I, like most Americans, did not watch the Liz Cheney Illusion Act Thursday night. But those who did quickly noticed blatant misrepresentation of material facts. Apparently, Ms. Cheney read only part of what Trump actually tweeted on January 6th, and then blamed him for what he didn’t say. You can’t make stuff like this up. It is remarkably similar to when the CNN reporter stood in front of a burning police station describing a “mostly peaceful” demonstration.

This is one reason Democrats are doomed to failure. Jack Del Rio, one of the coaches for the Washington Commanders, said the following:

“I can look at images on the TV [of the Floyd protests] — people’s livelihoods are being destroyed. Businesses are being burned down. No problem,” he said Wednesday. “And then we have a dust-up at the Capitol, nothing burned down, and we’re going to make that a major deal. I just think it’s kind of two standards, and if we apply the same standard and we’re going to be reasonable with each other, let’s have a discussion.”

If you read the statement by Del Rio, while not particularly tactful, he actually has a point. There was nothing burned down during the “insurrection.” The only person shot was an unarmed female by a Capital Police officer. While some people did get out of control and got into physical confrontations with the police, the majority of people were waiving flags and posing for photo ops. Any honest observer should admit that the protests in response to the George Floyd killing were far more violent and destructive than anything that happened on January 6th.

The problem with the liberal left if that if you even ask legitimate questions, you are not only shouted down, but you are also fined. Washington head coach, Ron Rivera decided to fine Del Rio $100,000. Rivera said: “he will not tolerate any equivalency between the protests over George Floyd’s murder and the Capitol Riots.” Interesting twist of words, because there were actually Capitol riots, in connection with the George Floyd protests, but it is a bit of a reach to describe what happened on January 6th, to be a riot at all. It was certainly a lot more peaceful than the BLM led George Floyd protests. Message from liberals: “don’t bother talking to us and if you don’t agree with us, we will silence you. Never bother us with facts or evidence, because our mind’s made up.”  Those who refuse to listen cannot possibly hear.

The problem for Democrats and people like Rivera is that there is video, hours of video, of showing both events. And no matter how much people like Liz Cheney try to cut and paste, a lot of people saw those videos, in real time. In effect Democrats and people like Cheney and Rivera are demanding we believe them rather than our lying eyes. As for me, the eyes have it.

I grant that there was more violence than we realized on January 6th, but there were also thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of people who were peacefully protesting. In some cases, they were let into the Capital, by Capital police. There are videos of people walking peacefully, looking like sight seers out on a field trip. There were others wearing silly outfits and acting like idiots. What you did not see was people throwing Molotov cocktails. You didn’t see any of the “insurrectionists” armed with anything stronger than bear spray and a fire extinguisher.

Capital police officer Caroline Edwards testified about how she was seriously injured. Prosecutors described this already. They said that defendant Ryan Samsel pushed a metal barricade into the officer outside the Capitol near an intersection called the Peace Circle, causing her to fall and hit her head on stairs. She was knocked unconscious and apparently suffered a concussion.

Samsel allegedly picked her up and said: “We don’t have to hurt you. Why are you standing in our way? Not exactly what one would expect from a murderous insurrectionist. More important is what the Capital Police officer’s union said about the incident.

“We need accountability, starting with our own leaders,” the union said in a statement. “Make no mistake, the breach of the U.S. Capitol was a failure of our leadership, as outlined in the Senate report earlier this year. It’s unconscionable that Officer Edwards was on the West front of the Capitol with no universal fence, no riot gear and too few officers to back her up. She could have been killed.”

Fining Jack Del Rio, for pointing out the obvious, is not on the list of things necessary to solve this.

Hmm. Who did make the decision to not put up a fence, to not provide riot gear and to not authorize the National Guard to provide backup? Certainly not Donald Trump. He suggested making the National Guard available. It was Nancy Pelosi who was responsible for this, but Liz was too deceptively editing video tape and parsing testimony to create the illusion of evidence solely against Donald Trump to notice what appears to be culpable negligence by Nancy Pelosi. Blind hatred is a poor substitute for vision.

I know many exceptionally good attorneys. None of them would pull a stunt like this, if for no other reason than it is guaranteed to backfire. It would immediately backfire on Liz Cheney too, if anyone were available to cross examine her or if the press had the slightest interest in reporting objectively. That is very unlikely to happen.

But the good news is that we don’t need rely on people like Adam “Schiffless” or Nancy “Poleaseosi” to translate the truth for us. Neither must we rely on the MSM. The truth is already out there and within minutes provided a devastating rebuke against the Liz Cheney illusion act. This is so bad that there is even a chance that CNN will notice. Not people like Don Lemon or Brian Stelzer, but rather the people already queued up to replace them.

The bottom line is that no matter how much people scream and yell about people screaming and yelling, most of us can easily see that shrieking at the top of one’s lungs is not actually a substitute for facts and evidence.

The facts are this. The 2020 election stunk to high heaven. At last count 45% of Democrats think there was something seriously wrong with the 2020 election. Any honest person has to admit that all mail in ballots, with marginal controls, is a recipe for fraud. The contemporary reports of poll watchers being blocked from doing their job are all too believable. What is not believable is that 84 million people voted for the shell of a human being elevated to a position for which he is so obviously incapable of handling. The big lie was Joe Biden, and most people didn’t buy it then and don’t buy it now.

If San Francisco is a clue, two things are happening. Conservatives and angry Democrats showed up in mass. Liberals and progressives stayed home. A progressive District Attorney was recalled called with over 60% of voters supporting recall in a city with over 90% Democratic voter registration. If that pattern continues, Republicans will run the table during the 2022 Mid-term elections. That will be the real insurrection, and unlike that promoted by the progressives, it will be mostly peaceful. Peaceful, quiet and very, very, loud.