Regardless of how it happened and who is to blame, the country is now hopelessly divided. One certain cause is the absolute failure of the MSM to report fairly on any subject. They are completely in the tank as the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party. FOX News is slightly better, it but too falls far short of responsible journalism.

Another cause, of course, is the Democratic Party’s willingness to ignore almost anything as long as they can continue in power. No responsible political party would even pretend that Joe Biden is remotely capable of being President of the United States. This is not a minor problem. Whether we like a President or agree with a President on important issues, the office is extremely important, and it must be occupied only by people of character we can trust to make difficult decisions. Joe Biden is not even close to meeting those standards. When you add in the overwhelming evidence of his complicity or more with his son Hunter soliciting and accepting bribes from foreign countries including Russia and China, no responsible political party should accept this.

While Republicans have their faults, it is hard to imagine them tolerating something like this from a Republican President. It wasn’t Democrats who forced Richard Nixon from office, it was Senate Republicans who told him it was time to go. Unfortunately, Republicans are skilled at losing elections and more importantly losing fights on key issues. The reason is quite simple, Democrats are never willing to compromise while Republicans feel that compromise is a virtue. But compromising with people who will never compromise with you is not a virtue, it is dereliction of duty. When the national security of the country is at stake, compromise is no virtue.

Now we are approaching the point where someone must win, and we better all pray it is not the Democrats. Their decision to weaponize the DOJ to indict Donald Trump for political purposes while ignoring evidence regarding potential high crimes and misdemeanors by Joe Biden make it impossible to compromise with them. They simply must be defeated, or we will lose our freedom.

The good news is that the Democratic decision to indict Trump for just about everything, using highly partisan Democratic prosecutors is increasingly obvious to just about everyone not working for CNN. Even some of the other MSM channels are starting, occasionally, to notice things and sometimes even ask questions. Now we learn that Jack Smith, the highly partisan Democratic appointed as Special Counsel to indict Donald Trump, met with White House officials prior to announcing his indictment. Who thought that was remotely acceptable? That is absurd. Particularly when Democrats impeached Donald Trump for asking Ukraine to consider investigating Joe Biden, for things he actually did, before he was even a candidate for President.

Even the worst anchor on CNN, which is a very low bar, should be extremely concerned about this. No matter how much one hates Trump, which they do, this is so bad it may make prosecuting Trump nearly impossible, assuming he actually did something wrong.

This cannot continue. We cannot have a Presidential candidate under numerous indictments forced to fight legal battles each and every day. We cannot have a Presidential candidate, a former President of the United States, ordered to go to a jail, have his mug shot taken and then post bail. Seriously? This is insane. I personally think we are very close to the point where some court is going to have to intervene and put this back on track. If Trump is truly guilty, then he should be held accountable. But so far, he is only guilty of pointing out some obvious facts about the 2020 election. Similar to what happened regarding his comments on The Ukraine, each day there is more evidence showing that Trump is a lot closer to reporting the truth then those desperately trying and failing to cover-up the ridiculously obvious. Democrats continue to try and convince people that Donald Trump tried to promote an armed insurrection to overthrow the government. But my hunch is that few people, including a lot of Democrats, are buying that nonsense. January 6th was a lot of things, but an armed insurrection was not on the list. Very few people, other than the police, were even armed. If someone was coordinating this, they did a lousy job. There were more people sightseeing and posing for photo ops than there were people seriously trying to kidnap or kill public officials. The only threat to politicians was being forced to listed to very angry people thoroughly disgusted with a 2020 election that literally sinks to high heaven.

I do now know what will happen or when it will happen, but I do know this cannot continue. If Democrats get away with this, no future election will matter. Republicans will have the same chance to win a general election as the do winning a state senate seat in South Chicago. Even if the Democrat running for office was convicted of a serious felony or even died, the Republican would still lose. That is exactly how Democrat describe a fair and honest election.

We have reached the point of irreconcilable differences. Compromise is not an option. Letting Democrats get away with this is not an option. As George W. Bush said after 9-11, “we were not at war with them, but they were at war with us.” Exactly.



  1. Our country is in serious shambles if we do not wake up as a whole, and start correct in the obvious problems with any government facing us. I am at a loss to figure out just why the Republican party is so fragmented at this time. You were the fake at least they were waking up to the obvious. and doing something to correct her situation.

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