When I was in high school all my classes were in a special honors unit. The students in this group were very bright. One day, one of them told me I was too smart to believe in God. He meant it. He could not have been more wrong.

I have had the privilege of meeting some truly brilliant people. Some of them are world renown scientists. They also happened to be devout Christians. They are far smarter than the self-righteous arrogant fools who consider themselves to be the only ones who understand science. I have learned that the opposite is often true. Many of the true scientists are so stunned by the majesty of creation and the order of the universe that they cannot avoid recognizing the handiwork of the Creator.

That does not mean they all go to the same church or practice the same religion. But it does mean they understand something important. Everything (and I do mean everything) is all wonderfully complex yet dynamic at the same time. Every human on this planet has similar DNA, yet every person’s DNA has unique characteristics that allows scientists to look at a sample of DNA and determine it could only belong to one and only one person on this planet. There are many criminals in prison and worse because their DNA proved their guilt.

But, incredibly some of the same people who believe in DNA, also believe that there was no Creator and this is all the result of a series of mathematically impossible miracles occurring repeatedly over millennium resulting in the world we see today. Since these people do not believe in God, they have replaced God with their version of science. The result is they often delude themselves into believing things that are clearly not true.

We, as mere humans, cannot possibly understand or define God. God, on the other hand, does understand and define us. There is an old saying that the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. It was not talking about mass hysteria generated by a hell and brimstone preacher. It was talking about the day one realizes how exceedingly small we are indeed compared to the Creator.

Liberals are about to learn a hard lesson. In their arrogant self-righteous reliance on a false God they have often only self-identified as fools. No matter how arrogantly they state their beliefs it eventually becomes obvious that they were wrong. But it is extremely rare that they will even recognize this and even rarer that they will admit it.

We often see arrogant fools, elevated to positions they do not deserve in the MSM, ridicule others for believing in God. God, they point out, will not kill a virus. Science will do that. They literally laugh at a Vice President because he is a devote Christian. They worship at the feet of people who have made predictions that in retrospect were absurd. We must listen to the scientists, only the scientists they warn us scornfully. Incredibly they do this while often ignoring the true science going on under their nose.

Let me be blunt. God created the world where this virus was possible, and He created the world where the cure already exists. If man did nothing, this virus like every other pandemic would eventually self-destruct. This sometimes happened only after thousands if not millions of people died, but it always happened. The solution now is to find the cure that already exists and use God’s own miracle to defeat this. There will be a cure. It will not be a man-made element.

For example, Remdesivir uses a nucleotide analog that contains a nucleic acid analog combined with a sugar and a phosphate group. The theory is that this prevents viral duplication in infected cells. This is truly brilliant and the people who develop these drugs are to be praised, but this is recognizing the reality of the world, not creating it. In addition, science learns that resistance can develop quickly. That is why many of these wonder drugs are soon replaced by other wonder drugs when the virus mutates in response. I do not pretend to be smart enough to understand how this works and I certainly am not capable of developing something like this. I just recognize the difference between the Creator and the created. Remdesivir only exists because scientists recognized DNA and responded to what they learned.

We should be cautious regarding advice from those who have been so wrong. Following is a link to an article about how COVID 19 really spreads: It is from that right-wing rag the Washington Post:

“Airborne spread has not been reported for COVID 19 and it is not believed to be a major driver of transmission based on available evidence.”

This was from a WHO report published in FEBRUARY.

Here is what scientists are reporting as of today:

A growing number of studies, including one published this week in the journal Nature, have found evidence that the coronavirus can remain suspended in the air in aerosol particles. That raises anew the question of whether and to what extent the virus can be transmitted as an aerosol — although the evidence is far from conclusive and no such infections have been documented.

The consensus so far is that the virus, although very contagious, spreads through respiratory droplets generated when people breathe, speak or cough and doesn’t infect people through particles that can linger in the air for hours, in the way that measles and some other viral diseases can.

If this is true, and it appears to be true, then none of this shutdown or social distances ever made any sense. It certainly does not support requiring everyone to wear masks. Clean surfaces, yes. Wash your hands, yes. Stay home if you are sick yes. Shut down the world economy, not so much.

This is why we were told face masks did not matter. Then we were told doctors and nurses desperately needed them. Now we are told that we all need to wear face masks, but they don’t necessarily have to actually work. Why would we listen to such idiotic and conflicting advice?  We are told it is safe to go to a liquor store or a marijuana distributorship but not a restaurant. Why? Who studied this? We were told it is OK to go to Costco and the grocery story, but not church. You can get an abortion but not a root canal. Seriously? We can’t even consider going to an outdoor festival or a sporting event. All of this based on science, for which there is no actual scientific evidence.

People are dying because they are not getting the treatment needed for the numerous things other than COVID 19 that can kill you. Hospital COVID 19 wards are jammed full while the rest of the hospital is empty. The most vulnerable people of all, those in nursing homes, who get sick are sent back to the most dangerous possible environment. Once again, all in the name of science.

Penicillin saved possibly millions of lives during World War II. God, not man, created penicillin. A scientist discovered it and discovered what it could do. That is the way it always works. The more we know about how God designed things the better we can deal with problems. The more we ignore God and pretend we are God the higher price we pay for stupidity.






Governor Gavin Newsom has set up an unwinnable battle against the religious community in California. He has announced that the state will open, within weeks, for school. He thought maybe by July. But he said it will take months before he will let churches reopen. There is zero chance they will put up with this.

The U.S. Constitution is crystal clear: Freedom of religion is guaranteed. While the State does have the ability, temporarily, in the event of an emergency to shut things down, the decision must be justified by facts.  Irrational fear of spreading a virus without decisive facts to support a conclusion is not enough. We can guarantee that some mega churches who have tremendous assets are going to take this on. They will have a strong and compelling case.

Regardless of what you believe about the risk, the government is compelled to do its due diligence in gathering facts and evidence. It is easy to understand why so many people are legitimately scared. They are listening to the MSM which constantly tries to elevate the panic. [For a moment, stand back, and listen for the degree of anxiety, volume, pitch, and inflection in the delivery voice. It’s not what they say, it’s how they say it.]  The masses are also listening to scientifically trained people like Dr. Fauci who says this will come back and it will be bad.  Truly, that message is genuinely scary, but when this is challenged in court, which is going to happen almost immediately, for the first time we will get an open discussion of facts and evidence. It will be a far cry from the one-sided mass hysteria reported by the MSM.

Remember that it is the government who must present a compelling case for what it has done. It does not have such a case. There has been no scientific study, anywhere, by anyone that shows that attending church is more dangerous than going to the supermarket or Walmart. The only distinction so far is that Governor Newsom considers Walmart to be essential and he does not consider church to be necessary at all. A lot of people are going to challenge him regarding that.

There have been a couple of churches were several people who attended became COVID 19 positive. But that is not proof they got it from attending church. It certainly does not prove that the same level of risk exists today. A lot of people assumed they got this in church, but assumptions are not evidence.

The self-righteous arrogant talking heads like Dr. Fauci, who are demanding that science govern all decisions, have zero science to support this decision. Just today Fauci is talking about one drug, which he says is potentially working well. But he warns us that we need clinical studies to be sure. We must have two groups of people in a long-term double-blind study that is evaluated by experts before science can approve anything. That sounds great, until you realize that no such study was done before Governor Newsom ordered churches to stay shuttered. It is quite simple, if no one can go to church, it is impossible to determine whether going to church represents any hazard at all. This is all pure speculation based solely on personal preference and arrogance.

Additionally, there are several highly qualified doctors who say the harm of shutting down the economy is doing more harm than good. There will be more, and their voices will become louder. Remember that in a court of law, it is the state that must prove its case and it cannot possibly achieve the goal – today.

There is also a distinct possibility that the state is making these decisions based on information that has been totally discredited. In the beginning awareness of the Covid-19 outbreak, the computer models predicted deaths of 2.4 million, in the U.S. alone. Today, we see that frightening number has not borne true. Few, if any of the predictions made by people like Dr. Fauci have proven to be accurate. Some might say it is better to over-promise and under-deliver rather than the opposite. But the media churn is not embracing the radically reduced numbers in favor of re-opening our economy.  What-if / worst case scenarios do not work well in the public sector for rational discussion and how to prepare or deal with it as seen in hoarding what is seen as fear of loss. At least some other places have done none of this and while the results are arguably worse than here, they are hardly catastrophic. In places like Sweden they may have steepened and shortened the curve, making it safer sooner for everyone. Flattening the curve is great, if it saves lives, but what if it prolongs the damage.

Don’t be surprised by some people who will quickly support churches. Smart businessmen will do that because people who go to church buy things too. We can be sure that these churches will have zero problem finding some of the most brilliant constitutional scholars in this country to make the case. The lawyer who tries and wins this case will be set for life.

Other organizations that need to draw crowds also have a vested interest in this. I wonder if those Hollywood elites consider, just a little, that if this continues, they will be highly impacted. If it is unsafe to go to church, it is unsafe to go to the movies, to attend a baseball game, a soccer game, a football game, a hockey game, a concert, a country fair or any place else where there are a lot of people. Churches are not the only ones who will become increasingly furious about this.

I believe we are on the verge of another Exodus. This one will be led by people, like Moses, who led the Children of Israel out of Egypt. It will start with a couple of business owners, like restaurants, who just defy authorities and re-open. In at least some locations the local police or sheriff departments will want no part arresting these people and ordering them to shut their doors. Oh, some police will do that, but wiser heads will want no part of that. First it will be one. Then, when people realize they are not being punished, others will join. Unless the local government is ready, willing and ABLE to stop this, it will soon become an irresistible force. No country, even a dictatorship with a powerful military, can survive if a significant percentage of the population refuses to comply with orders. In a dictatorship they can send in the military and start shooting people. That works, for at least a while, but the Berlin Wall taught us it doesn’t work forever. That type of tactic is not available in the U.S.  Even our Department of Justice under William Barr would step in to stop this. That means they can only force us to comply if we are willing to believe and comply.

Exodus is on the way and it will overwhelm anyone or anything in its path.



There was no Presidential briefing on the coronavirus Saturday or Sunday. The White House used to offer a daily briefing by Sarah Huckabee Sanders. The press was rude and obstructive. They routinely took everything she said out of context and called her a liar. Sound familiar? One day there was no White House daily briefing at all. They never came back.

The Trump briefings are drawing huge ratings. Not because of Jim Acosta or Jonathan Karl, but people would rather tune in to see Donald Trump. Last Friday, CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins was scheduled to be in the front row at the daily briefing. Trump, obviously sick and tired of CNN reporters interrupting him from the front of the room tried to get her to switch places with another reporter. She arrogantly said no. Reporters’ seats are assigned in advance through the White House Correspondents Associations (“WHCA”) who ALWAYS gives front row assignments to major networks like CNN. Would it surprise you to know that Jonathan Karl is the president of the WHCA? The WHCA believes they and they alone determine who gets to ask the President questions. Trump cut the briefing short after 22 minutes and refused to take any questions from anyone.

The WHCA needs the President, but he does not need them. Have we forgotten when there was a time when the only way to quickly deliver information to the American people was through the mainstream media (MSM), including newspapers like the New York Times (“NYT”) and the Washington Post (“WP”); and prime time networks like ABC, CBS, NBC and at one time CNN? Those days are lost to history.

In 1976, 72% of people trusted the MSM. But, by 1999 it had dropped to 55%; and further still to a mere 32% in 2016. Only in 2019 did it rebound to 41%. But who (i.e. source) you trust is far more partisan than it was in 1976. While 69% of Democrats still trust the mainstream media, only 15% of Republicans and 36% of independents trust it. The low trust level of Republicans is due, in part, to their attentiveness to perceive bias, inaccuracy and misinformation in newspapers, on television and on radio.

Democrats assume that Republicans ignore the bias on Fox News and believe everything without any fact checking. The opposite is clearly true. It is Democrats who refuse to see bias, inaccuracy and misinformation. The more the MSM slams Donald Trump, the more Democrats believe them, hook line, and sinker. Democrats trust everything reported by six national news sources, but they don’t trust Fox News. Republicans don’t trust those same news sources at all and while they trust Fox News more than the others, they are skeptical about all news organizations.

I thought Trump might just cancel the press briefings. But that would have given the WHCA an undeserved victory. Instead, Trump held a press conference yesterday, in the Rose Garden. He also had a press conference today, in the Oval Office. In the Rose Garden the front row was filled with honored guests. The WHCA reporters, as a result, were a long distance away from the President. Social distancing at its best. In the Oval office, there is only room for a couple of reporters and cameras. Most of the WHCA watched this remotely on television. Trump has obviously figured out a communication risk mitigation strategy by changing the audience. The WHCA needs the White House briefing room but Trump does not. The WHCA must report it whenever the President speaks, not from where it is delivered. Trump just made it much more difficult for them to be rude and disruptive. The usual suspects will still try (some things never change) but Trump is clearly in control of the narrative.

The WHCA has been given a vital lesson regarding who is actually in-charge of things and who is not. Truly an adjustment to their perception lens. The WHCA failed to recognize their access to the briefing room, and the President, is a privilege not a right.  While the WHCA can make rules about seating arrangements in the briefing room, but they cannot force the only person who matters, President Donald J. Trump, to attend. The WHCA has two choices here. They can reach out to the Trump administration and work with him for a more neutral environment, or they can spend more time practicing the fine art  of social distancing in the Rose Garden. It’s a beautiful thing.



It is increasingly clear that American is divided into two groups incapable of agreeing with each other. Sadly, this has evolved to the point where it literally involves life or death decisions. On one side we have liberals and the Democratic Party with almost universal support from the mainstream media (MSM). On the other side are Independents and Conservatives increasingly dismayed by the reporting in the MSM. Under circumstances like this, truth has become totally relative. Never more so than regarding two subjects, global warming (climate change) and the COVID 19 crisis.

Democrats and liberals have been telling us for years that we are in mortal danger because of climate change caused by rising CO2 levels. There have been numerous predictions of imminent doom if prompt action is not taken immediately, like getting rid of all fossil fuels and converting solely to “renewable energy.” We are told that the earth is warming rapidly, and we are running out of time. The MSM constantly runs reports saying that this was the hottest day in history, the hottest year etc. Those who do any research from sources other than the MSM are immediately skeptical. None of these predictions have been close to true. The International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) even admitted that there was no significant global warming between around 1990 and at least 2014. They referred to it as the “pause” which was their explanation for why none of their predictions came true. It was their own data that caused them to change from “global warming” to “climate change” because global warming was obviously not actually happening.

How many stories have you heard about the Arctic melting? That Glacier National Park will soon have no glaciers. (The glaciers are still there; they have just removed the signs warning that they may disappear). A little research would show that the Arctic is famous for periods of very cold and extremely cold weather. This is primarily based on well known natural factors like the North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO). You can read this for yourself. The following article from Wikipedia is one of many:

But if you only watch the MSM you wouldn’t even know the NAO exists although real scientists have been studying it since the late 19th and 20th centuries.

If the recommendations from the liberal left regarding climate change were enacted, it would destroy the world’s economy. Many people would literally freeze to death because renewable energy is not remotely capable of providing the electricity we need. But that doesn’t stop them from referring to anyone who disagrees with them as uneducated naïve fools.

We now have COVID 19. The geniuses at the CDC told us that we could lose 2.6 million lives. That was more than enough to scare everyone into submission. But was that ever a realistic prediction? Probably not, because right now, COVID 19 which has spread all over the world has infected about 2.8 million people with 197,871 deaths. Somewhere between 40 and 50% of deaths in Europe and the United States are directly associated with nursing homes. It is very clear that we did need to protect people in nursing homes. If is far less clear that we needed to shut down the economy.

But no, the experts demanded we shut down the economy. That we literally order everyone to stay home. That we ban church services, sporting events and more importantly, protests. Restaurants and other businesses considered non-essential were ordered to be shut down. Essential businesses, like Planned Parenthood clinics, tattoo parlors, marijuana distributors and liquor stores were granted exceptions.

The results have been horrific. More than 30 million Americans are out of work. Many of them are going to stay unemployed for a long time. Some small businesses will never re-open. This will result in a devastating loss of tax revenues for every level of government. The Federal Government is spending trillions of dollars on poorly designed stimulus packages with dollars they don’t actually have. Does any sane person think this will work? Where is the money coming from if we don’t have anything left to tax?

Incredibly even the portion of this aimed at helping the small businesses that were destroyed by government orders was held up to provide more money for Democratic donors and in the case of California, illegal immigrants.

Now, it is increasingly obvious that all of this was based on massively false predictions based on highly suspect computer models. These computer models are, gasp, produced by the same people who made all those global warming predictions that never happened. But we all believed. We bought it. We believed that if we went to church, or the movies, or a restaurant, or a ball game that we were risking death from a deadly peril. We now know that this is not and was never true. The more data that comes in the more obvious that all the experts were wrong. We now know that millions of people in New York already had the virus, they just didn’t know it. That is because in many cases, up to 50%, they didn’t have any symptoms at all. We should have known better. We should have learned from the cruise ships crowded with people, many of them over 60.

Take the Diamond Princess. This has a crew of about 1,200 people and passenger capacity between 2,600 and 3,114. It was famously infected with COVID 19 and several countries would not let it off load passengers. Everyone on that ship was tested. 712 people tested positive and 46.5% of them had no symptoms at all. Between the Diamond Princess and the Grand Princess, 10 people died. Why on earth would anyone expect much worse results if COVID 19 infects a population the size of the United States? What would be scientific about that?

Well it isn’t much different. The fatality rate is now estimated at .1%. About half of the people who get it have no symptoms and 85% of the people who get it do not need to be hospitalized. The most obvious exception is for people in a nursing home. Everyone should have focused on protecting nursing homes. Instead in place like New York, patients who tested positive for COVID 19 and started to recover were sent back to nursing homes.

Instead of recognizing the obvious, the scientific geniuses in charge decided that everyone should just stay home, we should shut down the small businesses that are the economic engine of our economy and all hunker down in fear. Even now, when it is clear the crisis has passed the peak, when the weather is warming up rapidly and the virus is almost certain to fade away, for at least a while, we are told to continue this for weeks if not months. Fear, raw fear of that which has not happened, and which will not happen must dominate EVERY decision. If we do not obey, we are literally killing people. If you dare protest, people like the Governor of Michigan will extend the lockdown even farther, to punish you.

Yet, liberals still believe. They literally scream hatred at anyone who dares question the logic. Like that renown scientist, Gretta Thunberg, they scream how dare you? The MSM responds with thunderous applause. As if what they are telling you is written on tablets of stone by the God in which they don’t believe.

The question is whether the rest of us are still buying this. How much evidence, exactly, do we need before we are the ones demanding action. Starting with holding the people who made these idiot decisions responsible. Make sure they no longer have power over us to destroy our lives without regard to facts or logic. Fight back or we literally will die. We will die from the disease and death that always rides along on the back of massive poverty. The kind of horror that is going on in places like Venezuela.

We should be afraid, very afraid. Afraid of accepting advice from people who are so arrogantly self-righteous while being totally incapable of even considering the possibility that they are wrong.



For the last two months we have been ordered to trust and obey. However, along with these warning came a stern reminder to never trust President Trump. He said hydroxychloroquine might work. Immediately Democrats did everything possible to prevent this from being tried. Then the AP ran a very misleading report and the media immediately announced the drug is a killer. Interesting conclusion because it has been prescribed in the U.S. for over 50 years. It turns out that the VA study was conducted on veterans extremely ill with COVID 19 as a last-minute act of desperation. It concluded that 28% of these vets died after being given hydroxychloroquine. Just add one word and this is easy to understand. “it concluded that 28% of these vets died EVEN after being given hydroxychloroquine.” Now add another sentence. “72% of the seriously ill vets who were given hydroxychloroquine did not die.” Same facts, just a different perspective. The classic is the glass half full or half empty view of the world. The perspective of someone who is not trying to falsely paint this drug as a death sentence.

Did you realize that in most of the world, 40% of COVID 19 deaths are directly connected with nursing homes? As far as I can tell, the same thing is happening here. Did you know that in New York if a nursing home patient is in the hospital and has tested positive for COVID 19 state laws requires that person to be returned to the nursing home when they start to feel better, EVEN IF THEY STILL HAVE COVID 19 SYMPTOMS? Under these circumstances would it surprise you to know that some states report more than 50% of COVID 19 deaths are directly connected with nursing homes and about 10% of deaths take place in nursing homes? Would it matter to you if you knew this? If you knew this in March, would you have chosen to shut down our entire economy, or would you have kept the economy open and restricted access to nursing homes?

There are now over 22 million people out of work. This is being reported as one out of every six workers. The economic storm this is about to unleash on us will be beyond horrific. What will happen when people realize the facts stated above. That at the same time government ordered you to stay home, they increased the risk for nursing home patients with what is, at best, incredibly stupid policy. But it is beyond stupid, it is a deliberate policy designed to save hospitals the expense of treating nursing home patients.

The question for all of us is whether we are going to continue to trust and obey or are we going to start demanding some serious non-political fact checking. Trust starts with people who are trustworthy. For months, the liberal left published insulting cartoons demanding that that Trump shut up and let all information come from people like Dr. Fauci. In Fauci we trust. But Fauci was wrong. He was wrong in February when he said this was not a threat to us. He was wrong in March when he told Trump this would kill 2.6 million people. He was wrong about a week later when he said this would only kill about 200,000 people. It is not sure he is even right now in predicting 60,000 deaths if there is honest reporting about deaths caused by COVID 19. What if a significant number of deaths being reported as COVID 19 deaths were flu deaths? Testing positive for COVID 19 and dying does not mean COVID 19 killed someone. One could have a heart attack and stub their toe on the way down. Would that mean that stubbing one’s toe causes heart attacks?

Finally, the standard for using hydroxychloroquine, which thousands of doctors are using successfully, is to stop all use until there are lengthy clinical trials. But, with no clinical studies at all we are to take at face value the assumption that COVID 19 is the greatest threat to mankind ever.

In my opinion, the greatest threat to mankind, ever, is not COVID 19 but rather those who demand we trust and obey people who have proven themselves unworthy of our trust. We have now reached the point where we are being arrogantly lectured by people who can work remotely and still earn big bucks warning the basket of deplorables to stay home and starve, because that is the best way to beat a virus.



California is a huge state with millions of people, but our politics are dominated by people from major metropolitan areas like Los Angeles and San Francisco. Governor Newsom wants the entire state to stay shut down until the last coronavirus dies. I have a better solution that will open most of the state immediately and greatly reduce the risk from the coronavirus.

This is easier than you think. Just focus on the problem areas. We can isolate the entire San Francisco Bay area with 8 road blocks.  The locations are obvious; Hwy 101 at the Sonoma County line, I 80, in Fairfield, just east of the Hwy 680 interchange, Hwy 4 at Antioch, I 580 at Livermore, Hwy 17 at Scotts Valley and Hwy 101 at Morgan Hill.

The people living in the Bay Area could whatever they want, as long as they stay in the Bay Area. We will gladly leave them alone.

It is even easier to isolate the Los Angeles Area. Block I 5 at the northern end of the grapevine, Hwy 101 and Hwy 1 at Santa Barbara, Hwy 14 at Lancaster, Hwy 15 at Barstow, I 210 at Patton, I 10 at Redlands Heights and I 10 at Banning.

This would isolate La La land from the land of the living. The potential for the spread of the virus to the rest of the state would be minimal and manageable. This would leave plenty of space and facilities for the people who live there and they can handle their own needs. If you want to include San Diego, just bock I 8 at El Centro.

There you are. Problem solved with 8 road blocks in Northern California, 9 more in the LA area and one in San Diego. The CHP could easily handle this and it would probably save time and money because it would take less manpower to manage the road blocks than they spend now. This would also cut down significantly on air pollution and traffic in the rest of the state. Granted, we would miss some of these people, but in the nicest possible way. When the last virus dies and Governor Newsom gives his blessing, it would be safe to remove the road blocks.

This miracle would be possible because God granted California terrain where there are a limited number of roads. While this would not block every possible route, it would block about 99% of the traffic. The rest of them wouldn’t even notice much difference between this and normal Bay Area and LA traffic.

We could open the rest of the state with much less risk.



Everyone has been focusing on the wave of corona virus cases. We have had a wave, but it is a fraction of what was predicted. There have been 775,846 cases in the U.S. That sounds like a lot until you realize that in the 2018-2019 flu season 42.5 million people got sick, 647,000 were hospitalized and 61,200 people died. By the way, that was lower than the CDC estimate of 48.8 million people getting sick, 959,000 hospitalizations and 79,400 deaths.

No one proposed shutting down the entire U.S. economy to stop the spread of the flu. This year the CDC was estimating that COVID 19 would cause 2.6 million deaths and our entire health care system would be overwhelmed. Things were so dire that emergency hospitals were built and hospital ships were dispatched to New York and Los Angeles. Some will argue that shutting down the economy really worked. Perhaps that is true, but at what cost? We are about to find out.

The wave of COVID 19 cases never developed, other than in New York. Even then, it really wasn’t a big wave. That wave may also be overstated. I checked on New York and guess what. Last year on week 14 New York got 4,522 new flu cases. This year, on week 14 New York got 193 new flu cases. The pattern is the same for 2016-17, 2017-18 and 2018-19. The big change is that in 2020, flu apparently just went away on vacation. Or perhaps this explains why the sudden bump in COVID 19 cases.

In any event, the big wave that was going to overwhelm our hospitals never happened. But the economic wave from shutting down our economy is all too real and this is a whopper. It is estimated that 22 million people are suddenly out of work. Some small businesses, like restaurants have shut down completely. Other businesses are operating with minimal staff. People aren’t buying cars, they aren’t buying homes, and they aren’t spending money on entertainment. They are sitting home. This is bad enough for those sitting home, suffering from boredom. But it is catastrophic for small business owners. Some, perhaps many, of them will never recover. It is beyond catastrophic for hourly workers who have lost their job and may be unemployed for months.

The American Property & Casualty Insurance Association estimates that: “closure losses for just businesses with 100 or fewer employee is running $255 to $431 billion per month. Bet on the higher number being closer to reality. They estimate this is 43 to 72 times the monthly commercial property insurance. This means a lot of small businesses will not have insurance coverage for this, yet the cost is so high that everyone will pay higher insurance premiums in the future.

This wave, just off shore, has not hit yet but it is coming now and moving fast. We are just now at the point where people are without a paycheck, perhaps waiting for an unemployment check. That will help, but unemployment is not a substitute for a job and some people aren’t being paid at all. The stimulus checks being sent out to help haven’t arrived yet and when they do everyone knows there will be no more checks coming. When those checks arrive, a lot of smart people will put them in savings to prepare for the economic storm on the way.

The result will be immediate and devastating. Retail sales will plummet. People will stop paying rent. Landlords will be legally prohibited from evicting them. If you think we have a housing crisis now, wait a couple of months. People will stop paying mortgages. Those affected will delay payments for things like insurance, but at some point they will still have to pay. Odds are many of them won’t be able to pay in the future either.

If you think the COVID 19 virus changed things overnight, you will be stunned at how different things look next week at this time. We won’t even recognize our country by the end of the month.

During the great depression, American turned to a socialist President who sold people on the idea that only big government could fix things. This time, it will be increasingly obvious that it was government mismanagement that caused this. While everyone was terrified by the virus, they were oblivious to the real danger from a government ordered economic meltdown. The government doesn’t have nearly enough money to fix the problems it caused. Raising taxes is not an option. Talk about killing the Golden Goose.

The blame game is just around the corner and it will be beyond vicious. Right now, everyone is pointing fingers at Trump for moving too slow. That sounded great, until it becomes obvious that moving slow does a lot less damage than reckless abandonment of logic and common sense. It wasn’t Trump who ordered the shutdown of the country that was the governors. Those who consider themselves to be most wise will soon look like the biggest fools.

We are going to see a nationwide revolt, against irresponsible government. It is already starting and it is going to dominate everything. During times like this, it is impossible to predict results. In Germany, this kind of crisis created an environment where Adolph Hitler was able to take power. The only thing certain is change, significant dramatic change that will last for decades. My guess is that the guy to stands tall, every day, fighting against his opponents in the media will be the person people choose to lead our way out of this.

But, history teaches us another lesson. That those least worthy of power are most likely to seize it illegally. Democrats have already tried this by trying to include vote by mail in any stimulus package just in time for the 2020 election. All that is required for evil to win is for good people to do nothing. You’ve been warned.



In 1958 United Artists produced Run Silent, Run Deep. It was a movie starring Clark Gable and Burt Lancaster about submarine warfare in the Pacific. I watched it again, a few days ago, and it brought back a lot of memories. It also reminded me of something important. Sometimes the most deadly opponent is the one who runs quietly beneath the surface. For months we watched the Mueller Investigation and the Horowitz investigation. There were several leaks from “sources” some of which promised bombshell results. Ultimately, both Mueller and Horowitz wrote reports which do not appear to have accomplished much, if anything.

But there is another investigation ongoing by John Durham and there have been few if any leaks about that at all. There was, however, one significant exception. On December 9, 2019, Durham issued the following statement, following the Horowitz report:

“I have the utmost respect for the mission of the Office of Inspector General and the comprehensive work that went into the report prepared by Mr. Horowitz and his staff.  However, our investigation is not limited to developing information from within component parts of the Justice Department.  Our investigation has included developing information from other persons and entities, both in the U.S. and outside of the U.S.  Based on the evidence collected to date, and while our investigation is ongoing, last month we advised the Inspector General that we do not agree with some of the report’s conclusions as to predication and how the FBI case was opened.” 

That is a very significant statement. Durham took the time to say he did not agree with Horowitz with regard to the reason for the Russian investigation. This is very unlike Durham and he obviously considered it to be extremely important to go on the record. Now combine that with the incredible interview by Attorney General William Barr on the Laura Ingraham show. He said the Russia investigation into Trump’s 2016 campaign was: “one of the greatest travesties in American History.”

“My own view is that the evidence shows that we’re not dealing with just mistakes or sloppiness. There was something far more troubling here. We’re going to get to the bottom of it. And if people broke the law, and we can establish that with evidence, they will be prosecuted.”

Most of the media ignored this interview. That may be a major mistake. William Barr did not say he was going to issue a report. This is the way a prosecutor talks when he is preparing to indict people. He will let the indictment do the talking.

I don’t think it was a coincidence that Barr said this in a public interview.  He clearly believes we are very near the point where action will be taken. We are all far too used to people doing horrible things resulting in lengthy investigations followed by a report but no one is ever actually held accountable for anything.

Sometimes powerful forces do run silent and deep. But when we hear from them, the results are beyond explosive. William Barr looks and acts like a man on a mission. We will soon know.



On March 4, 1933 Franklin Delano Roosevelt delivered the following speech at his election. The following line is worth remembering:

This great nation will endure, as it has endured, will revive and will prosper. So, first of all, let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself – nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyses needed efforts to convert retreat into advance.

This is important for two reasons. One is that it is true fear itself should be feared. Today we are a nation where major decisions are driven primarily by fear. In an attempt to avoid the COVID 19 epidemic, action was taken that destroyed our economy. Millions of people have lost jobs and our major cities look like ghost towns. We can no longer afford to make decisions based solely on fear.

But there is an even more important lesson to be learned from FDR’s famous speech. There was something to fear more than fear itself. It was people like FDR who thought the government was the solution to all problems. There had been depressions before, but they didn’t last very long and the economy always rebounded. 1929 wasn’t really that unique. What was unique was the massive growth of the government in a failed attempt to fix this. The New Deal did not result in economic recovery. The average unemployment rate from 1933 to 1941 was 18%. U.S. industrial production fell by nearly one-third. After 8 years, unemployment was still at around 14%. The best argument for the New Deal is that things could have been even worse. Few would argue that this was remotely successful. It is quite possible that doing nothing would have yielded better results.

My parents lived through the great depression and talked about it a lot. I vividly remember my dad saying that FDR did not end the depression, it was World War II. I later learned that he was probably right about that. The following article by Stephen Moore with should be mandatory reading today:\

FDR raised the minimum wave. Sound familiar? He raised taxes on the rich. Sound familiar? He put the government in charge of creating jobs. Sound familiar? The budget skyrocketed. Sound familiar? Taxes reached an incredible 80% to soak the rich. Sound familiar?

All of this was tried. None of it worked. Those who fail to learn from history are condemned to repeat it. No honest appraisal of the great depression reports anything but an increase in desperation and despair. No matter how well intended, there is little evidence the New Deal did much to truly help the poor and the unemployed.

You can see this from your window. Whether well intentioned or not, governors are resisting opening up the country. Many are promising a new normal. One where the government micromanages everything to “save us” from COVID 19. The Mayor of Los Angeles is talking seriously about banning meetings of more than 1,000 people until at least next spring. They are all dragging their feet. Trying to micromanage reopening the country. Governor Cuomo just extended the lock down until May 15th. They clearly intend to micromanage reopening our economy. What we really need is to be saved from them.

A pastor who dared hold a church service during the crisis died of COVID 19. Don Lemon mocked him while arrogantly explaining that God can’t stop a virus. Well neither can terrible reporting, because Chris Cuomo, Brook Baldwin and George Stephanopolous have all tested positive and sadly Maria Mercader from CBS died from COVID 19. I doubt that any of them got it from going to church.

There is no option to live in a risk free world. We all face risk of disease. Last year 42.9 million people caught the flu and 61,200 died. The year before there were 79,400 deaths. The CDC reported 23,000 deaths from flu as of March 14. That begs the question. Why is the number of flu deaths so low? It seems possible, perhaps likely, that a lot of flu deaths are being reported as COVID 19 deaths.

Remember, when Trump declared a national emergency he was being told we could have 2.6 million deaths. That is absurd when one considers that there are reportedly less than 150,000 deaths worldwide because of COVID 19. We still have people holding power over us pretending they prevented millions of deaths.

We already live in a new and horrible world. One where the government has unprecedented control over your life. A situation few of you could have imagined as recently as February of this year. You are told where you can shop and what you can buy. You are told when and where you can travel. There are strict restrictions of where and when you can gather together. In some states, you are forbidden to travel to a home you own.

Millions of people are out of work because the government ordered them to shut down and go home. Now they are waiting for the government to give them permission to reopen. They will be told when to open, how many hours to operate, what they can sell and how many customers they can handle. In the meantime the economy is fueled solely by government checks, slow to arrive and unlikely to be adequate. We are once again engaged in a great civil war testing whether a return to a free society is even possible. The real enemy is not COVID 19. It is those who want to use this crisis to remake our society.



The coronavirus epidemic is coming to an end. The testing has reached record levels. Hospitals are not being overwhelmed. Some of the emergency field hospitals were dismantled without being used at all. Others are easily handling the case load with empty beds. New York, the epicenter has improved to the point where even Gov Cuomo says they have passed the peak. He shows how new hospitalizations are down, the number of people being transferred to icu is down, the number of people using ventilators is down and the death rate is down. He is talking about reopening the entire east coast.

Yet, we keep seeing the number of new cases spiral up and we see the number of deaths increase. That does not make sense, until one realizes that at least some of the deaths being reported aren’t new and they aren’t necessarily the result of COVID 19.

Here is the actual guidance from the CDC:

“In cases where a definite diagnosis of COVID–19 cannot be made, but it is suspected or likely (e.g., the circumstances are compelling within a reasonable degree of certainty), it is acceptable to report COVID–19 on a death certificate as ‘probable’ or ‘presumed’,” the agency advises. “In these instances, certifiers should use their best clinical judgment in determining if a COVID–19 infection was likely.”

They then provide examples to “help: officials make these decisions:

“One scenario described an 86-year-old female nonambulatory stroke victim who developed a fever and cough days after being exposed to a sick family member later diagnosed with COVID-19. Even though the decedent wasn’t tested, the coroner nonetheless determined that the woman’s underlying cause of death was COVID–19, “given the patient’s symptoms and exposure to an infected individual.”

Sadly, there are people who WANT the COVID 19 crisis to continue. Some of them are the people who predicted such disastrous results and they want to be proven right. Others are politicians who now micromanage everything we do and say, and they like the power. Then there are those who will rejoice at anything that has the potential to make Trump look bad, without regard to the cost.

This is going to be a battle and if we are not careful the micromanagement of everything will become the new normal. Imagine a governor who thinks he or she can tell people when and how they can go to church. Unimaginable in February, reality in April. Imagine a governor who thinks he or she can ban people from going to concerts or any other large gatherings without specific permission. It does not take a genius to understand that the first thing banned will be a Trump rally. A Planned Parenthood demonstration, on the other hand, will be considered essential. We even have one governor who has banned people from buying flooring or vegetable seeds.

They may not like the disease itself, but they love the impact it has on their personal power. Just think about how much money congress has already voted to spend because of this disease. Does anyone really think that will all go toward helping those who were directly impacted by the government ordered shutdown of the economy? Some Democrats where openly talking about seizing the day to use this money to reshape society. This has been the ultimate crisis to exploit.

Now the COVID 19 crisis coming to and end and they are panicking. They see a world returned to normal and that terrifies them. If they can’t stop this, they can at least delay it. The facts are all pointing in the wrong direction, so they manipulate the only facts that will still generate enough panic, the number of new cases and the death rate. They are trying to compare the results in South Dakota to what happened in New York.

They also manipulate the number of people recovered. If the number of deaths increases and the number of recovered patients lingers, the myth of impending disaster can be sustained.

But they are running out of time. Even these last-minute maneuvers can only delay the inevitable. One problem is that this is a world-wide pandemic and we have data from all over the world. Even in places like Spain and Italy, the number of deaths is declining and the number of recovered is increasing.  When you think about it the U.S. is reporting that 614,451 people have tested positive but only about 50,000 have recovered. That is, of course, nonsense. Most people predict that 98% or more of people infected with COVID 19 will recover. People are recovering, it is just not being reported.

Now is the time of the highest danger to those of us who love liberty. If we tolerate politicians trying to micromanage reopening our economy, to develop the “new normal” we may not recognize our country when they are done.