If you live in California, an Atmospheric River is as certain as rain. Actually, an Atmospheric River is rain. It is when a line of storms stretches from Hawaii to California. The result is that California can get rain, a lot of rain, in an incredibly short period of time.

These weather systems are not new. El Ninos are not new. La Ninas are not new. Earthquakes are not new. Wildfires are not new. Floods are not new. Droughts are not new. What is new is the hysteria with which these are now reported. Any weather event, whether wet or dry, hold or cold or any combination of the above is considered evidence of climate change. They hope no one notices that when they talk about climate change, they always talk about the climate getting warmer. But there is a severe lack of real scientific data supporting a catastrophic rise in temperatures, so they now use the term climate change, which can be used to explain anything.

The reality is that Sacramento is hotter during the summer than it was before. However, part of the reason is that there are so many more buildings, roads, bridges, and other concrete structures that make any place hotter (or colder…depending on the season). Try this yourself. Put a thermometer in your back yard, in the shade, then compare this to one is your front yard, in direct sun next to your driveway. Want to bet on which one reads higher? Every dog knows this. That is why they seek out the sun during the winter and seek shade in the summer. It is also why they don’t fall asleep on your driveway. For one thing, they don’t want to get run over, but more importantly, cement is, duh, hotter and colder than grass.

But there is a new atmospheric river forming and this one isn’t based on misinformation about climate change. It is rather the river of our discontent. The same river of discontent that has destroyed every other socialist government stupidly elected by people living in a democracy. Oh, this sounds so great, shared wealth, shared opportunity, happy days for everyone. But it never happens. The rich get richer. The poor get poorer. The more the government tries to manage things the more certain things will deteriorate. This is why places like the Soviet Union, which tried to micromanage everything, were such abject failures. It is why even places with communist governments like China and Vietnam embrace at least some level of capitalism. It is why Venezuela, which used to be one of the wealthiest nations on earth is now riddled with poverty. It is why so many people are desperate to flee.

This is easy to understand. Three years ago you could have gone to McDonalds with a $10 bill, bought a Big Mac Meal and kept the change. Today a Big Mac near here costs about $4.99. A Big Mac Meal deal costs $9.49.  When you add tax, you need to add change to that $10 bill. Note, prices are less here than in most other places.

This is obvious to everyone other than members of the Biden Administration and its supporters in the DNC and the MSM. Even the DNC is questioning running Biden for another term, but they literally have no one else remotely available. The reality is that people are “hungry” for change, and they are going to vote for change. I predict the anybody, but Biden political movement will be the largest in U.S. history. They can’t get enough illegal aliens to vote in time to stop this. That is why they are desperately trying to stop Trump, by any means possible. It is also why they are failing miserably. There is an old saying in politics, you can’t beat somebody with nobody. Right now, Joe Biden is the world’s best-known nobody.

If Democrats do find a way to stop Trump, he will be replaced by someone younger, stronger, and more determined to implement change. Democrats will be disappointed to learn it won’t be Nikki Haley. If Biden is forced off the ticket, for any reason, there is no one available to replace him. The number one candidate is Gavin Newsom who wants to run on his record in California. Ok, stop laughing now!

Some have proposed Michelle Obama, but it is far from clear she even wants the job, and she has never managed anything and has never won anything. In addition, there is all that video of her saying things that are really difficult to defend.

The point being that a major political atmospheric river is heading our way. It is getting stronger by the day and Democrats are too busy trying to pretend it doesn’t exist to consider some rational strategy for surviving the impact. Normally a President in this much trouble would find someone to attack. But Biden is so weak that even if he tries this, he is almost certain to fail and make the problem worse. Wag the Dog only works if one actually has a dog. Democrats have no dog in this fight.