Democrats have a serious Biden problem. In addition to the video of Biden embarrassing himself, and the country, again, at the G7 conference, there are reports that foreign leaders were shocked at his mental deterioration. While these types of rumors are impossible to confirm, in this case it would be hard to imagine any other response. One suspects that even people suffering from Stage IV Trump Derangement Syndrome can see this. That begs the question, what on earth is anyone going to do about this?

Keep in mind that it is never a good idea to assume actions based on logic and common sense by people who have never made decisions based on logic and common sense in the past. If wise people ran the Democratic establishment, they would have solved the Joe Biden problem months ago. Did anyone seriously think that Joe Biden would miraculously get his act together once the weather became warmer? Seriously? They went all in on frivolous indictments brought by delusional and hopelessly naïve prosecutors. They went all in on a snicker bar.

The first Presidential debate is scheduled for June 27th in Atlanta. Here are the debate rules:

What we know about how the CNN presidential debate will work (

Joe Biden did manage to get through the State of the Union address. Of course that was with the help of a Teleprompter. Some believe he was doped up. In any event, it is far from certain he can get through this debate. If he shows up, and Biden is Biden, it will eliminate any chance of him winning in November. What’s a mother to do? Desperate times call for desperate measures and this is beyond desperate.

I will be surprised if Joe shows up for this debate. This would be an excellent time for an international emergency. Sorry Donald, but the country comes first and Joe is too busy being President to take time off for a silly debate. But that could backfire. Biden is very unlikely to handle any real emergency well. If anything, a real national emergency might scare even hard-core Democrats into abandoning jolting Joe.

This caused me to speculate of what else Democrats could do. Remember, they are now in pure panic mode. What if they sent in Gavin Newsom, at the last minute, to take Biden’s place? Incredibly many naïve Democrats, not actually from California, think that Newsom is the golden boy who can lead them back to the Promised land. These people probably think Newsom won his debate with Ron De Santis. Those who believe that should check with Newsom’s wife, who dragged him off the debate stage before he wet himself further in public.

This would be a challenge for Trump. If he refused to debate Newsom, they would say he was terrified. If he debates Newsom and it is even close, the MSM will crown Newsom king of the hill. Newsom could replace Kamala Harris as VP and Kamala could run for Governor of California. California is the only state dumb enough to elect Kamala Harris to high public office.

This of course would be an impossible scheme and extremely unlikely, but it would be fun to watch. Expect anything but a decision based on logic, common sense, and sincere consideration of doing something in the best interest of the country.



  1. The phrase “Going to hell in a handbasket” comes to mind frequently of late!!!!!

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