The soap opera, “As The World Turns” was being broadcast when the Kennedy Assassination happened in Dallas, Texas. Since these shows were produced live at the time, the actors just kept on performing and did not learn about the assassination until after the show had ended. But people watching the show on CBS were interrupted first by New Bulletins and later, after the cameras had warmed up, a picture of Walter Cronkite delivering updates on the incredible developments.

Years earlier, long before television, another type of real-life soap opera was taking place in Skagway Alaska. Soap Smith, a notorious con artist, had become the head of a criminal underworld operating out of Skagway. They perfected the art of fleecing gullible wantabe gold miners. For a long time, Soap Smith appeared to be the only power in Skagway. But there was a group of honest citizens who wanted to stop this and bring law and order to the town. They formed the “Committee of 101”. Smith promptly formed his own “Committee of 303” designed to stop them. On July 18, 1898, there was a vigilante meeting on the wharf, opposed to Soap Smith. He tried to crash the meeting but was confronted by Frank Reid, who shot him dead. Unfortunately, Reid was also fatally wounded during the encounter.

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Soapy Smith killed in Skagway, Alaska (

If you get a chance to visit the Gold Rush Cemetery in Skagway, Alaska, you can see both graves. Frank Reid has a rather large monument, while Jefferson Randolph “Soap” Smith has a rather ordinary gravestone marker.

This is a reminder that even when evil seems to be in total control, there are always some people who see the truth and who are not deterred from acting. Soap Smith ran Skagway for far too long and he hurt a lot of people, but eventually the good people in Skagway united and took him on. There is always a price to be paid when confronting evil, but ultimately truth always prevails.

Today it is increasingly obvious that this country is run by people who consider themselves above the law. If any of the recent reports about Hunter Biden and his financial entanglements with foreign countries made possible by Joe Biden are true, then this is corruption that honest people cannot possibly ignore and tolerate. So far, the Biden’s have benefited from a DOJ and FBI more interested in destroying Donald Trump and anyone who supports him than they are in focusing on truth, justice and the rule of law. They have benefited from a MSM that refused to even investigate allegations against a sitting U.S. President that literally border on treason. The entire Democratic Party has participated in the cover-up in their own lust for power.

There are people openly challenging this, for the first time in a very long time. Predictably, those who are active participants in this systemic corruption are fighting back with everything available. This is one of the reason Donald Trump is subjected to some new legal lawsuit on a nearly daily basis. They fear him because they fear he will destroy them. They are determined to destroy him first. They may even succeed in doing that, because Trump is often his own worst enemy, but ultimately, they cannot win. They cannot win for one very simple reason. No matter how loud and obnoxious the evil element becomes and no matter how powerful they appear to be, they never represent anything close to a majority of the people. The only way they can possibly stay in power is to form a brutal dictatorship. They may dream of doing that here, in the United States, but they are doomed to fail.

More and more people are starting to recognize the truth. While the leaders of the DOJ and the FBI are still resisting, whistleblowers within both agencies are coming forth. There are finally people in congress ready, willing and able to take this on. Even the MSM is starting to notice, with CBS particularly asking some very pointed questions. The end is near. Truth will prevail, sooner rather than later. There will, as always, be casualties on both sides, but the result will be the restoration of truth and justice and a hard lesson learned.