This year started off with a bang and things are about to get very intense. Democrats are souring on Joe Biden and desperately seeking Susan or anyone else who can fix this mess. It takes a very skilled liar to even pretend Joe is a viable candidate for re-election. The only argument is that he can’t possibly get bad enough to justify replacing him with Trump. Trump derangement syndrome lives in their tiny, tiny, brains. Then they look at who is next in line, and they see Kamala Harris. Very possibly the only Democratic politician in the country polling lower than Joe Biden.

Democrats are so desperate they are throwing huge funds and lavish MSM praise on Nikki Haley. She is the perfect RINO. Someone guaranteed to compromise with Democrats and most importantly she holds the coveted title of the Republican most likely to lose in a general election.

But sometimes being elevated just makes one an easier target. Just ask Ron DeSantis about that. Now Nikki Haley is drawing serious heat, including direct attacks by Donald Trump. Then she had a major unforced error. When asked what caused the Civil War, she forgot to mention slavery. The problem with her response is that not only did it expose some of her prejudice regarding the issue, but it was also just plain dumb. If you can’t answer that question, without a Teleprompter, then the illusion of competence evaporates. The MSM may try to ignore this, but Republican primary voters not so much.

This creates a huge problem for the liberal left and the MSM that has been slamming Ron DeSantis for months while simultaneously elevating Nikki Haley for months. They hate Trump but they fear DeSantis. That sound you hear is of left-wing Democrats and their fawning supporters in the MSM throwing up. Perhaps this is why CNN let Anderson Cooper take Tequilla shots during the New Years Eve Broadcast watched by no one.

But time waits for no one, and the Iowa Caucuses are in two weeks. The New Hampshire primary is the following week. We are two months away from Super Tuesday and after than it will be nearly impossible to change anything. Right now, Trump looks to be a lock, but that could change overnight.

We are also learning the price of letting left-wing Democrats choose activist judges for crucial positions. These people simply do not care about the rule of law. They just want to punish Trump and keep Democrats in power, without regard to the cost. Well welcome to the cost. Unless the Supreme Court steps in and stops this nonsense, we will have two choices. A Democratic police state or a Republican police state.

One thing is certain, Donald Trump has zero chance of getting a fair hearing regarding any legal matter with this DOJ, this FBI, activist judges, and juries in New York City or Washington D.C. Does anyone seriously think a jury in either of these places will even consider doing anything other than punish Donald Trump, without regard to the facts?

It is time to imagine what will happen if Donald Trump is elected President, after this mess. Would anyone be surprised if he directed the FBI and the DOJ to focus on prosecuting Democrats? Is anyone naïve enough to think he will have a shortage of ammunition? While this would be devastating for the country, it would also be understandable.

Democrats and the MSM have already crossed every available line to try and destroy Trump. There are very few options left. At a minimum, there are people who really think he is a threat to Democracy and who will do anything, and I do mean anything, to stop him from being President of the United States. That should scare everyone.

2024 is hard to predict, other than to prepare for the unexpected. It is going to be that kind of year.