Brett Baier recently interviewed Liz Cheney and it was just plain awful. She was on her usual irrational rant about Trump telling lies about the 2020 election. Rather than pushing back on her highly selective and irrelevant lies and distortions, Baier apologized and said FOX News had pushed back against these lies too. It was absurd. It was idiotic. It was flat out wrong. It was embarrassing.

There are literally mountains of evidence giving reason to question the 2020 election. While it is true that no court took a serious look at this and congress caved and voted to accept the irrational results that does not mean there were no legitimate concerns. When Trump pointed out serious problems with the way this election was run and the way votes were counted, he was right. One may and can argue that the election is over and the decision by congress to accept the electoral college results made this moot. That is, sadly, correct. But it does not mean that the 2020 election was a pure as the wind driven snow. It does not mean Liz Cheney is even close to right when she says Trump was lying about this. It does not mean that she was justified voting to impeach Trump for things he simply did not do.

The real danger here is not the “insurrection” on January 6, 2021. That was not even close to an insurrection. It was a lot of people, furious, because neither the courts nor congress were willing to do squat to investigate this. People like Liz Cheney, who pretend that up is down and wrong is right do not help. They just pour gas on a smoldering fire. The election is over. Joe Biden is President. Trump has left the building. All that is true. But it is also true that this election reeked of corruption. No one may ever be able to prove the full extent of the corruption, because the election was conducted in a manner so sloppy that no evidence may even exist. But that does not make this right or fair or remotely acceptable. Millions of ballots were mailed in. There are extremely poor records of who exactly voted. That should concern everyone, including the self-righteous and arrogant Liz Cheney. We get it. She hates Donald Trump. She has a right to her opinion. She does not have a right to her own facts.

Brett Baier let her walk all over him. Just like FOX News let people walk all over them during and following the election. The only good news is that other reporters at FOX are doing a better job. In addition, FOX News is reducing the impact of the pathetic Chris Wallace by letting Harold Watson “Trey” Gowdy III have his own show, rather than just repeating the comedy hour starring “never-Trumper” Chris Wallace.

Earth to Brett Baier, who I actually like most of the time. If Newsweek thinks you botched it, you botched it big time. You had the opportunity to push back on Liz Cheney in a way that would have been unforgettable. Instead, you apologized, for your own network, for irresponsible, weak, and biased prior reporting. I wonder if CNN is looking for another Lemon.


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