The record is now clear. We always knew that a lot of people hated Donald Trump. That is easy to understand. But the problem is and was that they allowed this hatred to block their judgement. He was routinely accused, without evidence, or telling lies on a regular basis. Research shows that most of the things the media called lies were mostly differences of opinion. For example, if Trump said this was the largest crowd ever, the MSM went nuts trying to prove him wrong. Sometimes Trump was wrong, sometimes he was not. But the MSM was ALWAYS desperate to prove him wrong. Unfortunately, that resulted in the MSM discounting or even disputing valuable information just because Trump said it. Jonathan Karl recently admitted that the MSM discounted the potential that COVID 19 was manmade, just because Trump said it. That was a major mistake and may have cost literally thousands if not millions of lives. The problem is that if people were trying to defeat COVID by assuming it had naturally evolved, they missed focusing on what really mattered, why COVID 19 was different.

More importantly, the MSM went absolutely nuts when Trump asked, casually, whether Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) might help. Trump pointed out, correctly, that it had been prescribed for over 50 years and was known to be safe. Dr. Fauci went to extreme lengths to discredit HCQ and publicly discounted HCQ as having any potential to help fight COVID 19. The MSM jumped on the bandwagon and not only ignored the potential benefit of HCQ, but they also went on a campaign to prove it was dangerous. The only thing that mattered was proving Trump wrong, even if he was right. Even if what he said had potential to help a lot of people.

The VA did a ridiculous study that was heavily reported on by the MSM, while it ignored not some, not dozens, but literally hundreds of studies showing the exact opposite. Almost every legitimate study regarding HCQ reported it was effective if used as a prophylactic, before one was ill, or as a treatment, when one first started getting symptoms. No one said HCQ was a vaccine or that it cured COVID 19. But people who got this treatment, early on, were less ill and much less likely to die. But according to Fauci and the MSM, HCQ was so dangerous it should only be used when it was almost certain to not work. The equivalent would be to require people to wear masks only after they were diagnosed with an active case of COVID. Actually, that would be the only time having people wear masks made any sense at all. But better advise would be if you have COVID, STAY HOME!

Anyway, the VA ran a test where they gave it only to people, they considered terminally ill with COVID 19 and other ailments, as a last ditch Hail Mary effort to save their lives. Predictably, most of these people died. Remarkably, some of them didn’t. Then this study, where HCQ was used in a way no serious doctor would recommend, on people who were least likely to benefit, was widely publicized as proof HCQ was dangerous. Blue State Governors banned the use of HCQ, except as a last ditch effort when it was almost certain to be ineffective.

Here is a report describing that VA study. Note that even the Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Robert Wilkie said this was not even a clinical study, just an observational study. But he reported to Trump, and Trump is always wrong, so his opinion was ignored. matter.

VA “Study” on Hydroxychloroquine Challenged, Gilead’s Drug Remdesivir Ineffective – The New American

The facts did not matter because no one bothered even investigating the facts. Donald Trump said HCQ could be important, so the MSM was on a mission to prove him wrong, without regard to the cost. Now we are confronted with the enormous cost of this deliberate misrepresentation.

We were told that HCQ was considered deadly. In some cases, it was literally banned. In other cases, doctors and patients were extremely reluctant to use it. I still remember when Neil Cavuto said don’t use it, it will kill you. Then, incredibly, people reported on Trump’s question about bleach, which was indeed stupid,  and equated it with his comments about HCQ. It was absurd. Trump never suggested anyone drink bleach, he just asked doctors if there could be some medicine designed that would work like bleach and kill COVID. The MSM was too busy slamming Trump to consider the fact that many if not most effective drugs, are extremely deadly if used incorrectly, but when prescribed with proper dosages, they save lives. If someone has surgery and is in a lot of pain, the doctor may prescribe Fentanyl, in small doses, as an effective pain killer. But Fentanyl is extremely dangerous if used inappropriately. The MSM ignored this because it was far more important to trash Trump. Trump is always wrong. He is always dangerously wrong. Nothing else mattered. Nothing else will ever matter.

Now the truth is out. HCQ has been used, safely, for 65 years on millions of patients. Did you know that in 2013, Dr. Fauci himself cheered using HCQ for treating the MERS coronavirus? The only thing that changed was that in 2020 Fauci felt obligated to discredit anything said by Trump. Now, we know from recently released emails, that Fauci knew in 2020 that HCQ was effective in treating COVID 19.

I am not a doctor, but Dr. Harvey Risch, a Yale School of Public Health Epidemiology professor said that hundreds of thousands of lives could have been saved by HCQ.  Here is what Dr. Risch said on Life, Liberty & Levin:

“Dr. Risch: This has gone on before. Now we have Dr. Fauci denying that any evidence exists of benefit (of HCQ). And that’s pervaded the FDA. The FDA has relied on Dr. Fauci and his NIH advisory groups to make the statements saying that there is no benefit in using hydroxychloroquine in outpatients. And this is counter to the facts of the case. The evidence is overwhelming… Dr. Fauci and the FDA are doing the same thing that was done in 1987 and that’s led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans that could have been saved by the usage of this drug! And this is the same thing that the FDA has done. It’s outrageous! People need to be writing or calling their congressman or senators and complaining that this is not the way the country should work!”

If this is true, it is an unprecedented scandal. If Dr. Risch is wrong, then he should be severely punished. But if he is right, there has been a deliberate misrepresentation of critical medical information for what appears to be purely partisan purposes. That should be equally outrageous to everyone, Democrat or Republican, Liberal or Conservative. What could be more disgusting? What could be more immoral? How, exactly, do we explain this to the families of people who may have died unnecessarily from COVID 19? Should we say this is ok because everyone was wearing worthless masks?

We will soon learn whether the MSM is worthy or even capable of being salvaged. If they continue to ignore this, or downplay this or even lie about this, then what would be the point? We expect the MSM to be biased. We are used to them lying and distorting things for political purposes. But to sit back and watch hundreds of thousands of people die, unnecessarily because they could not and cannot risk having Donald Trump be right, about anything, is far beyond indefensible. It is criminal.

One thing is certain, we will all learn the answer to this soon. Sadly, I predict that the last thing the MSM or leaders in the Democratic Party will consider is doing the right thing for the right reason. That appears to be something they could never bring themselves to consider.


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