpreted the alleged meeting in Vienna as Nunes digging up dirt on Biden and Democrats in Ukraine. Perhaps the significant issue here is the definition of digging up dirt. If Nunes discovered evidence of Democratic politicians committing crimes in the Ukraine and as a result people are indicted, there are better descriptions to use other than digging up dirt. Most people think digging up dirt involves things like the Russia Dossier making allegations about Trump and Russian prostitutes. Exposing bribery and corruption is a far cry from “digging up dirt.”

Democrats may have dug themselves an enormous hole. No one disputes the level of corruption in Ukraine. But some of these stories directly involve not just Joe Biden, but Hillary Clinton, John Kerry and even Obama. Some even mention John Kerry and Nancy Pelosi’s son. The MSM quickly dismisses all this as a vast right wing conspiracy, but what if they are true. What if Giuliani is telling the truth saying he has been documenting massive corruption by Democrats? Remember, Giuliani is a former U.S. Attorney who successfully took on the mob.

Do not underestimate this! It has happened before. Boss Tweed ran New York for several years. Many people knew all about the corruption, but they had no proof. Then, James Watson, a county auditor in the Comptroller’s office was kicked in the head by a horse as the result of a sleigh accident on January 21, 1871. He died a week later. The Tweed machine guarded Watson’s estate and they tried to destroy his records. They failed. Watson’s replacement was Matthew O’Rourke, who was associated with former Sheriff James O’Brien. He found those accounting records. When those accounting records were disclosed, the corruption became impossible to ignore. The Tweed machine crumbled. Tweed never recovered. He went from the most powerful politician in New York to being an inmate in the Ludlow Street Jail. He eventually flipped and agreed to testify about the inner workings of the Tweed Ring, but Governor Samuel Tilden vetoed his release and Tweed died in prison.

What if accounting records in Ukraine are now in the hands of Rudy Giuliani, John Solomon, Devin Nunes and John Durham? What if those records show rampant corruption and document massive illegal funds flowing to prominent Democrats. How desperate would Democrats be to discredit this investigation? When the truth becomes too obvious to ignore, remember to give thanks!



The DOJ IG report will be released on December 9, 2019. Lindsey Graham will start hearings on December 11, 2019. This means that Democrats and their liberal supporters in the MSM have about two weeks to try and spin this down. When you add in the distraction of Thanksgiving, this is moving at the speed of light.

When considering the inevitable leaks, consider the following.

  1. Those who truly know, never leak.
  2. Those who leak seldom if ever quote a source and the leaks are all negative for Donald Trump.
  3. Many of the leaks reported by the MSM have been false. In some cases, absurdly false.

Some will recall that I suspected that Lindsey Graham was holding fire because he did not want to interfere with an ongoing criminal investigation. This is easy to understand, if one has any familiarity with real legal processes. If one is seeking the truth, the very last thing one would do is interview witnesses in a public setting. The result of doing that is a guarantee that witnesses will listen to each other and then patch together a consistent narrative. This explains why all those witnesses called by Adam Schiff basically said the same thing. They were obviously feeding off each other’s narrative. In some cases, they even admitted that under oath by referring to prior testimony. In the case of the impeachment hearing the problem was magnified using hearsay evidence which would never be admitted in a court of law.

In real life, it does not work that way. It never works that way. If you have genuine eye witnesses the only thing certain is that they will all see things differently. This does not mean they are lying; it is quite the opposite. It instead confirms that they are telling the truth about what they saw. That is why smart police ALWAYS  separate key witnesses before conducting an interview.

So, ignore the leaks, because all of them are based on hearsay evidence and they are all the result of people reporting what they want to believe. We are soon to be confronted with a very different report. One that is based on direct evidence. It is unlikely to completely satisfy anyone on either side of the issue.  But there are some strong clues that should not be ignored.

Democrats are attacking people. They are attacking Trump, Giuliani, Barr, Pompeo and even John Solomon. That alone is strong evidence that they fear the facts will be devastating. One only tries to shoot the messenger if they fear the message.

Yesterday Rudy Giuliani sent out a tweet that included a letter to Lindsey Graham. Here is a link to that letter:

He says he has at least three fact witnesses who have direct evidence of a Democratic criminal conspiracy with Ukraine. He says they have been denied a VISA by the U.S. Embassy in Kiev under both Ambassador Bill Taylor and Ambassador Yovanovitch.  He says these witnesses hired a lawyer to contact the U.S. Attorney’s office, but he received no response. This attorney, by the way, is allegedly a former U.S Attorney.

If this is not true, Giuliani is in deep trouble and possibly insane. If it is true, his opponents are the ones in trouble.

He then says the attacks on him were designed to deflect from a Pay-for-Play pattern in the Obama administration.  Giuliani says he has witnesses, tapes and documents to support his suspicions. Giuliani says he is prepared to name the 3 witnesses and the former U.S. Attorney who represents them. He has also said the witnesses are available to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

By the way, Giuliani is also prepared to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee at the request of Lindsey Graham.

It is quite simple. Either Giuliani and others are caught up in a conspiracy theory based on no evidence, or while the conspiracy is true it is no theory. Either way, this is about to go nuclear. As in any war, there will be damage inflicted on all involved. I should also point out that at least some of what Giuliani is alleged was previously reported on by the MSM, confirming what happened, it was just ignored and there was zero follow-up.

We do not know where this will end up, but we do know that one way or the other the truth is going to come out and ultimately it is the truth that will out.



Everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING has changed. There are numerous reports that an FBI official is subject of a criminal referral for deliberately falsifying a FISA warrant.  This is so obvious that even CNN reported it. How bad is this? Easy. Former U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara is one of the ultimate anti-Trumpers. Trump fired him shortly after assuming office. Since then Bharara has been a CNN contributor and never misses an opportunity to trash Trump. He just published a tweet saying: “really serious, it doesn’t get a lot more serious than that.”

While Democrats have totally failed in finding a smoking gun, Horowitz appears to have found a smoking cannon. This not only is a very serious felony, it destroys the Russia narrative and may result in the overturn of the convictions of Paul Manafort, Michael Flynn, George Papadopoulos, and even Roger Stone. All of these can be traced back to the FBI investigation of the Trump campaign and all those investigations are now the fruit of the poisoned tree.

This is so bad that I expect news outlets like CNN to support this action, in part because they are terrified of what else is out there. Many people are reporting that this leak was deliberate, designed to get the story out before the IG report was released. If that is true, which is not confirmed, then the rest of the story must be a nuclear bomb. This is like a guy confessing to murder because he doesn’t want to be charged with a serious crime.

It gets worse. Adam Schiff, in his haste to run his impeachment hearings sham missed something. He missed the congressional rule that requires minority members to call witnesses. That was overlooked in the rules developed by Pelosi and Schiff for the sham hearings, but that doesn’t change the permanent rules of the House.  Schiff adjourned the hearings and pounded himself into a trap. As soon as he did that, Kevin McCarthy sent a letter to Nancy Pelosi citing House Rule XI, Cause 2(j)(i).

That rule provides that “the minority members of the committee shall be entitled, upon request to the chair by a majority of them, before the completion of the hearing, to call witnesses selected by the minority to testify.”

If Schiff and Pelosi deny this request, the hearings will be exposed as a total sham, in violation of House Rules. Yet, if they agree, the first witness is likely to be Adam Schiff, who will be asked about the numerous lies he has told on camera. If Schiff says he was wrong, he is discredited. If he says those statements were true, he will be committing perjury. The only way he can avoid answering is to plead the 5th.

It gets even worse. It turns out that the Ukraine was investigating Burisma before the phone call. My hunch is that we will soon learn that Rudy Giuliani was not in Ukraine to help Trump investigate Biden, he was there to help the Ukraine investigate Biden, bypassing the cover-up by the State Department and possibly others. Now fast forward to all those people who just testified about our Ukraine policy and everything snaps into focus. Instead of patriot heroes, trying to protect the Republican from a rogue President, these people have instead testified under oath about their participation in a deep state cover-up and a conspiracy to resist the President of the United States.

Many of us smelled the BS. We all noticed that no one had any evidence of a crime committed by Trump. While CNN and others were rejoicing that finally the Trump card would be played, the opposite was happening. Trump really did catch them all, he really is draining the swamp and when the waters got low the swamp creatures self-identified. Incredibly, they are so used to the cover of Foggy Bottom that they totally failed to realize how this would look in the light of day. Soon, everyone will see the obvious. When this is obvious to CNN, it has reached the point where there is no theory of plausible deniability.

It is impossible to overstate the significance of this development. Unless this is a fake new story, which seems highly unlikely, the world turned overnight.



One will notice that while numerous people are slamming Rudy Giuliani, there has been little mention of John Solomon. However, in an interview given by Giuliani, he said he let Solomon take the lead on investigations in Ukraine. Well, on Monday John Solomon published an article stating that Adam Schiff confirmed his reporting on Ukraine. Here is a link to that article:

Solomon is either right, he is insane or he is flat out lying. Some in the liberal media are slamming him, but few have challenged any of his facts or documents.

The truth is going to come out, one way or the other. One of the things reported by John Solomon is that several people in the State Department, including Ambassador Yovanovitch, were blocking people from providing evidence to the U.S. He reports that the people in Ukraine did not trust our FBI operation in Ukraine. Who can blame them after what we already know about the FBI under James Comey? Imagine you are in the Ukraine. You want to give information to the U.S., but you cannot trust the State Department. You cannot trust the Ukraine office of the FBI. You can’t even get a passport to travel to the U.S. Who can you trust? Enter Rudy Giuliani. The President of the United States says you can trust Rudy. So Rudy shows up in Ukraine and turns this over to John Solomon.

Solomon appears to have a ton of documentation. He has emails, financial records etc. He got a lot of them from people associated with Giuliani. These guys do have somewhat of a murky history, but so does everyone else in Ukraine. I cannot think of a single serious prosecution of a criminal enterprise that did not require someone who had previously worked in or for that enterprise turning state’s evidence. Few of these people are candidates for sainthood. However, they do provide valuable information that allows these criminal enterprises to be shut down. No one knows this better than Giuliani, who is famous for breaking up the mob in New York.

The IG report will be released on December 9th, with testimony by Horowitz on December 11th. It is quite possible, if not likely, that John Durham will issue at least some criminal indictments before those dates. The reason is quite simple; once that report is released some of the suspects may start running for cover. That is one reason the FBI does not comment on an ongoing investigation. Many times people only learn about the indictment on the day they are arrested.

In the meantime, the John Solomon story is going to come out and the press will have to report on it. They may try to discredit him, but they cannot ignore him. The stench of corruption by Joe Biden is so overwhelming that even CNN might notice at some point.

During the recent Ukrainian news conference, some of the participants specifically asked Zelensky to fly to the U.S., meet with Trump and ask for his help in investigating crimes committed in Ukraine. Imagine if he actually did that. Note that during this press conference they specifically mentioned Hunter Biden and Burisma.

A lot of Democrats, including Obama, are trying to get rid of Biden as a candidate. He gets hammered in the press, but it doesn’t seem to matter. No matter how much he stutters and gasps, he still looks better than the rest of the class. No matter how you spin this, Biden is a big problem. Perhaps he should do some research regarding Jeffrey Epstein and take precautions. His untimely (or timely) death would be really convenient for a lot of the same people who didn’t exactly weep at Epstein’s demise. Remember all his friends who showed up for the funeral? Me neither.

This is beyond bizarre. Either the liberal left and its supporters in the MSM are hopelessly delusional, or the rest of us are oblivious to reality. So perhaps the real question is who do you trust: What you see with your lying eyes, or what Adam Schiff pretends is there?

It is hard to predict anything but I have come up with three alternatives, all bad for Democrats.

  1. Democrats drop impeachment.
  2. Democrats vote to impeach, but Trump is acquitted.
  3. Democrats vote to impeach, Trump is removed or he is forced to resign. Welcome President Mike Pence.

It seems like the third option is the worst case scenario for Democrats. It is increasingly hard to imagine this working out for them.



While Adam Schiff and his class of clowns were embarrassing themselves on National TV trying, and failing, to find something resembling a crime committed by Trump, their entire narrative just blew up.

It turns out that Ukrainian MP Andrly Derkach held a news conference, reminding people that the Prosecutor General’s Office (PGO) had indicted the former owner of Burisma, ex-Ecology Minister Zlochevsky. He complained that no one in the U.S. media bothered to report on this.

You can see the link to the news conference yourself:

“The PGO document once again confirms the data I had previously published on Burisma and international corruption. According to Zlochevsky’s suspicion notice, Biden and partners received their $16.5 million for their services to Burisma. Biden received funds not due to the successful activity of Burisma or for brilliant business decisions or recommendations. This is the money of Ukrainian citizens. The funds were obtained by criminal means. That’s what they say in the PGO,” Derkach said.

(A suspicion notice in Ukraine appears to be the equivalent of an indictment in the U.S.)

“According to the investigation, Zlochevsky was directly involved in the withdrawal of funds by the Yanukovych “family” (the Yanukovych criminal organization, according to the notice). They laundered the funds of Yanukovych through three companies in Latvia,” Derkach said.

Several websites are reporting the following quote by Derkach. I cannot confirm the accuracy of this:

President Zelensky must pick up the phone, dial Trump, ask for help and cooperation in the fight against corruption and fly to Washington.

At a minimum, this appears to fully justify a decision to investigate Joe and Hunter Biden. If true, the question may be whether Trump was asking the Ukraine to investigate Biden, or the Ukraine was asking Trump for help. All the witnesses agreed that Zelensky ran on a platform of investigating corruption. Some of the witnesses admitted, under oath, that Zelensky wanted to indict Yanukovich, but they recommended against it because it would look bad. All of them admitted that the Ukraine was notoriously corrupt. All agreed that Burisma was suspected of corruption. None of them even hinted at investigating any of this. Instead they were horrified that Trump wanted the Ukraine to investigate this. Were they trying to protect our national security or were they more interested in covering up corruption by Democrats.

This is about to go nuclear.