The January 6th, 2021, committee was allegedly designed to expose the truth about what happened on January 6, 2021. Ironically, it is doing exactly that, but the results are likely to be the polar opposite of what they expect. One of the first things we learned from this committee is that Democrats no longer even pretend to be fair and balanced. That is why Republicans, who were ready to ask tough questions, were blocked by Nancy Pelosi. Instead, she appointed only Democrats and two RINOs, known primarily for their opposition to Donald Trump. No matter what the committee discovers, with this panel, it will be highly suspect.

The committee has made some enormous mistakes. They charged Mark Meadows for contempt, for not releasing documents, which they already had in their possession and which Liz Cheney read aloud for everyone to hear. Then Adam Schiff deliberately doctored a document to make it look vastly different than the original document. Schiff, of course, was famous for doing this during the Russian Collusion hoax and the Trump impeachment fiascos.

But most importantly, the committee is exposing the truth about the 2020 election, and they may be shocked at the results. Yes, there were people in the Trump administration and in congress who were deeply concerned about an election that appears to be riddled with fraud. The proposed solutions to this problem included filing lawsuits and exploring options within the guidelines of the constitution. They didn’t issue personal threats to Democratic law makers. The did organize a large rally that was clearly intended to be a loud, but peaceful protest. So far, there has been zero evidence that the White House had anything to do with organizing the chaos that resulted and instead they were surprised by it.

President Trump did make two public announcements that day, the first was to ask people to respect the police and reminding them that they support police. Later he told them that while he understood why they were upset, he wanted them to go home.

This is a lot of things, but planning an insurrection is not on the list. More importantly it demands investigation as to why so many people were deeply concerned about the 2020 election. They were not all delusional people angry because Trump lost. Many of them were deeply concerned about congress rubber stamping an election without regard to the consequences if evidence later developed showing that the election was riddle with fraud. This is not the first time that happened in this country. If you want to learn about this, check out how Rutherford B. Hayes became President. There was a dispute regarding the credentials of nineteen or twenty of the electors. Congress established a commission to rule on the matter. The Commission awarded all disputed votes to Hayes.

The reason for that commission was allegations of wide-spread voter fraud.

The following article in the Seattle Times explains this:

Ugly 1876 presidential election included fraud, voter intimidation and maybe a backroom deal | The Seattle Times

But the most important part of this article is the following statement:

Thus began the longest fought and closest presidential election in U.S. history. Much as President Donald Trump is doing now, backers of Hayes, the governor of Ohio, said the election was being stolen. The difference was that, unlike now, there was clear evidence of fraud and voter intimidation.

Actually, there is clear evidence of voter fraud and intimidation of poll watchers. Although this has been the official position of the Democratic Party and their supporters in the MSM, it is, was, and always will be absurd. One may argue that the allegations of wide-spread voter fraud have not been proven, to extent it would change the results. But it is not  true that there was no evidence of voter fraud. There are videos of ballots being delivered in the dead of night. There are confirmed cases where Republican poll watchers were blocked from observing the count. And the election was conducted with massive amounts of mail in ballots. A process both parties said, before the 2020 election, was a recipe for fraud. The real difference between 1876 and 2020 was the unwillingness of congress to recognize the problem and to at least try to investigate.

The results are now obvious, and they are catastrophic. The damage done by putting someone like Joe Biden in office as President of the United States is enormous. The only thing worse than his mismanagement of the COVID pandemic is his mismanagement of the economy and the world-wide embarrassment resulting from the inept feeble attempts at diplomacy by the weakest President in the history of the United States. What make this worse is that so many people, who have a responsibility to report the truth, continue to cover this up and pretend everything is ok. It is not ok. Joe Biden is not ok. Kamala Harris is not ok. And the next in line, Nancy Pelosi is not ok.

Democrats are acting like congress taking action when confronted with evidence of systemic fraud is a violation of the constitution. It is not, it is following the constitution. Congress in 1876 acted because the alternative, having a President who won the office through systemic fraud, was unacceptable. Sound familiar?

We now have Democrats arguing that even questioning the results, using the process in the constitution, and used previously somehow amounts to an insurrection. One would note that Democrats tried, and failed, to object to the election of both George W. Bush and Donald J. Trump using the same tactics, just with zero evidence.

The real problem is that both Democrats and the MSM are stuck in a “full mental jacket” which prevents them from looking at the 2020 election with an ounce of objectivity. The more people become aware of what actually happened and the more they realize the extent to which Trump and his supporters tried to get this done through the constitution the more backlash for the “full mental jacket society.”


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