Joe Biden has COVID. We should all hope he gets better. While some in the liberal left rejoiced when Donald Trump got COVID and prayed to the God they don’t believe in that he would die, most sane people don’t behave like that. Life is always sacred, even the life of someone like Joe Biden who many people believe, with legitimate cause, is destroying much of what we hold dear. It is one thing to dream of the day he is out of power, it is another thing to wish him ill health.

But even those who don’t believe in God often believe in Karma. They are not sure what that even means, but they believe it anyway. Here is probably the most protected man in the world, who lives in the world’s tightest bubble, double vaccinated and doubled boostered, surrounded by people who are vaccinated and tested regularly, and he somehow got COVID anyway. No one seems to know when or how. If Joe Biden can get COVID, everyone can get COVID. Ironically, the quicker he recovers the more COVID disappears from the conversation. And if this somehow does him in, who will want to continue getting vaccinated. Either way, this is so over.

In some ways this resembles poorly written comedy. The same man who filmed wearing two masks, surrounded by people twelve feet away, all wearing masks, made a video after getting COVID, without a mask and then was filmed sitting at his desk, without a mask. His wife, who is supposed to be isolating with him, is not wearing a mask either. His Vice President, who was next to him on Air Force One last week, is spewing nonsense without a mask not even mentioning COVID. You can’t even make this stuff up.

The White House tried to show transparency by sending out the White House Physician who conveniently couldn’t answer any questions, because he isn’t the President’s personal physician, and has no direct information. Even the MSM is getting annoyed by the silliness here. It is like they all looked around collectively and asked: “doesn’t anyone else realize none of this makes sense?

It is increasing obvious that this cannot continue, and candidates are already jockeying for position in the race to replace Joe Biden. Few people expect Joe Biden to be able to run for re-election and even fewer think he has any change of actually getting re-elected. The only argument being made by anyone encouraging him to consider running for re-election is that they somehow still believe he is the only one capable of beating Donald Trump. Wait, what? Joe is still the best you got?

Think about that for a minute. No matter how bad Joe Biden performs, there is absolutely no one in the Democratic party viewed as a potential upgrade. Gavin Newsom is dreaming of doing the same brilliant things he has done to California for the entire country. Gavin’s dream is everyone else’s nightmare Those who are not throwing up are having difficulty restraining the giggles. Kamala Harris is so bad that she is the primary reason some people pray for Biden’s health.

In the meantime, the masks are coming off. Even the NYT writer who promoted the Russia Conspiracy nonsense recently admitted he was wrong and apologized. That is not a sign of true repentance, but it is a sign of giving up on the illusion. The CDC just announced they will no longer tell Cruise lines how to operate. It won’t stop there. My prediction is that COVID will go away, not because COVID is going away, but because they won’t bother testing for it anymore and they certainly won’t waste time reporting on COVID statistics.

Thank you, Joe. By getting sick you may have help us all get better.