There is an old joke that even a stopped clock is accurate twice a day. This is a reminder that sometimes the dumbest people actually get something right.  One thing I learned throughout my career is to always listen, even to people who disagree with you.  Sometimes, they get something right. I remember one particular case where one of our employees, a security guard, was seriously injured when he was hit by a woman who committed suicide by jumping from a 5-story parking garage. The media portrayed this as an act of heroism, where he tried to break her fall. Regardless of his motivation, he suffered a life changing injury and she still died.  One of the insurance adjusters on the account suggested suing the woman who jumped for negligent suicide. I thought that was the most ridiculous idea ever, until I realized she was right. I authorized my attorney to file a claim against her homeowners’ insurance for negligent suicide. The attorney representing the insurance company thought this was ridiculous too, until he had to write us a check for $1,000,000. We argued that if she wanted to kill herself, she had a duty to make sure she didn’t land on someone else. In retrospect that is pretty obvious.

Recently Michael Avenatti took a brief pause in his campaign to destroy the last remaining remnants of a failed legal career, to say something that is actually pretty spot on.

In 1988, Michael Dukakis lost the presidential race because of the Willie Horton ad and his refusal to fight fire with fire and go on the offensive. The Dems will not effectively combat Trump’s racist ad of earlier today or capture the WH if we make the same mistake again. #Basta

— Michael Avenatti (@MichaelAvenatti) November 1, 2018

Democrats should listen to him, this time, but since he is not trashing Trump and his personal legal troubles are beyond overwhelming, even CNN has lost his phone number. Even if they did listen to him, they would never believe him, because that would mean Trump is right about this. CNN anchors would rather die of cancer than admit Trump was right about a cure. But Avenatti is right. If Democrats don’t figure out that NO ONE wants this caravan to show up in their back yard, (or front yard) they are doomed to failure.

This is so obvious that I wish someone would start a “Go Fund Me” account to finance buses that would transport the members of this caravan to tent cities located on the front lawns of the following people who are so strongly in favor of letting these wonderful people into the U.S.:

Don Lemon, Anderson Cooper, Hillary Clinton, Kamala Harris, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, John Tapper, Jeffrey Tobin and a cast of thousands. This should be easy, we would just give each of them one tent and say 10 people. That shouldn’t be too inconvenient for them. This would be so compassionate, and they could demonstrate their personal willingness to contribute by helping just some of these wonderful people become happy and prosperous Americans.

But, instead of embracing this common-sense solution, each of them would quickly build a wall around their property. Remarkably similar to the wall Donald Trump wants to build on our southern border.

Like I said, even a stopped clock is right twice a day.



The most recent predictions by the pundits is that Republicans have a 15% chance of keeping the House. The same pundits say Republicans have an 85% chance of keeping the Senate. It should be pointed out that in 2016, the same people predicted that Donald Trump had a 16% chance of winning the presidency. That is why Hillary Clinton ordered a barge loaded with fireworks for her victory party.

But we now know that at least some people running polls for Hillary Clinton were warning her that Trump could win. These people were, as expected, shouted down by more brilliant, but wrong, advisors.

This is happening again. Only this time those people predicting the blue wave are already starting to back off their predictions. I thought it would be interesting for people to know where the 15% came from in the first place. It all has to do with the bell curve.

Following is a typical bell curve. I used to teach statistics at the college level, so this is very familiar to me.

This is basically the standard graph used to predict results based on a series of data. In this case the graph is showing that about 68.3% of predictable data points falls within one standard deviation and 95.4% falls within two standard deviations. Hence a prediction of results falling with the 85 percentile is actually less reliable than a normal distribution because one would expect 95% confidence that the results would fall within two standard deviations.

In addition, bell curves are not perfect. In the case of elections, the problem may be with regard to the data used to develop the curve. In 2016 I looked at the underlining data and discovered that every pollster was predicting turnout models that were significantly different that those from more recent elections. When I adjusted the data to compensate for that, I was shocked to see that it was Trump who was more likely to win. I did write about this in my blog, but this was so different from what the experts were reporting that I was pretty subdued in my analysis. Following is what I wrote on November 1, 2016. It turned out to be very accurate:

On November 2, 2016 I wrote about reports that Republican turnout in early voting was higher than expected. The MSM ignored this, to their ultimate peril:

On November 7, 2016 I noted that if the underlying data was accurate, Trump would win. This was such a departure from what was being reported on TV that I almost didn’t publish this blog.

The purpose of this is not to gloat about my analysis, it was pretty rudimentary. It was rather to point out the flaws in the analysis by the talking heads on TV. This year we don’t have all those polls and we don’t have the underlying data. Neither do they. This makes it much harder to predict. But, I can say this with confidence. Those bold predictions that Democrats have an 85% chance of winning the House are based on scarce or none existent data. In addition, this is based on a bell curve showing a normal distribution. In real life, particularly regarding politics, the least likely outcome is a normal distribution. That is why everyone is talking about turnout. Turnout changes everything. So, the real question is who is motivated to vote and who is not.

It is clear that Democrats have motivated people to outrage demonstrated by public protests and rude behavior. But you don’t win elections with protests and rude behavior. Just ask the people who ran the 1972 George McGovern campaign about that. He lost to Richard Nixon in the fourth-worst loss by popular vote in American History.

On Tuesday will Democrats turn out in droves to vote for more ObamaCare, for open borders, and for impeaching Kavanaugh and Trump? Perhaps, but I sure wouldn’t bet on that, particularly when early voting trends, again, show that it is Republicans who are turning out in force.

Or will Republicans turn out in droves because they see the threat to our national security represented by caravans of people we don’t know flooding through our borders. Will they turn out in droves because they are disgusted with the gutter tactics of Democrats desperate to stop the Brett Kavanaugh from becoming a Supreme Court Justice? Will at least some Hispanics and some African Americans realize that it was Donald Trump who cut their taxes and made it possible for them to get a job? If any or all of this happens, that blue wave will look pretty red on Tuesday night.

We will soon know. If I am wrong, then brace yourself for Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Chairman of the House Committee on Finance Maxine Waters and Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee Adam Schiff. That will be very bad indeed, but also very temporary. These clowns are guaranteed to muck things up. But if I am right, we may see the worst public meltdown in the history of TV broadcasting. Either way, be sure to vote and then hold on because this is going to be quite a ride.



I still remember watching TV on election night in 2012 and seeing all the reports that Barack Obama had been re-elected. I had great fear for our country. Not because I hated Barack Obama, but rather because I feared living in a democracy where so many people were willing to vote against their own interest. It should have been obvious to people in both parties that Obama was a failed president. It should have been obvious that his foreign policy was a disaster and the economy was stuck in a stalemate. It obviously wasn’t obvious. But remember that Obama beat John McCain and Mitt Romney. Anyone losing sleep because these guys didn’t become President? Exactly!

Then, in 2016, the country looked ready to double down on disaster. It is hard to imagine a worse choice for President than Hillary Clinton. If she had won, it would have been the most corrupt administration in American history. I watched election night hoping all the pundits were wrong. No one, including anyone on Fox News, thought Donald Trump had any chance at winning that election. But he did win, and ultimately it wasn’t even close. Hillary conceded about 2:30 a.m. ET. There are numerous reports that Hillary was so sure of election that her transition team was scheduled to meet Wednesday morning and she was planning on flying to Washington D.C. to meet with President Obama.

Once again, all the pundits, including those on Fox News, are predicting that Democrats will win the House while Republicans will, narrowly, retain the Senate. Once again, we are looking at the genuine possibility of Nancy Pelosi carrying a huge gavel as she becomes the new Speaker of the House. It is even more disturbing to imagine Maxine Waters as Chairman of the House Committee on Financial Services.

But it is important to remember that all the pundits were wrong in 2016. The liberal left was reporting what they wanted to believe. Fox News was terrified of getting this wrong, so they went with the flow. They were all wrong by a huge margin. The problem is that they ignored critical facts and formed opinions based on false assumptions. It is quite possible, if not probable, that they are repeating those errors.

The most fundamental opinion is that the hatred of Donald Trump is so strong that it will compel outraged Democrats to show up in force. It is assumed that Hispanics and African Americans have been thoroughly disgusted with the numerous racist actions of Donald Trump. Once again, the polls all show momentum swinging toward Democrats. But that is what they showed in 2016 too. The only thing certain is that the polls are increasingly wrong in predicting election results.

There are some facts, well documented but ignored by the MSM and widely under-reported that should give everyone pause. In early voting, it is Republicans turning out in record numbers. For example: early voting in Florida shows Republicans turning out at a pace higher than in 2016. Even in California, early voting is showing a surge in Republican turnout. The same polls showing Democrats winning, are showing surprising support for Donald Trump among both the Hispanic and the African American communities. No one dares report that, because the leaders of those communities are all hard-core left-wing liberals who would not tolerate even a hint of this. If you doubt that, remember what happened to Kanye West.

Another thing the MSM is missing is the really awful Democratic candidates. Many of them are outright socialists totally out of the mainstream. Republicans will definitely be motivated to vote against them. Democrats, having voted for Hillary Clinton, would vote for a ham sandwich as a candidate. But independents are not necessarily going to show up in force to vote for these highly flawed people.

The bottom line is it would be insane to predict a red wave and Republican victories across the board. But it would also be insane to predict that Democrats run the table. We will know pretty soon on Tuesday night. If Republicans win the Governorship and the Senate race in Florida, then Democrats will be in for a very long night. If Manchin is defeated in West Virginia, it will be Republicans running the table.

No prediction, just a recommendation that none of us lose hope based on the flawed opinions of people who are consistently wrong about nearly everything. Always remember they report what they want to believe and are often oblivious to facts staring them right in the face.



The MSM responded to Trump’s call for unity by blaming everything on him. They never considered playing this straight. Politicians in both parties like to play the blame game. But for decades, Democrats have excelled at this primarily because the MSM almost always backs the Democratic play. The following article by Maureen Dowd is a classic example of how oblivious some people in the MSM are to reality:

Donald Trump has important characteristics that Republicans have desperately needed for decades. Trump doesn’t back down from a fight. That is particularly true when attacked in the media. Trump always fights back with insult for insult. Trump also has incredible skill at reading the public pulse. He is hardly a blue-collar person, but he likes blue collar people and he understands them.

Predictably the media instantly tried to blame Trump for the nut job who sent all those plastic pipe bombs to top Democrats. They also tried to blame him for the massacre at the Jewish Synagogue. They did this even though the mad man who shot up that synagogue was on record as hating Trump because he was too nice to Israel. The media will ALWAYS blame Republicans and Donald Trump is always at the top of the naughty Republican list. They routinely lecture us about the need for civility and the evil of hate speech by pointing out that Republicans and Republicans alone are responsible for this. Hillary Clinton accidentally admitted this when she said that civil discourse could only return if Democrats were returned to power.

This time, it was an enormous mistake. If they were dealing with a George W. Bush or a Mitt Romney, they would have got the properly apologetic Republican politician. But Donald Trump is far from typical and he is never intimidated by the MSM. He gave an eloquent statement on the need to punish people who did this, then he responded to the media by pointing out, correctly, that they are the ones ginning up hatred with their patently biased reporting. The real problem for the liberal left is that this is so obviously true.

Donald Trump never put down Obama supporters or Hillary Clinton supporters. Instead he appealed to them by pointing out that nothing ever changes for them and they might consider giving him a chance. Obama described anyone opposed to him as “clinging to their guns and religion” and Hillary referred to them as a “basket of deplorables.”

When Trump talked about banning immigration from Muslim countries where it was impossible to do background checks, he was considered to be anti-Muslim. When Obama rigged the immigration system to allow only Muslims and no Christians to immigrate, even though Christians were literally being exterminated, no one in the MSM noticed or cared. Instead they were horrified at the thought of giving people asylum based on their religion, even if their religion made them targets of persecution and extinction. Apparently, it is ok to exterminate people if they are all Christians. We were self-righteously told that any religious test was wrong. No one explained why giving Jewish people trying to flee Hitler a higher priority would have been so evil.

Perhaps I am wrong, but I suspect that Donald Trump is way ahead of the crowd on this and Democrats, as always, are out over their skis. If he is right, that blue wave may just disappear in a massive red tide of people sick and tired of being lectured, over and over again, by the arrogant self-righteous politically correct elites.



We have the suspect. Expect the entire MSM to try and spin this in the most negative way possible regarding Donald Trump. Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, who have already made incredibly stupid statements, are likely to come out with something even stronger. This is the Achilles heel of the liberal left. They simply cannot understand the obvious. They don’t even see the obvious.  While they will be pointing a finger at Trump, they will be pointing four fingers at themselves.

This guy’s van is covered with pictures of Donald Trump. It is also covered with stickers supporting youth soccer. The van was so weird that someone took a picture of it, in December 2017. This guy was well known to local police because he has a long record. The real question is was this guy outraged by Donald Trump or by the people attacking Donald Trump. That is where he got his target list.

This is easy to explain. Just think about Charlottesville. The violence occurred because protesters demanding removal of confederate statutes got into a fight with a White Supremacist group. The people most responsible for the chaos were the civic leaders who allowed the two groups, possibly deliberately, to get in direct contact with each other. There would have been zero violence if the groups had been kept apart. Yes the White Supremacists are awful. Yes, they did come there spoiling for a fight. But they didn’t attack anyone, until people attacked them.

The main stream media coverage excoriated Donald Trump because he said both sides were to blame. No. Never the MSM roared. The outrage against the White Supremacists is understandable because we all should protest hate speech. In other words, violence is ok if you don’t like what the other person is saying. Not only is violence acceptable, it is the right thing to do. This is why there is always violence whenever a White Supremacist group shows up anywhere. Granted, the White Supremacists are despicable and we should all condemn their harmful rhetoric. But that is not enough for the liberal left. They are the ones, not the White Supremacists, demanding violence.

So, please explain to me who is encouraging violence, and who is not. Once again one has to ask: “Is the MSM this stupid or do they just hope the American people are this stupid.?



I watched the press conference today regarding the pipe bombs and a few things are obvious.

The FBI was extremely careful in the way it described these devices. This was a classic non-denial denial. They were asked if these were destructive devices capable of exploding. The answer was that the protocol is to treat these types of devices as suspect and to act accordingly. Then they said the FBI was following protocol.

They also added that the white power they found was not biological. That means it was not a threat.

They were asked if they had exploded any of the devices and they did not answer. They basically said all of these were transported to Quantico.

I suspect the FBI withheld information because they are closing in on a suspect. They may even have someone under surveillance. The last thing they want to do is let this person know they are on to him.

They are also doing the smart thing by warning people to be cautious, because there is no guarantee that all of the “bombs” will be duds.

In the meantime, the liberal left had better hope and pray this isn’t a false flag operation. There have been numerous recent cases where people have run these kinds of operations. Following is just one recent example:

Perhaps we will find this was done by some right-wing nut case who really wanted to hurt Democrats, but the timing of this sure smells like a false flag op. It is just so obvious and the people chosen are a little too convenient. None of these bombs went off. It is not even clear they represented a real threat. We are either dealing with someone really stupid or this is just a poorly executed hoax.

Democrats have over-played their hand. Regardless of who did this, if the conversation is about civility and inflamatory rhetoric, this is more likely to help Republicans than hurt them. When CNN starts demanding honest reporting and civility it is increasingly difficult to control the giggle reflex.



Predictably the MSM immediately tried to blame all these bombs on Donald Trump. They have convinced themselves that it is his angry rhetoric that has caused the violence. That, of course, is absurd. This is a classic example of people so filled with bitterness and hate that self-reflection is impossible. To the rest of us, not blinded by rage, a couple of things are obvious. One is that while Trump does put people down, he is more like a comedian delivering an insult. It is designed to insult, but it is also designed to be humorous. For example; there was the case where a politician body slammed a reporter who was being rude. Trump said he liked people who did body slams. The left went ballistic claiming Trump was encouraging violence. In doing so they totally ignored the Joe Biden comment about how he wanted to take Trump behind the shed and punch him. The difference is that Trump was joking while Biden was serious.

Trump’s opponents on the left are not joking when they “take shots” (pun intended) at Donald Trump. They want people to be outraged against Donald Trump. Numerous commentators, particularly on CNN and MSNBC refer to Trump as a clear and present danger to the country. There are numerous instances of the radical left engaged in acts of violence. They are the ones screaming at people, blocking traffic and setting things on fire. Even the White Supremacist groups aren’t doing that, they just look for opportunities to get into a physical confrontation with progressives.

It was a Republican congressman, Scalise, who was shot by a Bernie Sanders supporter. It was a progressive who attacked Rand Paul. Now, the same people who begin every day with hate speech toward Donald Trump are shocked that people are responding violently to this. They missed something important. When you promote outrage, some of that is likely to be directed back at you. For example, imagine a white male KKK spokesman spouting hate speech about African Americans. He may or may not be effective in getting people to conduct violent acts against African Americans, but he is almost certain to become a target for attack by an angry African American.

We don’t know who is making those bombs. We only know they were unlikely to do much damage and the person or persons doing this will be caught sooner rather than later. There is just too much evidence and too many people on the hunt. It is far from certain that the motive was to hurt anyone. It would not be shocking to discover that the person doing this wanted to help Democrats, not hurt them. It would also not be a shock to find someone who is furious at those people he believes are irresponsibly attacking Donald Trump. It wouldn’t even be shocking to find out this was a stunt designed to generate additional outrage against Trump by a false flag operation. Almost anything is possible.

We do know that the targets are all Democrats, but none of them appear to have been at any risk.  At best, this is really sloppy. If it was designed to terrorize Democrats, it was destined to failure. A serious bomber would have built a much better bomb and would never have sent a bunch of them at the same time.  Regardless of who did this, it has all the markings of a cheap politically motivated stunt, having more impact on the news cycle than seriously threatening anyone.

Some have predicted it may take a month to find this person, but my prediction is that with this much evidence they are probably already closing in on a suspect. It will be very interesting, but the least likely outcome is that this was caused by Donald Trump insults.




The main stream media is terrified about the prospect of Republicans holding the house and increasing seats in the Senate. They are engaged in a last-ditch desperate effort to make the coveted blue wave a reality. But in their haste to do the job, they are making huge mistakes and unforced errors.

It starts with the polls. The same thing happened in 2016. There were all these polls and none of them predicted a Donald Trump victory. That is, none of the public polls predicted that. Some of the DNC private polls showed a very different picture. That is why Hillary cancelled her massive Victory Party in New York City just before the actual election. Someone warned her that if she went ahead with this, and she lost, it would be beyond embarrassing.

This time, the polling is even worse. The sad reality is that it is nearly impossible to conduct an accurate poll anymore. One reason is that all these polls are based on telephone surveys which are increasingly inaccurate. If you doubt that, ask yourself a question. When is the last time you took a telephone poll? Many people no longer have land line phones in their home. Almost everyone phone has caller id. Most people don’t answer ROBO calls, you know the ones where there is a 10 second delay until you either get a paid fund raiser for the charity of the day who starts talking 110 miles per hour or a recording that is even worse. Just for kicks, I did take a poll about a week ago, and it was pathetic. A very robotic type person was on there asking an endless stream of questions all designed to generate a specific response. It was very long, boring and the longer it went the more likely I was to either hang up or just keep giving the same answer, so they would move on. Yet these kinds of polls are the primary method used to predict election results.

One poll, which the main stream media is trumpeting as proof of the blue wave had Donald Trump’s approval rating at 30%. Who did they poll, bartenders at Democratic waterholes in Washington, D.C.? Yet, because it told the MSM what they wanted to believe, they went with it.

Now we have this caravan. The MSM is trying to portray this as a group of wonderful people just hoping for a chance at a better life in the U.S. That is certainly true, about some of them. Trump was ridiculed for saying there are almost certainly some criminals mixed in and he wouldn’t be surprised if some middle eastern men are mixed in. That is also likely to be true. The MSM would have you believe that these are all members of a church choir singing Kumbaya on their way to the U.S. Border. The MSM is totally missing the point. Tucker Carlson was interviewing Jose Ramos and he asked him a simple, but important question. “How many of these people are you willing to accept in your home in Miami?” It was patently clear that Ramos had zero interest in that. Neither does anyone else. This is the typical liberal approach to problems. They want to use other people’s money to solve problems by dumping them in someone else’s back yard.

This caravan (mob) now has about 14,000 people and no one, including liberals, wants this in their neighborhood. Trump, as always, has the perfect slogan: “Jobs not Mobs.”

No one knows what will happen in the midterm elections because it is impossible to predict the success of the Democratic plans for election fraud. This is probably their last chance to steal a national election. Voter ID laws are spreading fast and the Supreme Court is upholding them. If we really get to a point where we have clean elections where only legally registered citizens are allowed to vote and they are only allowed to vote once, Democrats are doomed to lose every time. They will pull out every trick in the books for this last-ditch effort to win this one. In some places they are even using Snapchat to register voters.

This we do know. The polls are crap, even more so than in 2016. The only real data shows Republicans turnout at a record high and Democratic turnout waiting to develop. This is far from over, but in many ways, this is looking a lot like 2016. This election should have been a slam dunk for Democrats. Several top Republicans were retiring and, in the opinion of the MSM, Donald Trump is the worst President in U.S. History. Midterm elections are always a disaster for a new President. What could possibly go wrong. I mean, that would be like predicting that a clown like Donald Trump could defeat the most qualified candidate in the history of mankind in a Presidential election. I mean it’s not like Trump is holding rallies that draw a 100,000 people while Obama and Biden are drawing crowds that would fit in a phone booth.  Exactly!

The band on the Titantic reportedly continued playing as the ship went down. That seems inspiring until you realize that this didn’t save anyone and the band went down with the ship.



Trump is speaking at an auditorium in Houston that holds 18,000 people. Latest reports show 77,000 people signed up to attend. Some people are expecting a crowd approaching 100,000.  People have been camped out for hours and the stadium is already filling up before Trump even leaves Washington. In the meantime the “counter-rally” organized by Michael Avenatti on behalf of Beto O’Rourke was cancelled when both of the two people scheduled to attend had a last minute scheduling conflict.

Compare that to the media coverage of this caravan in Mexico composed of 2,000 to 7,000 people heading toward the U.S. Border. They have already had a violent clash with Mexican police at the border with Guatemala. MSNBC would have you believe these are all desperate women and children, but the pictures show a very different crowd.  Sure looks like a lot of young guys between 15 and 25, exactly what one should expect. By the way, they all seem to be very well dressed.

Liberals are hoping that either Trump caves in face of the humanitarian crisis they created or better yet there is violence where a lot of innocent people get killed. But, they missed something big. If this caravan is successfully in flooding our border, this will become the new normal. Everyone not working for CNN and MSNBC realizes this.

Trump has said he will send in the military, if necessary. People would be wise to believe him. So far, it looks like God is listening. One of the largest hurricanes ever to hit the Gulf of Mexico is heading toward land. It is currently a Category 5 but will probably go ashore as a Category 2. Even if this misses the caravan, they are going to be traveling through some areas with major damage from heavy flooding and wind. The last thing the people in these areas will want, need or tolerate is a bunch of migrants in desperate need of food, water and shelter passing through on their way to the U.S. We could even see a replay of the Spanish Armada where the weather Gods solve the problem for us.

In the meantime, anyone watching pictures of that caravan on TV realizes what liberals have in store for us if we stupidly put them back in power. To make this worse, there are reports of another caravan already forming up in Honduras. Anyone watching this on TV can either believe CNN and MSNBC or their lying eyes. If enough of them get the picture, Democrats could be in for a very rough November.




When we lived in Novato, California it was very common to see Turkey Vultures. They are huge birds that look rather majestic, until they get close. Then they look like, well, vultures. One day we looked out on our back yard and saw about 20 Turkey Vultures sitting on our back fence. It turned out that some animal, I believe a racoon, had died an untimely death in our back yard. The Turkey Vultures were all lined up to take turns at lunch.  It didn’t take long before the carcass was totally consumed, and they left for greener (or what ever color they prefer) pastures.

The point is that if it wasn’t for all those vultures, I may not have even realized that we had a dead critter in our back yard. We had a rather large yard and we couldn’t see the carcass from the house. But the Turkey Vultures sure knew it was there and they quickly seized the day.

The political vultures are circling again, but they are not circling over Donald Trump. While the liberal left and 99.97% of the media has been expecting him to go down in flames, Trump is still standing tall and the people tossing hand grenades at him are rapidly running out of ammunition. But the vultures are definitely circling, and it looks to me like they have their eye on Hillary Clinton.

We have all known that Hillary is one of the most corrupt people to ever run for public office. One would have to be oblivious to fail to realize this. In addition, if the accounts are accurate, she is also a world class jerk. There are numerous reports of her treating people like crap and almost no reports of her being generous to anyone other than in carefully choreographed performance in front of a camera. People were willing to put up with her because she was the ticket to power. Now that power is gone. Hillary is a case study in yesterday’s news. Everyone seems to realize that, but Hillary Clinton.

The Hillary Clinton e-mail server scandal was always bad. Anyone who paid any attention knows it was bad. A Secretary of State used a personal server to send her official e-mails and it would be a miracle if they weren’t hacked by several people. The only question is whether Hillary did this because she is really that stupid, or because she is that corrupt. My hunch is that it is a sad combination of the two.

The cover-up is obvious. The shield covering Hillary Clinton may be evaporating. U.S. District Court Judge Royce C. Lambert literally accused the State Department of lying to him about Hillary’s email server scandal:

“The information that I was provided was clearly false regarding the adequacy of the [Clinton email] search and… what we now know turned out to be the Secretary’s email system.”

Turning his attention to the Department of Justice, Judge Lamberth said that he was “dumbfounded” by the agency’s Inspector General report revealing that Cheryl Mills had been given immunity and was allowed to accompany former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to her FBI interview:

I had myself found that Cheryl Mills had committed perjury and lied under oath in a published opinion I had issued in a Judicial Watch case where I found her unworthy of belief, and I was quite shocked to find out she had been given immunity in — by the Justice Department in the Hillary Clinton email case. So I did not know that until I read the IG report and learned that and that she had accompanied the Secretary to her interview.

The real collusion investigation, between the Hillary Clinton campaign and Russia is heating up. Today James Baker, former FBI Chief legal counsel and Nellie Ohr are schedule to testify in front of congress. The last time Baker testified it was explosive. Nellie Ohr is the spouse of Bruce Ohr who worked for Fusion GPS.” Fusion GPS Co-Founder Glenn Simpson plead the 5th amendment in refusing to testify this week. When you have key witnesses pleading the 5th, the end is near. Rod Rosenstein testifies next week. There are also numerous signs the IG report is close to being finished.

There are also indications that British Intelligence was colluding with the Hillary Clinton campaign to defeat Trump during the election. Some have speculated that this is why Trump did not declassify the FISA warrant application without redactions. He didn’t want to embarrass an important ally.  It is possible that he has been giving Great Britain a chance to get ahead of this before he goes public.

No one really knows. But we do see vultures circling and no one should be surprised to find road kill.