The left hates Mike Lindell. One has to admit that his “My Pillow” commercials can be annoying, primarily because they are on all the time. In addition, he only has a few commercials, so we see the same thing over and over again. But that is not why they hate him. They hate him because he is a strong vocal Trump supporter. They tried to do run this fake hit piece about him having an affair with Jan Krakowski. The problem was that Mike Lindell has never even met her and she not only denied the affair, but she also denied even knowing him. This was, at best, extremely incompetent reporting.

Retailers like Kohl’s and Bed Bath & Beyond have already dropped selling “My Pillow” products. However, Costco did not. Perhaps Costco realized that some people are buying “My Pillow” products. Apparently, a lot of people are buying “My Pillow” products. The result is that “My Pillow” has a serious problem. Sales have skyrocketed to the point that the factory can’t keep up. If you order a “My Pillow” today, you get a response saying there is a two-week lag in shipping because of the increase in demand.

Liberals always make the same mistake. They think everyone thinks like them when the opposite is true. Remember when they attacked “Chick-Fil-A” people all over the country went out of their way to buy something from “Chick-Fil-A.“

Liberals never learn. They are incapable of understanding or even seeing how most people think about important issues. The result is that they keep making the same mistakes, over and over again, and they keep expecting different results. Some would argue that this is the definition of insanity, but in this case is it merely stupidity.

The hatred of Donald of Donald Trump is very real, but the number of people who are impacted by it is actually a relatively small number. Only people hopelessly naïve believe that Joe Biden won the election in a landslide. In fact, I haven’t heard anyone even claim that recently, they just say that Trump has no evidence of election fraud. The election of Joe Biden itself is evidence of election fraud. The point being that underestimating Trump’s support can be a very expensive mistake if you are connected with a firm that sells ANYTHING.

Facebook got a quick demonstration of that when they literally lost billions by blocking Donald Trump. So did Twitter. I still have a Facebook account, but I no longer post anything on it, and I will at some point delete this account entirely. I know many other people who have already done that. I also know people who are blocking Facebook from tracking you and also blocking Facebook from gathering information from other apps. People have also learned how to stop Apple phones from tracking your activities. All of these things are a major source of income for Facebook, Twitter, and Apple. We are talking about billions of dollars in lost revenue. A lot of people who hate Donald Trump still love the income he provides them.

I believe some things will happen sooner rather than later. Those who have trashed Trump will quickly try to mend fences. Others will seize the day and look for ways to connect with Donald Trump. The bottom line is that at least 74 million people did vote for Trump and no one can afford to ignore 74 million potential customers. At least for me, I have zero interest in hearing anything about Joe Biden. Almost everything he does is stupid, and he is frankly boring. We have basically stopped watching national news. I suspect a lot of people feel exactly the same. This means the MSM must find something else to cover that will get people’s attention. Watch out Andrew Cuomo. If you have been paying attention there has been massive turnover at the very top levels of management in the MSM.

This reminds me of a friend of mine who went through a difficult divorce. He made a firm decision that he would not attend any family event that included his ex-wife. Then he found himself eating Thanksgiving dinner at McDonalds, all by himself, saying: “I showed them!” He eventually figured out that he was only punishing himself.

This year there is going to be a lot of pillow talk. I personally have never been interested in purchasing a “My Pillow” before now.  I always thought it was silly and over-priced. But, recently, my wife and I have seriously considering buying one. After all, it is really important to hold people like Mike Lindell accountable.




Since the news has become so annoying and we are pretty much confined to being at home or at work, my wife and I have resorted to binge TV watching. Lately we have been watching “Victoria,” a mini-series about the early years of Queen Victoria. While much of this has been greatly modified for entertainment purposes, there is a lot of real history there.

Previously this mini-series told the story of “Robert Peel,” who was Prime Minister of England. He pushed to repeal the Corn laws, against wide-spread opposition from his own party. He did this because it was the right thing to do, even though he knew it would end his political career. That is the true definition of character and courage.

At the start of series three there is a new character, “Lord Palmerston.” I did some research, and he appears to be just as outrageous in real-life as in the TV series. He loved gambling, racing and women, not necessarily in that order. He was also vocally supportive of the revolutions occurring throughout Europe where kings and emperors were being violently removed from power.

Lord Palmerton arrives on the scene, shortly after the former King of France has been deposed and is now a guest of the British Royal Family. If one listened to Palmerton’s public support for revolution, one would have thought he was a threat to the Royal Family. But the opposite was true. He not only supported the Royal Family, he was determined to protect them. There is one scene where he bluntly tells Prince Albert exactly how he feels about things. The Prince is not amused, he is insulted. But it turns out that Palmerston was perhaps their most valuable advisor because he told them what they needed to know, not what they wanted to hear.

This is a reminder that there are no perfect people on this planet and some of the most necessary people are those who come with a lot of baggage. Lord Palmerston, by all accounts, was exactly that. No one would choose to have him as a friend or relative and he would be a guaranteed disruption to any social event. In many ways he was a role model for irresponsible behavior. But ultimately, he did love his country, he loved the British system of government and Britain was fortunate he was there.

There are obvious comparisons with Donald Trump. Trump loves this country and his decisions as President of the United States have been appropriate and responsible. However, it is also easy to see why so many people find it impossible to trust him.
After this election it was obvious to a lot of people that this election was stolen. Yet no one in a position to do anything was willing to admit that. No one in the DOJ, no court, no member of congress. Some of them would agree that an investigation was warranted, but they lacked the courage to challenge the results. What makes this worse is that this was done out of a false sense of responsibility. The most unethical decision possible would be to put an obviously unqualified person in the Oval Office as the result of fraudulent election.

Today, as we watch the tragedy of the Biden Administration, it is time to ask important questions. Who is responsible for this, the Democrats who did this in their lust for power, or the Republicans who lacked the courage and determination to stop this? Ted Cruz came close, because he did object to the electoral college vote, but there is no evidence he was willing to do more than make a political show he knew was destined to fail. We can and should blame Democrats, but at least they were honest about what they had in mind. But Republicans, who knew what was happening and lacked the courage to do whatever it took to stop it deserve most of the blame. I believe as some point the enormity of the fraud will be impossible to ignore. Unfortunately, that will be only after it is too late to change the outcome.

Donald Trump has more than a little baggage. But he warned everyone about this. Many did not want to hear this, particularly from him. But, as he often stated, is there was no one else willing to stand up for the President of the United States under these circumstances? No one? Certainly no one in a position of power was willing to do that.

Donald Trump is preparing to make his case before the entire Senate, during the impeachment trial. It may be too late for Democrats or Republicans to stop him from doing this. I doubt that the Senate will be listening, but millions of people across this country will be paying very close attention. No one should underestimate this.

History teaches us that there are no perfect people, but there are people who are perfectly necessary. It is easy to point out all the baggage that comes along with someone like Donald Trump. It is far more difficult to find anyone remotely capable of replacing him.



























President Trump is doing exactly what I hoped he would do. His entire legal defense team for the upcoming trial just quit. Apparently, they were planning on arguing that the trial is illegal and unconstitutional. They were not planning on putting up a defense, on the theory that the entire trial is illegal. That is, of course, the right legal strategy. But Donald Trump does not view this as a legal challenge. He views it as the opportunity to make his case to the American people. He plans on offering a defense that the election was stolen. He actually has evidence of that and so he is and was justified in saying that. Everyone already knows that every Democrat will vote to convict. That is easy to predict because they all voted to convict him last time, when he had done nothing wrong. Most of the Republicans, about 45, will vote to acquit. Five RINO Republicans may vote to convict. Conviction, which requires 67 votes, is impossible. Having a majority of the senate vote to convict, which is likely, would be very humiliating for Trump.

Everyone knows the outcome is predetermined. Most of the “jurors” have already made up their mind. That is one reason this whole impeachment trial is a fiasco. Even if convicted, Trump could appeal to the Supreme Court which is likely to rule that you cannot impeach a President after he has already left office.

So, since this is already a political trial, Trump will make it all political. He apparently intends to order his attorneys to present a case that the election was stolen. He will be making this case not for the Senators sitting in that chamber, but rather for the American people glued to their television sets.  He has a good chance of winning over that audience for obvious reasons. There are already a ton of people who think this election was stolen. The last poll I saw showed that 72% of Republicans and even 30% of Democrats already believe this election was stolen. Those percentages can only go up, as more people learn about the evidence, some of which is absolutely stunning.

Some Republicans will move to not let the Democrats call any witnesses and may move for a quick vote with no trial. That, although predictable, would be a huge mistake. But the good news is that Democrats appear to be desperate to hold this trial and they may not be able to avoid this now even if they wanted to. Imagine the political embarrassment if the Senate voted not to proceed with the trial after they just voted to hold it a few days ago. Republicans lack the votes to stop this, so at this point the show looks like it is going to go on.

Some Democrats, like Richard Durbin, obviously see the peril here and are looking for an out. But five Republicans appear to be committed to the trial, so wiser heads are unlikely to prevail. This is another reminder that Trump is Trump, he marches to his own tune and one of the things that made him so successful is that he trusts how own instincts.

It will be interesting to see who Trump chooses as his legal counsel. He would be wise to avoid either Sidney Powell or Lin Wood, because many people consider them to be discredited. Both have argued for conspiracy theories not supported by the facts. There is a strong argument for a stolen election that does not require conspiracy theories. The MSM still says Trump was making false allegations about evidence of election fraud. T0hat is impossible to reconcile with the simple fact that 18 states agreed with him and literally joined a lawsuit, rejected by the Supreme Court, alleging serious election law violations in swing states.

Lindsey Graham warned Democrats that this trial could blow up in their face. He is right about that. Just imagine if Trump finally does get to put on his evidence and it is just as compelling as he believes. Now combine this with a Joe Biden, increasingly senile, continuing to make illegal executive orders that are  killing any prospect of an economic recovery.  They are infuriating millions of people with things like allowing biological men to participate in women’s sports and, by the way, use women’s restrooms and shower facilities. Now imagine how popular Joe will be if people realize he was put in power illegally. People would be united. They will be furious at those who made this happen and those who allowed this to happen on their watch.

We just may be in for an unprecedented political firestorm and the only thing really predictable is great crowds of fire.



I can understand politics, but there should be a line that is never crossed. That is when someone says or does something, for purely political purposes, that actually does great harm. Shortly after we learned about COVID 19, President Trump casually mentioned that he had heard good things about Hydroxychloroquine. He said it had been used from a long time and it appeared to help some people. He wondered if it would help treat COVID 19.

This was instantly trashed by Democrats and the MSM. Neil Cavuto raged on Fox News that people should not take this, it would kill them. Trump was routinely mocked for saying this. Some accused him of telling people to drink bleach. In a hysterical response, not based on a shred of real science, some states banned hydroxychloroquine and others greatly restricted its use. In some cases, such as at the VA, they banned using it early, when it was effective, and only allowed it to be used as a last-ditch effort, when it was unlikely to be effective. They then published the results creating the impression that this was dangerous.

I am sure all of us can remember lectures of how irresponsible it was of Trump to mention this. That we should only listen to the science and to the scientists like Dr. Fauci. The same Dr. Fauci who said the science shows that hydroxychloroquine is not effective as a coronavirus treatment.

Anthony Fauci: Science shows hydroxychloroquine is not effective as a coronavirus treatment – CNNPolitics

Trump was right. His critics were wrong, dead wrong as it turned out. They were either uninformed or deliberately lying to you. They could not risk giving Trump credit for a good idea, even if it really was a good idea. Especially if it was a good idea.  We may never know how many people suffered and perhaps died needlessly, but it is a big number.  Here are the real facts, based on world-wide COVID 19 studies.

HCQ for COVID-19: real-time analysis of all 237 studies (c19study.com)

It turns out there have been 237 studies, 171 of which were peer reviewed. 195 of them compared treatment and control groups. It has been widely used by millions of people world-wide, usually in countries too stupid to follow the science used by governors in blue states. The results show that 67% of people who took this benefited and the mortality rate was decreased by 75%. These are stunning results. If doctors in the U.S had just prescribed this treatment, when Trump casually mentioned it, a lot of lives could have been saved. There is also no evidence of negative evaluations other when it than used solely as a last ditch-effort, you know the only way it was authorized by the VA and blue state governors.

This is shameful, but odds are you will never see this reported in the MSM. Don’t hold your breath waiting for an apology from Neil Cavuto. The most likely response will be to ignore this. Just because hydroxychloroquine is cheap, has been used safely for decades and has obviously helped a lot of people world-wide is no reason to tell anyone. Why risk making Donald Trump look good?

No, follow the science, lock down society even more, require everyone to wear one, two or even three masks and wait patiently for the vaccine. Meanwhile, the vaccine only available because of the leadership by Donald Trump is being delayed because of political correctness giving it first to people who don’t need it and often don’t want it, while forcing those who want and need it the most to wait. Give to first responders, who don’t want it. Then give it school children, who are extremely unlikely to benefit from it. Give it to teachers, who have little threat from students, so the Teachers Union can still tell them to stay home. But this is great, because they can still blame everything on Donald Trump and nothing else matters.

Now to be clear, this study could be wrong. The odds that an ineffective treatment generates these types of positive results is estimated to be 1 in 4 quadrillion. More than enough to convince Democratic governors that the risk is totally unacceptable. The good news is that, at best, this would have only saved about 320,250 of the 427,000 COVID deaths, so the damage was obviously minimal.

Thank God for Democrats. Thank God for the MSM. But especially thank God that no one listens to Donald Trump anymore.



The Houston Astros developed a complicated system of stealing signs from opposing teams and using them to cheat in baseball games. This became so obvious after the 2018 World Series against the Los Angeles Dodgers, that Major League Baseball finally did a thorough investigation. The result of that investigation was to prove that the Astros had cheated. The manager, AJ Hinch and general manager Jeff Luhnow were suspended for the entire 2020 season. The Houston Astros ownership had to eat a lot of humble pie and both Hinch and Luhnow were fired.

That did not change the outcome of the 2018 World Series. They did not have to give back the trophy. They are still in the record books as the winners of the 2018 World Series, but few baseball fans consider that to be a legitimate victory. In addition, Houston Astros owner, Jim Crane, accepted the punishment and did not argue against the decision by Major League Baseball. Instead, during the news conference where he announced the firings, he said the following:

“It’s the stiffest penalty that any team has ever taken or given, and we accept that. We’re going to move forward in a positive way.”

He was lucky the other owners did not demand he sell the team. The Houston Astros hired Dusty Baker to be the new manager which is pretty remarkable. Prior to 2020, the Houston Astros were famous for using analytics to manage the team. Dusty Baker is famous for not using analytics.

The Houston Astros are hardly the first team to cheat during a baseball game. Stealing signs is pretty much a tradition for all teams. What was different this time is that they took this to a whole new level, this was beyond obvious, and they got caught. This is very similar to the 2020 Presidential election. Everyone knows what happened, eventually this will all come out, but too late to change the outcome.

It will be interesting to see what happens regarding the impeachment trial of Donald Trump. It is already clear he will not be convicted. That would require 17 Republicans to vote for conviction and no one expects that. If the trial even starts, expect Republicans to strenuously object if Democrats even try to call one witness. The problem for Democrats is that they did not investigate this before voting to impeach and Republicans are not about to let them off the hook for that.

The real question is what will Donald Trump order his attorneys to do? From a legal standpoint, he could just have them refuse to even respond to the Democrats case. That would result in a quick vote which would fall far short of conviction. But Trump may not want to do that, for several reasons. One is that he has nothing to lose. He can’t be removed from an office he no longer holds and there are no indications that he even intends on running for office again. So, to some extent, he has nothing to lose.

Another is that if he directs his attorneys to put on a defense, that will by definition include evidence that the election was stolen. The main argument made by Democrats is that Trump lied about the election being stolen. They want everyone to believe that Trump just couldn’t accept the results of a legitimate election. Any serious discussion at all regarding whether this election was stolen is guaranteed to hurt Democrats. So far, with the help of the MSM, they have just dismissed every allegation as “without any evidence.” Of course, there is no chance of finding evidence if one never bothers to look.

It is important to remember that while this trial will be in the Senate, the real hearing will be before the American people.  Trump doesn’t need to prove that the election was stolen, he just needs to prove that he had just cause to believe it was stolen. So far, the narrative is that Trump must prove the election was stolen. That could easily flip to where Democrats would be required to prove it was not stolen.

I really believe this is a classic case of prosecutorial over-reach. If Democrats had just voted to censor Trump that probably would have passed, with Republican support. That would have been devastating for Donald Trump. More importantly, it would have delayed and potentially eliminated any real investigation into election fraud.

History teaches us that when prosecutors over-reach, they frequently suffer a humiliating loss. A classic example of that was the George Zimmerman trial. If prosecutors had charged him with reckless misconduct, they might have convicted him. But when they charged him with murder, the evidence against that was overwhelming.

I suspect that Democrats will refuse to back down. They are that angry. They are also that dumb. They impeached Trump in anger, before they even learned the facts. Now, they are fully committed.

Sadly, Republicans are likely to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory by just demanding a quick vote which will fall far short of convicting Trump. But Democrats would just move to censor Trump and since that would only need 51 votes, that would probably pass. Democrats have lunged into a trap they created for themselves and one would hope, but not expect, that Republicans realize this and refuse facilitate an easy escape.

But no matter what happens with regard to this fiasco of an impeachment trial, Donald Trump will find a way to make his case. We have all learned not to underestimate this man.

If the meantime, if you go to Houston, my hunch is that you won’t see a lot of people wearing a 2018 World Series jacket. Just saying.




In 2008  Barack Obama was elected President of the United States in a landslide.  Democrats continued their hold of the Senate, under Harry Reid and gained 8 seats. They had a near veto proof majority with 57 Senate seats. Republicans only had 41 senate seats and the two independents voted with Democrats. The house switched from Republican control to Democratic control. Democrats picked up 21 seats.  Democrats now had 233 seats to 202 seats for Republicans and Nancy Pelosi became Speaker of the House.

We had a Democratic President, elected by a landslide with a Democratic House and a Democratic Senate able to pass anything they wanted. What could possibly go wrong?There was only one problem. Contrary to what the MSM told you, Barack Obama is not an effective leader. Congress focused almost entirely on passing ObamaCare with zero Republican support. Democrats did a lousy job of governing. Two years later in 2010 things already started to change. Republicans gained control of the House. They gained 63 seats and now had a 242 to 193 margin. Republicans also gained six seats in the Senate, still controlled Democrats 51 to 47, with the two independents voting with the Democrats. Democrats  couldn’t pass anything in the House, and they have serious problems passing things in the Senate.

In 2012 Barack Obama was re-elected. He defeated Mitt Romney. Today the serious problems with Mitt Romney are obvious. But in 2012 Republicans stupidly chose him to carry the torch. Barack Obama would have been defeated if Republicans had chosen a better candidate. Democrats gained two seats in the Senate and 8 seats in the house. But Republicans still controlled the House and the Democratic margin in the senate was still very thin. That would change even more in the next two years.

In 2013, Ted Cruz put on a filibuster against the Affordable Care Act. Eventually Cruz had to give up and he was unable to stop ObamaCare. At the time, all the political pundits thought this was a major mistake by Cruz. They were wrong. People were listening to Cruz. By the way, I sent an e-mail to Fox News pointing this out during the filibuster and incredibly they read it on the air. They ignored it, but at least they read it. I wrote that thanks to Ted Cruz, Democrats totally owned ObamaCare and they would come to regret that.

Cruz was right. In 2014 Republicans ran the table. They gained 13 seats in the House, increasing their margin to 247 to 188. Republicans flipped the Senate and now had a 54 to 44 margin, with the two independents voting with the Democrats. 2014 is a reminder that when Republicans stand up for their principles, they win elections.

Joe Biden is turning out to be much worse than anyone predicted, and no one predicted good things. He has already signed something like 28 executive orders. It is important to remember that much of what he is doing is illegal and unconstitutional. The court challenges are already occurring, and he lost one big time. A federal court immediately blocked his decision to arbitrarily stop all deportations. So, while Biden is doing a lot of scary stuff, most of it will never actually happen. What will happen is that he is making almost everyone angry.

Even the MSM, still trying to pretend this is good, is starting to notice. When you combine this with an economy in decline, COVID 19 out of control and nothing positive being done about anything, it is a perfect storm. Soon and very soon a lot of people will be trying to distance themselves from Joe Biden and the 2020 election.

Joe Biden lacks the leadership skill to get anyone to unite behind him about anything. He is far more likely to muck things up than he is to come up with a brilliant new idea. He is signing docs, written by others, that he probably doesn’t understand and can’t possibly explain. When you combine this with his obvious senility, it literally becomes painful to watch.  The MSM will trying to spin this away but raving about his leadership is meaningless unless he does something resembling leadership. That is impossible.

Democrats are self-destructing at a record pace. This is so obvious and so bad that two Democrats, Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema have both started to distance themselves from Chuck Schumer. There will be others.

Biden will continue to pretend and every time he opens his mouth, it will become worse. His speech on racial justice insulted almost everyone.

As John Kennedy said, victory has a thousand fathers, but defeat is an orphan. Joe Biden is not actually President of the United States, he is head of the biggest orphanage in the world.



One thing is beyond obvious. Donald Trump is out of office and is not a threat to anyone.  Yet Democrats remain on a mission to destroy him. “Why?” While some celebrities in Hollywood are predictably cheering, most normal people are not. They just want to move on. They want the Democrats who now control the House, Senate, and the White House to do something. They want them to do something to stop COVID 19. They want to see the economy recover. And most important, they want to return to normal. They want to visit friends and relatives, go to sporting events and concerts and even eat indoors at a restaurant. They want to look around and see people’s faces, without terrified eyes peering out over worthless masks. They want to stop living in fear. Everyone wants this. If Democrats governed effectively and fixed things, they would get support even from skeptical Republicans. However, that is the least likely outcome.

Instead they are impeaching Donald Trump. At best, this is a big distraction when they can least afford it. It is always hard to discern rational thinking by people who are thinking and acting irrationally. But something is influencing them to so this, so here are my best guesses regarding motivation.


Democrats know that Joe Biden is a disaster as a President. They know everything is going to get worse and he has no workable plans to fix anything. So impeaching Trump is a way to distract from the obvious. It is basically a continuation of the last four years, blaming everything on Donald Trump.


Democrats fear Donald Trump. They fear him running again. They fear him leading a political campaign aimed at them. They desperately want to silence him, permanently. The opposite of love is not hated it is apathy, but the opposite of confidence is definitely fear.


As I have written before, never assume malice where mere incompetence is a satisfactory explanation. Those who already believe things that are clearly not true are fully capable of believing that Trump really tried to incite an insurrection based on lies about the last election.


They may just hate Donald Trump this much. They may want to see him destroyed without regard to the consequences. This hatred may blind them to the consequences. They fail to realize that hating him only fuels his power.

The only thing certain is that they are not doing the right thing, for the right reason. That is something they would never even consider.


They are impeaching Donald Trump, for something that is clearly not true in a futile attempt to remove him from an office he no longer holds. Regardless of why, this is definitely a fool’s errand. Here is a link to the Article of Impeachment.  You can read it for yourself:

READ: House article of impeachment against Donald Trump – CNNPolitics

They want us to believe that Trump was inciting violence against the Government of the United States by repeatedly issuing false claims that the Presidential election results were the product of widespread fraud. This obviously means that the most logical defense for Donald Trump is to prove that there is evidence that the election was the product of widespread fraud. This impeachment trial, if it even happens, will give Donald Trump and his legal counsel an opportunity to make his case for election fraud to the entire country, something that has not happened before. Contrary to what you hear on CNN, he has a lot of evidence.

He is also accused of saying: “if you don’t fight like hell, you’re not going to have a country anymore.” This sounds bad, until you realize almost every politician talks about fighting like hell for something. No one really believes this means storming the U.S. Capital.

They also claim that these words incited the crowd to invade the Capital. This is just plain silly, because the riots were planned in advance and Trump was over ½ mile away and he wasn’t even done speaking when this happened.  Even CNN admitted that. Plus, Trump told them to walk over there peacefully and patriotically. That is hardly a call for insurrection.

Finally, they include his call with the Georgia Secretary of State and predictably take what he said completely out of context. How, exactly, would that be inciting insurrection? Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. This is how they tried to build a case for impeachment before. It didn’t work then, and it won’t work now.

Look at the brilliant impeachment team appointed by Nancy Pelosi.  James Raskin, Dianne DeGette, David Cicilline, Joaquin Castro, Eric Swalwell, Ted Lieu, Stacy Plasket, Madeline Dean,  and Joe Neguse.  This is not exactly a panel of superstar attorneys, it is a class of clowns.

Trump on the other hand, hired Butch Bowers to lead his legal team. Butch Bower is a highly successful defense attorney. He is a stark contrast to the Democrats, who are prone to hyperbole and making ridiculous and unfounded accusations. He is known for his discretion.

To fight impeachment, Trump turns to ‘Butch’ Bowers, a South Carolina lawyer at a small firm who has defended state Republicans – The Washington Post

Lawyers are taught that if they have the facts, to hammer the facts, if they have a hated opponent, pound the opponent, and if they have neither, just pound. The Democrats will pound Donald Trump because they have no facts. They are likely to embarrass themselves because they are dealing with an attorney who will not take the bait but will focus solely on the facts and the evidence. Bowers is exactly the kind of attorney you want if you have all the facts and the law on your side. The house impeachment managers are the kind of attorneys you want if you have no case at all and hope to distract the jury with noise.

Democrats have sent in the clowns, but this clown show will not be funny. There is zero chance Trump will be convicted by the Senate. If the Trump legal team provides convincing evidence that this election was stolen this will be a huge unforced error. In addition, clown shows always do a good job of self-identifying clowns.

The only thing that could save the clowns is if Republicans in the Senate manage to shut down the clown show before it begins. As for me, let the show begin. I will just order popcorn, sit back and enjoy.



Garth Brooks sang at the Biden inauguration. A huge mistake that has the potential to tank his career. Perhaps I am wrong, but I suspect a lot of country music fans are Trump supporters and they will not find this amusing.

But Garth has a song” Unanswered Prayers” that may be appropriate for people to remember today:

Just the other night at a hometown football game
My wife and I ran into my old high school flame
And as I introduced them, the past came back to me
And I couldn’t help but think of the way things used to be

[Verse 2]
She was the one that I’d wanted for all times
And each night I’d spend prayin’ that God would make her mine
And if He’d only grant me this wish I wished back then
I’d never ask for anything again

Sometimes I thank God for unanswered prayers
Remember when you’re talkin’ to the man upstairs
And just because He doesn’t answer doesn’t mean He don’t care
Some of God’s greatest gifts are unanswered prayers

[Verse 3]
She wasn’t quite the angel that I remembered in my dreams
And I could tell that time had changed me, in her eyes too it seemed
We tried to talk about the old days, there wasn’t much we could recall
I guess the Lord knows what He’s doin’, after all

And as she walked away, well, I looked at my wife
And then and there I thanked the good Lord, for the gifts in my life

In some ways, we may look back on the 2020 election the same way. A lot of people are really upset that the 2020 election was stolen, and the nation has to endure Joe Biden as President. That is very understandable. I feel the same way. But perhaps we should look at what would have happened if that election had been overturned. The MSM have been even more determined to destroy Donald Trump, if that is even possible. They would have been joined by RINO Republicans like Liz Cheney and Mitt Romney. With this kind of support, Democrats might have passed more of their agenda than they can pass now, because Republicans would have likely compromised with them.

We can be certain that Nancy Pelosi would have found another reason to impeach Trump. We can be sure out of control Democratic prosecutors would have continued to pursue him. He would have been the lamest duck president ever and Republicans eyeing the 2024 election would have been gearing up to take him down.

He would have inherited the same financial mess and the same COVID pandemic, only it would have been worse for him, because Democratic governors wouldn’t be trying to open their states back up. They would be too busy blaming everything on Donald Trump. While I don’t expect Biden to do much, heck, I don’t expect Biden to do anything, Trump might have been in for a really miserable ride.

But now, the Democrats have exposed themselves for everyone to see.  Soon it will be obvious that the election was actually stolen. At least some of the lawsuits will be continued now that it is too late to overturn the election. Even the MSM may be embarrassed into asking some questions. No one will be happy that Joe Biden is President of the United States. And if he is replaced by Kamala Harris it will be even worse.

Democrats didn’t actually win the 2020 election, they lost big time. The only thing they got was Joe Biden and they are already regretting that. Joe is just senile enough to have missed something important. Democrats routinely promise wild and crazy things to their liberal base, but they aren’t actually stupid enough to keep those promises. They just keep the status quo and blame Republicans. Joe, on the other hand, is blindly signing executive orders he probably doesn’t understand that are wildly unpopular, even among Democrats.

Now, thanks to Joe, Republicans are united and gearing up for 2022. All they need do to run the table in 2022 is keep chanting: “Joe, Joe, He’s your man.” They can blame everything on Joe and Democrats in general. In the meantime, no one wants a repeat of the 2020 election, so democratic dreams of repeating this scheme nationwide are DOA.

So, remember this, and perhaps risk a slight smile. It is quite possible that Democrats won nothing more than the chance to prove they are hopelessly incapable of governing responsibly. Socialists in other democratic countries have done this before. They gain power, only to be thrown out completely at the next election. Always remember that the temporary occupant of the Oval office, is by definition, temporary.

Sometimes, it is wise to trust in God, because there are definitely times to thank God for unanswered prayers. I mean Jimmy (Drive 55) Carter brought us Ronald Reagan.

And just because He doesn’t answer doesn’t mean He don’t care
Some of God’s greatest gifts are unanswered prayers



My parents never had much money. So, one Christmas I was shocked that they bought me a cap pistol. It was a Colt Buntline special. They pointed out that if I was going to have a toy gun, it should be one used by Wyatt Earp, who was one of the good guys. I am not sure where they got their information about Wyatt Earp. But I can guess. We lived in a remote part of the Upper Peninsula. We had two choices for a TV Channel. One was in Marquette, Michigan, which was 106 miles away (119 miles by car). The other was in Duluth, Minnesota, which was 117 miles away (151 miles by car.)  Some of the distance to Duluth was over water, Lake Superior, so the reception was about the same, lousy. But, on a good night, if you turned the antenna just right, you could actually watch TV. One of the shows playing during that time was The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp, so I assume that was the source of their information. Anyway, I became a Wyatt Earp fan. Later, I actually did some research on this and found out almost everything I knew about Wyatt Earp was wrong. He was a lot of things but being a good guy was definitely a part time occupation.

The Gun Fight at the O.K. Corral is one of the best known and least known incidents in the history of the West. We recently watched “The Gunfight at the O.K. Corral” starting Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas. I ended up laughing most of the way through, because I have done some research and very little of this came close to resembling true history.

Shootout at the O.K. Corral – HISTORY

The gunfight at the O.K. Corral didn’t actually take place at the O.K. Corral. It happened in a vacant lot next to a photography studio. If you go to Tombstone today, you can still see the actual location and it probably looks pretty much the same. The entire gun fight took about 30 seconds. The people involved were socially distanced, about six feet apart. Three people were killed, and it seems like everyone, but Wyatt Earp was injured. Wyatt Earp wasn’t even the main lawman in this battle, that would have been his brother Virgil who was the local Marshal.

While even today all the details about this event are a little murky, we can still learn a lot from this. One thing that is interesting is that Sheriff Behan was a Democrat who was allegedly was elected by an election that was obviously fraudulent. Sound familiar? The Earp’s by the way, were Republicans.

Sheriff Behan who witnessed the shootout, arrested the Earp’s and Doc Holiday, and charged them with murder. The trial was held a month later and they were acquitted by the judge. Like a lot of stories about the West, it is not always easy to distinguish between the good guys and the bad guys. But the judge, at least, thought the Earp’s had the better argument. It might surprise you to know that a lot of people in Tombstone at the time, probably Democrats, thought the Earp’s were just murderers.

Now one expects Hollywood movies to get all or any of the facts right. Hollywood seldom worries about facts getting in the way of a good story. Neither, apparently, do Hollywood celebrities. That makes sense when you consider that they lie to people for a living.

But when Hollywood gets something wrong, it is mostly amusing. It is not nearly as amusing when this happens in real life and the consequences are devastating. It seems obvious to me, and about 74 million other people, that this election was stolen. The least likely possibility is that Joe Biden won in a landslide. Election fraud is not exactly new, corruption in Democratic strongholds dates back to Tammany Hall and beyond. We can be sure Republican steal too, it’s just that Democrats are much better at it.

But this was just too obvious, and Joe Biden is not remotely capable of being President of the United States. Electing the wrong person to make stupid votes in the Senate is one thing but electing someone to the most powerful position in the world who is totally incapable of handling that awesome responsibility is something else. No one, in either party, had the courage to admit the obvious. Even after the election, when the fraud was obvious, one would expect someone to do something. Instead, everyone looked the other way and said: “Don’t expect me to fix this.” The honorable thing, they all decided, was to let Democracy work, even when it clearly didn’t work. To honor the people’s choice even though it clearly wasn’t the people’s choice. And oh, by the way, when failure to act would mean making Joe Biden President of the United States, something that should have terrified a lot of people.

Would any of you allow some drunk to drive your car? Would you allow an incompetent doctor to operate on someone? Of course not. You would find a way to stop this. No one would even argue that ignoring this would be the ethical thing to do. Yet, what could be more unethical that turning over the Presidency to someone so obviously incapable?

The awful truth is becoming too obvious to ignore. Joe Biden not only has shown zero capability to provide leadership, but he also signed executive orders that are doing enormous damage. The only good news is that he is hurting Democrats just as much as he is hurting Republicans. For example, his decision to revoke the permit for the Keystone Pipeline put thousands of highly paid union workers out of a job. The union, that strongly supported his candidacy, is justifiably furious. He just ordered ICE to immediately release all illegal aliens currently in custody. Nice! This includes some very dangerous people who are guaranteed to commit heinous crimes. Thousands of people are already headed toward our southern border, expecting Joe to keep his promises. He did this and much more on his first two days in office. And then was so exhausted by the effort that he took today off. Does anyone really think this is going to work out? Anyone?

While the usual suspects are still pretending Joe has a plan to deal with COVID and predictably blaming everything on Trump, Joe is already starting to get some bad press. He has no plan. He even admitted he has no plan. The only glimmer of hope is the vaccine we have solely because Donald Trump ignored Democrats and developed a strategy that miraculously produced not one, but two and possibly more vaccines in less than a year.

But Donald is gone, sitting silently on his golf cart in Florida, so nothing else matters. We did it! We got rid of Orange hair and replaced him with Joe Biden. What could possibly go wrong. That is actually easy to answer. Just watch your TV, if you can stomach this. This is beyond obvious to a lot of us already and will be beyond obvious to almost everyone soon. As for me, I now spend more time watching dull old movies, like “The Gunfight at The O.K. Corral” because almost anything is preferable to watching the news.



Shortly after World War II ended, the U.S. Army had a problem. They had a lot of equipment they no longer needed and did not expect to need in the future. So, it was no surprise that they put an ad in newspapers, all over the country, offering to sell surplus army training rifles a very low price. My father and his best friend, both responded to the ad and sent the money. But there was one major difference between the letters they wrote. My father wrote that he wanted to use the rifle for deer hunting. He got a letter back, with a return of his money, saying these were training rifles, made entirely out of wood, and so were useless as a hunting rifle. His friend apparently got a wooden rifle, although he would never admit that.

All of us, who have been on this planet for a while, have purchased something that turned out to be far different than what we expected. We used to say that a couple wasn’t really married until they had bought a vacuum cleaner from a door-to-door salesman. In most cases a bad purchase only results in a good story. But in other cases, the results can be tragic. Today, we are already seeing a nationwide case of buyer’s remorse. A lot of people were too focused on getting rid of Donald Trump to realize that Joe Biden was and is a walking disaster. Even some people in the MSM have already figured this out. Soon, this will be obvious to everyone.

Today, there are reports the United States did something it has not done in years. It bought oil from Russia and Venezuela. CNN ran a new story, leaked by the Biden administration, saying they inherited no vaccine distribution system from the Trump administration and had to start from scratch. Even Dr. Fauci, who clearly hates Trump, knocked that down. He pointed out that 36 million doses of vaccine had already been delivered and we were vaccinating about 1 million people every day. So, when Joe bragged about how his new vaccine delivery system might even deliver a staggering 100 million doses during the first 100 days, the MSM missed the fact that this would be a slow down over what the Trump administration was already delivering. Brilliant! CNN only repeated this idiotic story 57 times before realizing that everyone else was snickering at their stupidity.

Political, which ignored the obvious signs of senility from Joe Biden before the inauguration, accidentally documented them during the following story:

Writing a speech for Biden can be hell. And that was before the inaugural. – POLITICO

I would never say this,” Biden once snapped at an aide, aghast over the prepared remarks he was reviewing, according to a person in the room during a speech prep session last year. “Where did you get this from?’”

The aide explained that Biden had just said it in a public speech a couple of weeks earlier.

Have you noticed something else that changed as soon as Joe was safely sworn into office? CNN dropped the banner showing COVID 19 statistics. If you watch the news on TV last night, you probably noticed it did not lead with how many new cases of COVID 19 happened or how many people died from COVID 19. Instead, it focused on lining up for the vaccine. There is a reason for that.  Shortly after the inauguration, WHO sent out a directive changing the way positive cases are reported and the way to record COVID 19 deaths.  This change means the number of positive cases will immediately drop as will the number of new COVID 19 deaths.  This creates the illusion of change, when the only real change is that they have stopped lying to us.

Oh, they will still report that more than 400,000 people were killed by Donald Trump, but from now on the statistics will look very different. They are hoping no one notices and believe that miraculously, Joe Biden cured COVID. The DC Mayor approved indoor dining, the day after the inauguration, but that does not include the National Guard soldiers sleeping on the floor of a parking garage.

Joe Biden thought he gave a brilliant inaugural address, and it was perfect except for the part where he called 74 million people domestic terrorists. Chris Wallace was too distracted by the thrill running up his leg to notice this minor detail.

In the meantime, the MSM is in a state of shock. Shutting off Donald Trump’s twitter account means that there was nothing from Donald Trump to comment on. The only thing left is this impeachment thing, which is guaranteed to embarrass Democrats if they stupidly continue with this fiasco. They are left to report on what Biden is doing, and what he is doing is incredibly stupid bordering on insane. Did you notice that after Joe signed the Executive Order requiring everyone to wear a mask whenever on federal property, he posed for a photo op at the Lincoln Memorial without a mask? When his press secretary was asked about this, she said he was too busy celebrating to wear a mask. Nice!

Here is what is important to remember. The MSM NEEDS bad news. For the last four years, they could rail against Donald Trump and call that bad news. But Trump is gone, so they need to find something else to report on. That leaves, gasp, reporting on what Biden is doing. Like how Joe just decided to let biological males compete with biological females, if the male felt girlish, in any sports program receiving federal aid. Biden apparently failed to realize that more than half of the Democrats who foolishly supported him are, gasp, biological females who don’t find this amusing.

The entire country has bought a wooden rifle. Even the MSM is starting to realize this gun will never work.  As for me, I am looking for a license plate that says: “Don’t blame me, I didn’t vote for Biden.” I predict sales will exceed 74 million.