If you look closely at the pictures of Nancy Pelosi’s house in San Francisco, one thing is very obvious. There are security cameras all over the place. One suspects that there are also a lot of security cameras located on other homes in that area. This means that there almost certainly have to be pictures of David Depape and possibly Paul Pelosi prior to when police showed up at that house.

We have security cameras at our house, and I know how this works. There is zero chance someone could get anywhere near my house without triggering an alarm. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that those cameras on the Pelosi house were monitored by a central station. At a minimum, there is almost certainly a DVR that records everything, and it marks times when the camera detects motion,

We already know that the “ex” of David Depape gave a phone interview from her prison cell. Oxane “Gypsy” Taub is apparently incarcerated in the California Institution for Women, after being convicted on abduction charges in 2021.

Pelosi attacker David DePape’s ex says he is ‘mentally ill,’ once came home thinking he was Jesus: report (

“He came back in very bad shape. He thought he was Jesus. He was constantly paranoid, thinking people were after him. And it took a good year or two to get back to, you know, being halfway normal,” Taub told the outlet.

Pressed about DePape’s political leanings, Taub said he had never been particularly involved.

“When I met him, he was only 20 years old , and he didn’t have any experience in politics, and he was very much in alignment with my views, and I’ve always been very progressive. I absolutely admire Nancy Pelosi,” she said.

There is a video of an interview with his neighbor. There are reports he was living in a yellow school bus located outside the home of his ex. Although the news media is extremely unlikely to show this video, you can see it on YouTube.

Actual interview of neighbors of David DePape. – Bing video

This is hardly the type of person likely to spend hours posting articles about the stolen election etc. Frankly, he doesn’t seem to be the type of person who communicates very well with anyone.

This is not the first time someone targeted that house. Someone painted graffiti on the garage door overnight during New Years 2021. Among other things it said :”We want everything.” It is doesn’t look like something one would expect from a mysterious right-wing group supporting Donald Trump.


The police story is changing significantly. First Paul Pelosi said this was a friend, said his name was David, and asked for a welfare check. Police said someone else let them in the house. There were reports Depape was found in his underwear, in Pelosi’s bedroom.

Now the police story is changing, they are walking back things reported previously. One notes the FBI is there to assist, so perhaps that explains the “verification process.”

Democrats clearly want to use this, as a minimum, of preventing Republicans from campaigning against Nancy Pelosi. Republicans, of course, criticizing Democrats is the major source of violence in America. It is pure bad luck that Republicans, like Steve Scalise have been seriously injured by people who listen to Democrats.

One thing is already obvious, the cover-up team is in full spin mode. The MSM has zero interest in sorting this out. They prefer to run with the narrative that someone broke into Nancy Pelosi’s house and beat up her husband because they were fueled by right wing MAGA hatred.. End of story. What more do you need to know?

Which brings me to my point. There have to be pictures and the question is “will the FBI/DNC/San Francisco Police cover-up brigade be able to confiscate ALL of them?” We can be sure the pictures from the Pelosi cameras will never see the light of day, at least prior to the mid-term elections. The ongoing investigation blanket used to cover things up when Democrats mess up is already up and running.

But it may not work. The only thing certain at this point is that nothing about this situation adds up. Democrats might have gotten away with this if they had not tried to make Depape a right wing Republican conspiracist gone wild. But, once again, they can’t help themselves. They can never let a good tragedy go to waste. They are beyond desperate to stop the monstrous red wave just over the horizon. Ironically, if they hadn’t tried to exploit this politically, people might have just let it go. But now they have made that impossible. Eventually a sizable portion of the truth will come out, one way or another. Get the picture?