John Bolton is an interesting man, to say the least. He was very militaristic as National Security Advisor and was extremely critical of President Trump for not being daring enough. Trump, on the other hand, said Bolton never saw a war he didn’t like. They clearly do not like each other.

So, Jake Tapper thought interviewing John Bolton would be perfect. Another former Trump official more than willing to dump on the Donald. Bolton did exactly that, but in doing so he may have just destroyed the January 6th committee case in the process. Bolton admitted that he had personally helped plan coups d’état and, in his opinion, Trump couldn’t have pulled this off if he tried. He said Trump simply was unwilling to put in the time and effort to organize a coups d’état. This had the ugly odor of truth. A truth that the January 6th committee has exposed but ignored. There was no coups d’état because there was no one around ready, willing, and able to organize something like that. Trump was willing to claim the election was stolen because he clearly still believes the election was stolen. So do a lot of other people, including a lot of Democrats. Whatever you think of the Proud Boys or QAnon or and of the other alleged conspirators, none of them were capable of pulling of something like an insurrection. That should be obvious to anyone who watched the actual footage of the events on January 6th. It was a lot of things, but an organized military assault isn’t on the list. So far, the only people who were armed appear to have been FBI informants. The “rioters” didn’t shoot anyone, they didn’t kidnap anyone, and they didn’t bomb anyone. Most of the pictures show people with smiling faces posing with American flags as photo ops. It was always a joke to call this a planned insurrection and John Bolton just exposed that myth in the most effective way possible. No, Trump didn’t try a coup d’état because he wouldn’t even know how.

What made this more devastating is that Bolton was so obviously telling the truth. We probably need a few people like John Bolton around, ready, willing, and able to color outside the lines, but we don’t want people like this in the Oval Office.

The MSM has worked almost as hard at pretending the January 6th committee is anything other than a sick joke as they work at pretending Joe Biden is President of the United States. But it doesn’t matter anymore, because both the January 6th committee and Joe Biden have been exposed as frauds. Liz Cheney who was seriously mentioned as a possible GOP Presidential Contender is polling at around 17% among Republican voters in Wyoming. This is in spite of the daily publicity and the mountains of cash thrown at her by the usual suspects. There are reports that she has millions more than her opponent, but no matter how much money is spent and no matter what is reported by CNN, the people in Wyoming are not buying any of this. Soon and very soon, no one else will buy it either. The problem is that the January 6th committee had everything its own way, no real Republicans on the committee, selective editing of documents, deliberate misrepresentation of facts, ludicrous allegation, and fawning coverage by the MSM. They still botched it because what they didn’t have and don’t have are any facts. And, ultimately, if they fail to get Trump indicted, for something, they have failed.

In addition, at the worst possible time, increased information is developing that creates grave concern regarding allegations of systemic fraud during the 2020 election. That should not be a surprise, based on the locations involved like Philadelphia, Chicago, Milwaukee, Detroit, and Atlanta. Does anyone really believe elections in major metropolitan areas have no element of corruption? Please!

Just because systemic corruption is ignored and accepted does not mean it does not exist. The 2020 election was run so poorly, with nationwide mail in voting and minimal controls that proving election fraud is and has been a challenge. It is easy to understand why Trump never had a chance at proving this prior to January 6th, 2021. But other people have been looking at this, and they do have facts, and they do have evidence, and people are getting arrested, and this is soon going to be impossible to ignore. I doubt that anything will result in over-turning the 2020 election, but it will incentivize some people to make sure this never ever happens again. The Supreme Court was not about to interfere in the 2020 election, but don’t assume they won’t take action to make sure they are never asked to do this regarding future elections either.

Ultimately, someone just needs to point out the obvious. Would you rather accept responsibility for putting Joe Biden in the White House? Or for trying to stop that. I know, way too easy.