One of the most serious problems with our educational system is that it assumes everything that ever happened occurred after the invention of color television. If it didn’t happen after that, odds are there are no good videos available and so people assume it never happened. This is one of the reasons the climate change hysteria is so effective. As the population ages, there are fewer and fewer people who remember life before color television.

In addition, some significant climate events took place long ago and no one living witnessed this. One example is the great California flood that happened during the winter of 1862. This even reported dumped “the equivalent of 10 feet of water in California, in the form of rain and snow, over a period of 43 days. Scientists, real scientists, believe this was likely caused by a series of atmospheric rivers that hit the Western United States from Oregon to Southern California:” (Sound familiar?)

This is well-documented, but not well known. If the current atmospheric rivers cause massive flooding, it will absolutely be blamed on climate change. No one will even mention the winter of 1862, because that was inconveniently before the industrial age. The scientific consensus of the time is often very wrong. Sometimes fatally wrong.

Dr. Carlos Finaly discovered that Yellow Fever was spread by mosquitoes. He presented a paper to the Havana Academy of Sciences on August 14, 1881. His report was greeted with stony silence, and he was ridiculed for about 20 years.

Only when the United States was trying to build the Panama Canal and desperately needing a solution to Yellow Fever, did things change. It is so hard to get hard work out of people dying from Yellow Fever. Doctor Walter Reed, yes that Walter Reed read about Finlay’s opinion, so he decided to test the theory. This reads like a bad science fiction novel. There was a board made up of Dr Reed, Majors James Carroll, Aristides Agramonte and Jesse Lazear. They recruited soldiers and newly arrived Spanish immigrants. In a compound they built two frame buildings.

In the “infected clothing building”, volunteers spent the night for several weeks “sleeping on bed linen that had been soiled with vomitus, blood, urine, and faeces (sp) from patients”. Miraculously none of these brilliant volunteers became ill. Then they split this building into two sections, separated by a screen. Apparently, they all continued sleeping in these magnificent conditions, but now half of them also shared space with mosquitos that had fed on yellow fever patients. Most of them got yellow fever and many died. The volunteers who “only” slept in filthy conditions did not get yellow fever. Up until I researched this story, I did not realize the circumstances that resulted in the founding of the left-wing radical element in the Democratic Party. This type of intellectual superior thinking explains a lot.

Major William C. Gorgas who was in charge of sanitation in Cuba, was ordered to rid Havana of mosquitoes. Gorgas, who apparently remained a non-believer, reluctantly followed orders and installed screens, arranged for swamps to be drained, screened water containers, and treated ditches with kerosene to kill mosquito larva. Only after Havana, which had averaged one yellow fever case every day for about 40 years suddenly stopped having new yellow fever cases did Gorgas, consider the possibility that Finlay was right.

Here is a picture of the soldiers, founding members of the modern Democratic Party, posing for a picture after volunteering for this wonderful experiment. (Actually only fourteen of the people in this picture actually volunteered.  They still needed volunteers to take out the dead bodies.)

The same logic that convinced fourteen supposedly smart people to do something so incredibly stupid is the driving force behind those who want to get rid of gas-powered engines to stop the climate change that has been going on since the 1600s.

This should not require rocket scientists to explain. During the Medieval Warm Period, between 900 and 1300 AD, the earth was about 1 degree centigrade warmer than now. The problem was clearly the lack of electric powered chariots. There were other times, during the Neoproterozoic period, when the earth was much hotter.

So, when scientists say that 2022, was “possibly” the fifth warmest year since 1880, based on modern record keeping keep a couple of things in mind.,the%20late%2019th%20century%20average.

“The past nine years have been the warmest years since modern recordkeeping began in 1880. This means Earth in 2022 was about 2 degrees Fahrenheit (or about 1.11 degrees Celsius) warmer than the late 19th century average.”

One, there were no real records kept before 1880.  Second, check out how Mark Twain described the climate in Sacramento in 1860. Third, if this was possibly the fifth warmest year, which four years were warmer? Asking for a friend.

But wait. 1860. Why that was before there was a transcontinental railroad? It was long before there were automobiles. It was definitely before air conditioning and absolutely before color television. Imagine living in a tent, in Sacramento, in July, during a warm year, with no air conditioning, no fans, no radio and no TV. Then try to explain why getting rid of gas engines and air conditioning is so important to combat climate change.

Thank the God, they don’t believe in, for Democrats. Perhaps we need more mosquitoes.