I have had a bit of fun lately educating people about the “Tonga Hunga Ha’Apai” volcano. I suggest to people that when they hear someone bitching (sorry) about the hot weather to just say it’s that damn (sorry again) Tonga Hunga Ha’Apai. Few people have even heard of Tonga Hunga Ha’Apai, but this may actually be a significant factor in all the recent extremely hot weather.

Here is an article in NPR admitting the effects of the Tonga Hunga Ha’Apai volcanic eruption. Odds are that most people reading this are going “huh?” Yet even NASA has had to admit that this volcano actually did impact global temperature:

Tonga volcano sent tons of water into the stratosphere, which could warm Earth : NPR

The Jan. 15 eruption came from a volcano that’s more than 12 miles wide, with a caldera sitting roughly 500 feet below sea level. One day earlier, Tongan officials reported the volcano was in a continuous eruption, sending a 3-mile-wide plume of steam and ash into the sky. Then the big blast came, sending ash, gases, and vapor as high as 35 miles — a record in the satellite era — into the atmosphere.

It turns out that this may impact weather, making it hotter, for 5 to 10 years. This article was published in August 2022. It is only recently that some MSM outlets have even noticed. Some probably found this out only after being stranded when their electric car ran out of power.

The following article from LiveScience is typical. After admitting that Tonga Hunga Ha’Apai did cause global temperature to increase, it concludes that this was still caused by climate change, meaning global warming, meaning excess CO2. Huh? There is, of course, no science to support this conclusion while there is a ton of science showing exactly the impact of Tonga Hunga Ha’Apai. But, if people start blaming that volcano, even if justified by real science, that would be an awful display of failing to follow the science.

Did the Tonga eruption cause this year’s extreme heat? | Live Science

If this makes sense to you, keep watching CNN.

But Tonga Hunga Ha’Apai is just one of many examples where the MSM ignores inconvenient truths. They want, no NEED, you to believe that climate change is caused by rising CO2 levels. CO2 is so scary that Joe Biden wants to fund a machine to suck CO2 out of the air. Granted Joe Biden sucks, but not nearly enough. Any 4th grade student studying science could have told him that this is exactly what trees and other plants do all the time.

So far, the only verified impact from increased CO2 levels is more and healthier plants. But imagine the panic if people started to believe that. Why some may even become opposed to electric cars which are guaranteed to pollute the earth to an incredible level once they start getting rid of old batteries.  Others might express concern regarding those enormous wind farms, ugly as sin that create enormous environmental problems and by the way, in addition to killing birds, kill whales.

If we want to reduce the impact of fossil fuels, start by getting rid of rapidly aging politicians totally out of step with reality. But we also need to pay attention to younger, allegedly smarter newcomers who think they are uniquely gifted at telling everyone else what to do or think. Why the next thing you know some of these people will even try to convince people that there is no biological difference between men and women. They don’t believe in God because they believe they are God. They keep trying the same failed strategies that have never worked in the past and which will never work in the future.

But the best laid plans of mice and men cannot compete with the power and majesty of God, who is very real. For example, if you were God, wouldn’t it be interesting to make things very hot, at the same time people are running out of enough electricity to power air conditioners. Some like it hot, but most people prefer air conditioning.

Tonga Hunga Ha’Apai. It’s a beautiful thing.


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  1. As I recall, most of the current BS science started to be taught about 1970 when integration was mandated in the lower levels of grade school. All schools were required to shift standards to accommodate the reduced abilities of students who could not or would not work to pass at the required levels. So started the “ dumbing down” of the general public and the politicians in charge! That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

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