The FBI hearings and the Ray Durham report are far more explosive than anyone would realize if they only watch ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN or, gasp, MSNBC. All these MSM networks are pretending this is all just a nothing burger. This is remarkable from the same class of clowns who swallowed the Trump Russia Collision nonsense hook, like and sinker. But then these are the same people who have been predicting the walls closing in on Trump, for years, with breathless anticipation.

Trump is going to have a lot of legal challenges, almost always from places like New York and Washington, D.C. Both places exist in a Democratic bubble that does not allow the ability to even see the rest of the world. They foolishly believe that everything that matters happens within their bubble and are too busy patting themselves on the back after repeating utter nonsense to realize that no one outside of the bubble is impressed.

But the facts are becoming more obvious, and the facts are impossible to ignore. The entire Russian Collusion hoax was invented by Hillary Clinton and embraced by the leaders in the Intelligence Community, the DOJ, the FBI, and most of the MSM. They were all wrong. They were embarrassingly wrong. What more, this embarrassment is now on full display and no matter how much the MSM ignores this, the facts are out, they are indisputable, and they are indisputably bad.

Now throw in those FBI agents outing their highly partisan and frankly stupid leaders. The real message here is not that the leaders in the DOJ and the FBI are hopelessly partisan and corrupt, but also that they are also incredibly stupid and incompetent. The only defense for the indefensible is the stale argument that one must listen to those in authority, even if they are dishonest, corrupt, and hopelessly naïve. True change in any society does not come by bowing down to authority, it required the removal and placement of inept leadership with people who at least pretend to listen.

All these people have the same problem. There actually is truth and there are facts and evidence. Eventually, truth always outs, for the same reason. No strategy based on incorrect assumptions can succeed. Unfortunately, catastrophic failure is often required before seeing real change. It took the tragedy of a civil war to force the nation to finally deal with slavery. It took Pearl Harbor to convince the American people of the necessity to go to war with Germany and Japan.

One thing is certain, the people in power, responsible for this mess will be the last to realize they are at the center of the problem. It is always that way. Incompetent people are often only skilled at shielding themselves from the reality of their incompetence. They blame everything on something or someone else. It is one of the reasons they are incapable of change.

Now add in the public release of hard evidence that the DOJ and the FBI have weaponized our criminal justice system and it is a perfect storm. A storm that cannot be safely ignored. Just think about this. That former Marine being prosecuted by a District Attorney who routines refuses to prosecute criminals, has raised over $2 million for his defense fund. The man who was killed, a homeless man with a long history of aggression, has raised about $150,000, for his funeral. Ignore the significance of that to your peril.

This is why these issues add up to the ultimate double exposure. This not only exposes these people for their partisanship and corruption, but it also exposes their incompetence. If you are always obviously wrong, at some point almost everyone else with figure that out. No matter how effective the daily spin spewed by the Biden Administration, his fawning supporters in the MSM and the entire Democratic Party leadership, the problems with rising crime, the influx of illegal immigrants and crumbling economy have resulted in a stench that overpowers the wimpy perfume of political correctness.