Anyone paying attention knows that Joe Biden is a pathetic human being. It is terrifying to realize that he is the “Commander in Chief” responsible for our national security. CNN and the rest of the MSM have been pretending that somehow, despite the obvious, Joe Biden is competent. That worked in 2020, when he was able to hide in his basement. It isn’t working now.

Biden chose to go on national TV in a desperate attempt to blame the border crisis on Donald Trump and MAGA Republicans. This was already a challenge because it is so blatantly stupid. But it was made worse, much worse, by the pathetic performance put on by Joe. He looked awful. He sounded awful. He spouted nonsense, and then got confused by the Tele Prompter, again.

Donald Trump could defeat Joe Biden without doing anything other than run clips from this performance. He doesn’t need to say anything. If I were Trump’s campaign manager, I would make a video of Joe embarrassing himself and then ask: “Any questions?

Then, today, it got worse. The Special Counsel report regarding the investigation of Joe Biden’s alleged abuse of classified documents is devastating. It shows that, at best, Biden was extremely careless and irresponsible regarding classified documents. But then the reason the Special Counsel gave for not prosecuting Joe is that he is incredibly old, with diminished mental capability, so it is unlikely a jury would hold him responsible. Oh my! You can’t make this up. We can’t charge Joe because he doesn’t know what he is doing.

Even the usual suspects in the MSM are going to have a genuine problem ignoring this. They can’t hide this. They can’t ignore this. And they certainly can’t spin this away. The White House responded by saying “see, they aren’t going to charge me with anything.” That would be great if this was because you did nothing wrong. But the report didn’t say that. Instead, it says we can’t charge you because we can’t pick on such a confused elderly individual. Wow!

I think this will go off like a bomb and Joe Biden is already toast as a candidate for re-election. But this is so bad it raises a serious question whether the country can wait until next January to put someone responsible in charge. But wait, the next is line is Kamala Harris and she is polling lower than Joe. I know that seems impossible, but it is the sad reality. I doubt that anyone, in either party, has an ounce of enthusiasm for replacing Joe with Kamala. What’s a mother to do?

They would love to replace Joe with a committee, but they are already doing that, only now the secret is out in the open for everyone to see. CNN was willing to ignore this, but even CNN knows that there is nothing in the constitution that allows President by committee. This is beyond bad. It is unsustainable, yet thanks to the idiotic decision to “select” someone like Joe Biden to be President of the United States made even worse by the “selection” of Kamala Harris to be Vice President there do not appear to be ANY acceptable options. This isn’t Britain where they can call an emergency election. There literally is no Democratic candidate even pretending to compete with Joe Biden.

The real problem is this. A lot of people, in both parties, who should have known better failed to consider the finality of voting to certify the 2020 election. Instead, they just tried to pretend this was the safest and cleanest election in history. Even worse, they ignored the obvious problems with making Joe Biden Commander in Chief. Everyone, but the anchors on CNN and the leaders in the Democratic Party knew this. It was beyond obvious. But they didn’t care because Donald Trump was humiliated and nothing else mattered. Now, at a time when we have enormous challenges facing us, including runaway inflation, out of control illegal immigration and military challenges across the globe., at a time when we desperately need our best, we have Joe Biden. Thanks Facebook. Thanks Google. Thanks Democrats, Thanks CBS. Thanks ABC. Thanks NBC. Thanks MSNBC, Thanks FOX News. Thanks James Comey. Thanks William Barr. Thanks New York Times. Thanks Washington Post. Thanks to everyone. Nice job. How are you going fix this? Oops, you can’t fix this. Even if you dump Joe, we get Kamala.

The country is facing a “Full Mental Jacket”. I have always believed at some point people will be far less concerned about those people who tried to stop Joe Biden from becoming President than those who put him in the White House with zero consideration for the consequences. That time is now!