I have always liked kettle corn. Unfortunately, that does not mean it is good for me. But it tastes good, even when served cold. That is the whole point. Today, we are seeing a whole new kind of kettle corn, it is going to taste terrific, and it actually is very good for us.

There is the old saying: “the pot calling the kettle black.”

“something you say that means people should not criticize someone else for a fault that they have themselves.”

Democrats literally impeached Donald Trump for saying the following in a phone call with President Zelenskyy:

“There’s a lot of talk about Biden’s son, that Biden stopped the prosecution, and a lot of people want to find out about that so whatever you can do with the Attorney General would be great. Biden went around bragging that he stopped the prosecution so if you can look into it… It sounds horrible to me.”

“Trump’s impeachment came after a former House inquiry found that he had solicited foreign interference in the 2020 U.S. presidential election to help his re-election bid and then obstructed the inquiry itself by telling his administration official to ignore subpoenas for documents and testimony.”

Now we are being inundated with indisputable evidence that the Hunter Biden was absolutely involved in corrupt activities in The Ukraine and there is a video of Joe Biden admitting he threated $1 billion in aid to The Ukraine if they did not immediately fire the prosecutor who dared to investigate his son.

The Hunter Biden laptop revealed a tale of corruption at a scale few people can even imagine. Incredibly, the DOJ and the FBI conspired to cover this up during the 2020 election. Well, the chickens are coming home to roost with numbers that are impossible to ignore. CBS is even asking questions. This House of Representatives is investigating those who helped cover this up. Yesterday, at the White House press conference a New York Post reporter asked an obvious question:

The reporter basically asked about the whistleblowers revelations and a poll showing that most Americans now believe Joe Biden is corrupt.  You can see this for yourself on the following twitter feed. We can be sure that if Ilan Musk did not own Twitter, this clip would never have been allowed to be posted.

John Kirby is visibly shaken and literally cannot even respond at first, he just sighs, then stutters and leaves the stage. When he did speak, I doubt he impressed anyone other than people like Anderson Cooper.

This is too delicious to ignore, even for those in the MSM who have tried desperately to avoid reporting on this. The truth is coming out and those who do not get in front of this story will be trampled by those scrambling to get a front row seat. Just think of the significance of this situation. A President of the United States was literally impeached for daring to point out the truth about potential corruption by Joe Biden. A truth so obvious that most Americans now realize Joe Biden is corrupt. We are going to see a lot of people try and distance themselves from Joe Biden as fast as far as they can possibly go. It won’t work and revenge, like kettle corn, is best served cold.


  1. The House voted yesterday to approve the budget deal negotiated by Kevin McCarthy. The vote was 314 to 117. While some conservative Republicans are angry, the reality is that Kevin McCarthy got 165 Democrats to vote for this. Nancy Pelosi seldom got any Republican votes on anything. He is far more powerful than Nancy Pelosi in her fondest dreams. He is taking on Joe Biden and his corruption. Do not underestimate this.

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  1. It’s about time a Republican leader developed enough spine to take on the obviously corrupt leaders of the democratic party. Hopefully this will lead to the correction we need at the government level.

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