Christine Ford will not show up to testify Monday. We already know that. Republicans will hold the hearing, without her, and then schedule a vote. Brett Kavanaugh will be confirmed. But although this will be a major defeat for liberals and the Democratic leadership, much worse is just around the corner.

Enter Ed Whelan. Whelan graduated from Harvard in 1981. In 1985 he graduated from Harvard Law School, magna cum laude and was on the board of Editors of the Harvard Law Review. He was general counsel to the United States Senate Committee on the Judiciary and later was Senior Vice President and Counselor to the General Counsel for Verizon. He was a former law clerk for Justice Scalia. He is currently President of The Ethics and Public Policy Center. This is one serious attorney. While Democrats were hyperventilating, Whelan was investigating. What he has already found is more than enough to clear Brett Kavanaugh:

He has already created reasonable doubt, just by checking out the extremely limited information given by Christine Ford. She told the Washington Post that the assault took place in a house near the Columbia Country Club. It took Whelan about five minutes to figure out that although neither Brett Kavanaugh or his friends live anywhere near this location, another friend named Chris Garrett lived there. He even has the floor plan of the house which sure looks consistent with the place described by Christine Ford.

It gets worse. if you look at the pictures of Garrett and Kavanaugh next to each other they look very similar. Whelan probably already has several classmates willing to describe how much they looked alike. He has already found enough information to create a huge shadow of doubt. My guess is that he will shortly have more than that. All he would need is one of the four people that Christine Ford identified as at that party confirm that yes there was a party, there was a lot of drinking and Brett Kavanaugh wasn’t there. Nothing else would matter, because no one could possibly be investigated for a crime. No serious law enforcement agency would even open a file.

This is so bad that even Ms. Ford may admit that she can’t be totally sure the person she was talking about was Brett Kavanaugh. One thing is certain, she would be insane to testify about this under oath. The potential for walking into a perjury charge would be sky high. Grassley already called her bluff by saying she would be interviewed by a skilled attorney, not the clowns on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

I wouldn’t even be surprised if Ms. Ford admitted that she couldn’t be positive that Brett Kavanaugh was guy involved. She certainly would be insane to say he was, under oath, because that could lead to a perjury charge. Admitting that she might have misidentified him could be her best option. Then she can still claim she was telling the truth about the incident and the MSM will forget she ever existed.

Whelan found all this in a few hours. He claims he has more. If he is right, a lot of those self-righteous liberal Democrats demanding that everyone believe Christine Ford are going to be eating a lot of very public crow. I doubt that any of them are remotely capable of doing the right thing and apologize, but this is too delicious for the MSM to ignore.

This could be a really beautiful thing and what would make it even more enjoyable is that all of these people really have it coming.



The declassification of documents regarding the Carter Page FISA warrant and other files involving James Comey, Andrew McCabe and a cast of thousands was ordered by President Trump.  Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff and Mark Warner just sent a letter demanding people defy the President and delay release of those documents. The following article includes a copy of that letter.

They are literally claiming that the gang of eight has the authority to direct the DOJ, FBI and our intelligence agencies to withhold information from the President. Actually, not the entire gang of eight, this letter is only signed by Democratic members of the gang of eight. This is more than desperate, it is absurd. If this was THAT important all the members of the gang of eight, not just the Democrats should have signed it.  Now it is nothing more than a highly partisan document signed by desperate people.

It is now impossible for the MSM to ignore these documents when they are released. If they didn’t matter, why bother?  Even in news rooms at NBC and CNN smarter heads are snapping to attention.

In addition, Brett Kavanaugh will be confirmed to the Supreme Court, in spite of the best efforts by Democrats.  The same people who were demanding the public release of any and every document ever within 100 yards of Brett Kavanaugh are now demanding federal agencies withhold critical intelligence from the President of the United States. This is so bad that even liberal justices may join in condemning a move so obviously unconstitutional. I doubt that Supreme Court Justice, Brett Kavanaugh, who just may be the deciding vote, will be very impressed.

They only possible explanation for an act this desperate is that these documents are really, really bad. Remember, the gang of eight has already seen the unredacted documents. They know what is there. They know these documents are nothing less than bombshells. They will prove that Sean Hannity was right all along, and the entire Russian collusion investigation was a hoax. They will prove that the self-righteous hyperventilating by the MSM fueled by leaks from Democrats, was all based on a lie. Even some of those talking heads are likely to be furious at Democrats. A lot of people are about to be embarrassed. The witch hunt is over and attention will be focused entirely on those hunting witches.

The people who run CNN, NBC, ABC and CBS will be forced to take some action to restore credibility. This is the worst failure of American journalism in our nation’s history and it is about to be put on full public display for all to see. The only question is whether these talking heads on the liberal networks were complicit in a hoax or merely incredibly stupid.

This reminds me of a boss who owned a Ford dealership. He told his sales staff that if they drank on the job, they should drink beer and not vodka. He preferred his customers to think of them as drunk rather than stupid.



If you are in Washington, D.C. you can visit Ford’s Theater, where Abraham Lincoln was assassinated. It is always interesting to see real places where historical events occur. This year we have a chance to see a hysterical event which could also be appropriately labeled: “Ford’s Theater.”

Let us set the stage. Brett Kavanaugh is on his way to be confirmed to the Supreme Court. Democrats have tried every trick in the book to try and delay his confirmation and nothing worked. Then, a last minute accusation by an unidentified female, who we now know to be Christine Blasey Ford, of an alleged attempted sexual assault 35 years ago surfaced. Democrats, conveniently, are using this to, gasp, demand a delay in the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh. It really doesn’t get more obvious than this. No logical person thinks this was pure coincidence.

Sometime, we are not sure when, someplace, we are not sure where, Ms. Ford allegedly was at a party in a private residence with four guys and her, the only girl, where there was a lot of drinking. Her attorney recently hinted that there may have been another female there, but of course did not mention any name. So assume there were, at best, four guys and two girls drinking heavily at a private residence. Anyone want to recommend this for your daughter? At this party apparently Brett Kavanaugh tried to tear her clothes off but was too drunk to be a real threat. Kavanaugh doesn’t remember her and he doesn’t remember this kind of party.

Kavanaugh, who clearly understands the law and how things work, hired Beth Wilkinson, a highly skilled trial attorney, to represent him in this matter. Wilkinson prosecuted Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols for their roles in the Oklahoma City bombings.

Enter Susan Collins, stage right. She proposed that Ms. Ford be asked to testify and be questioned by: Beth Wilkinson. Then her attorney could cross examine Brett Kavanaugh. Boom! This would totally avoid the fiasco of all those liberal Democratic senators giving more ludicrous speeches followed by idiotic questions. Gone is the hope of liberal Democrats painting the picture of some arrogant clueless white male Republican Senator harassing a traumatized innocent female. Instead Ms. Ford would be interviewed by one of the most dangerous female trial attorneys on this planet. That is a worst case scenario for Democrats and Ms. Ford.

A high percentage of those arrogant white male Democrats (and Republicans) serving in the Senate came from similar backgrounds to Brett Kavanaugh. Most of them came from wealth, attending private elite prep schools before moving on to places like Harvard and Yale. Odds are most if not all of them attended private parties, involving females where there was a lot of alcohol consumed. It you want to see what this looks like, watch “Animal House” again. It would be very interesting to interview girls who attended those parties.

Ironically, based on what we know, Brett Kavanaugh may actually be the exception. That is why 65 females who knew him in high school rushed to his defense. Were they all wrong about him?

Democrats are bringing up Anita Hill, as if she matters. But no one can quite remember what she does now and Clarence Thomas still sits on the Supreme Court. So who really won that encounter?

After Lincoln was shot, the show at Ford’s Theater was cancelled.  Seems about right.



The latest desperate attempt by Democrats to slow down the Kavanaugh confirmation is doomed to failure.  This is nothing more than absolute proof that Democrats will do anything, and I do mean anything, to regain political power.  It is beyond despicable.  It is also a monumental error. Judge Kavanaugh will be confirmed. If Democrats thought this was bad for them before, they have just made it much worse.

Let’s assume that Judge Kavanaugh is not like the rest of us and he is not fuming at the Democrats pulling this stunt. Let’s assume that he is that rare human being capable of setting aside his own personal feelings and still make fair decisions regarding people he despises. Let’s assume that unlike Democrats, Judge Kavanaugh will make decisions on the facts and the law, not personal feelings and emotions.

Even if all that is true, which is far from certain, Democrats have made a huge mistake. They have put on a man on the Supreme Court, in a lifetime position, who can never forget the significant of what is going on. A man who knows that Democrats do not care about the constitution or the law. That they have no interest in dealing with any issue with honesty and fairness. That they are incapable of compromising with anyone or anything that does not conform to their opinion of political correctness, even when such opinion runs directly counter to their own previously held opinions on the same subject.  They are interested in one thing and only one thing only; personal power. They will destroy anyone or anything that gets in their way.

In his many years of service as a judge, Brett Kavanaugh has dealt with many other people who share this set of values, or I should say, lack of values. We call them criminals.

Democrats may not even recognize it when it happens. It may be a case that seems so innocent. It may show up in a carefully wording phrase in a legal opinion, largely overlooked by the vast majority of people. But, at some point, Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh will make a decision that will be devastating to Democrats. Not because he is filled with bitterness and hatred, although that would be more than understandable. Not because he is seeking revenge, although that too would be explainable. No, he will make this decision because he has been confronted with the sad reality that one of our political parties is now dominated by people who do not consider themselves subject to our laws and our constitution. He will make this decision because he knows, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that this country cannot survive if people like this ever regain political power. He knows that, under the current leadership, the Democrat party itself represents a clear and present danger to this country.

Any he will be on that court for the rest of his life.



Ok, Paul Manafort folded. He cut a plea deal with Mueller and is now ready to sing like a canary. This is it, right? This is finally the missing holy grail that proves there really was collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, right? I mean, after all, that was the whole point, right? Mueller was on a mission from God, ok maybe not God, but on a mission. He was there to find the Russian collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia that CNN, MSNBC, ABC, and CBS knew was there. It had to be there. How else could one explain the unexplainable. I mean, come on, this election was in the bag for Hillary. Yes, she was an old gas bag, with an awful personality and the most padded resume in the history of mankind, but hey! She was a woman, she was a liberal and it was time to break the glass ceiling once and for all, right? It was her turn. And she was running against Donald Trump!

Donald Trump? Are you kidding me. The loud mouth on Celebrity Apprentice with the world’s worst combover hovering over the world’s worst spray tan. The guy famous primarily for bad jokes and insults? Yes, Hillary had her faults, but DONALD “blankety blank” TRUMP. Seriously? No self-respecting person would vote for this guy to be Commissioner of Sanitation, right? He is the world’s most obvious bad joke. Hillary is outspending this guy by like 2 to 1. Every TV network, including FOX is warming up for the coronation. Fireworks have been ordered for her victory party in Manhattan. What could possibly go wrong.

But it did go wrong. On election night, state after state that should known better voted for Trump. Hillary lost in states that hadn’t voted for a Republican since Noah was working on his boat thingies. It wasn’t even close. By the time the vaunted anchors on CNN were sipping their second cocktail, the world turned upside down. The impossible, the unthinkable, the unimaginable, was actually happening. Donald Trump was really going to be the next President of the United States. Perhaps Rachel Maddox put this best when she said: This is not just a bad dream, this is not a nightmare, you’re not imagining this, this is real.

There had to be a mistake. This couldn’t possibly be true. There must be another explanation. Any other explanation. Hillary blamed it on the Russians and suddenly it made sense after all. It was Putin, over there in Russia. He hacked the DNC e-mails and in one of the dirtiest campaign stunts in history told the world the truth about Hillary Clinton. He published real DNC e-mails and let the entire world see the real Hillary Clinton: a loathsome hateful plastic imitation of a human being who came perilously close to losing the DNC nomination to an aging irrational socialist from Vermont or where ever. This, and only this, could explain the unexplainable. This and only this could make sense of the madness of Donald Trump being President of the United States. They had to believe this, because the alternative was to accept the cold hard truth that Hillary really had lost. Not just lost but lost to a clown. Not just any clown, but Donald “blankety blank” Trump.

And then the skies opened, and Robert Mueller descended from heaven to save the day. He would be given unlimited power to slay the dragon. To prove to the world that this was all a big mistake and it was not our fault, it was Russia’s fault. The fire breathing dragon, ok, clown with the poorly died red hair combover, would be forcibly removed from office and peace, love, happy days and sanity would finally be restored.

Except that Mueller didn’t slay the dragon. He didn’t find a hint of Russian collusion. Instead he was confronted with the obvious, that this was all BS created by bumbling amateurs at the FBI, DOJ and the CIA. Seriously? Even if Donald Trump wasn’t guilty, these guys should at a minimum been able to do better job of framing him.

At each step, they kept waiting for that masterful secret witness. The one who saves the day, in Perry Mason style, and forces the obviously guilty Donald Trump to sob his way through a tearful resignation. But, that never happened. Instead Trump just kept on tweeting insults and Mueller delivered nothing other than a handful of meaningless confessions by people who can’t even spell collusion. These are pathetic sideshows that wouldn’t warrant anyone’s attention unless they were brief stops on the way to impeachment.

Then, the greatest of them all, Paul Manafort, is finally intimidated into pleading guilty and, wait for it, he is going to cooperate with Mueller. The national nightmare is finally over. Birds are starting to sing again. The clouds will roll away and the sun will shine again. There’s a new day dawning. Happy Days are right around the corner.

Except, wait, there’s a problem. Yes, Manafort is singing, but he’s singing wildly off key. He is, gasp, singing about people like Tony Podesta and the Clinton campaign. He is talking about collusion, not by Donald Trump, but by Democratic fat cats and not with Russia, but rather Ukraine. Didn’t Mueller get the memo? Yes, Manafort bought politicians, but they aren’t Republicans, they’re Democrats. The guy even arranged a meeting between the Hapsburg Group and President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden. What the heck is that? Who cares if those guys colluded with a foreign power to influence an election. Why would that matter? This is not about them, this was never about them. What is this crap?

Alcohol. More alcohol. It won’t change anything, but it will lessen the pain. The world looks better after alcohol. That is why God, if one believes in God, invented the stuff. Alcohol doesn’t change the world, but it does a great job in changing how one views the world. Never more necessary than now.

The flip, flopped.



Several years ago I was working as an expert witness with regard to a claim improperly denied by the insurance carrier. The attorney representing my client was not optimistic. I recommended he depose one particular person, who happened to be a general counsel for the insurance company. He resisted because he didn’t think that would clarify anything. But I had noticed that she was copied on a denial letter. Finally the attorney reluctantly filed the notice of deposition. The results were instantaneous. After three years of denial the insurance carrier folded and sent the insured a check for $500,000. The attorney was shocked.

I explained what happened to him. I realized that there was no way that general counsel would allow herself to be deposed regarding a conversation she had with an adjuster. She would consider preserving attorney client privilege to be far more important than this claim. She knew that if she testified, under oath, with regard to this conversation she would be setting a precedent the insurance carrier could not tolerate.

We may have a very similar situation regarding a meeting in the White House. This has been reported by Joe DiGenova. It is important to understand that DiGenova knows people who know people who know things. He was a former U.S. attorney. He is on a board with Former FBI and CIA Director William Webster and former U.S. Attorney General Benjamin Civiletti. He was retained by the New York State Senate to investigate Governor Eliot Spitzer. He led the prosecution of Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard and was the principle Assistant U.S. Attorney during the prosecution of John W. Hinkley. He is a part of a very small community of insiders.

Now he is saying two things, that if true will change things overnight:

He is reporting that Mueller has told close friends that he was handed a bunch of crap with regard to alleged collusion and he has found no evidence of collusion. That seems very possible. He says Mueller will probably indict someone else for lying to the FBI but will bring no charges regarding collusion.

He says that there was a meeting in the White House on January 5, 2017, with Joe Biden, Sarah Yates, Susan Rice, James Comey and Barack Obama to discuss targeting Michael Flynn. I doubt that he would make reference to such a meeting if he didn’t have evidence. He also says that says that James Baker, former FBI General Counsel is cooperating with an investigation. The people protecting Biden and Obama will never let anyone testify with regard to what exactly was said in that meeting. This means that someone, probably Sally Yates or James Comey may be in serious danger of being thrown under the bus. The guardians of the throne will sacrifice anything and anyone to prevent this from landing at Obama’s feet. They can’t throw Biden under the bus because he is too close to Obama.

This is now perilously close to Obama. Hitting the panic button is a real option.

NOTE:  In March, DiGenova was dismissed as a conspiracy theorist because he said there was a brazen plot to illegally exonerate Hillary Clinton and to frame Donald Trump with a falsely created crime.  Right now, DiGenova looks more like a prophet, or at least someone with insider information than he does a conspiracy theorist chasing mythical unicorns.

Joseph diGenova Conspiracy Theories About FBI and DOJ



Sometimes all we see or hear comes from the Main Stream Media. While FOX is slightly more balanced, it doesn’t present the entire picture either. For example, if you watch Hannity on Monday and you watch Hannity on Friday, you will see the same people saying the same things and nothing will change.  To give Hannity credit, he has reported stories other people ignored and he has been proven more right than wrong. But, that does not change the fact that his show is largely repetitious.

It is increasingly obvious that even the MSM has given up on finding Russian collusion and obstruction of justice. They have given up on Mueller saving them from Donald Trump. That is why the NYT ran that stupid Op-Ed and the talking heads on CNN pretended this was immediate grounds to remove a President. We are now to the point where hating Donald Trump’s personality is sufficient cause to remove him from office.  That Op-Ed helps Trump, because it shows we have a President who refuses to be dominated by the permanent establishment. Those steady hands are really people committed to staying the course on a foreign policy that was not working.

But just because you can’t see beneath the surface does not mean there is no movement. Still water often does run deep. Serious things are happening and if you look closely, that surface is starting to show signs of movement.

Ironically Omarosa may have helped Donald Trump by playing another of her tapes on the View.

Here is what Trump actually said:

“I think Hillary is getting killed right now with Russia,” Trump says in the tape. “The real Russia story is Hillary and collusion.” He claims that then-White House communications director Hope Hicks told him Clinton paid $9 million for opposition research, which resulted in the infamous Russian dossier. Huckabee Sanders corrects him, saying it was allegedly closer to $6 million.

“Did you see?” Trump says. “Nobody knows who spent it. No, I heard it was nine. I heard it was 5.7 but now they say it was nine.” He then claims that the money was allegedly paid through a law firm so it couldn’t be traced. He is insistent that the money came through illegal campaign contributions. He never cites a source or provides proof of this. “It’s definitely illegal, and it’s illegal from a campaign standpoint, from a campaign financing standpoint,” Trump says. “So the Russia thing seems to have turned around, don’t you think?”

The press response is typical, the only thing that matters is that Trump got the $9 million wrong.  This is like someone talking about Jeffrey Dahmer and saying he killed twenty people. This is immediately corrected to point out that Dahmer only killed seventeen people, apparently implying this is less of a crime. The Clinton campaign did funnel campaign funds to people from Russia in a deliberate attempt to influence an election. There are almost certain to be some very serious people investigating this.

We are now starting to see a steady release of critical documents. Each of these documents is further evidence of the real conspiracy within the DOJ and the FBI to collude with the Clinton campaign and Russia to influence the election. These are being released for two reasons. One is that the truth is becoming too obvious to ignore. But the second may just be that the investigations done by the FBI and the DOJ are complete. They may be past the point of investigating and close to the point of announcing indictments.

There is a lot of evidence that still water runs deep and that eventually all the debris is going to surface.



It is ok to be hated. It is ok to be scorned. Once can even survive unrelenting hostility. But, one cannot survive being laughed out of the room. The Nike ad featuring Colin Kaepernick is truly insulting. Apparently not only must we tolerate the insults and disrespect for our flag, we must now stand up and salute Kaepernick for his heroic stand against injustice. This, of course, is absurd. Kaepernick sacrificed nothing and his entire campaign is based on a patently false narrative.

At first, I thought the response to this would be anger and a boycott of Nike, ESPN and the NFL. That is all true and that is happening. But this is a lot more than that. This commercial is so bad that there are now more versions of this commercial mocking it than there are of the original. Some of these “modified ads” are absolutely hysterical. Donald Trump, Jr. even made one substituting his dad’s face for Kaepernick. One of my current favorites is a picture of Tanya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan.  The caption is:

“Believe in something, Even if it means taking a knee.”

I saw a talking head on TV trying to explain that this will help Nike sell shoes in China. He is unconcerned over the people boycotting Nike and burning shoes.  Apparently selling Nike products in America is a waste of time. He considers this a brilliant marketing strategy. He will probably be unemployed by next weekend. Wiser people are selling Nike stock.

This Nike commercial has become a national joke and this is not going away anytime soon. In addition, no one will ever be able to say “sacrifice” again with a straight face. This has literally changed our language, probably permanently. That is sad, because once again we have changed the meaning of a word to the extent it no longer has any meaning.

I sometimes think the most profitable job in the world is to get promoted to CEO of a major corporation so that you are in a position to make a really world class mistake. Then you get fired, along with a huge bonus check for mucking it up. Sometimes, stupidity can be very rewarding.



The Kavanaugh hearings may have a major, unexpected, impact on the mid-term elections. The Democratic Party has been taken over by the extreme liberal left. This element of the party is absolutely delusional. They have put tremendous pressure on Chuck Schumer to derail the Kavanaugh nomination. They realize that if Kavanaugh is confirmed conservatives will dominate the Supreme Court for decades. This is a worst case scenario for them.

This explains why Schumer has become increasingly hysterical. It is why he is screaming impeachment. It is why he even shut down the Senate in a failed attempt to derail the Kavanaugh hearings. It is why he coordinated the silly games being played by Democrats on the Judiciary Committee. But the problem for Schumer is that he is doomed to fail and the liberal left will not tolerate defeat.

We have already seen long term Democrats, considered to be in safe seats, defeated in primaries by poorly funded candidates from the extreme left, socialist, wing of the party. There may be no safe seat for a Democrat who loses support of the liberal left. The extreme left does not believe in capitalism, they believe in socialism. They only believe in elections if they win. They don’t believe in compromise and they can’t even spell tolerance. The only way to satisfy them is to give them exactly what they want. They want Kavanaugh defeated. They will only accept a Supreme Court justice to the left of Ruth Ginsberg. They don’t want excuses they demand results. Logic, compromise and common sense are not even in their vocabulary. They don’t care how hard Schumer works to defeat Kavanaugh; they only care whether or not he succeeds.

When he loses, as he must, they will hold him and every current Democrat in congress accountable. They won’t switch and start voting for Republicans, but they also won’t turn out in droves to support Democrats either. If anything, they are likely to protest against both parties. Those people screaming and yelling during the hearings today are not going to be enthusiastic about supporting the people who let them down.

On October 26, 1986 Bill Buckner misplayed a routine ground ball. Some people believe it was the primary reason the Boston Red Sox lost the World Series. Boston Red Sox fans never forgave him. He even received death threats. That was only Boston Red Sox fans and it was only a World Series. It doesn’t compare to the sense of loss the liberal left will feel when Brett Kavanaugh is confirmed

This is so bad that the mythical blue wave may literally turn into a red tide. Donald Trump and Republicans are winning and Democrats are striking out in the biggest game of all. It is still 60 days before the midterms, but right now momentum is all on the side of Republicans and it would be foolish to ignore that.


James Woods, a smart man, quickly recognized the significance of the idiotic decision by Nike to feature Colin Kaepernick. He advised his broker to immediately sell all his Nike stock. Nike stock feel 3% yesterday. Odds are it will fall more today. At first the decline may seem reasonable, but it will continue to slide. Even extreme liberals like to keep their money. While some people, like Lebron James and Tom Brady may not grasp the magnitude of this error, those people smart enough to earn money who invested it in Nike stock are likely working overtime on an exit strategy.

Ironically, one result will be enormous class action lawsuits against the board of directors of Nike. Here are the people who are about to be sued:

Mark Parker                        Chairman, President & CEO

Philip Knight                        Co-Founder and Chairman Emeritus

Alan Graf, Jr.                       Fed Ex Corporation

Timothy Cook                     Apple, Inc.

John Lechleiter        Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America

John Thompson, Jr.           Nike, Inc.

John Connors                       MBS Source, LLC

Johnathan Rodgers            Nike, Inc.

Elizabeth Comstock           Nike, Inc

Michelle Peluso       International Business Machines Corporation

John Donahoe II      ServiceNow, Inc.

Travis Knight                        Laika, LLC

Pater Henry PH.D   Nike, Inc.

Cathleen Benk         Nike, Inc.

This will do more than depress Nike sales. It will do more than result in people burning Nike merchandise. This will make anyone wearing Nike labeled products a target. Most of us will just see the logo and smirk. Other people will potentially respond violently. If you doubt that, check out the physical assaults on people wearing MAGA hats. Now multiply that by several thousand.

If, and that is a big if, Nike is to even survive it will probably have to rebrand itself. Nice! This is going to rank as one of the dumbest decisions in the history of corporate America. This reminds me when on July 11, 1985, Coca-Cola Chairman & CEO Roberto Goizueta and Coca-Cola president Donald Keough decided to change the recipe for Coke so that it would taste more like Pepsi. It was a complete disaster. In just a few days, the original Coke was back, now labeled Coca-Cola Classic. New Coke has been long gone.

Perhaps the best comment was by a Coke executive who said:

“We did not know what we were selling. We are not selling a soft drink. We are selling a tiny part of people’s lives.”  Coca-Cola Classic was completely removed from Coke cans in 2009.

Some people believe the entire “New Coke” campaign was a publicity stunt. Who knows? But what Nike has done is no publicity stunt, it is a publicity disaster. This is either a deliberate insult to every veteran and police officer or these people are beyond stupid.

The truth is that Colin Kaepernick probably sat down for the National Anthem because otherwise no one would have paid attention to him at all.  He had been reduced to a back-up quarterback all wise 49er fans prayed would never see game action. His career was already over, not because of his political views, but because of his lousy performance. But when he sat for the national anthem, the liberal left and the MSM went crazy. Suddenly everyone forgot that Kaepernick was a lousy player and they elevated him to superstar status. The owners and coaches in the NFL knew better. A polarizing player drawing massive publicity can be very destructive.If that player can’t actually play, the problem is magnified.

Now, Nike is comparing this to winning the Medal of Honor. In reality the only thing Kaepernick sacrificed was several more weeks of oblivion as a backup quarterback being paid too much to justify placing him on the practice squad. Most people not named Lebron James and Tom Brady realize that.

I can already imagine another TV ad by William Devane on behalf of Rosland Capital:

To all of you who own or previously owned Nike Stock: I warned you to buy gold.”