It is astonishing to watch the MSM try and fail to cover the Trump indictments with any element of fairness and accuracy. This is true even regarding FOX News, which at least tries to be more objective. The reason is quite simply that they are not asking the right questions, so they are not coming up with the right answers. Here are some questions that should be asked and some of the potential answers.


The Laptop:

One reason is that some of the actions taken by our Intelligence(?) Agencies, the DOJ, the FBI and the MSM absolutely had a major impact on the election. If nothing else, they all combined to cover-up the information disclosed by the Hunter Biden laptop. They even pretended that was Russian disinformation and during the debate Joe Biden seized on that to avoid answering “ANY” questions about it.


Numerous polls show that if the American people knew that the Hunter Biden laptop was legitimate, based on what was on that laptop, Joe Biden would have lost in a landslide.


No MSM outlet, including FOX, is pointing out that the suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop is irrefutable evidence of our Intelligence Agencies, the DOJ, the FBI and the MSM conspiring to rig the 2020 election.

Mail-in voting:

Even Democrats warned that mail-in voting was a recipe for fraud, until they realized it was helping them. The widespread use of mail-in voting, with either inadequate controls or questionable implementation of controls made it impossible to verify who actually voted during the election. The only thing certain is that ballots were mailed to a lot of people who were not eligible to vote. This included dead people, illegal immigrants, people in nursing homes incapable of voting for themselves, and people no longer living at the residence.


The result is beyond obvious. Democrats are in full throated favor of mail-in ballots with a minimal amount of verification. They support ballot harvesting where Democratic operatives pick up ballots from who knows where and deliver them, unmonitored, to polling stations.


No media outlet has reported on the obvious problems with wide-spread mail-in voting combined with the lack of verification. No MSM outlet is reporting on the use of ballot harvesting and the late-night deposit of ballots.

When we voted in California in 2020, we could either mail in our ballot, or just take it to a ballot box and drop it in. No one even asked who we were. We did not sign anything. We did not provide any form of identification. At least previously we were asked to verify our place of residence, but in 2020 they did not even do that. We were asked to sign our ballot, before depositing, but does anyone seriously believe these signatures were responsibly matched to registered voters?

Mathematically Improbable results:

In places like Philadelphia, late night ballot drops resulted in miraculous vote totals for Joe Biden. In some cases, five minutes of analysis would have shown that these results were unrealistic, inconsistent with previous results, and always in favor of Joe Biden.


ALL the late-night ballot drops in swing states went to Joe Biden. His total margin for victory in swing states came from high density metropolitan voting districts, run by Democrats with votes counted by Democrats.


No one in the MSM even pointed out that Joe Biden won ONLY in high density areas, run by Democrats, where voter fraud has been a historical reality. Trump won in over 2,497 counties; Biden won in about 477 counties. If the electoral college was changed to allow one vote per country, no liberal Democrat would ever win another election.

Interference with election monitors:

The whole point of election monitors or poll watchers is to help verify a fair election. There are numerous reports regarding poll watchers being blocked from observing results and in some cases with ballots being counted in locations where it was impossible for anyone to observe how ballots were verified or even whether they were counted correctly. 


We simply cannot have any confidence in an election run with such blatant and illegal interference.


No MSM outlet is reporting on this. They just pretend it didn’t happen.

Voting Machines:

While no one has “proved” widespread manipulation of results reported by voting machines, there have been numerous cases where there is reason for legitimate concern regarding the potential for fraud. This is so bad that in Michigan, people who after the election arranged to have voting machines tested, were recently charged with a crime.


We all live in an age where even our phones are computers. We all are aware of the capacity for electronic fraud. The widespread use of voting machines with no consistent method of testing these machines and verifying results makes it impossible to automatically trust them to get this right.


If the MSM comments on voting machines at all, they pretend they were all tested and are absolutely reliable. That is a joke.


The MSM is still pretending that when Trump questioned the results of the 2020 election, he was ignoring reality. The opposite is true. No one is asking the right questions about why Trump and a high percentage of ordinary citizens suspect wide-spread fraud during the 2020 election. The most difficult thing to explain about the 2020 election is why 81 million people would vote for someone as patently awful as Joe Biden, who literally campaigned from his basement. If people start asking the most fundamental questions, the results are likely to become increasingly obvious. The real reason these questions are not being asked is that the Democratic Party and their fawning supporters in the MSM are terrified regarding how people would respond to the answers.