The second Civil War has already started. We all better pray that violence is not just around the corner. The issue here is not whether Trump did anything wrong. Most of us, who don’t have billions of dollars in spare change are appalled at famous people paying large sums of money on non-disclosure agreements solely to save themselves embarrassment. We also don’t like the filthy rich who seem to always spend significant sums to avoid paying taxes. We just realize that many, if not most, of the loudest voices trashing Trump have done the same, or worse. But even more importantly, these events happened years ago, and the only reason there even was a trial was for political purposes. Democrats are on a mission to use the legal system to punish anyone who gets in the way of their lust for total power. Power that they have already used to corrupt the system and mismanage everything they touch.

But this time, they did something we haven’t seen since Pearl Harbor. Pearl Harbor united the country against Japan and later Germany. This hush money case has united Republicans against Democrats. Even Republicans who don’t like Trump and who don’t really want him to be the Republican nominee understand that while Republicans were not at war with Democrats, Democrats were at war with Republicans. This trial made that beyond obvious and the results were instant and predictable.

Shortly after the “conviction” was announced, the Trump campaign set an enormous record for getting political contributions. While some, probably most, of these contributions came from individuals, some very prominent Democrats, who supported people like Hillary Clinton, have also donated to the Trump campaign.

Many Republicans immediately rose to Trump’s defense. This included most members of congress. If Democrats thought this would cause Republicans to abandon Trump, they made a horrible miscalculation. Ten Republican members of the Senate have declared they will oppose any increases to non-security related funding, Biden judicial and political nominations and “expedited consideration and passage” of Democratic Legislation.

It has been obvious for some time that the Democratic version of democracy is having Democrats totally in control. If given the chance, they would replace the current Supreme Court with clones of Judge Marchan. They obviously will not hesitate to use our courts to punish political opponents. Incredibly, this is being done at the same time real criminals are given a slap on the wrist and a cookie before getting released to attack someone else. Those who accuse Republicans of wanting to destroy our democracy are themselves doing exactly that.

Now is a time to remember when Barry Goldwater said: “Extremism in defense of liberty is no vice. Tolerance in the face of tyranny is no virtue.” The good news is that Republicans seem to have figured this out. Republicans in congress must move quickly. This case has the potential for a lot of people to lose faith in the institutions that are necessary for our democracy to survive.

This insane trial and ridiculous conviction of Donald Trump for doing something that wasn’t actually a crime has already transformed at least some people from disappointment to outright anger. Fortunately, most of these people will respond by supporting their candidates and showing up in force in November. But this situation has also angered people who may show little or no such restraint. It would be no surprise if at least some of them take drastic and irresponsible action.  Those people who continue to support re-electing someone as obviously incompetent as Joe Biden despite his horrendous record regarding the border, the economy and national security, should take heed. Be careful what you sow because you are likely to reap the whirlwind. Shots have already been fired. Ignoring this is not actually an option.


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  1. Spot on Terry! I hope the current new investigations into the Judge and the Prosecutor will do some good in time to prevent any further election interferance!

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