Both my wife and I have taken the Covid Vaccination. Obviously, we cannot exactly be chalked up as anti-vaxers. However, that does not mean we think the Covid vaccine is necessary or even a good idea for everyone. Out our age, the reward outweighs the risk. It has been known from day one that Covid is far more dangerous to older people. In addition, if it turns out the Covid vaccine has some nasty side effects, twenty years from now, that probably will have little impact on us if we are even still here.

But, trying to force someone who is young and in good health to take an untested vaccine against a disease that is not very dangerous to them does not seem wise, fair, or even responsible. Yet, the same people who said they would question any vaccine developed by Trump, are now demanding everyone take the vaccine, developed by Trump. This is beyond obvious to everyone not employed as an anchor in the MSM. A lot of people are not buying this, so now they are trying to bribe them. Governor Newsom wants to establish a lottery with big bucks for people who volunteer to get vaccinated. But he is going to have a problem. What about the millions of people who already got vaccinated, without the bribe? Are they to be left out? If not, what is the point. If yes, how is that remotely fair? We are rewarding people for bad behavior. By any definition, dumb.

But not the first time. Democrats are talking about reparations for slavery. I say fine, if you limit the cost to people who actually facilitated or benefited from slavery. That certainly should not include people whose ancestors were in the Union, who fought a civil war to defeat slavery. If anything, one could argue that they are the ones due reparation. It should not include people in the South who never owned slaves or benefited from slavery. It should be limited to people who are or whose ancestors were slaveholders or who benefited from slavery. We call them Democrats. Republicans fought against slavery, against the Jim Crow laws, against the Ku Klux Klan and for Civil Rights. Democrats fought for slavery, for Jim Crow laws, for segregation, for the Ku Klux Klan and literally filibustered the Civil Rights Act. They were punished by having buildings named after them in Washington D.C. by, you guessed it, Democrats.

It is not just politicians who do this. Aaron Rodgers is demanding he get traded to a team that loves him more than the Packers. He will also demand a massive increase in salary. He is 38 years old, recently engaged to a left-wing activist. Does anyone really expect another MVP season.  Anyone see a work ethic even approaching that of Tom Brady? There are numerous stories of other “star” athletes who got big bucks only to fade rapidly into oblivious. With the exception of Tom Brady and Phil Michelson, time doesn’t seem to slow down for anyone. Certainly not for people as arrogant, selfish, and self-righteous as Aaron Rodgers. Odds are someone will pay the bribe and they will regret it big time. The only other thing certain is that Aaron Rodger will blame everyone and everything other than, Aaron Rodgers.

Some would argue that politicians have paid bribes to Antifa and BLM to stop them from rioting and destroying things. The bribes included covering up the violence and defunding the police who are desperately trying to stop this. George Floyd’s family got $27 million because their son overdosed on drugs and died while in police custody. Being a popular victim is increasingly similar to winning the lottery. The result is more arrogance, more demands and more violence.

Numerous Democratic Governors and Mayors are paying already paying bribes to homeless people and promising more. If you are homeless, you get free housing, free food, free health care and heroic victim status. Why does it surprise anyone that if you pay people to be homeless, you will get more homeless people? The more you give, the more you get. In addition to the benefits, being homeless gives one far more status than working for a living and paying for your own food and housing.

All of these bribes have the same result. When you reward bad behavior, your get more bad behavior. More recently some clowns got millions for a ransom ware attack on the pipe line. Insurance carriers have also paid huge bribes. . We may not hear from these specific people again, but we will sure hear from their friends and family.

One would be wise to learn from history. One of our first wars was fought against the Tripoli Pirates. The slogan for that adventure was: “Millions for defense but not one cent for tribute.” There is a statute of Winston Churchill, but no one even wants to remember Neville Chamberlain. He tried to solve the problem with Adolph Hitler by bribing him. How did that work out?  He has the support of much of the British establishment. But Winston Churchill learned to weaponize the British people.

I strongly believe that a lot of politicians will be shocked to learn that many, if not most people, are deeply offended by bribery. Pretending this is not true, changes nothing. Doing something stupid, while stupidly believing this is brilliant, is still doing something stupid.

The Democratic Party has become the father of the bribe. This is increasingly obvious. Nothing is working well. The economy is tanking. Democrats are botching COVID. Inflation is on the way. Numerous restaurants have been destroyed. Now democrats want to bribe people into switching to full electrical power, just when ransom ware thieves are proving why this is a huge mistake. The party is already over. People are sobering up rapidly. I can see 2022 from my window.


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