Sometimes, even a ridiculous song accidentally makes a lot of sense. The following are a small excerpt of the lyrics from “ Barenaked Ladies – Angry People Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

It is an amazingly accurate commentary on what is happening today:

Angry people get so sanctimonious
Telling us what to do
Hoping no one outs them all as phonies just cause
We are all phonies too

In a square a thousand angry people
Are waving signs in the air
While a million other happy people
Are trying hard not to care
You see, the happy people’s biggest problem
Is they’re never fearing the worst
While the rest of us will never sleep until
Your happy bubbles all burst

It is increasingly clear that a lot of very angry, incredibly naïve and uninformed people, are demanding everyone else agree with things that are not only wrong but they are also absurd.

In many cases the focus of that anger is on Donald Trump. Sometimes he contributes to this, but other times all the anger is self-fueled. Nothing he every says or does will ever be considered as having any potential for being based on merit. Many of the incredibly dumb decisions by the Biden administration were the result of reversing Trump policies with zero consideration regarding whether they were working or not. If Trump did it, it was wrong, no other information was required. Ironically, if Joe Biden had just done absolutely nothing, odds are the economy and our southern border would both be in much better shape.

But now, those angry people waving signs have made it increasingly impossible for the rest of us to ignore them. Just yesterday, we were surprised to see a large local crowd of Trump supporters waving signs. They weren’t attacking anyone and there was no hint of violence. But they did generate a large amount of noise, because just about every car driving by honked its horn in support. If that is happening here, it is happening in a lot of other places.

The real problem is not that some people are opposed to Donald Trump. That is easy to understand. The problem is that they want to destroy him on the assumption that anyone who supports him or agrees with his policies is evil. They fail to understand something really important. Trump isn’t deluding people into following his leadership. Instead, he is one of the few politicians who listens to them.

For years the legal walls have been reportedly closing in on Trump, but it never happens. Now someone has actually indicted him, and after listening to District Attorney Bragg anyone remotely familiar with our legal system instantly realizes this is pure nonsense. He can’t even define the alleged crime that made this a felony. However it may take a long time and a lot of expense before some court dismisses this in the most brutally possible way. But Bragg does not care, neither do his insane supporters in the MSM or the people putting on pathetic excuses for late night comedy who are too busy celebrating to consider the obvious.

This may or may not destroy the Trump candidacy for President. So far, it seems to have helped him. But, if he is destroyed, he will be replaced by someone who is a strong proponent of his principles and policies and those who are rejoicing should pause to consider the reality of that. Trump’s replacement is likely to be more Trumpian than Trump, without the baggage.

In the meantime, our international affairs are truly frightening with the most incompetent person possible, other than Kamala Harris, in charge of our national security. Our economy is in disarray and possibly headed to meltdown. We are going to see flooding in California and the Mississippi valley that will stagger the imagination. At a time when this country desperately needs leadership, we are instead distracted by this pathetic dog and pony show that will do absolutely nothing to fix anything.

All the angry people have one thing in common. People who are angry are often too blinded by hatred to see reality. That is why while angry people are sometimes good at destroying things, they often destroy themselves in the process. But eventually they do achieve something else, they make all the people who would prefer to be left alone, angry at them. Welcome to the summer of anything but love.