One of the big problems for Democrats and the liberal left is that they don’t have a clue regarding how much of the world views events. I sometimes think of the MSM as an entire class of Joe Buck clones. People who were put there because of perceived, but non-existent ability. Since they are typically evaluated by people who think just like them, they create the illusion of competence and objectivity. But sometimes they are shocked, shocked mind you, to discover that people disagree with them.

Lately social media has been inundated by people who are outraged by the Supreme Court decision regarding Roe v. Wade. However, if you read their posts, it soon becomes clear they don’t even understand the decision nor do they understand what it means. They are too outraged to consider any potential that there is any possible justification for this. They cannot understand how a moral person of character, in other words someone who thinks like them, is not equally outraged.

They are also missing something especially important. Many Republicans I know are outraged, because Republicans so often lack the backbone necessary to fight for what is right. There have been so many cases where Republicans made unnecessary compromises with those who have zero intention of negotiating anything in good faith. But sometimes there really isn’t any middle ground between right and wrong, good, and evil. Freedom of speech and the right to bear arms are actual guarantees in the U.S. constitution. They were worth fighting for in the past, they are worth fighting for now. But fighting does not mean resorting to mob rule and violence. Fighting means standing your ground, refusing to be intimidated by those who show little or no restraint.

In the past, Republicans were too willing to give up, sometimes when victory was in sight, because they lacked the courage of their convictions. One of the major differences between Donald Trump and his opponents is that he did exactly what he said he would do. Remarkable.

Because of the severe over-reaction by Democrats and the liberal left to this Supreme Court decision, Republicans now have no choice but to stand up and fight. Failure to do that will result in the worst elements of mob rule. Democrats think they can bully American into giving into to their unreasonable demands. They are resorting to the most extreme actions, inciting people to protest, to riot, and in some cases to act out with violence. If Republicans show they can forcefully and peacefully stand up to the mob, it is quite possible the country will quickly unite around them.

There is no need to respond with out-of-control protests, hate speech and violence. Instead, all that is necessary is to say: “If you will just take a breath and actually listen to the facts and evidence, we can have a discussion. But if you cannot do that, we cannot consider giving you what you want. If you continue acting like spoiled children, we will have no choice but to treat you like spoiled children.” Wise parents never let spoiled children make important decisions. For Republicans and Democrats, it is show time.