The January 6th Committee has wasted a lot of time ignoring the obvious and embracing the ridiculous. The truth is and always has been obvious. Donald Trump was exceptionally angry because he believed the 2020 election was hopelessly flawed and possibly stolen. He was frustrated that no one was willing to even investigate this. He was dismayed that so many people wanted him to ignore the problems and just pretend that Joe Biden won in a fair and honest election.

He wanted somebody to do something. Those who had pretended to offer him solutions had flailed miserably. Those who were capable of investigating this refused to even try. The MSM was only interested in seeing Trump defeated. He felt very alone, except that he knew he had millions of supporters who agreed with him.

Trump put together a rally at the Capital, designed to put pressure on Republicans in congress to do something to investigate this mess. Time was running out. Once congress “certified” the election, the die was cast. Joe Biden would be the next President, without regard to the consequences and there would be no opportunity to fix this.

President Trump was being told that it was congress who had the authority to determine who won an election and in the past congress has rejected what they considered to be false electors. There were three cases where congress did decide who won a presidential election, Thomas Jefferson, John Quincy Adams, and Rutherford B Hayes were all elected president by congress after a messy election.

The constitution specifically gives congress this authority. But, in recent years, congress has merely functioned as a rubber stamp. This was based on the assumption that there had been reasonably fair elections and the results had been certified. But in this case, some of the elections were run in clear violation of state law. The people certifying the election was not the state legislators, but rather election commissions. There were at least some states where state legislators were openly challenging results, and some had requested authorization to present a separate slate of electors.

That alone gave congress authority to ask states to certify the election, one way or the other, and move on. No one expected Mike Pence to just declare Trump the winner. He was only expected to facilitate the process.

It is clear that Trump made no plans for an insurrection. He offered the National Guard in advance of the event and on the morning of the event told his top military officials he wanted a safe process. He asked his supporters to march peacefully over to the capitol and make their voices heard.

The situation at the capitol got completely out of control. There were people trespassing inside the capital. Congress was evacuated and when they came back, they just quickly voted to ratify vote by the electoral college.

That begs the question, who benefited from tand who did not benefit from the “Capitol riot?” Donald Trump certainly did not benefit, because there was no longer any discussion regarding the legitimacy of results. The kangaroo court went into full court press.

One has to imagine that the people who benefited were those who did not want to hear from State Legislatures questioning the process and questioning the results. The people who benefited were those who wanted no investigation, no honest debate, and no delay. They wanted Joe Biden inaugurated and Donald Trump sent packing, without regard to the consequences.

Now we know the consequences. Joe Biden is a total disaster as President. The economy is tanking, we are faced with one foreign disaster after another. We will be fortunate if he does not stumble into World War III. This is the weakest possible President at the worst possible time. The problem has been compounded by him being surrounded by perhaps the most ineffective and in some cases downright dangerous cabinet in U.S. history. When you add in a senate run by Chuck Schumer and a House run by Nancy Pelosi, it is impossible to predict anything close to a good outcome. The only bright light is that an independent Supreme Court is making decisions based on the law and the constitution at a time when checks and balances are desperately needed.

A high percentage of people believe the 2020 election was highly flawed and possibly stolen. They didn’t need Donald Trump to tell them that. There are numerous serious accusations of fraud, but no real investigation by anyone that could be trusted to give a fair and impartial report. The MSM just says this was discredited while doing zero real investigation and providing no credible facts or analysis. But the facts are out there, and it will take very little to turn this into a full blown political tsunami.

None of this is based on wild conspiracy theories or bizarre speculation. All of the above is actually quite obvious to anyone paying even a slight amount of attention. It is so obvious that even graduates of places like Yale and Harvard may eventually understand the problem. My guess is that a whole lot of people, not hindered by a liberal Ivy League education, have figured this out already and we are likely to hear from them in about three months.

In the meantime, Democrats are going all in on climate change hysteria. Again, they are ignoring the obvious. When it is 90 plus degrees out, people are far more worried about their air conditioner working than whether people are trading in their SUVs for Teslas. Even if that works, which is questionable, air conditioning is faster.