The MSM is desperately trying to discredit the Arizona audit. But there is increasing evidence that the results will be dramatic and undeniable. This is easy to understand. When something dramatic happens, the first verbal responders are always the opportunists. If a black man is shot, for any reason, the Al Sharpton’s of this world immediately make travel plans. Almost everything they say, at the start, is ultimately discredited. But the true investigators often say nothing. That is because they intend to let the facts speak for themselves.

I know nothing personally about the Arizona audit, but some things are obvious. One is that a lot of money is being spent on this and more is on the way. That would not be happening unless someone was reporting some very important results. The first sign of failure is a drop off in funding. No one wants to spend money on a lost cause.

There are other states who are also doing audits that appear to have the potential for startling results. It only takes one audit, done right, with indisputable results, to change everything. Arizona may not be the state with the most fraud, but it may be the state with the most provable fraud. If that is true, it will rock our world.

In the meantime, Joe Biden appears to be getting worse. Kamala Harris is meeting with World Leaders and no one looks impressed. The decision to green light the Russian pipeline while cancelling the Keystone Pipeline is impossible to defend. The MSM, which adored Liz Cheney, if she was trashing Trump, turned against her when they realized she supported the voter registration laws. The Liz Cheney’s of this world never learn.The MSM is only interested in them as instruments of destruction. Her usefulness as a Trump troll is gone and she is running out the clock on her fifteen minutes of fame.

There are only two options here. Either the 2020 election was rigged, or it was not. If it were rigged, there would have to have been corruption and manipulation on a massive scale. That would be impossible to hide forever. Just too many people and too many places involved. If those of us who believe this was rigged are right, then there is no chance it will be successfully covered up. It only takes one case where someone can prove a lot of votes were manipulated to change everything overnight.

We may just be headed toward the ultimate constitutional crisis. What if our real Fourth of July present is not only shedding our masks but also removing the blindfolds from the MSM. What if there is undeniable proof of the election fraud so many people suspect. In California there is already a recall election of our Governor. That is one thing people like about California. Some states have talked about calling a special election to decertify the 2020 election. It is hard to imagine any process for overturning a national election at this stage, but there is also no precedent for what is going on. Every poll shows that virtually no one voted for the radical Marxist agenda being promoted by the Biden administration. If you combine that with a genuine and credible belief that the election was rigged, then something will have to be done, sooner rather than later. My hunch is that it may start in Georgia with a special election regarding one or both new Democratic Senators. If that happened, it would immediately flip the Senate. Then Republicans are only a handful of votes away from flipping the House. If that happened, almost anything is possible.

The liberal left, in its four-year long pursuit of removing Trump from office by any means, may have accidentally set the stage for removing Joe Biden. They were the ones demanding that people reject the results of an election and they may pay a high price for that.

Only a few things are certain. The COVID panic in the U.S. is over and everyone knows that only the vaccine developed by Trump that made it possible. Ironically, the only weapon in the Democrat’s limited arsenal to maintain control is the vaccine Trump got for them. The more they praise it and demand everyone take it, the more absurd their position. At some point, even CNN will notice.

The entire country watched Don Lemon pull off a desperate publicity stunt to try and trick people into watching his show. It failed and his ratings, already in the tank, are sinking even lower. Change is inevitable, because at some point no sponsor will pay for people to not watch something.

The national audit is already underway. We are in for a long, violent and dramatic summer. The only thing certain is that things will really start to heat up.


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