There are a lot of myths about a full moon. Most of them are not true. For example, many people believe hospital emergency rooms are always flooded during a full moon. Certainly, a lot of emergency room physicians believe that. The following article addresses the myths and the math regarding this subject:

Is the ER really any wilder during a full moon? DOs weigh in – The DO (osteopathic.org)

One thing is certain, you can see more clearly at night if there is a full moon. In addition, a full moon can be very pretty. It seems likely that a full moon does impact some people, if only because it is really obvious. Who knows what triggers some people to do weird things.

That brings me to my point. It is obvious that this midterm election is going to be wild. Some people are predicting an enormous red wave. Some are predicting it won’t be “that” bad. No one is predicting that Democrats will have a good night, just a potential they can hang on to the Senate by the skin of their teeth. They already hold on by the skin of their teeth because the vote is 50/50 and they have zero margin for error.

So, I thought it would good to research November 8, 2022, to see if perhaps God has an opinion. Well Glory Be it turns out there will be a full lunar eclipse on November 8th.

SVS: November 8, 2022 Total Lunar Eclipse: Visibility Map (nasa.gov)

This includes the entire United States. One has to wonder what this means. Did God decide to hide the moon to hold the lunatics at bay. Perhaps I am wrong about this, but that would seem to benefit Republicans. At least based on what people say publicly, the loony tunes sure seem to gravitate to positions held dear by the DNC. If they were scared to go out, because the moon is missing, well there you go!

By the way, the darkest areas appear to be Washington, Oregon, and California. Florida, on the other hand, not so much. Could that also be an omen?

The reality right now is that things look scary good if you are a Republican. How good? Well, the Republican running for the Senate against Maggie Hassan in New Hampshire appears to have a chance at winning. No one expected this, Mitch McConnell gave up and decided to spend his money supporting Murkowski in Alaska. An interesting decision, regardless of what one thinks about Murkowski, because her opponent is a Republican. It just doesn’t seem to make sense to spend money on a Senate race where Republicans win regarding of the outcome. Was Mitch, perhaps, influenced by a full moon?

It also appears that Republicans may even have a chance to beat Patty Murray in Washington. I wouldn’t bet on that, but if it really happened, this would elevate the Republican red wave to a full-scale tsunami.

It is sometimes said that we seldom realize our greatest hopes or worst fears. That is certainly true now. The only thing certain is that Democrats appear to be quaking in fear and Republicans are trying to suppress grins. Watch closely, because that full moon will disappear, briefly, next Wednesday and when the light comes back, we may see a whole new political landscape.