The Biden Administration is over. Its version of events is so ludicrous that absolutely no one is buying this anymore. In addition, by embracing the ridiculous, they are publicly shredding the last hint of credibility. Apparently, someone decided that if they just pretend down is actually up, people will miraculously believe this, despite all the evidence. They are pretending that if you define a recession differently, it is not longer a recession. But the MSM that has covered up everything Joe Biden since he ran for President, is not covering up anymore. Even if they wanted to do that, the evidence is impossible to ignore.

I strongly believe that it won’t end here. Once someone loses this amount of credibility, people will no longer believe anything they say on any subject. That includes subjects like Joe Biden’s health, his mental acuity, Hunter Biden and even the 2020 election. Everyone is immediately uniting behind one fact; Joe Biden is a disaster, he is not only a serial liar, he is a bad serial liar, and he is hurting EVERYONE. No one in their right mind would even consider trusting him.

What happens when there is a complete breakdown regarding public faith in our most important institutions. We may soon learn. Hopefully, people will wait for elections. But once thing is sure, change is already on the way. The only question is whether that change will be for better or worse. In democracies, change is usually for the better, because liberals are voted out of power. But the exceptions, like Venezuela, are a warning to the world.

So, what could make this worse? Easy, having Joe Biden, who lives in a bubble, fully vaccinated, twice boosted get COVID. What would make this border on insanity? have him isolate for five days, return to public view, sorta, only to test positive again and disappear again.

Who knows, this may be the best option for President Biden. Have him test positively, for COVID, with no symptoms, but requiring him to give up public appearances. Perfect. Why not? After all, this strategy worked brilliantly during the 2020 campaign, resulting in eighty-four million people voting for this clown.

The bell has rung for the Biden Administration and the count down clock is fully operational. Democrats are already lining up to replace him. The best, actually only, argument for keeping Biden is that he is still considered the most likely candidate to beat Donald Trump. Seriously? All of the other potential candidates are worse, much worse than this act? Talk about a short bench. How about no bench.

Change is in the wind. The MSM has already switched horses and they don’t even know what other horse they want. It is like abandoning ship only to discover this is the only ship in the area. The Titanic survivors, if they were still around, could tell us all about that.

The Joe Biden version of reality has been completely shattered. With it the hopes and dreams of the progressive left, who demanded he double down on insanity, foolishly thinking the rest of the world was just as delusional them. Want a perfect example of that. Numerous female swimmers are expressing personal joy at having to undress in front of Lia Thomas, who in spite of being considered fully female by the usual suspects apparently still has, gasp, male body parts. The ladies are the polar opposite of amused.

Incredibly, this isn’t even the worse news of the day. That would be this:

$10 million settlement announced for workers forced to take COVID shots –

Workers at NorthShore University HealthSystem filed a lawsuit because they were forced to take experimental COVID-10 shots. They just got a $10,337,500 settlement to “compensate these health care works who were victims of religion discrimination, and who were punished for their religious beliefs by taking an injection associated with aborted fetal cells.”

Note all the working parts here. Forced to take “experimental vaccine. Religious discrimination. Aborted fetal cells. Just when the pro-abortion crowd thought it was safe to go back in the water, we learn that “aborted fetal cells” were allegedly used to develop at least some of the COVID-19 vaccines.

There is nothing like having to pay a huge class-action lawsuit to get someone’s attention. It gets better, if you didn’t take the shot, you get $25,000, but if you took the shot, you only get $3,000. Would you be happy if you took the shot under duress and those who said no get over 8 times as much? No one is going to be happy about this. The question is why they would make this settlement. The obvious answer is they feared something worse. What could that be, you might ask? Well, how about some of those people who were forced to get a vaccine they didn’t want, die from complications. A lot of very young athletic people seem to be dying unexpectedly? Coincidence?

Talk about a shattered version of events.