The best defense when faced with a serious criminal charge is delay of game. This is not exactly new. Most people know that Mary Surratt and David Herold, Lewis Powell, George Altzerodt were all hanged for their part in the Lincoln Assassination. Many people know that Dr. Samuel Mudd, the physician who treated John Wilkes Booth’s left fibula following the assassination was imprisoned at Fort Jefferson in the Dry Tortugas. This prison was on a small island about 70 miles west of Key West. It is now a national park, if you want to pay for the expensive ferry or plane ride necessary to get there.

But John Surratt, who at a minimum was guilty of conspiring to kidnap Abraham Lincoln was not convicted of anything. John Surratt wisely escaped to Canada, otherwise he almost certainly would have been hung too. He booked passage to England. He later made it to Alexandria, Egypt where he was finally captured in November 1866. He was brought to trial in Maryland in 1867. The result was a hung jury, 8 jurors voted to acquit and 4 voted to convict. Since this took so long, even though Surratt admitted to the plot to kidnap Lincoln, the statute of limitations had run and he was released from jail, free as a bird. He finally died in 1916 when he was 72 years old.

This is the exact strategy used by the Clinton’s and now Hunter Biden to avoid justice. They run from any investigation until years have passed, and then say, “that is just old, discredited news.” Sadly, for the Clintons, this worked brilliantly. If people like Gerald Rivera have their way, it will work for Hunter too.

But there is a different. With regard to John Surratt, his co-conspirators were all conveniently dead and there was no direct evidence against him. There, are also, well, rumors of convenient strange suicides miraculously affecting people who had inconvenient information regarding the Clintons.

The opposite is true with Hunter Biden. No one had died, and there is actually a mountain of evidence. Unlike the illusionary walls always closing in on Donald Trump, the wall closing in on Hunter Biden are all too real. If recent news reports are accurate, the first attempt at a serious investigation is finding a lot more evidence. In the case of Hunter, pretending the facts were not actually facts and that none of this mattered only works for people like Don Lemon and Gerald Rivera. The reality is that if Donald Trump, Jr. had done 1/100th of what we know Hunter Biden did, he would be making friends with people like Alex Murdaugh in prison.

This time, I don’t think the delay of game is going to work. This time, justice delayed is not always justice denied. Thanks to advances in forensic science, people who thought they got away with it, found out that was not true, the hard way. Just ask Roy Charles Waller, the NorCal Rapist who got away with this for decades. He was convicted in 2020 and has a relatively mild sentence of 897 years.

He was done in because some relative(s) decided to play the genealogy game and sent their DNA in to be analyzed. While none of these people were ever suspects, they helped police zero in on Mr. Waller.

Hence the problem for Hunter and probably Joe, today is that there are all those bank records and emails that were not available in 1866. In addition, Joe has the problem of being so awful at being President that few people in either party want to see this pathetic clown show continue. While John Surratt continued to have friends, in the former confederacy, there is little evidence that anyone is terribly excited about claiming Hunter Biden as a friend.

That doesn’t mean the stall game was not tried. It was tried recently by Geraldo. He should have known better because he tangled with Molly Hemingway.

Geraldo: “Hunter Biden has been investigated for almost five years. Aside from fact he’s a junkie dirtbag nothing remotely criminal has been uncovered. Put up or shut up.”

Molly: “Setting aside the gun crimes, prostitution crimes, drug crimes, tax crimes, bribery receipts, foreign agent shenanigans, money laundering, pay-for-pay, and kid glove treatment from the corrupt and politicized FBI and DOJ, this was a really astute observation.”

This probably make Geraldo long for the time when he opened the secret bricked up room, allegedly connected to Al Capone, on national TV, and found…empty beer bottles and trash.

The problem with the modern-day version of the stall game is that it is too easy to end up smelling like crap.


  1. A survey today shows that 60% of people don’t buy the climate change hysteria and consider it to be a weird new form of religion based on little else other than political ambition without regard to actual science. This is remarkable when almost every MSM broadcast about any rotten weather report blames it on climate change. The bottom line is that a whole lot of people are just not buying this nonsense anymore. This time the Hunter moon is likely to be photographed from his back side in a cozy jail cell. Kinda similar to the pictures he stupidly left behind on his lap top.