Joe Biden and his fawning liberal left-wing supporters would have you believe that January 6, 2021, was an armed insurrection. An attempt to overthrow the government of the United States. The most dangerous attack since the Civil War. The Gateway Pundit recently published a video taken inside the capital on January 6th, 2021. This video makes the truth impossible to ignore. Calling this an armed insurrection is a pathetic joke. Instead, it looks like a lot of tourists taking selfies. There are numerous capitol police officers in the video.  None of them look terrified. Some of them appear to be encouraging people. Why not, this looks incredibly peaceful, for an armed insurrection.

INSURRECTION DEBUNKED: New Video Shows Completely Peaceful Protest Inside US Capitol on Jan. 6 (thegatewaypundit.com)

The FBI has clearly been trying to suppress this and other videos. They have arrested people, but none of the charges even hint at insurrection.

A Tampa man who dared to carry a Trump flag into the Capitol plead guilty to “the stiffest felony count charged by prosecutors against individuals not otherwise accused of conspiracy or violence in the Capitol riot.”

stripes – Man pleads guilty to felony in Capitol riot; his recommended sentence could set bar for other cases

Here was the sin against humanity: “Hodgkins admitted that he “corruptly endeavored to influence, obstruct, or impede” Congress in a signed statement of offense that was read by prosecutors in court. Reading from the statement, Sedky said Hodgkins was holding the flag with other people while they “shout, cheer and say prayers” from the elevated platform and desk in the Senate well. They included a shirtless man using a bullhorn and wearing face paint at the vice president’s chair. Hodgkins wore eye goggles at one point and pulled latex gloves on and off in a bid to aid another rioter, Sedky said.”

People were shouting, cheering, and saying prayers in a failed attempt to get congress to pay attention. THIS CANNOT STAND!

The narrative about January 6, 2021, just like the narrative about the 2020 election, is rapidly falling apart. The more anyone investigates the real facts, the more obvious that this is just a bunch of hooey. The truth is Democrats are terrified by the truth, so they invented a narrative out of whole cloth that is absurd. What is more absurd is the fact that so many people in the MSM either bought this or just went along for the ride. This is not just wrong; it is embarrassingly wrong. Not just embarrassingly wrong, it is full egg on your face wribg, Did you guys really buy this? We are already seeing a taste of this regarding the origins of COVID 19. Jonathan Karl admitted, grudgingly, that just because Donald Trump said something did not make it wrong. Be still my soul. Just think about that. Something Donald Trump said is not necessarily wrong. My goodness. The MSM must rethink everything. Oh wait, that is unfair. There is no evidence they did any actual thinking the first time around. But now, at least, some of them, grudgingly, realize BS is BS whether spoken by Democrats or not.

The result is the MSM will soon have no choice but to do at least some reporting and some investigating regarding the 2020 election and the January 6, 2021, armed insurrection. All this is coming out without regard to what they say or do. They will be shocked to learn that a story that was absurd on its face is still absurd after finally investigating. This video is just the beginning. If you look at this you will notice that a lot of people, were carrying smart phone cameras filming everything. So far, with the help of the DOJ and the FBI, few people have seen those videos. But that the blackout is ending, along with the COVID 19 mask mandates. When people start seeing video like this, from multiple sources, the truth will be impossible to ignore. Not only was there no armed insurrection on January 6, 2021, this wasn’t even a particularly forceful demonstration. So far, most of the gas, flash grenades and bullets were appeared to be from police, not directed at police, against people who were peacefully protesting behind barricades. The primary reason people “stormed” the Capitol is that they were invited, by at least some of the Capitol police, none of whom looked to be seriously threatened.

I now predict, firmly, that the Biden administration will literally be laughed off the public stage. How, after all this comes out, will anyone be able to even pretend this is serious. How bad does it need to get before even the MSM has trouble restraining the snickers. Jimmy Kimmel might even lower himself to joke about Joe Biden. But then, after we all get a good laugh. Someone will ask the $24 Trillion question. “How on earth can we tolerate this for the next 3 plus years and what are the options for fixing this.”

Anyone? Anyone? Got a good answer. Should we rely on Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Liz Cheney, Mitch McConnell, or anyone else to lead the way? Anyone in the media, that can be trusted by everyone? Anyone? This is like being on the Titanic when someone suggests, gently, getting into the lifeboats. Everyone complains that the water is too cold, it is freezing, and they are in the middle of nowhere. Then they realize the ship is literally sinking. At that point, any lifeboat in a storm will do. Kinda like now. The question is, “what lifeboat?”


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