The Democratic Party is now facing the ultimate “No Good choices” (NGC) problem. NGC means “No Good Choices.” Just think about this. Consider, for a moment, that you are a life-long Democrat. You have hated Republicans for your entire life. Democrats have always been the good guys, fighting for the little guy, against the man.  But now you look around and the Democratic Party has left you with no good choices. I mean if Joe Biden is the best you have, you have less than nothing.

Many naïve people in the MSM thought that Gavin Newsom would be a great candidate for President in 2024. He is governor of the biggest state, in terms of population. They foolishly thought he was very popular in California and that would translate to a great national candidate. But Gavin Newsom is a clown who consistently makes bad decisions, he is a horrible public speaker, and he does things that are beyond stupid. For example, he visited Florida to try and show us how a great governor looks and sounds compared to DeSantis. The few people in Florida who even noticed just laughed him out of state.

He has managed to take a record surplus and turned it into a gigantic deficit. Since California requires at least the illusion of a balanced budget, he has a real problem. But recently, he did something so incredibly stupid that I had to double check to see if it wasn’t a Babylon Bee satire. Target stupidly started promoting wonderful stuff like transgender, tuck under, swimsuits. The results were instant and loud and even Target realized this was a Bud Light moment, panicked and backed off. Newsome trashed Target for giving in to those opposed to the woke movement. Seriously! Now there are reports Newsom is considering nominating Oprah to replace Diane Feinstein, assuming Diane wakes up coherent enough to resign. What planet is he living on, assuming that California has now drifted far left of this one.

But if not Newsom, who? Can you name one prominent Democrat, any state, any office, that would be a better choice than Biden?  Anyone? Anywhere? This is so bad that Joe Manchin, who is hated almost equally by Republicans and Democrats appears to be toying with the idea of running for President. Earth to Joe, being unable to get re-elected in West Virginia is not exactly an endorsement to run for President.

If Democrats don’t wake up and start reversing some of the insane decisions and policies by Biden, they could suffer the ultimate humiliating defeat in 2024. If they weren’t running against a Republican Party run by people famous for losing elections they should have won easily, this would be guaranteed.

Most Democrats don’t want Biden to even run for another term. The only hope Democrats have is for Donald Trump to be the Republican nominee and their strategy of endless legal assaults from places like New York and Washington, D.C. will make him unelectable. They are too stupid to realize that if they just ignored him, he would almost certainly talk himself out of the nomination. By attacking him relentlessly, they are just elevating him. They should know better. In 2016 the MSM desperately wanted Donald Trump to win the Republican nomination because they were certain that even Hillary Clinton would easily beat him. They totally underestimated Hillary Clinton’s life-long record of zero accomplishments other than the ability to get loud praises from the MSM.

Trump would be a far better choice that Biden, primarily because it would be hard to find anyone who would not be a far better choice than Biden. He would be fun to watch, because this would be another four years of high theater.

I can’t possibly predict this because one can never safely predict rational results from people with an established record for not thinking rationally. I do think that if Biden is nominated by the Democrats and Trump is nominated by the Republicans, that Democrats won’t be able to steal enough votes to get Biden re-elected. However, they are guaranteed to try.

But at some point, everyone is going to get sick and tired of NGC. Then, and only then, will things really change.