You couldn’t even make this up. There are reports that Joe Biden practically demanded Merritt Garland get off his rear and investigate Trump regarding Jan 6. That would be the same Merritt Garland who couldn’t find the time to investigate Hunter.

So, his boy Jack gives this press conference, cheered on by Merritt Garland, saying that the biggest lie by Trump was that the 2020 election was stolen. Well look around sweet pea and you will see thousands, no hundreds of thousands, no millions, no hundreds of millions of people in America who think there were some really obvious and very serious problems with the 2020 election.

But this gets even worse. By charging Trump with lying about the 2020 election, Trump now has the power to subpoena people about problems with the 2020 election. The result is they may have just facilitated the serious investigation they have ignored and pretended wasn’t required and made it an urgent necessity. Nice! Most semi-intelligent people not working for CNN or feeding questions to Brett Baier know that the problem was never that the election was investigated and there was no evidence, but rather that it wasn’t investigated at all. Once Mike Pence folded like a cheap umbrella, we were stuck with the ultimate Joe and Kamala clown show with no option to fix this before 2024.

I have always felt that history will be a lot kinder to those who tried to stop Joe Biden from stealing an election that to those who facilitated it without the slightest regard to the consequences. Well welcome to the consequences. Now the U.S. credit rating has been downgraded, for only the second time in our history. The first time was in 2011. Hmmm. Who was President in 2011? Asking for a friend. Then S&P downgraded us, and the stock market dived. Nice job Joe. “Bidenomics” is a work of art.

This reminds me of a scene from National Lampoon’s Vacation, filmed in 1983. Clark Griswald (Chevy Chase) goes for a skinny dip with the character played by Christie Brinkley.  He comes up with this lame excuse he plans to give his wife. He tries this out on his son who just says: “Do you think mom will buy that?”

I had the same thought when Jack Smith was on national television saying that January 6th was a planned insurrection fueled solely by irrational lies created out of whole cloth by the delusional mind of Donald Trump. Do you seriously think very many people, other than those previously mentioned, will buy that?  My prediction is that when the dust clears, rather than seeing Trump put in jail for treason, a lot of people are going to start questioning all the other January 6th convictions. For the first time this too may actually be investigated and those 15,000 hours of video by Tucker Carlson may make for some great late night TV.

In the meantime, after Merritt Garland and Joe tried to put this all to bed with that sweetheart deal, and failed, we are beyond the “Son Set”. Like the real sun, this son is going down. And this “Son Set” has the potential to be beyond spectacular.