Politico has named Liz Cheney as the GOP Man of the Year. Apparently, this is for showing raw courage real male GOP politicians cannot find a way to muster. This is almost the equivalent of naming Caitlyn Kaitlin Jenner as “Woman of the Year” by Glamour magazine in 2015. I do not pretend to speak for all men and certainly don’t pretend to speak for any women. I am always amazed at people who pretend that they speak for entire classes of people for which they obviously have zero qualifications. It is like an atheist providing guidance to Southern Baptist on the true meaning of “Christ’s teachings.” Why on earth would anyone be remotely interested in the opinion of someone who is admittedly a “non-believer.”

The reality is that they honored Liz Cheney, not because she is a female and certainly not because of actual courage. It takes little if any courage to say and do something politically correct, but factually ridiculous. January 6th, 2021 was a lot of things, but an attempt at armed insurrection by Trump supporters is not on the list. We constantly hear about the violence of that day but compared to the true violence of BLM protests during the summer of 2020, it doesn’t even come close. When Jack Del Rio mentioned that he was not only criticized he was fined $100,000. How dare anyone point out the obvious when the obvious conflicts with the opinion of the oblivious?

Incredibly Liz Cheney is praised for daring to let someone testify, under oath, in public, about second or perhaps third-hand information that was almost immediately discredited. If there is a lower standard than that, even the MSM has yet to discover it.

As for me, after I had flown on my 200th combat mission, I decided that it was no longer necessary to prove my manhood to anyone. I remain amazed at men who seem to be in constant need of confirming their manhood, usually by doing something incredibly stupid. Perhaps the best measure of true manhood is when you reach the point of not caring what other people think about the subject.

The reality here is that Politico has reached a new definition of manhood, not remotely related to actual gender, or even assumed gender. Liz Cheney has her faults, but to the best of my knowledge she has never claimed a new or assumed gender. No in this case the sole standard is agreeing with someone who based their opinion on facts not in evidence and in many cases ignoring facts actually in evidence. If true manhood requires one to adapt the standards demonstrated by someone like Adam Schiff, spare me the insult.

How about doing this. Let men speak for themselves. Let women speak for themselves. No single woman speaks for all women. No single man speaks for all men. If one does choose to do this, it would be more impressive if they started had formed their opinions with at least some regard to actual facts and evidence. I suspect most women were not exactly impressed when Caitlyn Jenner was proclaimed “Woman of the Year” by Glamour Magazine. I am absolutely positive that most men are not impressed when Politico stupidly names Liz Cheney as “Man of the Year.” “Come on Man!

Note: The Microsoft Word editor was upset by the choice of the word “manhood.” Apparently, that is insulting to people who have more fluid assessments of their own gender. I apologize.