During a speech over the weekend Michael Flynn allegedly called for a military coup to put Donald Trump back in the White House. The MSM, predictably, went nuts. They, of course, ignored similar comments by liberal Democrats when Trump was President, but I digress. It is always important to know exactly what was asked and what was answered before forming an opinion on something like this.

He was speaking at a QAnon Convention. A member of the audience took the microphone and asked why a coup like the one that happened in Myanmar couldn’t happen in this country?

Flynn responded by saying:

“No reason, I mean, it should happen here.”

Did Michael Flynn Call for a Myanmar-Style Military Coup at Dallas QAnon Convention? | Dallas Observer

Flynn quickly said he misspoke and meant to say that there was “no reason it should happen here.”

I must point out something obvious. Just modify that “quote” by removing the commas after reason and mean. “No reason I mean it should happen here.”  It is very easy to completely change the meaning of a particular sentence just by adding or removing punctuation.

A classic example is the difference between: “let’s eat, Grandma” and “let’s eat Grandma.” There are literally hundreds of examples like this, some of them very funny.

The real issue here is not what Flynn said or didn’t say. What really matters is why it was said. For that, one needs to listen to the other commentators at that event. One woman wrote that: “The coup has already happened.” That is the problem. A lot of people, not named Donald Trump or Michael Flynn, believe the 2020 election was rigged. And contrary to people like Liz Cheney or Brett Baier or most of the MSM, there is actually evidence supporting this theory. That does not mean that this has been proven, but it does mean that it not only has not been disproven, but a lot of people are clearly  desperate to prevent this being investigated.

This election is being investigated and that is going to create serious problems. No matter what happens as a result of the audit in Arizona, there will be issues. No one believes this audit will not produce significant evidence of fraud. That is why Democrats and their fawning supporters in the MSM are desperate to discredit it. If they thought there was any chance this would confirm the original results, they would being praising it, not condemning it.

This is why Democrats, and their never-Trump supporters were so desperate for a January 6, 2021, commission. They want, they demand, they need, people to believe that this was a planned insurrection arising solely out of a misinformation campaign by Donald Trump. The problem is that if this was not based on misinformation, the result is a fundamental lack of trust in the system of government that has kept us free. No sane person wants a military coup. That is why the military in the country reports to the President who is the Commander-in-Chief. But no sane person wants someone elected as the result of an election that at least seems so riddled with fraud. As Trump recently said, are we to just sit there and watch the country be destroyed over the next 3 ½ years? What, exactly are the options when a President issues insane unconstitutional executive orders, while being cheered on by a congress led by people like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. Does anyone really think either of these people are remotely capable of doing the right thing for the right reason?

What should happen is a bi-partisan commission, not on January 6, 2021, but rather on the 2020 election. People desperately need to believe in the process, again, or we are headed toward some very troubled times. When you combine the stench of this election with the hideous performance by both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, the mixture is beyond explosive. The real issue here is not the QAnon conference, I don’t even know who QAnon is and don’t really care. The issue is that so many people thought this was necessary.

All we really know at this time is that the MSM colluded with the DNC to lie to us. They lied about COVID 19. They lied about masks. They lied about the vaccine. Then they lied again, about the same vaccine. Everything they report is based solely on political perspective. Even Jonathan Karl admitted they ignored the truth about COVID because Donald Trump is the one who said it. That says more about them, than him.

They lied about Joe Biden’s health. They lied about Hunter Biden. They liked about Ukraine. They lied about Trump’s relationship with Vladimir Putin. They lied about the election. They lied about what really happened on January 6, 2021. They lied about Antifa. They lied about BLM.  If you want to find a real challenge, find something they are not lying about. The result is that it is increasingly difficult for many, if not most, people to know the truth. That is the real danger. That is what we should all fear.

Liz Cheney said: “No American should advocate or support the violent overthrow of the United States.” That would be more impressive if it didn’t come from someone who literally voted to remove a President of the United States from office solely for pointing out serious problems with the 2020 election and begging congress to investigate. Which is worse, advocating or supporting the violent overthrow of the United States, or simply voting to make that happen with little or no regard to the facts or evidence.

I do not know what Michael Flynn did or did not intend to say. I do know that there is zero chance the Military will participate in a coup. I also know that those promoting the “coup” theory are those who are simultaneously doing everything possible to avoid any real investigation into what happened during the 2020 election. History teaches us that those who work the hardest to hide the facts are often those most at risk should those facts be fully disclosed. Innocent people do not need a cover-up.

It reminds me of when George Zimmerman was confronted by police who said there was video of the Trayvon Martin shooting. Zimmerman responded by saying: “Thank God! If the 2020 election was truly fair and honest, then those who believe that should be first in line demanding a truly competent audit and investigation. The obvious fact that they are doing the exact opposite, speaks louder than words.


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