Last summer we visited the ark experience. It is an interesting place. The attempt was to build this to the same dimensions described in the Bible. According to Genesis 6:15 the ark was to be 300 cubits long, fifty cubits wide and thirty cubits tall. Many people believe that a cubit was about 18 inches or the length between a man’s elbow and his extended middle finger. I wonder if that meant that God was instructing Noah to give mankind the finger, but that is for another time. The point is that the ark was really huge, much bigger than I expected.

The real lesson is that God told Noah to prepare for rain, a lot of rain. Noah listened. The wise educated cultured elite of the day probably drowned. One imagines it was similar to living in Northern California, where the usual suspect talking heads were warning us that, because of climate change (global warming) we could prepare for permanent drought. Even after we got an October storm that delivered a record amount of rain, the same people gave the same lectures. But God is not mocked, and he just let us know, again, who is really in charge.

The following article is from MSN, which means that this is now so obvious that even the left wing liberal media is starting to notice:

California’s snow drought ends thanks to two weeks of bad weather (msn.com)

Prior to December, the Northern Sierra had about 9% of normal snowfall, the Central Sierra had 22% of normal and the Southern Sierra had 27% of normal. Yet two weeks later, everything has changed. The Northern Sierra has 92% of normal, Central Sierra has 102% of normal and Southern Sierra has 105% of normal. And guess what, there are more storms coming in. If the forecasts are close to accurate, the drought may be largely over by Christmas. The Daily Mail UK, which often reports things ignored by the U.S. MSN, has already said the drought is over.

As recently as Thanksgiving, all the local meteorologists were cheering for more rain. They all said we needed more, much more. My prediction is by New Year’s Day, they will be sick of this and instead of looking for hopeful signs of rain, they will be looking for hopeful signs of drier weather.

It is an important reminder, during the Christmas season, that God is still in charge and those who foolishly pretended they are in control would be wise to check out retirement options. There is nothing more certain than that those who arrogantly predict things over which they actually have zero real control are extremely likely to be wrong. Embarrassingly wrong. As soon as I heard Al Gore predict that the arctic would be completely free of ice within five years, I went out and bought a new winter coat.

Those predicting global warming are searching for evidence to explain why record rain and cold in California, and eventually the rest of the country, is caused by gas powered engines. People spending half their paycheck to buy gas to go to a supermarket with empty shelves are unlikely to line up for an electric vehicle. Those shivering in the dark during power outages will be less enthusiastic about living an all-electric world.

Like Noah, we’ve been warned.  Without a drought, those who fail to listen risk paying an extremely high price.


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