Following the Titanic, many of the lifeboats had room for more survivors. There were people in the water, screaming for help but most of the lifeboats refused to go back, because they didn’t want to get sucked down with the Titanic. That is exactly what is happening to the Biden administration and the Democratic Party. The Biden ship of state is sinking, everyone knows it, the end is near, and smart Democrats are starting to distance themselves.

Some members of the Democratic establishment are already announcing plans for retirement. There are rumors that Joe Manchin is considering switching parties. Who could blame him, when Democrats, the MSM, the Squad, Hollywood Celebrities and even the White House viciously attacked him for refusing to vote for disaster? There are rumors, unconfirmed, that other members of congress are also eyeing the Republican Party the same way those people clinging to debris from the Titanic eyed those lifeboats.

California got an early Christmas present when God drenched the global warming alarmists with freezing weather and atmospheric rivers. The entire country got a Christmas present when the usual suspects decided it would be great sport to trash Joe Manchin. He is not amused. Neither were the people in West Virginia. Ironically when the Democratic Party is in desperate need of new leadership, they stupidly trashed the only senior Democrat showing evidence of a spine. They need Joe Manchin; he does not need them.

I think we may be witnessing the worst political meltdown in the history of the United States. I certainly cannot remember anything like this during my lifetime and don’t know of anything remotely similar recorded in history, at least not in this country. It does appear remarkably similar to when Neville Chamberlain was literally booed out of office.

This a reminder that the old saying, what goes around, comes around, is actually true a lot of the time. Democrats embraced COVID, because they saw it as a chance to get rid of the hated Trump. Sacrificing lives and ruining our economy was a small price to pay for achieving that. They may not have wanted the pandemic, but they sure seized the day to take advantage. But what they failed to realize is that by replacing Trump, they now own COVID, lock stock and barrel. The monster they may not have created but which they openly embraced has now turned on them and they don’t have a clue how to fight this anymore. Since Democrats control the House, the Senate, and the Presidency, they will absorb the full brunt of anger from a public that is sick and tired of being sick and tired.

I always thought that things would change dramatically in 2022 because of the election. But this is so bad, things may change long before November 2022. The Democratic margin in the Senate is exactly one vote. One death, or one independent or Democrat choosing to caucus with Republicans and Democrats lose control. Currently there are 222 Democrats in the House and 213 Republicans. The real margin is only five votes, because if five Democrats vote with Republicans, the vote would be 217 to 218 and Republican’s win. Remember that at least some Democrats share the same opinion of Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, AOC, and the rest of the squad, as the rest of us. They just suck it up and stay the course because they fear the Democratic establishment and self-preservation is a strong motivator. But, if they stop fearing the Democratic establishment, things may change in a heartbeat. Just ask the Cuomo brothers about that.

So, while you are celebrating the Holidays, you have something else to celebrate. The Holiday End of the Biden Administration and the left-wing progressive nonsense along for the ride.


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