The challenge with being caught between a rock and a hard place is that ignoring the problem is not a solution. I once had a highly successful business executive tell me that not making a decision is a decision, usually the worst decision.

The video’s from the G7 conference sealed the deal. Anyone watching video of this event, and this video was shown around the world, saw the current version of Joe Biden on full display. It was pathetic, but predictable. This happens every time Joe makes a public appearance. Sometimes his aides and nurse Jill attempt to cover for him, and the MSM always covers for him, but in Italy, they weren’t even in the picture.

The result is that the DNC and its fawning supporters in the MSM absolutely must make a decision. Keeping Joe Biden is not on anyone’s list of acceptable options. Democrats were hoping that they could generate enough hatred for Donald Trump so that no one would even notice Joe. Well, they noticed. Hatred for Donald Trump isn’t working anymore. Unless something changes, Donald Trump will win in a landslide and he is likely to bring a Republican House and a Republican Senate along for the ride. A united Republican Party, furious at the abuse of power put on full display by the Democratic Party and determined to implement real change. This is remarkably close to a worst-case scenario for the Democratic Party.

They could get lucky and Joe could get seriously ill or even die. But they can’t count on that. They also can’t count on him seeing reality and voluntarily departing the scene. Joe doesn’t think that way and Nurse Jill absolutely doesn’t think that way. To compound the problem, the only people more incompetent that Joe are the people he chose to be in his cabinet. Remember that even Kamala Harris looked good in comparison to them and right now she doesn’t even look good in comparison to Joe.

If Democrats had a viable alternative, they would have already done something. But they absolutely have no obvious options. Joe Manchin even left the Democratic Party. Gavin Newsom is a national joke. The problems with Kamala Harris are beyond obvious and if they try to bi-pass her, with anyone, she will not go down without a fight.

This is what happens when you rig the system to put someone like Joe Biden in the White House. There were no realistic options for correcting this mistake for at least four years and there are few realistic options for correcting this mistake now. If Donald Trump had been re-elected, he would be the ultimate lame duck President with no one in either party paying much attention to him. They would be focused on his replacement, in January 2025. But now they may have to endure four more years of him, followed by his hand-chosen replacement.

I expect something dramatic to happen and it must happen soon. Even a “Wag The Dog” scenario is possible, except that few people would unite behind Joe Biden, they would instead be screaming for a replacement.

Wag the dog – Wikipedia

“The act of creating a diversion from a damaging issue usually through military force.” 

When faced with the unthinkable, something equally unthinkable is sometimes the only option. One thing is certain, the most unlikely outcome is a continuation of the status quo. Another thing is guaranteed, Democrats will never ever even consider doing the right thing for the right reasons. That is simply not in their DNA.


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  1. Once digested, the issues at hand eventually turn to crap at the end of the tunnel!

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