The quote actually is from Hamlet. Some people think Hamlet said this, but actually it was said by his mother, Gertrude. What she actually says is:”The lady doth protest too much, me thinks.” People have been arguing about the real meaning of this line for over four hundred years. But my personal interpretation is that when someone whines too much about something, they are often the ones trying to cover things up.

Joe Biden did this when he blamed everything on “Putin” including the price of gas. Then, when gas prices dropped slightly, he tried to take all the credit personally. Few are buying this. More importantly Democrats and the liberal left have tried to blame everything on Donald Trump. He was the source of all discontent. He was a threat to democracy. He created all this hate and division. He tried to overthrow the government by protesting the 2020 election with the big lie about widespread voter fraud. If they really want to see who is spreading hate and discontent, buy some mirrors.

While Donald Trump is often his own worst enemy, a lot of things he warned us about and problems he predicted have turned out to be very accurate. One of them is the 2020 election. The more we learn, the more troubling the results. But the real problem is that no one, capable of conducting a real investigation, made any attempt to determine the truth. Instead, we are routinely told that these accusations have been discredited, with no factual evidence supporting that conclusion. Those who are developing such evidence are quickly shouted down or just ignored. It is increasingly clear that the protesting about how there is no evidence of a problem with the 2020 election is in and of itself reason to be suspicious. If there truly was no problem, then both sides would have been equally interested in an investigation to document the facts.

Few people know that the ballots used during the presidential election in Florida during the 2000 election were investigated many times and the results were always the same. Bush won, by a ridiculously small margin, but he still won.

We love to watch “COPS” primarily because the suspects tell such obvious and ridiculous lies. Our favorite is when someone is caught with dope in his or her pocket and quickly says “these aren’t my pants.” Then they come up with some ridiculous explanation regarding how they were wearing pants that didn’t belong to them. The police seldom believe this nonsense. When the police stop someone who actually has nothing to hide, the results are vastly different. Both parties are polite, and things move quickly. The point being the quicker someone starts complaining about their innocence, the more likely they are hiding something. The louder they complain, the more likely they are hiding something big.

Democrats have been complaining, loudly, for a long time. And, it has sadly worked for them. But then along came a spider, or should I say Joe Biden. Joe got himself elected president, with a lot of help from his friends, and the results have been disastrous for everyone, but particularly those who worked so hard to put him in the White House.

Democrats are likely to get trounced in both the House and the Senate. This would have been guaranteed if Republicans hadn’t put forth candidates like Dr. Oz and Herschel Walker who are capable of losing races that should have been easy victories. Republicans continue their streak of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. But facts are stubborn things and the facts, for Democrats, are all bad, unbelievably bad. We recently watched the “Who is Hunter Biden?” series on Fox Nation and it was stunning. Stunning because there is so much evidence and because this is so bad and because the MSM ignored this during the 2020 campaign. If the MSM had only reported honestly on Hunter Biden during the 2020 election, Joe Biden would have lost in a landslide. But the delay of game is over, and the Hunter moon is rising.

The shrieking about the alleged insurrection on January 6th, 2021, has reached its peak and failed miserably to meet even minimal standards. When you combine this with the blatant lies, distortions, and omissions by the January 6th Committee itself, this is brewing into a perfect storm. The sad reality is that few people in either party like clowns like Adam Schiff or Liz Cheney. They are tolerated only because they are considered useful in destroying Donald Trump. But unless something drastic develops soon and very soon, the walls closing in on Trump, again, will miss by a mile.

Democrats thought they could win on climate change. But they missed something big. Most people realize that while climate is changing, the ridiculous demands to do stupid things to save the planet have zero credibility. By the way, it was hotter in 1936 then it is now. But that being an inconvenient fact, is ignored. Isn’t it obvious that if we are breaking a record more than one hundred years old, one hundred years ago it was hotter? Duh!

Democrats thought they would win on Roe v Wade. That is why AOC and her ilk pretended to be handcuffed after illegally protesting the Supreme Court. A court, by the way, which is not even discussing Roe v. Wade. They are protesting the gate after they let the horse out of the barn.

The noise is about to get louder and more hysterical. That is a good thing. It means they are losing, and foolishly assuming that if they just scream nonsense louder, someone will listen this time. They don’t and won’t. They just buy ear plugs, move away, or vote for someone else.