Tôi không mua cái kia

Since Joe Biden’s decided to embarrass the country, again, while stopping for a visit in Hanoi, I wrote the title to this blog in Vietnamese. “Tôi không mua cái kia” means: “I don’t buy that.” Anyone watching that pathetic performance in Vietnam didn’t buy it either. Here is a video of this performance.


This was so bad that it cannot possibly continue. This causes one to ask what would happen if Joe Biden conveniently came down with some illness that prevents him from making public appearances. Since Jill Biden recently had COVID, that seems to be timed perfectly. He will then be confined to the White House or his beach home in Delaware and will only respond to written questions from selected reporters with “written” responses. This is remarkably like when Woodrow Wilson suffered a stroke. His wife took over and started to screen all his paperwork and in some cases even signed his name to documents.

But this time there is a very serious complication. No one in either party has any interest in seeing Vice President Kamala Harris become President. Republican are opposed because they know she is totally incapable of performing the duties of President of the United States. Democrats are opposed because they know she is a horrible campaigner, even worse than Joe Biden. If she becomes President during the rest of Joe Biden’s one term as President of the United States, she could accomplish the rare feat of losing a Presidential election in every state. Democrats will put up with almost anything and anyone as long as it keeps them in power. But Kamala Harris fails that test too.

The only thing certain at this point is uncertainty. But people paying attention to the political climate know that a crisis is inevitable. When you combine the increasingly obvious problem with Joe’s dementia with overwhelming evidence of his systemic corruption, the pieces of the puzzle start to fill in at the speed of light. Anyone who has ever worked on a really difficult puzzle knows how this works. The puzzle seems to take forever, until suddenly, the pieces all start to fall into place and then the puzzle gets solved very quickly. That is exactly where things are at with the puzzle of President Joe Biden.

The MSM, in cooperation with the Democratic Party has tried desperately to cover this up. The same MSM that accused Trump of lying every day, about everything, ignores the incredibly stupid lies told by Joe Biden. If Trump is a liar, he is an absolute amateur compared to Joe Biden.

But the coverup is blowing up. Chuck Todd signed off as host of meet the press. Perhaps he realizes the end is near and he didn’t want to go down with the ship. Notice that on his way out, he reluctantly admitted that Republican led states were spot on in sending migrants to places like New York, so liberal sanctuary cities could share in the joy.

We are on the brink of another Bud Light moment. People just aren’t buying this anymore and they aren’t going to buy it in the future. This reminds me of when I was stationed at Pleiku AB, Vietnam. The Airman’s club had, as one would expect, a large quantity of beer available. But it seemed like half of the beer was Falstaff. Each month it was the same, the airmen drank any other beer other than Falstaff. Then when nothing else was available, they would drink Falstaff, which reminded them of why they didn’t drink it before. In 1965 Falstaff brewed 7,010,218 barrels of beer. By 2004 only 1,468 barrels of Falstaff beer were sold in the United States. People just stopped buying it.

Ten years from now, a lot of people will be asking the same question. “Why did anyone buy this nonsense?” Good question.