The Mueller report ultimately establishes two things for certain. One is that there is and never has been any evidence of the Trump campaign or any other American colluding with Russia during the 2016 presidential election. The only complaint against Trump is that he was outraged at the outrageous. It is increasingly clear that there was a plot to either remove him as President of the United States or at least distract him with an investigation designed to obstruct him from doing his job.

This should be no surprise. The MSM melted down when he was elected. Democrats promised to obstruct him in every way possible.  That is one of the few promises they have kept. They never considered just accepting the results of the election.

They were outraged that someone like Trump was elected President of the United States. They could not accept the obvious fact that he beat Hillary Clinton. They could not believe that most of the country chose him over her. The only explanation for that, in their deluded world, was if someone or something stole the election. That is why they jumped on the Russian collusion theory. Anything was better than the reality that Trump simply won. They will never consider Trump up to the job. They consider him a clown accidentally elected to office. The only person they despise more that Trump is Hillary Clinton, primary because she lost to someone like Trump.

Now, that the Mueller Report has totally destroyed the Russia collusion narrative. The liberal left is left with blaming Trump because he was outraged by the outrageous. Of course he was angry. He should have been angry. We all should be angry. This must never happen again. A President of the United States was distracted from performing his duty solely because of a partisan witch-hunt based on zero evidence. What made this worse was the fawning support of the MSM that trashed Trump 24/7 with fake news stories pretending the legal noose was closing in on his presidency. In reality the only noose was the one they, like Jusse Smollett tied around their own necks to try and distract from their own culpability.

I think they have made a major mistake. Anyone who reads the Mueller Report with an ounce of objectivity knows what happened. They recognize a plot by the people who should have been loyal to the office of President of the United States even if they despised the man holding that office. Instead, they literally bragged about their disloyalty and wore their bias as a red badge of courage. I think Democrats and the MSM are about to be shocked at how well the average American understands this. They may learn that all of us are outraged. We are outraged at those who continually put self-interest above the country. We are outraged that after 240 years we still have a political party that cannot bring itself to accept the outcome of an election. We are outraged at arrogant self-righteous jerks who consider themselves above the law, above the constitution and above the will of the people. These jerks still believe the American people made a huge mistake and we should have trust them, the few, the proud, the elite to save the day.

Only one other President faced this kind of opposition. That was Abraham Lincoln, who was despised by the establishment in both parties. They considered him to be the most unqualified man to ever accidentally become President, but history teaches us he just may have been the best President of all.

Few men would have had the courage, the strength, the wisdom and the raw character to survive this kind of assault on the presidency. There clearly was a conspiracy between Democrats, the DOJ, the FBI, our Intelligence Agencies and their supporters in the MSM. How on earth did Trump or any other president survive something like that? None of them ever considered the possibility that they were the ones who got this wrong. They were oblivious to the fact that they were ones guilty of committing crimes.

Trump, incredibly, weathered the storm. He did not play their game. He did not fire Mueller. He did not even fire Sessions until after the mid-terms. Instead he cooperated with Mueller leaving him with nothing to find other than outrage that Trump was outraged. This may play in Washington DC and the New York times. It will definitely play in the Democratic corridors of congress. I don’t think it will play nearly as well in Peoria or anywhere else. The American people are on to this, they are sick of this and they are increasingly outraged by this.

Now, the President has his own team. He has an Attorney General who actually does have his back and a man clearly capable of doing the job. He is gathering unprecedented support from former RINOs like Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell. Lindsey Graham still has his concerns about Trump, but he no longer has the slightest illusion about Democrats. The Kavanaugh hearings proved to Graham that Democrats will do anything and everything to gain power. Republicans are finally united behind this president. They may not respect him, but they respect the office. The tide has turned and this time there is one major difference. This time the accusations won’t be based on fake stories leaked to the New York Times. There is no need for that. Trump has more than enough well documented facts to supply all the ammunition required. Those who opposed him ending up doing nothing more than pointing the finger at themselves.

I believe that when Trump was elected, he just wanted to be a good president. But, he was never given the chance to do that. While he talked about draining the swamp, he probably didn’t really mean it. He would have been fine if Democrats has just accepted the reality of his election. But, that is one thing they did not and cannot do. As a result, Trump is fully informed that if he does not destroy them, they will not only destroy him they will destroy our democracy. When he says this must never happen again to a U.S. President, BELIEVE HIM! Democrats took their best shot at Trump and they missed by a mile. I believe they just made him stronger and more dangerous. I am reminded of the words of Admiral Yamamoto, after he learned Japan had attacked Pearl Harbor before declaring war.

“I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.”

Pay close attention to some of the reporting in the MSM. A lot of people have known the truth, but they lacked the courage and strength to swim against the current of corruption in the D.C. swamp. That has now changed and at least some people will actually enjoy taking on the establishment. Once the crack in their armor becomes too obvious, there are always people ready, willing and able to exploit the breech. The day of reckoning is at hand and some of you will be surprised at some of the people who join this crusade.



The world is breathlessly waiting for the Mueller report. Democrats are hoping and praying there is something they can bitch about. The MSM is poised to take action. If there is nothing damaging about Trump, they will claim a cover-up. If there is anything remotely critical of Trump, they will celebrate the crime of the century and ignore everything else. The one thing they will never consider is reporting on this fairly and objectively. That won’t even be considered.

We already know what is in the Mueller report. This is beyond obvious. Mueller is going to explain all the indictments resulting from his investigation. None of those indictments have any connection with the Trump campaign and/or collusion with Russia. There may be some complaints about Trump and his public comments, but by all accounts the White House fully cooperated with this investigation.

If there is anything shocking in this report it is likely to affect Democrats more than Republicans. Rudy Giuliani has already prepared a rebuttal to the report. Since the White House has not asked for a copy of the report, this means someone has at least given Giuliani enough information to prepare a response. Actually, if anyone was paying attention, Barr already told us what is in the report.

Barr said that the Trump campaign was spied on by intelligence agencies. His only question was whether there was justification for this. The fact that he said he didn’t know if there was justification is in and of itself a serious problem. This shouldn’t even be a close call. Barr also said that the Trump campaign did not collude with Russia, although they were given several opportunities to do that.

The media is hopelessly naive or willfully oblivious. They still dream that somehow this will boomerang back on Trump. That is likely misplaced hope. While there may be some things that are embarrassing for Trump, keep in mind that he survived paying off a porn star for a one night stand. The threat of embarrassment has been a hugely ineffective weapon against Donald Trump.

There is also the Lori Loughlin syndrome at play. There are reports that Loughlin and Giannulli can’t grasp the concept that what they did was a crime. They view this more as cheating, yes, but a crime, not so much. The most they expected was a fine and a slap on the wrist.

In much the same way the people who plotted to obstruct a presidential campaign and then a President do not think they did anything wrong. They hate Trump so they cannot understand why the actions they took could be considered to be a crime. It is incredible to realize that high ranking officials in the DOJ and the FBI could be so oblivious to the legal consequences of their actions. I am beginning to suspect that Rod Rosenstein shared their contempt of Donald Trump, but he also realized the legal line he could not cross in performing his duties.  The same may be true of Robert Mueller. The result is that a lot of people should be very concerned about what is in that Mueller report tomorrow. The only person who doesn’t need to lose sleep about this is Donald Trump.



William Barr dropped the hammer on Democrats, and they know it. When he said there was spying on the Trump campaign during the 2016 presidential election, things literally exploded. When he said it was a really big deal, Democrats lost their mind. Then when he said he would not prejudge motive but rather rely on the facts, he smashed their last remaining delusions. It is simply OVER.

We very seldom see moments like this play out in real life. Sometimes the closest portray of such an event is in a movie. In this case it is a scene from “A Few Good Men.” It is the scene where Colonel Jessup is arrested. Colonel Jessup, throughout the movie has been the epitome of arrogance. Unfortunately for him that led to him admitting he had committed a crime. At first, he could not believe it. Then, he became even more arrogant and angry. But by the end of the scene, he was read his rights and was arrested.

To anyone paying attention, it has been obvious for a very long time that the DOJ and the FBI were spying on the Trump campaign. When Trump said that Trump Tower was wire tapped, this was met with derision. It couldn’t possibly be true and was evidence only of Trump’s self-delusion. In July 2018 when Trump said it was looking more and more like his campaign for the 2016 presidential election was being spied on, the MSM erupted with distain.


This couldn’t be true they said and if it was true, he deserved it.

“Accusations that the FBI was ‘spying’ on the Trump campaign — rather than spying on foreign spies, which is its job — erase the important distinctions between counterintelligence and criminal investigations,” Asha Rangpur, a former FBI agent who now teaches at Yale Law School, wrote in an op-ed last Sunday in the Washington Post.

The pattern by Democrats and its supporters in the MSM was always consistent. Start by denying it happened at all. If there was some “incidental” monitoring of people in the Trump campaign it was just standard technique. In the meantime, what about the mounting evidence of the Trump campaign colluding with Russia? What about the legal noose closing in on Trump? Mueller, Mueller, Mueller. Those of us not blinded by Trump Derangement Syndrome realized the obvious. Yes, there was abuse of power, but it was by the Obama administration colluding with the Hillary Clinton campaign with the help of the DOJ and the FBI to influence a presidential election. The mere hint of that should have terrified the MSM. It would have terrified them if they retained an ounce of objectivity. Instead they chose to pretend that the ridiculous was obvious and that the obvious was irrelevant.

William Barr changed that in a few well-chosen words. What makes this more significant is that he is the top Law enforcement person in the country. Unlike James Comey, he is a man of integrity. Predictably Democrats are fighting back, by trying to discredit Barr. That is an effort doomed to failure. Soon and very soon a day of reckoning is coming. Like it or not, Barr has moved the needle on the narrative in a whole new direction. The few wise men and women left in the Democratic Party already know this. Unfortunately for the DNC few of them have any impact on the current leadership. The result is likely to be Democrats handling this in the worst way possible. If they continue to deny, continue to ignore and continue to promote hysteria based on already discredited sources, they will pay a terrible price.

At least those people who are trying to attack Barr are smart enough to realize the magnitude of the problem. If they do not destroy him, he will destroy them. So far, William Barr looks to be fully up to the task.

They also have two really big problems. One is a total lack of evidence supporting their position. The other is that they never learned the real lesson of the 2016 election. The American people just aren’t stupid enough to believe this crap. But they are willing to believe the accusations about you, because they are so obviously true.

There is a reason so many people in the Trump campaign stops were chanting “Lock her up.” This was red-neck group speak for “Lock Her Up.” It was thousands of people telling the establishment they just aren’t buying it anymore.  Trump didn’t invent that expression; he didn’t need to. All he really did was listen.

There are very few times in our nation’s history when major change happens in the blink of an eye. This week may be just such an event. Unless we are wrong about everything, unless all the actual facts showing up in the testimony by FBI agents under oath is wrong, then The Day of Wreckoning Is at Hand. Unless people like Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon and Rachel Maddox truly can see facts invisible to us, then The Day of Wreckoning is at Hand.



President Trump threatened to shut down the border. The MSM screamed with outrage. Numerous brilliant people from all sides of the political spectrum considered this to be a huge mistake. None of them had any solutions for what is clearly a national security crisis. They are only certain that Trump is wrong. The problem is that people are pouring across our southern border and not only are we doing nothing to stop the surge, Democrats are literally cheering them on.

Anyone who does not recognize the crisis here has simply not been paying attention. Europe is a real mess, because they let in a lot of people who have zero intention of assimilating. Politicians in Europe are just as oblivious as politicians in America, so they were the last to notice. But the people noticed and their voices are starting to be heard. This is one of the reasons Britain voted for Brexit.

Once again, it looks like everyone underestimated Trump. In some ways this reminds me of George W. Bush. That probably would offend Trump. But Bush faced a similar problem in Iraq. Everyone was telling him the war was over and we lost. Democrats were demanding he just withdraw all troops and quit. Few remembered that they were the ones encouraging him to invade Iraq in the first place. He had a similar problem with his generals. He had numerous highly respected military professionals who explained why the situation was hopeless. He had a congress that wanted to quit. But Bush kept looking for one general who didn’t propose how to lose gracefully, but rather one who proposed a strategy for winning. He found General David Petraeus. He was brilliant. He developed the plan that literally saved the day.

There is another precedent for this. In March 1864 President Abraham Lincoln appointed Ulysses S. Grant to rank of lieutenant general of the U.S. Army. The establishment generals, who had suffered defeat after defeat, were outraged. At one point Lincoln was told that Grant was a drunk. His response was to say that if he could find out what brand of whiskey Grant drank, he would send a barrel of it to his other commanders. (That was probably not a true quote, but still interesting) But in Grant, Lincoln finally found his general who was totally focused on what could be done to achieve victory. He then set out to do exactly that. There was also something else very different about General Grant. Grant knew Robert E. Lee. He had served with him in Mexico. He wrote about it in his memoirs. He liked and respected Robert E. Lee, but he also know him to be another mere mortal, not a deity. He also knew he could be defeated.

Both Petraeus and Grant snatched victory from the jaws of defeat. In both cases, there was increasing opposition from members of congress all too willing to embrace such defeat. In both cases the thin line between victory and disaster was held firmly in the hands of one man. A President of the United States who said: “NOT ON MY WATCH!.” Congress was less than worthless.

We do not know if this is a similar moment. We do not know if the people now being chosen by Trump are up to the job either. What we do know is that if nothing is changed, nothing will change. What we are doing now is not working.

All these recent apprehensions have one thing in common. We are arresting people AFTER they cross the border. All of those laws, passed by congress, that make it close to impossible to handle this situation have one thing in common. They are U.S. laws. That means if people cannot get into the country in the first place, they do not apply. I believe Trump is seeking his own general. One who will find a way to do exactly what Trump said needs to be done, to shut down that border. He is not talking about stopping trucks hauling tomatoes. He is talking about stopping people from coming here illegally and then immediately demanding special treatment. When Trump says he intends to shut down the border, believe him.



It is increasingly clear that there are at least three different Donald Trumps. The father, the entertainer and the executive. Most of us have only see Trump playing the role of the entertainer. This is the person you see on TV. This is the man who was the star of Celebrity Apprentice. This is the man who knows how to drive the news cycle. Sometimes he says things that are inflammatory, sometimes he says things that are flat out funny and sometimes he is just rude. This person appears to be close to the edge at times. If that was the only Trump, one would be right in questioning his qualifications to be President of the United States. But that is only one side of this man. Few people have actually seen Trump in his role as father, but it is quite obvious that all of his children have turned out pretty well and they all clearly adore him. This is the very private Trump. Trump the executive is a very serious individual. This should be obvious. While he definitely got a leg up from his father, Trump created a very successful business empire and by any measures is a billionaire. He is probably the only person in history who downgraded his lifestyle to become President of the United States.

The following article by Byron York interviewing one of Trump’s former attorneys gives us a glimpse into this version of Donald Trump.


This confirms some of the things I have always suspected. While Trump was publicly trashing Mueller, secretly he was providing Mueller with almost unlimited access. This demonstrates that Trump knew there was no collusion with Russia and he also knew that if Mueller acknowledged that, Trump would score a major political victory. The length of time of the Mueller investigation and the public bitching about it by Trump makes it very difficult for Democrats to discount the findings. Granted, they will try, but they are destined for failure. This is also clear evidence that while Trump the entertainer appears to be rash, Trump the executive is the exact opposite.

I read the New York Times report and it is poorly sourced garbage. They talked to someone who may have talked to someone. The fact that they ran with this story is proof of nothing more than absolute desperation on their part.

Trump’s enemies have two serious problems. One is that they not only conspired against Trump the individual, they conspired against the office of President of the United States. Trump, the individual, might have let them off the hook with nothing more than embarrassment. But Trump, the executive is determined to protect the office of President of the United States. When he says this must never happen again to another president, believe him. Unlike his detractors, Trump the executive is a very serious individual. He plays the long game and he is extremely focused on what really matters. He is also absolutely ruthless. That is why he put up with the Mueller investigation and all the nonsense reported every night on the MSM. Trump knew what was really going on and he has the patience and the strength necessary to stay the course. People like this are very rare and extremely dangerous. Those people who conspired to overthrow the government of the United States should be very afraid.

If you want to see how this works, watch “Gunpowder, Treason & Plot” on Netflix. It is the story of Mary Queen of Scots and her son, King James. I do not know how accurate this is from a historical perspective, but it is an excellent example of how people can totally underestimate someone. In this case a lot of people thought King James was not up to the job. In the end, they learned that he was actually more focused and ruthless than all the rest of them combined. We seldom encounter someone like that in real life, but they do exist and underestimating such people is usually a fatal mistake.

A lot of people who greatly underestimated this president are about to find this out the hard way.



Once again, the New York Times is reporting, again, based on unnamed sources allegedly connected with prosecutors on the Mueller team. We can be certain of several things. These leaks will all be negative about Trump. When is the last time you ever saw the MSM report on a positive leak about Trump? If these leaks are genuine, then the person leaking this information is committing a crime. It is illegal to leak classified information, information obtained during a Grand Jury investigation, or negative information about someone who has not been charged with a crime. If these leaks are not genuine, then they are lies. If there really are all those prosecutors on this investigation upset that the report doesn’t slam Donald Trump, it says more about them than him.  Their duty was to find the facts, period. Now they are upset that they don’t get to set the narrative?  Talk about bias.

The MSM cannot bring itself to ever report objectively on Donald Trump. They despise him and they cannot bring themselves to say anything good about him. Actually, it is much worse than that. They cannot bring themselves to say anything about him that is not extremely negative. That is why the New York Times accused Trump of supporting White Supremacy in the very same article where their investigation proved he didn’t support White Supremacy. If one reads the entire article it is easy to see what happened. They started out investigating whether or not there were people at the Charlottesville demonstration, as Trump pointed out, who were both opposed to removing the statutes and opposed to White Supremacy. They found them. They interviewed them. They reported the results of that interview. Then they just ignored the results and concluded that Trump still supported the traditional Republican racism without providing a hint of evidence.


What made this more pathetic is that it assumed that the reason Trump is racist is that he is a member of the Republican Party that has a long history of racism. They believe he is racist because that appeals to the racist Republican base. Actually, it is the Democratic Party that has a history of racism and while there are no racist Republicans with prominent buildings named after them there are numerous buildings named after racist Southern Senators. Bill and Hillary Clinton both praised their mentor, J William Fulbright who was an radical racist for his entire life. Hillary Clinton was proud to join with J. William Fulbright in the Fulbright-Clinton fellowship. But facts don’t matter because the reporters at the New York Times “feel” that Trump is a racist which makes any facts unnecessary.

Once again, they are over their skis and about to be embarrassed. If there was truly negative information about Trump, Mueller would have included it in his executive summary. He didn’t. He knew he couldn’t find evidence of obstruction of justice, so he punted that decision to William Barr. Barr called his bluff and made Rod Rosenstein stay on long enough to sign off on a finding of no obstruction.

Barr will turn in a redacted report to congress. Democratic attempts to get the redactions removed are destined to failure. However, they know that. In fact, I suspect they are counting on it, because releasing the full report may do more harm to Democrats than Republicans. The plan is to keep demanding release of the entire report while hoping and praying Barr refuses to do just that.

They have already asked William Barr to testify and he is guaranteed to eat their lunch. They are way over their heads here and he will not put up with this. Democrats are making an enormous mistake which will virtually guarantee the re-election of Donald Trump. Even people who hate Trump are sick and tired of the Democratic histrionics and theatrics with zero results. If Trump is half as bad as Democrats have been claiming than it is unforgiveable that Democrats can do nothing about this. How can they claim this man is a clear and present danger to the nation, the most corrupt president in history, but they are powerless to take any action?  They are trying to substitute louder weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth as a substitute for actual evidence. Even the hard-core liberals are sick of this. They believe the lies about Trump, they just can’t believe the incompetence of Democrats in congress.

There are signs the story is starting to turn. MSM ratings are tanking. Even SNL is starting to laugh at liberals. The Democratic class of 2020 is an obvious joke. The leading candidate is the Mayor of South Bend, Indiana which has a population of just over 100,000 people. He is also openly gay, and liberals are glowing about the magnetism of the potential “first husband.” A some point even liberal women are likely to notice that gender equality ends up with transgender males competing and winning against biological women. Not only are they winning athletic competitions one won a beauty contest. You can call that a lot of things, but equality for women is not actually on the list.



There is increasing evidence that William Barr is on a mission to fix things at the FBI. So far, he seems focused solely on the facts and proper process. His comments on that are very similar to the position taken by Christopher Wray, Director of the FBI. One will note that although Rod Rosenstein said he was leaving, he stayed on long enough to support Barr’s decision that there was no obstruction of the Mueller investigation. That does not seem to be a coincidence. Barr pushed back very hard on those who attempted to distort his summary of the Mueller report. He specifically mentioned Chairman Nadler. According to Lindsey Graham, Barr is very upset over the way the FBI handled the Hillary Clinton e-mails.

Most of us have watched the Clintons consistently do horrible things which were just ignored by the MSM. Just imagine if it had been Donald Trump who allowed Russia to purchase our uranium. We would already be in the middle of an impeachment trial. But Hillary obviously did that and the MSM just yawned. Today the MSM is hyperventilating about people who got security clearances over the objections of intelligence officials. They ignore two significant factors. One is that those intelligence officials are hold-overs from the Obama administration and based on what we know, their opinions are not necessarily beyond reproach. No one has hinted that any of these people constitute a real threat to national security. On the other hand, when Michelle Bachmann suggested someone investigate Huma Abedin, who should never have obtained a security clearance, she was shouted down by a chorus of people led by John McCain. Huma is a wonderful person and it was ridiculous to even hint there might be a problem. The facts about her are well documented.  I wrote several articles about her starting in June 2011. http://scotshonor.com/?p=825  I was shocked at what was already well documented. I was even more shocked that no one cared.

The result is that we have come to expect that the Clintons will continue to get away with everything with zero consequences. It is easy to assume that this is a permanent situation that can never change. Sometimes it just seems like the truly guilty get away with it and other people are punished to the hilt for seemingly minor offenses. But the world moves in cycles and that includes the Clintons. No one, in either party, considers her to have any chance at being President or attaining any other high political office in the future. Bill Clinton has even less chance of achieving any level of power. If any of the stories about these two are true there are a lot of people who tolerated them, because of the access to power, but they did not actually like them. In the past there were rumors that anyone who criticized the Clintons had a good chance of ending up dead. Whether there was any merit to those stories or not, it is certain that at least some people believed them. That also would have prevented people from cooperating.

But the protective shield has been permanently shattered. While the MSM still shows little or no interest in investigating Hillary, they also show little or no interest in protecting her anymore. In most cases, they choose to ignore her. Bill Clinton is rarely mentioned at all. The MSM will still refuse to report on this, but that will not deter William Barr. Barr isn’t intimidated by anyone and he certainly won’t be intimidated by a subpoena issued by the House Judiciary committee. Imagine this ending up at the Supreme Court. Barr explains why it would be illegal for him to comply. The Judiciary committee argues that they have a right to everything, regardless of the law. Who do you think wins that argument?

I believe we are going to start seeing indictments, sooner rather than later. Some of those indictments will be of people very close to Bill and Hillary Clinton. They could even be personally indicted. At some point people will be given the opportunity to spill the beans on the Clinton’s or schedule vacation time in federal prison. At least some of them are likely to make a different choice than would have been made just a couple of years ago.

It is far too early to plan a celebration regarding the end of an error, but it is equally wrong to assume the Clintons will continue to walk scot free. By the way, the original meaning of Scot Free came from Scandinavia and it means getting away without paying taxes. Few people bother to research that. Today it typically means obviously guilty people who are never punished. Sounds about right, but not necessarily the final verdict.



One of my favorite expressions is: “never assume malice when mere incompetence is a satisfactory explanation.” (This actually dates back to Hanlon’s Razor) Over the past two years we have watched the MSM in a full court press to destroy Donald Trump. That was particularly true if you watched CNN or MSNBC. Every story was produced with the intention of slamming Trump. Actually, they were designed to remove him from office. There were no exceptions. Under the circumstances, assuming malice seems logical. But lately there have been signs that this was more about incompetence than malice. That does not mean that these individuals don’t hate Trump, they do, the question is where to place the majority of the blame for the results.

Consider the following. Even if the MSM hates Trump, one would think they wouldn’t report a story that could easily be disproved. That would be beyond embarrassing. Yet, they did exactly that. This causes me to suspect they actually believed what they are reporting. It is important to know that the MSM resides in the East Coast Bubble. They all know each other. They often forget the rest of the country even exists. They all associate with each other. Even people in different parties who disagree on every issue often socialize. That is because membership in the club is more important than ideology. Hence the trap. They never dreamed that Trump is actually a man with great personal discipline. Everyone in their circle was more than willing to believe the worst about Donald Trump. After all, he clearly is not and has never been a member of the club. This isn’t even close. Even RINO Republicans like Jeff Flake were convinced that Trump was capable of colluding with Russia. He certainly was not, like them, up to the job of being President of the United States. Hillary certainly believed Trump would collude with Russia because that is what she was doing. Why would she suspect Trump of resisting the temptation?

There is strong evidence that several people tried to set Trump up. Here is what Barr actually said:

“But, as noted above, the Special Counsel did not find that the Trump campaign, or anyone associated with it, conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in these efforts, DESPITE MUTLIPLE OFFERS FROM RUSSIAN-AFFILIATED INDIVIDUALS TO ASSIST THE TRUMP CAMPAIGN.”

Suddenly the light bulb went on. One reason they were so sure that the Trump campaign was colluding with Russia is that they knew there had been multiple offers from Russian-affiliated individuals to assist the Trump campaign. They knew this because they were in on the plot. There were people trying desperately to lure the Trump campaign into a trap. A classic example of this was the famous meeting with Donald Trump, Jr. in the Trump tower. That female Russian attorney involved met with Fusion GPS both before and after that meeting. The real shock is that the Trump campaign did the unthinkable. They just said NO.

This would explain why so many were so willing to believe that Mueller would find evidence of collusion. They were sure someone, somewhere would yield to temptation. This would explain the absolute shock to learn there was no such evidence. The very last thing they expected was for the Trump campaign to do the right things for the right reason. The Trump campaign never considered colluding with Russia because that would be unthinkable. Liberals never consider doing the right thing for the right reason so they cannot even grasp that thought process.

Phase two, the fall back strategy, was to use the Special Counsel investigation to lure Trump into obstruction of justice. They knew Trump would be royally pissed. They know he has a temper and appears to make rash judgments. Once again they underestimated the man. Yes, he has a temper. Yes, he does react with anger. But, he never loses control. There are numerous examples where Trump was furious with members of his cabinet, but he has always acted responsibly. Perhaps Michael Cohen explained this best when he said Trump would NEVER ask anyone to do something illegal. He would find a way to let you know what he wanted, but he would never cross that line. That shows a man who is very determined, but also a man who understands risk. In other words he may say things that appear to be rash, but he never actually acts rash. Even when most angry, Trump never actually loses control of his emotions. The result is that the plan of luring him into obstruction of justice also failed. Again, they were sure this would happen because they simply failed to understand this man.

In any event, this is obviously a case of extreme malice and also a case of gross incompetence. My guess is that Donald Trump is extremely thrilled to have such incompetent opponents. We as a country should be relieved because very few people would have had the personal discipline necessary to withstand this kind of assault, without making a critical mistake and without backing down. It is increasingly clear that liberals planned a coup to remove the President of the United States. He not only did not fall victim to the coup, he is now turning the table on his opponents. Sometimes incompetence is a beautiful thing.



Alfonse “Little Al” D’Arco died earlier this month. Most people do not know much about him. Part of that is for very good reason. He was in Witness Protection for decades.  D’Arco was the first mobster to flip sides and become an FBI informant. He was not the last. He broke the cone of silence and several other Mafia insiders turned state’s evidence resulting in the government take down of the New York Costa Nostra.


This story has been repeated on many occasions. There is a cone of silence around a lot of powerful people. One of the most entertaining was the downfall of Tiger Woods. In addition to being considered one of the greatest golfers in history, he was thought to be a man of character. He appeared to be a happily married man. That all changed when his wife chased him down their driveway with an 8 iron because she found out she had been cheating on her. Within hours all these other women came forward and the Tiger Woods man of character myth evaporated overnight. We will never know how much this affected his golf game, but he has never been the same since.

The pattern was repeated with Harvey Weinstein. There are many other examples in history. All it takes is one person to break the cone of silence and others seem to quickly follow. Today, we saw someone expose the incestuous relationship between the DNC and the MSM.  The story itself is about a minor situation. Reporter Yashar Ali, who writes for the Huffington Post and New York Magazine learned about the dates for the first 2020 DNC Primary debate. He was shocked and surprised when Dafna Linzer, managing political editor for MSNBC and NBC news called him and asked him to hold the story for an hour so the DNC could get out in front of this.


Ali realized that Linzer was not calling on behalf of her network(s) she was calling on behalf of the DNC. Although the story was no big deal, he described her actions as highly inappropriate and unethical. I can’t recall anyone outing one of the networks like this before. Anyone who watches CNN, ABC, CBS, ABC, NBC and MSNBC and is paying attention realizes that they often say exactly the same thing with regard to any story and this verbiage comes directly from DNC talking points. Whether intentional or not, Ali exposed the level of coordination.

It is important to understand the timeline. He called the DNC and told them he was going with the story. They asked him to delay this for an hour. He said no. Dafna Linzer called him within two minutes. She said she had received a call from the DNC and she tried to bully him into delaying the story. Talk about speed dial. She then asked for his editor’s name, so she could go over Ali’s head and try to block the story that way.

He wrote that some people will twist this to discredit the media and say this shows they collude with political parties. He is right about that, but there is no twisting necessary and the MSM only colludes with the DNC.

I suspect there may be a lot of Yashar Ali type people out there. These are good honest people, in many cases very liberal, but they are appalled to realize the MSM has been colluding with the DNC to lie to everyone. Prior to now, they all knew about this, but were afraid to even admit it to themselves. They feared the establishment in the MSM just like D’Arco and others were terrified of the Costa Nostra. After all, the people making these decisions, much like Harvey Weinstein, can make or break careers. But history teaches us that once someone gets up the courage to report something like this, others are sure to follow. The real danger for the establishment in the MSM may not be Donald Trump or supporting Republicans. It may be people like Yashar Ali who recognize that something is really wrong and they develop the courage to do something about it.

The establishment in the MSM has been around forever. Much like the establishment in the Democratic Party has been around forever. But most of the people currently running for the Democratic Party are anything but establishment players. There is now a mad scramble to fill the obvious leadership vacuum. We are likely to see a very similar pattern in the MSM. Quite frankly a lot of people who should have known better have egg all over their face. While bias will be tolerated and perhaps encouraged, pure incompetence is never welcome. This was an incompetent as it comes. Don’t be all that surprised if a whole new generation of news reporters, with the same outlook at Yashar Ali, seize the day. This is impossible to predict but may be very fun to watch.



Incredibly the Jusse Smollett scandal just got worse, a lot worse. At best this is a case of monumental stupidity. At worst a botched conspiracy coming off the rails. This is a classic case where truth is far stranger than fiction. The conspiracy theories are incredible. These are not necessarily without merit. It is crucial to check out the time line. This is so bad even NPR is reporting on it. Here is their timetable of events:


  • Jan. 22: Smollett receives threatening letter
  • Jan. 29: Smollett reports getting attacked
  • Feb. 1: Smollett releases first official statement
  • Feb. 13: Smollett speaks to ABC News — the same day “persons of interest” are apprehended
  • Feb. 15: Police investigation takes a turn
  • Feb. 19: Cook County state’s attorney announces recusal
  • Feb. 20: Smollett charged with disorderly conduct
  • Feb. 21: Police explain allegations against Smollett
  • Feb. 22: Smollett’s character removed from episodes of Empire
  • March 7: Grand jury returns 16-count indictment
  • March 26: Prosecutors drop the charges

They left out a couple of things. On February 14, 2019, Kamala Harris, Cory Booker and Tim Scott introduced an Anti-Lynching bill. There actually have been no known lynchings for a long time. I believe the last one was in 1986. So why the rush? This bill added a new definition to lynching to include attacks based upon the gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability of any person. Sound familiar? This was already a hate crime. With this new legislation, if two or more people are involved it is a “lynching”. Was it a coincidence that Jusse Smollett tied a rope around his neck?

How convenient for Kamala Harris that the famous Jusse Smollett interview on ABC was conducted on February 13th, just before this legislation was introduced. Who could deny the need for this legislation in view of what happened to Jusse Smollett. Another incredible coincidence. It is entirely plausible that two white guys wearing MAGA hats were lurking on the streets of Chicago during -10 degree weather just hoping a gay actor would happen by. To anyone with an ounce of objectivity this looked like a hoax from day one. To CNN, it was the crime of the century.

Democrats were desperate to do something, because it was Trump who got criminal justice reform passed. If this was a conspiracy, it wouldn’t be exactly the first time Democrats did something like this. Obama and Hillary Clinton had, falsely, claimed that a majority of guns used in Mexico came from the U.S. That was obviously not true, because Mexican police weren’t finding American guns in Mexico. In another remarkable coincidence Fast & Furious fixed that problem. ATF officers looked the other way so guns could actually be transferred from the U.S. to Mexico. They were predictably used to commit crime and a U.S. Border Patrol agent was killed by one of these guns.

The Obama administration did a big “I told you so.” This was supported by Attorney General Eric Holder, who lied to congress about it. His lie was so obvious that on June 28, 2012 the House voted to cite Eric Holder for Contempt of Congress. The vote was 255 to 67 with 108 Democrats abstaining. They didn’t dare vote against it, because it was so obviously true, so they stormed off the floor in protest against, you guessed it, the NRA. Incredibly it was so bad that 17 Democrats voted with the Republicans.

We do not know what happened here and unlike liberals we do not want to make accusations without any supporting evidence. We just point out the obvious. Smollett made a false, patently absurd, allegation of a hate crime. The liberal media and the usual suspects immediately seized the day for political advantage. Then they were shocked to learn that it was not only a hoax, Smollett was beyond sloppy and left a trail of evidence. This was so bad that he was charged with 16 felonies. No one even pretended to believe him. Something had to be done!

The head of the Cook Country State Attorney’s office is Karen Foxx, who was receiving texts from Michelle Obama’s former Chief of Staff asking her to do something. When this was pointed out, she said she would recuse herself. But, if she did that she would have had to appoint a Special Prosecutor. So she didn’t actually recuse herself, she let her chief deputy announce that charges had been dropped and the file wiped clean. This same deputy gave a statement admitting he knew Smollett was lying. This stunk so bad that the Chicago Police Chief went crazy and even Rahm Emanuel stood up there and supported him. It was an easy decision, when you think about it. Rahm could either call Jusse Smollett a liar or he could call his his own police chief a liar. Even Emanuel is too smart to get that decision wrong.

I am sure there is an innocent explanation for this and if you tune into Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon tonight you will learn all about it. Some people may actually believe it. Most people won’t. Fewer will buy it today than yesterday. Fewer still tomorrow. Virtually no one will buy this nonsense by this time next week, with an exception for some current cast members of Empire and Mark Geragos.

But what about that Russian collusion?