I must admit that I am confused. Why does climate change, which used to be called global warming, is always accompanied about things that happen as a result of global warming? The answer is easy. Five minutes of research shows that there is little evidence of significant global warming, which is why global warming was changed to climate change, which is harder to dispute.

This allows the usual suspects to blame everything on climate change without bothering to consider any facts or evidence. The most recent evidence of this is the blaming of the current conditions in California on climate change, meaning global warming, to explain why all that warm rain has been building up enormous amounts of snow in the mountains. It allows people to argue with a straight face that these storms are more severe because of climate change, meaning global warming, even though the northern Pacific is not actually warmer it is colder. Warmer is when you have an El Nino. We have a La Nina, which is when the water is colder. Should be obvious, but obviously, isn’t.

This helps explain why all this climate change, meaning global warming, has resulted in remarkable things like record snowfall and Emerald Bay freezing completely over for the first time in decades.

Lake Tahoe’s Emerald Bay Freezes For First Time In Decades (

It is always amazing to see someone argue, with a straight face, that climate change, meaning global warming, causes things to get colder. Of course, if things get warmer, that is always proof of climate change, meaning global warming.

If you are confused, it is because you are getting this information from people who are confused. But then these are the same people who think that the government spending more money is the secret to lowering inflation. These are the same people who praise Democrats and Joe Biden, without regard to the facts or evidence and propose criminal sentences for Donald Trump based on wild rumors and conspiracy theories without regard to facts or evidence. The bottom line is that if you just ignore facts and evidence, you can easily convince yourself of anything, for a while.

But at some point, reality raises its ugly head. Like now, in California. There is snow, a lot of snow, possibly a record amount of snow. All of that snow is guaranteed to melt. When it melts, it is going to create major problems. This is because much of California is actually shaped like a very large bowl, surrounded by high mountains. When the snow melts, the water predictably fills up the bowl. There snow is already there. The only question is how fast it melts and how much of the bowl gets filled up.

The Los Angeles Times, famous for getting most things wrong, actually nailed this one:

Editorial: Restore California’s floodplains to capture more stormwater, protect human life (

A quick look at a satellite photo of the snow-covered Sierra makes it plain: No number of dams can hold all that water back, no number of reservoirs can lock it up.

Yup. The water is already here, and it is going to all melt and fill that bowl. The results will soon become obvious to everyone, including the usual suspects reporting on TV. They are almost certain to blame this on climate change, meaning global warming, and wonder how anyone could possibly argue against that conclusion. None of them are likely to realize they are all wet. How cool is that?