Sometimes, oh rarely, I watch a MSM news broadcast just to see how they are reporting on a recent development. Sadly, it is clear they don’t even bother to report the news at all, they just repeat DNC taking points, even when those talking points are absurd.

Perhaps the best example of this is the dual myth of Trump lying about the 2020 election and the total hoax of him trying to overthrow the government on January 6th, 2021. Anyone who viewed the 2020 election with an ounce of objectivity knows that the evidence of systemic corruption was off the walls. There were numerous contemporary reports of highly questionable activities, and every attempt to investigate this or even attempt a rational audit have been stonewalled by the DOJ, the MSM, and the DNC. Stonewalled to the degree that anyone questioning the 2020 election risks arrest, prosecution, and imprisonment.

It is clear that the Deep State, the DOJ, the FBI, and the intelligence communities are all part of this irresponsible behavior. But there is a problem. Serious people have continued to do real investigations and many of those investigations are coming to a head.

It is increasingly clear who benefited from the “riot” on January 6th and who did not. It is also clear that President Trump was criticized for not acting sooner, when behind the scenes steps were taken to deprive him of the power to take such action. The following report in Political explains the 36-page memo from Col. Earl Matthews, who was the attorney for Major General William Walker who was the commanding general of the D.C. National Guard on January 6th.

‘Absolute liars’: Ex-D.C. Guard official says generals lied to Congress about Jan. 6 – POLITICO

“Every leader in the D.C. Guard wanted to respond and knew they could respond to the riot at the seat of government” before they were given clearance to do so on Jan. 6, Matthews’ memo reads. Instead, he said, D.C. guard officials “set [sic] stunned watching in the Armory” during the first hours of the attack on Congress during its certification of the 2020 election results.”

The criminal trial against Donald Trump in New York City is falling apart. Even if Trump is convicted, which is far from certain, this case is almost certain to be overturned on appeal.

The indictments brought by Special Counsel Jack Smith are about to go down in flames. The Supreme Court justices seem rationally hesitant to say a President has total immunity, but few seemed impressed that the weak charges brought by Special Counsel Jack Smith come close to meeting the standard required. He is accusing Trump of plotting an insurrection, but not one single person has even been charged with participating in an insurrection. The other part of his case, the misuse of classified documents, was damaged when Smith had to admit the FBI altered some documents. I think Jack Smith is not only going to suffer a humiliating defeat, but he may also receive another, scathing rebuke from the Supreme Court for abuse of prosecutorial power in pursuit of perceived political opponents.

Many of the cases alleging election fraud in the 2020 election are finally getting somewhere. While courts are legitimately concerned over having to decide the results of an election, that period has passed and many of these cases are just now coming to a head. We are about to be inundated with mountains of evidence regarding the election fraud CNN pretended did not exist.

These student protests, by non-students, totally mismanaged by left wing liberal universities have not impressed anyone. People may not be convinced that Republicans are the solution to all problems, but it is increasingly apparent that Democratic policies have resulted in a total nightmare. Those protests are putting this on full display.

The result is that the MSM/DNC narrative is falling apart at the seams. The hype, repeated endless in the MSM and on late night comedian shows desperately trying to create the illusion of humor, is not only being discredited, but it is also going down in flames. Large, loud, explosive flames. But the good news for Democrats is that they are not pinning all their hopes on an increasingly demented serial liar with zero leadership ability to save their vision of the Republic. Why if they did that, this could get really ugly.



One of the first things one learns when deployed to a combat zone is the significant difference between “Incoming” and “Outgoing.” When stationed at Pleiku AB, we were extremely near an Army base that had huge Artillery Guns. When these guns were fired it was extremely loud and scary. But once one understood that they were firing at the enemy, and not us, that changed everything. But unfortunately, Pleiku AB got a lot of incoming fire. The enemy would sneak up on our perimeter and fire rockets and or mortars at us. It was really important to learn the difference between incoming and outgoing, because if it was incoming one needed to take cover immediately.

When I had been transferred to DaNang AB and was getting ready to depart, I was assigned the duty of training a new linguist. We were walking along a path when I heard the distinct sound of a 122mm rocket being fired at us. I dove into a little pothole bunker that was located near the path for just this purpose. I looked up at the new guy and he was looking down at me with a quizzical expression on his face. Then the rocket hit. Fortunately, it was not near enough to cause us harm, but it sure gave him a vital lesson regarding why learning to distinguish between incoming and outgoing was extremely important.

For the past year or so, Democrats have been lobbing legal challenges at Donald Trump. But they missed something important. What goes around comes around. Alvin Bragg indicted Trump for interfering with the 2020 election by allowing hush money to be paid to Stormy Daniels. That is not actually a crime and if it were a crime, it would be a federal crime, not a New York State Crime. But today Elise Stefanik fired off an ethic complain against Special Prosecutor Jack Smith, accusing him of “interfering with the 2024 election.

Stefanik files ethics complaint against Jack Smith (msn.com)

She has a much stronger case than Alvin Bragg because the Justice Department manual includes a section saying that attorneys may “never select the timing of any actions…for the purpose of affecting any election.” This helps explain why James Comey was so quick to drop charges against Hillary Clinton. It may also explain why the FBI was loath to investigate Hunter Biden’s laptop.

At a minimum, this puts the focus right back on Jack Smith’s motivation. Remember that Jack Smith was already rebuked in a unanimous decision by the Supreme Court for abuse of prosecutorial discretion regarding his indictment of former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell.

In addition, there are allegations that Attorney General Merrick Garland exceeded his constitutional authority when he appointed Jack Smith. Smith was not nominated by Joe Biden, and he was never confirmed by the Senate. Hmmm.

The point being that Democrats were so absorbed in getting Trump and firing outgoing legal challenges at him that they may have missed something significant. They may have exposed themselves to incoming charges, that unlike the duds filed against Donald Trump, may have real merit.

It would not surprise me if the ultimate result is that both Merrick Garland and Jack Smith may have more to fear from Elise Stefanic than Trump must fear from either of them. Poetic justice anyone.

Oh, it gets even better. It turns out that Adam Schiff, the current Democratic nominee for Senator from California, may not actually live in California. He owns a house in Maryland, and he has claimed many times that this is his permanent residence. (He may have been avoiding California taxes. ). This leaves him with two options, both bad. He can admit he lied to his mortgage company and the state of Maryland, or he is lying to the citizens of California. Fortunately for Mr. Schiff no one has ever accused him of lying about something before (Right!). Perhaps Mr. Schiff is trying to decide if avoiding a felony conviction in Maryland is a bigger problem than not getting elected Senator from California.

Report Shows Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff Committed One Of The Following Crimes: False Registration, Ineligible Voting And/Or Mortgage Fraud – FYI.com

So, consider this. Jack Smith may be in more trouble than Donald Trump. Adam Schiff may be in more trouble than Donald Trump. Fani Willis may be in more trouble than Donald Trump. You don’t know about this, because CNN has not noticed and the rest of the MSM won’t even consider reporting any of this. But facts are stubborn things and there are a lot of inconvenient facts here. It sure looks like the walls closing in on Donald Trump may have fallen, letting far more dangerous dogs of war escape and wreak havoc.



We live in interesting times. This is going to be one of the most interesting, frightening, and important Presidential elections in American history. In previous elections there was at least an argument that both the Republican and Democratic nominees were capable of doing the job. We may have strongly preferred one over the other, but both at least appeared to be capable.

If you have watched any of the video regarding Joe Biden personal appearances, once thing is beyond obvious. Joe is getting worse. He has always been a serial liar who told lies about himself, that are patently absurd. Yet the MSM did not care, because Biden is not Donald Trump. To those suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome, nothing is off limits regarding trying to stop Trump.

But the problem is that we can all see, and regardless of how much convenient editing is done, Biden is still Biden, and it is getting worse.

Now we have all those student protests, demanding the annihilation of Israel. Remind me again why graduates of places like Harvard, Yale and Columbia are the cultured elite we desperately need to guide us to the promised land.

The problems caused by massive illegal immigration are becoming more apparent daily. There are multiple news articles showing that Europe is increasingly upset regarding the impact of massive immigration. It should be no shock to see similar reactions here.

The true cost of inflation is obvious to anyone who goes to a grocery store or buys gas. If you think that is bad, just try to buy a new car. In the meantime, rich people are buying electric cars because they can afford them, and they always have other vehicles that actually work.

Fast food workers in California are not rejoicing over the new $20 per hour minimum wage, they are looking for new jobs that pay “something.”  It doesn’t matter how much the job pays if there is no job.

If the DNC was managed by competent people, Joe Biden would already be gone. If the MSM had an ounce of credibility they would be demanding this. There is absolutely no excuse for allowing this shell of a human being to continue posing as President of the United States. We can all see this for ourselves. So can our enemies.

Hating Donald Trump is understandable, but it solves nothing, and offers no hope for a better tomorrow. The lawsuits against Donald Trump are just as rational as the students protesting at Columbia. The liberal left is increasingly dominated by people who know how to scream loudly about harassment, while harassing others, but have no clue how to make anything better.

I wonder if the liberal left understands something important. If Trump becomes President, again, he will only be in office for four more years. He will be the ultimate lame duck President. But, if they do manage to destroy Trump, they will only turn him into a martyr.

The eye of the storm is already here. It is obvious to anyone paying attention. Those who try to stop mother nature are usually destroyed in the process.



The case regarding Presidential immunity is headed toward the Supreme Court. Democrats, of course, are praying to the God they don’t believe in, that the Supreme Court rules against Donald Trump. It is time for people to warn them that if Trump is found liable for actions as President of the United States, that will set a precedent that may result in severe unintended consequences.

If Trump had murdered someone or held up a bank, then Presidential immunity is hard to defend. But he isn’t charged with any of that. He is charged with misuse of classified documents, of lying about the 2020 election, and attempting to overthrow the government. The most serious, of course, would be attempting to overthrow the government, but no sane person would interpret January 6th as an insurrection.

Joe Biden, who has no argument for immunity, was more careless with classified documents than Trump. Hillary Clinton has been lying about the 2016 election for close to 8 years. She exposed classified documents on an unsecured server.

There is no evidence that Trump wanted armed thugs to violently overtake the capital and reinstate Trump as President. That is beyond absurd. As for asking people to be “faithless electors,” well Hillary did exactly that in 2016.

The following article from factcheck.org, while attempting to excuse Hillary, shows that what she did was far worse. She suggested electors vote for her regardless of the actual election results.

Post Misleadingly Equates 2016 Democratic Effort to Trump’s 2020 ‘Alternate Electors’ – FactCheck.org

An important question is who benefited from that “riot” on January 6th and who did not. Once the mob was brought under control, Mike Pence quickly pushed through certifying the election and left town. That ended any chance of changing the results. It put Joe Biden in the Oval Office without regard to the consequences and with no realistic option to take corrective action, if (when) necessary.

The MSM reported that any concerns about the integrity of the 2020 were all lies that have been thoroughly discredited. That is the really big lie. A lie that benefited Joe Biden. It certainly did not benefit Donald Trump.

The Judge in the case brought by Special Prosecutor Jack Smith, just forced the DOJ to release unredacted versions of documents. Those documents show significant coordination between the Biden Administration and the DOJ regarding the prosecution of Donald Trump. Documentation the government DESPERATELY tried to keep secret.


Judge unseals FBI files in Trump classified documents case, including detailed timeline of Mar-a-Lago raid (msn.com)

When someone desperately tries to hide something, there is usually a reason for that.

If Trump loses on Presidential immunity, it is highly likely that Joe Biden will be indicted for acts he did as President of the United States, assuming he is still around. Of course, the cases are likely to be dismissed because of his senility and incompetence. Comforting!

The stupidest case is the one in New York, where the charge against Trump is a made-up felony, conspiring to prevent negative reports about him in the press. This is described as “election interference.” If this is the standard, then every person who runs for public office and tries to stop people from publishing negative things about them will commit a felony. This would eliminate at least 90% of people in congress. The other ten percent would be lawyering up too because it is hard to imagine anyone running for office who will not be accused of trying to stop negative reporting on themselves.

The point being, if Democrats win, they lose. The more they win, the more they lose. This may or may not stop Trump, but it will absolutely make running for high political office extremely dangerous. If someone accidently gets elected President despite all this, they will need to hire a legal committee to review any potential decision before taking action since some prosecutor will be almost certain to question whether their actions were legal.

Those who stand over the wishing well, blinded by Trump derangement syndrome should take a deep breath to consider the consequences of getting what they want. At best, four more years of Joe Biden wetting himself in public, assuming he comes close to lasting four years. Few would bet on him making it to the inauguration. So, now imagine being a Democrat, spending four years, trying to pretend Kamala Harris is doing a fantastic job. There isn’t enough alcohol.

Oh what a tangled web we weave when we first practice to deceive!”

Sir Walter Scott, Marmion: A Tale of Flodden Field.



During the Vietnam War I was stationed in Okinawa for one tour, where I was flying on RC135 aircraft over the Gulf of Tonkin. One day there was a local fair and I saw a sign for a “Habu – Mongoose Fight.” I had heard about the Mongoose but had never seen one. I had never heard of a “Habu.” The Habu is a pit viper found in Japan, Philippines, Taiwan, and parts of China. They are extremely rare, seldom seen in zoos and there are few photographs of a Habu.

I was both appalled and fascinated by the Habu – Mongoose fight. It seemed barbaric, because only one of the two participants would survive. The fight would take place is a large glass cage and people would place bets on who would win, the Habu or the Mongoose.

I always thought the Mongoose was immune to the snake’s venom, but that is not true. If a Mongoose gets bitten by a Habu, it dies. Then I thought the Mongoose would beat the Habu by biting it in the back of the neck. That wasn’t true either. What the Mongoose really does is unbelievable, unless you have seen it in person. It waits until the Habu strikes and then it snatches the fangs out of the snakes mouth. Only after the Habu has been defanged will the Mongoose start attacking the snake.

It became obvious that most “fights” were between a young Mongoose and a Habu. This was an even match, with the result seriously in doubt. But, if a Habu won, the next match would be against this bigger, older, more experienced Mongoose. When that happened, the Habu didn’t stand a chance.

Then I realized that this describes what is going on between Iran and Israel today. Iran, like the Habu, likes to believe that it can strike Israel and to deliver devastating blows. But when all those drones and missiles were launched against Israel, there were all snatched out of the sky, before they could land a blow, and destroyed. There are reports that upwards of 99% of those drones and missiles were shot down before doing any damage. Iran knew this, which is why they posted video of a massive forest fire in Chile, and pretended this was the result of its airstrikes on Israel. No one bought this nonsense.

Then, Israel launched an attack on Iran. Regardless of what Iran may be admitting, the reality is that those Israeli missiles probably hit exactly on target, and I seriously doubt that Iran shot down any of them. Israel sent Iran a message. Don’t mess with us, because we can stop you, but you can’t stop us.

Message received. Almost immediately Iran predictably lied about shooting down Israeli missiles and then said that because of this great victory, they didn’t need to attack Israel anymore. Right!

This is the other reality of a Habu – Mongoose fight. The minute the snake realizes it is in a cage with a Mongoose, it tries to leave. The snake knows it is engaged in a losing battle. The snake does try to attack the Mongoose, but mostly because it has no other option.

Israel sent another message to Iran. Do not think that you can continue to attack us, with your proxies, without any consequences. By attacking Israel directly, Iran made a huge tactical error. It gave Israel the opportunity to attack Iran directly. In addition, other people in the Middle East watched this fight and learned a valuable lesson. They know who really shot down all those drones and missiles. And they know who can strike back quickly and effectively.

Don’t provoke a Habu, that can be deadly, but not as deadly as a Habu provoking a Mongoose.



People suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome are so absorbed by their hatred of him that they miss something really important. The opposite of love is not hate, it is apathy. Hate and Love are remarkably similar emotions in that both are heavily impacted by the actions of the objects of your love or hate.

Several years ago, actually in 2011, I wrote that it was increasingly clear that whether people hated Trump or loved him, the result was the same. They could not take their eyes off him. That was true then, it is even more true now.

This is why Democrats and RINO Supporters have made an enormous error by allowing Trump to live inside their skulls. They hate him so much they just can’t ignore him. This has now reached the point of absolute desperation, the filing of ridiculous lawsuits designed to stop him from getting elected President again, at any cost. They stupidly thought that Trump would be so distracted by all this nonsense that he couldn’t possibly campaign successfully for office. What they missed is that this just increased the attention on Donald Trump, allowing him to, once again, suck all the Oxygen out of the room.

Another mistake is to assume that everyone who intends to vote for Donald Trump is too in love with him to notice all the baggage. While there are always some people who fall in love with a politician, they are the exception, not the rule. Many people who support Trump politically, including a lot of my personal friends, don’t actually like him as a person, they just like the decisions he made as President. More importantly they preferred the decisions he made to the chaos that inevitably follows a left-wing activist President, particularly one that combines a lust for socialism with an almost unimaginable level of incompetence.

Democrats are rejoicing that, once again, it will become obvious that Trump is a world class narcissist who is also, predictably, a serial sexual philanderer. This is hardly news to anyone remotely familiar with Trump. It is and always has been beyond obvious. But we also realize that many, if not most, of his strongest critics do the same things and are just as contemptable and disgusting. Trump is just more visible than most. Buy a mirror folks, seriously!

This is why these show trials will help Trump more than hurt him. Those who hate him now will continue to hate him. Those who love him now will continue to love him. The rest of us will be forced to endure this and while we will learn little new about Donald Trump, this will showcase the utter depravity of those determined to destroy him.

If Trump’s enemies could just control themselves for five minutes and learn to ignore him, he would quite possibly self-destruct. But far too many people, who should know better, suffer from terminal Trump Derangement Syndrome. I wonder if any of them realize that if he had been re-elected in 2020, he would now be the ultimate lame-duck President, increasingly ignored, with all the attention focused on his replacement. The American people are famous for getting sick and tired of anyone and anything after eight years and they would be ready to move on to something different, anything different. That would have created an enormous opportunity for Democrats, an opportunity that thankfully won’t be available for at least four more years.

Instead, they have stupidly committed to a showboat and have failed to notice that they are sailing toward destruction.



Huntington Beach California passed a new charter amendment that would require voters to show photo identification in local elections starting in 2026. This also required that Huntington Beach provide 20 in-person polling places and that that ballot drop locations be monitored.

Rob Bonta, the Attorney General for the State of California was outraged. “The photo identification requirement “is not only misguided — it is blatantly and flatly illegal,”

One again the argument is that voter ID laws impose severe burdens on Black, Latino, and low-income voters.

Bonta is also concerned about drop boxes and is concerned lest anyone take a photo, video, or do anything else to recording voters at polling stations or ballots drop boxes “with the intend of dissuading another person from voting.”

This is so unnecessary. California law already requires voters to verify their identity when they register to vote and imposes criminal penalties for fraudulent registration. Voters are required to provide their name and address when voting. What could possibly go wrong?

California sues Huntington Beach over ‘blatantly and flatly illegal’ voter ID law (msn.com)

This explains why, in the minds of Democrats, there is no evidence of wide-spread voter fraud during the 2020 election. Of course there is little evidence. That is the whole point. This is like banning police and radar from a long stretch of highway. It is also illegal to take pictures of a car speeding or to monitor the speed of another vehicle by any other method. Then a report is issued saying that this has been remarkably successful, because no one ever speeds on this section of highway anymore. Anyone challenging that absurd observation is charged with spreading misinformation.

The pattern is clear. Democrats are totally opposed to any action that would limit voting to legally registered voters. They are particularly concerned regarding limitations of mail-in ballots. The alleged reason for this is that Black, Hispanic, Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander communities will be adversely affected. There is, of course, zero evidence to support this. How many people do you know who do not have a photo id? Certainly no one who ever tries to cash a check, or board an airplane, purchase alcohol or cigarettes, apply for welfare, Medicaid, Social Security, Unemployment benefits, buy a car, buy a house, adopt a pet, rent a hotel room, apply for a hunting or fishing license, buy a cellphone, visit a casino, pick up a prescription, donate blood, buy an “M” rated video game or, allegedly, purchase nail polish at CVS.

24 things requiring a photo ID (phillyburbs.com)

Seriously. Have any of you ever seen a minority use an ID for any of the above? This is both insulting and informative. If Democrats can only win elections by gaining overwhelming support from people who can’t figure out how to get a photo ID, then what does this say about their voting base? Even that spoiled brat who just ran up $100,000 in student loans to study Tasmanian Tiger breeding habits, only to have that debt forgiven, illegally, by Joe Biden, just used his ID to buy his new vaping equipment.

At least 33 states have already passed voter ID laws and there are more coming. Most legal citizens, in both parties, agree with Voter ID laws. So why are Democrats so desperate to stop them. Easy. If elections are limited to only registered voters, who can only vote once during an election, how on earth could any Democrat get elected? If this was the standard, how could someone like Joe Biden come close to getting 84 million votes.

All the MSM pundits pretending Joe Biden will coast to re-election, are ignoring this reality, just like they ignore every other reality. But the hunt for Red November is on, Voter ID laws are passing, they are being upheld by the Supreme Court, and they are likely to change things. Nothing could terrify Democrats more than the unthinkable prospect of fair and honest elections.



One of the important things about an eclipse is that it only lasts for a few minutes. Once the Sun starts to peek out around the moon, the world suddenly become bright again. Here in Florida, the eclipse was barely noticeable. It was still a bright sunshiny day.

We are about to see something similar regarding all those January 6th protests prosecuted and stuck behind bars by the Biden DOJ. The clear goal was to represent January 6th as an armed insurrection, a desperate attempt by the despicable Donald Trump to overturn the 2020 election. But there is a problem. Regardless of what you have been hearing from the January 6th committee, Democrats in congress and the shrieking MSM chorus, there is zero evidence of an insurrection.

The DOJ knew this and so did the FBI. That is why more than 350 January 6th defendants were charged under a federal statute making it a crime to obstruct or impede an official proceeding. In the case of January 6th, this was the mad rush to certify the 2020 election and ending the last change to avoid the disastrous Biden administration. The amount of damage done since January 6th is staggering and it was facilitated by those who ignored all the red flags and certified an election that will probably go down as the most corrupt in our nation’s history.

But that is all about to change. It is already changing. January 6th defendants are quietly being released. They are being released because the Supreme Court is hearing oral arguments in the case next Tuesday and it will issue a ruling in June or July. The fact that the Supreme Court is even hearing this, even after the D.C. Court of Appeals upheld it, has alerted Federal Judges that a new day is coming.

Some Jan. 6 rioters win early release, even before key Supreme Court ruling (msn.com)

This is so obvious that MSN noticed. They also noticed something else. This makes the legal cases against Trump for election interference worthless. Now we may see a rush to get these cases dropped, before the Supreme Court ruling, but if the Supreme Court overturns these convictions in late June or July, the Democratic hopes of stopping Trump with these frivolous lawsuits will evaporate in the worst conceivable way at the worst possible time.

Let me be blunt, now is the time to understand that the talking head so-called legal experts mouthing nonsense on CNN are all wrong. The really smart lawyers, the ones on the Federal Court, can see the handwriting on the wall and they are getting out in front of the coming legal tsunami.

In addition, although the MSM and particularly CNN blatantly ignored far more serious actions by BLM and ANTIFA, the average citizen doesn’t really pay attention to these clowns anymore.

A lot of people also noticed when pro-Palestinian protest interrupted a Senate hearing with Pentagon leaders. You know, they were there to “obstruct or impede an official proceeding.” But since this was a real hearing and not a mock ceremony designed to accept “alleged” election results often in violation of state laws with electors chosen not by a state legislator but rather by unelected Democratic bureaucrats, no one will be put in jail, and most won’t even be arrested.

There’s a new day coming, we can already see it, nothing can stop it, and when the clouds give way most of the country will see things very clearly.



There is a reason the prosecutors pursing Donald Trump want to have juries in places like New York City and Washington, D.C. In Washington D.C. 76.42% of voters are Democrats, while 6.02% are Republicans. John Durham tried Michael Sussmann, Democrat, in Washington, D.C. for lying to the FBI. The jury acquitted him. I. Lewis (Scooter) Libby, Republican, was convinced of obstruction af justice and making false statements. He allegedly outed Valerie Plame Wilson, as a CIA agent, when she wasn’t really a secret agent and she wasn’t hiding her employment by the CIA. Judith Miller, who testified against him, later recanted her testimony. This case was so thin that the District of Columbia Bar which suspended his license to practice law in D.C. reinstated him in 2016. The District of Columbia Bar stated the following in support of his reinstatement:

United States v. Libby – Wikipedia

“The Counsel found that “Libby has presented credible evidence in support of his version of events and it appears that one key prosecution witness [sic], Judith Miller, has changed her recollection of the events in question.”

Does anyone think a D.C. jury will really convict a Democrat? Does anyone really think a D.C. Jury will acquit a Republican? Please!

But there more involved in choosing a New York City jury guaranteed to convict the evil Donald Trump. Here are the questions being asked every potential juror in his “hush money” trial.

Letter-re-jury-selection-4-8-24.pdf (nycourts.gov)

You can read the full list for yourself.

Is there the slightest amount of doubt regarding what decision will be made by a jury, selected from New York City, using these questions? Any doubt?

If this trial is not stopped, it won’t matter if the star witness against him, Michael Cohen, was convicted of lying under oath. It won’t matter that they have written proof that Michael Cohen lied. It won’t even matter that falsifying business records, almost certainly not done by Trump, isn’t actually a crime. Trump will be convicted They may try to deny him bond and put him in jail. All the usual suspects will report that Trump was convicted of a felony. They will demand he be removed as the potential nominee. They cannot even imagine how anyone could possibly disagree.

None of this will survive court challenges. The MSM won’t care, they will be too busy rejoicing at stopping the man. But there is no guarantee this will work. One fundamental problem is that while a jury in New York City, selected using this set of questions is guaranteed to stick it to Trump, this is not representative of the real world. It is not even an accurate representation of New York City.

An even more crucial factor is the ugly odor of truth spreading across the land. No amount of spin can explain why all those illegal migrants, flooding our cities, taking handouts with our money, while taking jobs away from legal citizens are a good thing. That is why in Europe, which had much more responsible immigration policies, is facing a rising tide of anti-immigrant sentiment.

The cost of gas is a multiple of what it was four years ago, and it is going up. The cost of everything is going up. The only people in this country doing better are petty criminals who rejoice in the opportunity to steal at will, without regard to the consequences, because there will be no consequences.

Then, the perfect political storm. The people controlling Joe Biden’s public appearances are running out of options. If they could replace him with an AI generated image, they would do that, because the risk of letting him actually speak is astronomical only exceeded by the risk of letting him pretend to think.

What will these people think of next? Blaming the Solar Eclipse on Global Warming didn’t work, so they want to blame it on Donald Trump. Why not, here is the video:

Bing Videos

Trump admitted it. This was allegedly designed to “infuriate leftists.” It worked brilliantly. I wonder if any of them realize this is visual proof he lives in their head.



The following article from Newsweek is significant because it shows the absolute desperation of Democrats and their fawning supporters in the MSM.

Donald Trump ‘Almost Certainly’ Facing Two Defeats: Ex-Supreme Court Lawyer (msn.com)

Neal Katyal is famous for representing Nestle and Cargill at the Supreme Court. This was a class-action suit brought by former enslaved children who were kidnapped and force to work on cocoa farms in the Ivory Coast. Kathal argument was that Nestle and Cargill could not be held liable because the corporation that supplied Zyklon B to the Nazis to kill Jews and other minorities in extermination camps were not indicted in the Nuremberg Trials. Your client should not be held responsible because the people who produced Zyklon B to extermination camps were not held liable. Seriously?

Neal Katyal – Wikipedia

That case was dismissed because the Supreme Court ruled that the Alien Tort Statue (ATS) does not apply because the alleged actions did not take place in the United States. Katyal is a high skilled attorney, who, by the way, got trapped at Burning Man when it rained and had to hike six miles through mud to get out. Sometimes smart people do really dumb things.

Nestlé USA, Inc. v. Doe – Wikipedia

In any event, other legal experts point out that the “hush money” case will be dismissed because Alvin Bragg doesn’t have standing to bring the case. His argument is that these payments are a form of election interference. Even NPR admitted that this has routinely been called the weakest of the criminal cases against Trump.

Here’s what you need to know about the New York hush money case : Trump’s Trials : NPR

The weakest case may be the alleged misuse of classified documents by Trump. The double standard regarding how Biden was treated is a huge problem. An even bigger problem is that this is specifically addressed in the Presidential Records Act (PRA) of 1978. Here is a link to that Act.

Presidential Records Act (PRA) of 1978 | National Archives

Special Prosecutor Jack Smith, notorious for abuse of prosecutorial power pursuing public officials, is furious that Judge Cannon ruled that the PRA is the law in this case. Smith is trying to pretend this belongs under the espionage act. Espionage Act – Definition, Examples, Cases, Processes (legaldictionary.net). While that case is drawing a lot of media attention, it is going nowhere.

The point being that Democrats are pinning all their hopes on legal cases against Trump guaranteed to fail. This is like pretending an unmodified Ford Pinto could win the Indianapolis 500. The only reason they are doing this is that they have absolutely nothing else. This is the same reason they continue to support Joe Biden. They have absolutely no one else. The only person with approval ratings lower than Biden is Kamala Harris. Gavin Newsom’s management of California is an unmitigated disaster. California has run out of money and no amount of spin can change that.

Democrats are absolutely terrified at the prospect of Donald Trump getting elected President again. They have already proven they will do and say anything to stop that from happening. They are unlikely to give up and they are even more unlikely to even consider doing the right things for the right reasons. Desperate people do desperate, sometimes incredibly stupid, things. Almost anything is possible.