For most people, Cinco De Mayo is a day of celebration. It celebrates the victory of the Mexican army against France at the Battle of Puebla. While I have never actually celebrated Cinco de Mayo, it does look like a lot of fun.

This year the 5th of May will be remembered for other things, like major floods. Most people already know that California is already flooding, and the worst is yet to come. But the entire northern part of the country is covered with a record amount of snow, guaranteed to melt, and it will all predictably flow downstream. There is so much water that even Lake Mead may start to look like a lake again. Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink, because we need to save it all for electric car batteries.

There will also be a sinking economy, along with that sinking feeling when you get your grocery bill. Everything costs more and there are signs of a supply chain crisis that will boggle the mind. Some friends of ours just ordered a new Toyota Rav4 Hybrid, due to be delivered in June or July of 2024. That’s right, over a year from now.

In addition, the cost of having someone as weak as Joe Biden in the White House is becoming increasingly obvious. Incredibly his response is to either lie about results and take full credit or blame everything on Trump. People just aren’t guying this anymore.

We also May see some very famous brand names self-destruct by foolishly insulting their current customer base in desperate surge of the non-existent world-wide woke future beer drinkers fraternity. Bud Light, which was the ultimate blue collar beer just managed to infuriate perhaps the most loyal customer base in U.S. history. If you missed this, the new face of Bud Light is Dylan Mulvaney. Just look it up and the problems are beyond obvious.

Dylan was also hired by Nike to promote their sports bra. Now I have never been a female nor secretly desired to become a female, but I suspect that most females would prefer to get advice regarding something as personal as a sport bra from someone who did not need surgery to make a sports bra necessary.

Then there is that sinking feeling when you see Russia invading the Ukraine, China threatening Taiwan, Iran and North Korea working on nukes, Saudi Arabia ignoring us, along with Turkey threatening Israel and you realize that the man in the oval office who is supposed to deal with this is Joe Biden.  How is it possible for the MSM to continue pretending that Joe Biden was ever competent and to ignore the numerous signs of senility. Granted it is harder to detect senility in someone like Joe Biden who has been saying incredibly stupid things for decades, but this is increasingly difficult to ignore.

So, get ready for sinko de mayo, where one gets that sinking feeling. It is time to remember that it is always darkest just before dawn and that the worse things are the greater the willingness of people to embrace change. The people who think they are really running things and that they can convince everyone else to agree with them, even when they are spewing other nonsense, are fooling only themselves. As Margaret Thatcher once said, the problem with liberalism is that eventually they run out of other people’s money.  When people realize that Joe Biden spent trillions on nonsense and doesn’t have the money or resources to fund the wars he is likely to start or fix the infrastructure destroyed by massive floods they are extremely unlikely to buy an over-priced electric car that runs on the electrical grid running out of electricity. They are also very unlikely to buy the pathetic attempts to pretend none of this is actually happening. At some point, thinks we just may reach the point where every the most skilled Democratic establishment leaders simply cannot steal enough votes to keep the idiot train on track.