Andrew McCabe testified for eight hours in a closed session of the House Intelligence Committee.  Unlike the hearing with Donald Trump Jr., where there was a leak a minute, there have been zero leaks from this session.  Even Adam Schiff, the prime suspect for leaks from this committee, had very little to say other than that “McCabe has been a professional FBI Agent” and that Schiff does not understand “the calls of some to fire him.”

Republicans aren’t saying anything.  Politically that does not make sense.  But it does make sense if people are now focused on criminal punishment rather than the glory of short term political advantage.  Skilled prosecutors do not outline their full case at a press conference.  They save it for the jury.  The Democrats do not have any real evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, so they are trying the case in the court of public opinion.  Republicans appear to have hard evidence regarding obstruction of justice within the FBI. There is evidence that the Hillary e-mail server investigation has reopened.  No one is talking about that either.

The DOJ has dealt with other cases were high officials committed treason.  If FBI agents plotted to remove a U.S. President by using obviously fake information to investigate his administration, that would also be treason. Aldridge Ames was a CIA Agent who sold secrets to Russia.  Robert Hanssen was an FBI Agent who also spied for Russia.  It took eight years to find Ames and then build a case to convict him.  It took a long time to find Hanssen, but they had learned from Aldridge Ames.  In December 2000 they started surveillance of him, he was arrested on February 18, 2001.  Both men will spend the rest of their lives in a Super Max prison.

There are many signs that the investigation is nearing an end.  Unlike the Russia collusion narrative fueled by anonymous sources usually discredited, there have been very few leaks about this investigation.  Instead critical documents were legally provided to congressional committees just prior to public hearings.  None of those documents have been discredited.  In fact, none of those documents are even disputed. Sometimes silence is golden and if you are an FBI agent who betrayed your country now is the time to become very very afraid.



The Mueller Investigation, the House Intelligence Committee Investigation and the Senate Intelligence Committee investigations are all roaring toward a conclusion. In addition the Office of the Inspector General i(“OIG”) investigation of the FBI is also coming to a close. The results are almost certain to be devastating for Democrats and it is a largely self-inflicted wound. The OIG investigation was begun at the request of Democrats who were hoping to find evidence that Comey was unfair to Hillary Clinton during the e-mail scandal. Comey also welcomed the investigation because he clearly thought his testimony in front of congress would make him a folk hero. They were both incredibly wrong. The OIG has found serious problems with the way Comey handled the e-mail scandal. It has also apparently discovered the damaging text messages sent by FBI Agent Peter Strzok and others. It has been reported that the investigation regarding Hillary Clinton’s e-mails has been reopened. The only thing that both Republicans and Democrats agree on regarding this whole mess is that Comey messed up. He will be lucky to avoid criminal liability.

So far there has been zero evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. There is, however, evidence that the allegations of collusion were based on leaks by Democrats, possibly FBI agents, with no factual support. There is evidence that the top investigators on Mueller’s team were hopelessly compromised. Two of them have already been fired. This means that even if they did uncover a smoking gun, it wouldn’t matter anymore. Both Mueller and Rosenstein know that. Rosenstein allowed the text messages regarding Peter Strzok to be released to the press, knowing that he would be asked about this in a public hearing. He said that the OIG approved this decision. We can assume that Robert Mueller also approved of this decision. It would be foolish for Democrats to believe that Mueller is running a witch hunted with a mission to destroy Trump. He may be on a mission to restore integrity to the FBI. The release of these texts hint that the FBI and the OIG already has all the documentation it needs.

Rosenstein said he has faith in Robert Mueller and he is the right person to lead this investigation. He did not express such support for the members of this investigation who demonstrated such obvious bias. Rosenstein also said that Sally Yates was wrong when she refused to obey an executive order issued by President Donald Trump regarding the travel ban. That was an incredible statement, because Rosenstein reported to her at the time. He said the rule of law and the constitution were more important than Ms. Yates personal opinion about President Trump.

Democrats are clearly panicked. They are trashing Rosenstein for releasing those text messages. That is an admission that these are extremely damaging. Today Trey Gowdy said he would be surprised if Andrew McCabe is still employed by the FBI by the time of his scheduled appearance before the House Intelligence Committee. That appearance is scheduled for December 22, 2017, next Tuesday. Wow!

Democrats are in the process of being hoisted by their own petard. This is an idiom traced back to William Shakespeare meaning “to be harmed by one’s own plan to harm someone else.”

Stay tuned. This could be an explosive weekend.



Judge Roy Moore graduated from High School in 1965. He was admitted to West Point and graduated in 1969. He was deployed to Vietnam as the commander of the 188th Military Police Company. He was discharged from the U.S. Army as a captain in 1974. He then attended the University of Alabama School of law. He graduated in 1977 with a JD degree. He then went to work as a lawyer and later as a prosecutor.

This means that by the time Judge Moore completed his education at West Point, his service in Vietnam and his education in Law School, he was 30 years old. Now any of you who graduated high school in 1965 think back about the girls you knew in your high school class. Imagine returning home, really for the first time, twelve years later when you were 30 years old.   You look up some of the girls you remember from high school. You quickly discover that a high percentage of the “good” girls are married and several of them already have children. In 1970 the median age of first marriages was 22.5 for men and 20.6 for women. Even now the average is 28.4 for men and 26.5 for women.

People remain oblivious to the sacrifice paid by a lot of Vietnam Veterans. In addition to getting shot at, we missed at least four years of our life. These were critical years. The years our fellow class mates used to graduate college. A majority of them were married, had graduated college, were in the workforce and probably owned their first home. By the time Roy Moore graduated from Law School he had sacrificed 12 years of his life.

Who did you expect him to date? Many of the girls age 19 to 24 were in college. Certainly the girls that would be interested in someone who had graduated from West Point and the University of Alabama would be in college. They would naturally be dating other college students. It is quite possible that Roy Moore started dating young girls because there simply weren’t many girls close to his own age that were available.

It is interesting that no one in the main stream media or the RINO Republicans figured this out. I do not know what will happen in the election today. What is clear is that if Roy Moore loses, every Republican running in a major election will be slammed with a similar hit piece, just before the election. In some cases the allegations will be true. In other cases they will not be true. In all cases it will be an attempt by the main stream media to defeat conservative candidates. At least one of Roy Moore’s accusers has admitted to forging a document.  One should also not ignore something obvious.  The other guys accused of sexual misconduct seem to continue the same pattern for their entire lives.  I believe the most recent allegation against Roy Moore happened over 34 years ago.  We can only hope that the good citizens of Alabama are not this naïve.



Prior to the battle of Midway, the U.S. suspected the Japanese Navy had picked Midway as their next target.  But the problem was the target was identified only by a code name.  The decision was made to send a public unencrypted broadcast from Midway saying they have problems with their water system.  The Japanese fell for it hook, line and sinker.  They sent an encrypted message to Yamato which proved that Midway was the target.  The United States set up an ambush at Midway and that battle literally changed the war.

Both Attorney General Jeff Session and FBI Director Wray have said there are ongoing investigations of the FBI including investigation of leaks.  They also said this investigation is not being conducted by the DOJ and the FBI.  We know that there is an investigation by the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) but I believe that someone else is conducting a secret and very effective investigation.

Last summer there were numerous stories published in the main stream media that turned out to be false.  This is exactly what one would expect to happen if there was a truly independent leak investigation.  Fake or even real classified documents would be distributed through normal channels.  A slightly different version of the same document would be given to each person.  This would make it easy to identify the primary source of any leak.  This would be a classic spy vs spy operation.  In the last couple of weeks, this has rapidly escalated.

Private e-mails sent and received by members of the Mueller investigation using the FBI server have been disclosed.  Obviously these people thought those e-mails were secure.  They were, but someone legally gained access to those e-mails and no one in the FBI even knew it happened.

There was a report claiming Michael Flynn would testify that Trump ordered him to contact Russia during the election.  Oops.  It was after the election, when it was Flynn’s job to do that.

There was a report that Mueller issued subpoenas for Trump’s Deutsche Bank records.  The White House easily provided documents proving this was not true.

There was a report that Donald Trump Jr. had received an e-mail from WikiLeaks on September 4, 2016.  The real e-mail was dated September 14, 2016, after the DNC e-mails had been released to the public.

All three of these incidents involve highly classified information given only to a handful of people.  It looks like someone was deliberately given false information, not provided to anyone else.  This was information too tempting to ignore.  By leaking this to the press, this person may have self-incriminated.

I believe this is about to explode.  Several things provide hints that this investigation is nearly complete.  Devin Nunes, Chairman of the Intelligence committee, has resurfaced.  On December 7, 2017 Nunes was fully exonerated by the ethics committee.  Nunes is one of the few people who could have gained access to the FBI server, legally, without telling anyone.  This caused me to research Nunes with regard to his personal timeline.

On March 21st, 2017, Nunes received a private phone call.  He sent his staff home, switched cars and went to the White House.  There he met with an informant who showed him highly classified documents in a secure location.  Nunes gave a press conference reporting this without bothering to inform Democrats on the Intelligence Committee.  The next day he personally briefed President Donald Trump and then gave another press conference.    Shortly after this left wing groups filed a complaint with the ethics committee.  Nunes publicly said this was a sham designed to block him from investigating.  His exoneration on December 7, 2017 is full vindication of Nunes.

It would be really interesting to know what information was provided to Nunes on March 21, 2017.  We only know what he chose to tell us.  Even Nunes’ staff was not in that meeting.  We only know that he considered this so important that he requested a personal meeting with President Donald Trump.

One of the democrats on the Intelligence Committee said it looked like Nunes was running his own intelligence operation.  In retrospect, that may be right.   All we know is that things were being investigated and the Mueller investigation has been rocked to its core.  We know that the main stream media has issued several reports, based on “reliable sources” that have turned out to be totally inaccurate.  The main stream media has been humiliated.  Trump poured salt on the wound by hammering them for fake news.  What people failed to understand is that the people leaking those stories may have believed them to be true.  If someone like Nunes was running an undercover sting operation, that is exactly what would happen.

This appears to be happening at the speed of light.  It’s a beautiful thing.



At this point Trump probably hopes that the Mueller investigation continues.  That would be smart, because this investigation is hopelessly compromised.  Following are the conflicts that are already documented.  By the time I finish writing this, there will probably be more.

Peter Strzok   He was dismissed from investigation for anti-Trump e-mails.  He was involved in everything.

Lisa Paige (His mistress)  Also worked for Mueller investigation.  Not totally clear why she left.

Melissa Hidgman (His wife).  Works for another agency.  Facebook pages trashing Trump have been deleted.

Andrew Weissman  Attended Hillary Clinton’s planned election night victory party  Very high up in DOJ.  Has reputation for abuse of power as a prosecutor.

Bruce G. Ohr  High level DOJ official with knowledge of Dossier.    Will testify next week.

Andrew McCabe  Temporary Director of FBI after Comey was fired.  His wife received huge sums from Terry McAuliffe.  If he is compromised, everything is compromised.

Aaron Zebley  Consultant who set up Hillary’s e-mail server.

Everyone, including Democrats should be demanding that Mueller resign.  They won’t because first they would have to grow a conscience.  There is no sign of that happening.

It gets worse.  The judge who presided over the guilty plea by Michael Flynn, Judge Rudolph Contreras,has been recused from that case.  Several people have pointed out that Contreras is also a FISA judge and some suspect he may have signed off on the FISA warrant used against Trump campaign officials.  We don’t know why he was recused, we just know that this happened.

FISA warrants are highly secret, but it appears as though two were requested by the DOJ regarding Trump campaign officials.  One was allegedly requested in July, but was denied by a FISA judge.  Since it is reported that 99% of FISA warrant requests are routinely approved, this is unusual.  In October a second , more narrow, FISA request was presented and it was approved.

The are numerous people claiming this FISA warrant was based on the fake Russian Dossier paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign.  If that is true, it is beyond earthshaking.  This would be smoking gun proof that the Obama administration lied to a federal court.  Many of the people whose finger prints are all over this potentially illegal FISA warrant are now working for Mueller.

Mike Rogers , Director of the NSA, visited Donald Trump in the Trump tower shortly after the election.  The next day Trump moved his transition team from the Trump Tower to his New Jersey Golf Course.  Perhaps Rogers warned him that this was necessary.  Mike Rogers was severely criticized for this meeting.  Defense Secretary Ash Carter and Director of National Securing recommended that Obama fire Rogers.  He was not fired.  He is the current Director of the NSA.

Mike Rogers said that he had only moderate confidence in the conclusion that Russia was trying to help Donald Trump during the election.  He said that when he looked at the data, for each of the other judgments there were multiple sources and he could exclude every other alternative.  But with regard to this assessment it didn’t have the same level of sourcing and the same level of multiple sources.

It is clear that someone is investigating the investigators and they are striking gold.  In the meantime the search for evidence of the Trump campaign colluding with Russia is still non-existent.

Incredibly, Democrats and the main stream media continue to ignore this story.  They still pretend that Trump is in trouble.  Unless there is some strong evidence we are all missing that is absurd.

In addition it has just been documented that liberal democrats used similar tactics to try and destroy conservatives in Wisconsin.  Prosecutors used false information to file fake charges because they were angry at election results.  Someone blew the whistle on them and the investigators were investigated.  Multiple courts, including the Wisconsin Supreme court, shut down the witch hunts with extreme prejudice:

It sure looks like the entire Russian Collusion investigation and the Special Prosecutor is using a script borrowed from the abuse of power by prosecutors in Wisconsin.  This is unbelievable, even for liberal democrats.  It is not just wrong, it is unbelievably stupid.  It confirms our worst fears.  Liberals in Wisconsin apparently had no problem with illegally using prosecutors to file false charges against political opponents.  The standard seems to be that when liberals lose, anything necessary to remove conservatives from power is acceptable.  We cannot rule out the distinct possible that liberal Democrats in cooperation with some very senior people in the DOJ did the exact same thing in a failed attempt to remove Trump..  Since there is and has been zero evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, this is sadly a believable explanation.  This should not be a partisan issue.  If this is true it represents a clear and present danger to all of us.



Christopher Wray testified before congress today.  It was a remarkable contrast with James Comey. He did not grandstand.  It was never about himself.  He did not take any shots at anyone, including Trump and Comey.  Instead he responded very professionally.  While he defended the tens of thousands of FBI agents and analysts, he said something that should send chills down the spines of several people:

“We find ourselves under the microscope each and every day — and rightfully so. We do hard work for a living. We are entrusted with protecting the American people and upholding the Constitution and laws of the United States. Because of the importance of our mission, we are also entrusted with great power,  and we should expect — and welcome — people asking tough questions about how we use that power. That goes with this job and always has.” 

“The best way that I can validate the trust of the American people and the FBI is to ensure we bring the same level of professionalism and integrity and abjectivity and aherence to process in everything we do.”

One will note that he never said the concerns expressed by committee members were unimportant.  He never said they weren’t being investigated.  He just said he could not discuss this in a unclassified setting.  He never got defensive.  Wray said there was an ongoing investigation by the Office of the Inspector General and he took that very seriously.

He also admitted that there was an investigation into the Hillary e-mail server. That is really big news.  He told lawmakers that while he agreed with the investigation into the handling of the server as well as the removal of the FBI agent, it would not be appropriate for him to speculate on the investigation.

In a comment that should terrify Hillary Clinton, Wray said that when the findings come to him he will take the appropriate action as necessary.  He specifically said he would: “leave it to others to figure out if ‘gross negligence’ and ‘extremely careless’ is the same thing.”

Trump just may have appointed a very serious and capable person to be Director of the FBI.  After this performance it is hard to imagine Christopher Wray ignoring the serious political bias in the Mueller investigation.  We can expect to hear from him, at some point sooner rather than later.  There are a lot of people who should be very concerned that they are in harms Wray.



We have all seen this story before. A guy is accused of murder. He doesn’t have an alibi. He finally admits that he lied about where he was on the night in question because he was having an affair. He confesses to the affair since the price paid for thatt admission is a lot better than being tried for murder.

Democrats are turning on Al Franken big time. It is not because they are that disgusted with Al Franken, anyone paying attention has known about Al Franken for years. He is the same pathetic jerk that was elected to the United States Senate in 2008 possibly through blatant voter fraud:

This election was so close there were several recounts. Conveniently at least 341 convicted felons voted in Hennepin County and another 52 in Ramsey County. The illegal vote by felons was more than the margin of Franken’s victory.

What should we have expected from a profane mediocre comedian with such total disregard for moral values? Democrats were more than willing to embrace Franken because he was the deciding vote on ObamaCare. So what changed? Franken sure didn’t chance and it is extremely unlikely that liberal Democrats suddenly developed a conscience. So I started thinking about this to see if I could come up with a better explanation.

It didn’t take long. Part of the reason they turned on Franken is that they stupidly think this will enable them to demand that Trump resign later. That is likely to fail. The problem is that while the Franken allegations are easily proved many of the allegations against Trump have already been discredited and the rest all appear to be identical to the Bill Bush audio tape. In addition, after Democrats covered up well-documented sexual assualt by Bill Clinton, because it was only about sex, they will have zero credibility in demanding Trump resign. They will still try, but I don’t think it will work.

But then there was the question about the timing. Granted, Democrats wanted to get rid of Franken, but why the urgency. The answer became obvious. They are desperate to change the subject. The Mueller investigation is blowing up big time. This is beyond bad. There are now four, that’s right four, of Mueller’s investigators who are hopelessly compromised. First, there was Peter Strzok. Even Mueller knew this was bad, which is why he fired Strzok. Now we also know about Andrew Weissman, Lisa Page and Jeannie Rhee. Odds are there are more. What’s missing is any investigator that even looks credible. This is so bad that numerous newspapers including the Wall Street Journal are demanding Mueller resign. Public opinion polls show a majority of Americans support Sessions firing Mueller and appointing a new Special Prosecutor to investigate the FBI. There will soon be congressional demands for this.

This is the real reason Democrats have thrown both Conyers and Franken under the bus. They are absolute terrified by the Mueller fiasco. They should be!



It is clear that if Robert Mueller has a shred of personal integrity, he will resign.  If he does not resign, he should be fired.  If he cannot be fired, then a special prosecutor must be appointed to investigate him.  This is beyond bad.  Even if one believes that Trump may have done something wrong, Mueller’s investigation is so compromised that Trump would get a free pass.  It turns out that Peter Strzok, the FBI agent who interviewed Michael Flynn also interviewed Cheryl Mills, Human Abedin and Hillary Clinton.  All of them told the FBI things that turned out to be untrue.  If they were Republicans, they would have been indicted for obstruction of justice.  But since they were Democrats and this was about something minor, like National Security, Strozk and Comey gave them a pass.

These, of course, are the same people who tied a felony rap on Michael Flynn for allegedly lying to the FBI about something that not only wasn’t a crime, it was part of his job description.  Now we know that Andrew Weissman wrote an e-mail to Sally Yates praising her for refusing to obey a direct Presidential Order regarding the Travel Ban, because it was unconstitutional.  That would be the same Travel Ban upheld by the Supreme Court in a 7-2 decision.

I think it is only a matter of hours before at least one of those congressional committees strikes.  They are not fooled and they are not amused.  This stinks to high heaven and only media outlets like CNN and MSNBC remain capable of holding their noses long enough to avoid smelling the obvious.  I doubt that the American people will be that patient.  If Democrats tried to remove Trump now they would literally set off another civil war.  Those people who watched with disgust while the Clintons got away with everything are not about to sit quietly by and let Democrats get rid of a U.S. President based on a highly suspect and totally biased investigation by a special prosecutor who should never have been appointed.

One thing is crystal clear.  We are very fortunate that Donald Trump and not Hillary Clinton won that election.  If Hillary was now President of the United States all of this would have been buried and our democratic form of government would be just a distant memory.



There is an old saying: “it is always darkest just before dawn.”  That may be very true today.  Although the vast right wing conspiracy existed only in the demented mind of Hillary Clinton there is an active conspiracy determined to remove Donald Trump from office.  This includes much of the main stream media, several RINO Republicans and the usual Democratic suspects.  The conspiracy is very real, but the Russia Collusion allegation has literally been laughed off the stage.

There is an important principle here.  If you decide to take a shot at the king (President) you better be sure you hit your target.  They missed by a wide margin.  Not only is there zero evidence to support this idiotic accusation, many people have exposed their own misdeeds in the process.

There is another saying that:  “when you start getting flak you know you are getting close to the target.”  Trump is on it and he has assembled a team to deal with it.  The reason there is so much pushback against Trump for slamming the FBI is that his targets are hitting home.  There is more and more evidence that if the FBI was not complicit in trying to destroy Trump it was at best hopelessly incompetent.

One will note that the most recent Trump twitter was not written by Trump, it was written by his legal counsel.  The media, of course, assumed this memo was written in the middle of the night by a furious madman.  That is what the main stream media wants to believe.  It is what Trump wants them to believe.

There has been perjury here, but not by Donald Trump.  It was Hillary Clinton who lied.  There has been obstruction of justice here, but it wasn’t by Donald Trump, it was by Loretta Lynch and James Comey.  There has been illegal collusion with Russia to throw an election, but it was by the Hillary Clinton campaign, not the Trump campaign.

Here is the news that the main stream media is not reporting.  The Department of Justice (DOJ), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) released statements all admitting that there is an ongoing investigation of the FBI:

“[The allegations] if proven to be true, would raise serious questions of public trust. I look forward to receiving the Inspector General’s report. We will ensure that anyone who works on any investigation in the Department of Justice does so objectively and free from bias or favoritism.”

“My job is to restore confidence in the Department of Justice in all aspects of our work and I intend to do so. As such, I have directed that the FBI Director review the information available on this and other matters and promptly make any necessary changes to his management and investigative teams consistent with the highest professional standards.”

~ Attorney General Jeff Sessions

“When the FBI first learned of the allegations, the employees involved were immediately reassigned, consistent with practices involving employee matters.”

~ FBI Spokesperson

The January 2017 statement issued by the Department of Justice Office of the Inspector General (OIG) announcing its review of allegations regarding various actions of the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation in advance of the 2016 election stated that the OIG review would, among other things, consider whether certain underlying investigative decisions were based on improper considerations and that we also would include issues that might arise during the course of the review.

The OIG has been reviewing allegations involving communications between certain individuals, and will report its findings regarding those allegations promptly upon completion of the review of them.”

~ Justice Department Office of the Inspector General

One will note that the DOJ OIG investigation is documented by a letter dated January 12, 2017.  That is eight days before Trump was inaugurated.  It was done at the request of “numerous” Chairmen and Ranking Members of Congressional oversight committees, various other organizations and members of the public.  While Mueller has found nothing, it sure looks like the OIG was investigating the FBI and it found a lot of things.  One will note that they were specifically investigating the FBI Deputy Director of the FBI.  That is Andrew McCabe.  It appears that while Mueller was investigating Trump, the OIG was investigating the FBI.  Last summer Mueller removed Peter Strzok, the top FBI investigator on his team last August, but never notified congress.  This means Mueller was informed of the findings by the OIG and he took immediate action.

Remember that Mueller met with Trump prior to his appointment as Special Prosecutor.  The OIG letter indicating the start of this investigation was issued on January 12, 2017.  Both Trump and Mueller probably knew about the OIG investigation before Mueller started his investigation.  That might have been a very interesting conversation.


Flynn Flam

Michael Flynn pleaded guilty to lying about an FBI agent about a non-crime. While CNN is gloating that the end is near for Trump, the opposite is true. This makes it virtually impossible for Mueller to charge anyone else with anything based on the testimony of Michael Flynn. When your star witness pleads guilty to deliberately lying, why would anyone believe him?

It sure looks like Mueller pushed Flynn into this plea bargain so he could convict somebody for something. This is remarkably similar to the last Special Prosecutor hired by Democrats to find non-existent criminal acts by a Republican administration. Patrick Fitzgerald ended up indicting Gordon Libby for lying to the FBI about a non-crime. It is far from clear whether it was Libby or Tim Russert who was lying about this.

Now we learn that Mueller fired Peter Strzok, the top FBI agent involved in the Russia probe because he found out Strzok was trashing Trump in e-mails to FBI lawyer Lisa Page. But Mueller didn’t bother to inform congress for over three months. No surprise there, because the obvious bias of Peter Strzok hopelessly compromised the entire Russia collusion investigation.

After six months of investigation, Mueller has nothing. This whole fiasco was the result of the Hillary Clinton campaign colluding with Russia to throw an election which resulted in the absurdly discredit Russia Dossier. When that didn’t work, they tried to accuse Donald Trump of doing what they had actually done.

The main stream media is so stupid they didn’t even realize that Flynn’s contact with the Russian Ambassador was so obviously legal that even the Obama State Department approved. It was Flynn’s job to talk to the Russian Ambassador, but he apparently was too stupid to realize that, so he lied to the FBI. Based on what we now know about the FBI under James Comey, lying to them is very close to giving false information to a sworn enemy.

The Obama administration tried to sabotage the Trump administration before it even took office. Obama briefed Trump on the Russia Dossier and then leaked that information to the press. That started the ridiculous theory that the Trump campaign had colluded with Russia. This was utter nonsense based solely on the totally discredited Russia Dossier.

Obama put sanctions on Russia in a desperate attempt to leave Trump with few options to deal with national security issues. If Trump resisted these absurd sanctions, he would be accused of covering up collusion. If he didn’t resist them he risked having a diplomatic war with Russia.

Most U.S. Presidents have a tradition of solving serious problems before their successor takes office. Obama reversed that and created unnecessary problems for his successor. Sadly, he was enabled by the fawning main stream media obsessed with Trump derangement syndrome. It is clear evidence that liberals will literally sacrifice National Security for even the whiff of political advantage.

That is the real lesson of Michael Flynn. The question is will anyone in the main stream media, including Fox News, notice? This is a case study in why Democrats cannot be trusted with National Security. It is beyond shameful. It is beyond obvious, except to the people in the main stream media. Once again the question is are they really this stupid or are they still praying we are this stupid.