It is now official. The January 6th Committee has gone prime time with a gigantic swing and miss. My firm prediction is that the next “prime time” hearing will be ignored even by the MSM. There are numerous signs that the people who really run things, we call them people with money, are not impressed. Disney fired the genius who decided to go full woke hyperventilating about the “don’t say gay” bill, which isn’t actually a “don’t say gay” bill and is actually supported by more parents in Florida. You know the people Disney used to consider its’ target market. Losing billions of dollars in revenue does have a dramatic impact on enthusiasm.

MSNBC just reported the lowest ratings this century. CNN is openly talking about firing talking heads who can’t seem to present the actual facts without their heads exploding. The companies that have gone full woke are rapidly becoming fully broke. This is not about homophobia or any other phobia, it is about most of us just not enthusiastic about being forced to endure endless sermonizing by people who are not exactly personal pillars of virtue.

Now combine this with a report that was a combination of extreme bias, boring and obviously irrational narrative presented by some of the most unlikeable people on this planet. Even the usual suspect fact checkers, who tried to push back against Donald Trump saying he offered 20,000 National Guard troops, prior to the event, admitted he did exactly that, but he “didn’t order them to show up.” If Trump had ordered the troops to show up, that would have been considered an act of insurrection. The sad truth is that anything Trump did or does is automatically considered criminal, even if it accidentally happens to be a good idea.

Those who tuned in last night, are unlikely to repeat the error. We are seeing all these protests designed to generate public interest and support, but if you pay attention they are getting neither. Oh, the MSM traditionally shows up with glowing reports without regard to the substance, but the average person is at the point where “we’ve heard this all before.”  It is the ultimate “been there, done that” scenario.

There are people paying attention. In Canada they are purchasing every handgun in sight. In the United States there is, another, rush to purchase AR15 rifles. While Joe Biden wants to let criminals sue gun manufacturers for self-inflected wounds, he has actually made it possible for gun manufacturers to make record profits. Nice! Things have now reached the point that for a lot of people, if Joe Biden is against something, well, there is no better recommendation.

Even Bernie Sanders is concerned. He has noticed that Biden’s support among Hispanic voters is now at 24% and is below 50% with Black voters. What a remarkable accomplishment. Not that long ago Democrats got about 75% of the Hispanic vote and 90% of the Black vote. Even people with a far-left delusional view of the world, like Bernie Sanders, know this is not good. Of course, he thinks the solution is to double down on insanity, but one should recall that the primary reason for President Joe Biden is that even liberal Democrats become nauseated at the thought of having Bernie Sanders at the top of the ticket.

I would consider this the worst blunder in modern history, but I am reminded that the Cleveland Browns went all in on a someone whose record as a starting quarterback is 28-25 or 52.8%. Of course, he makes up for this by setting an all-time record for getting sued for sexual assault by massage therapists. It should have been a clue that Texas, who had him on the roster, has been openly celebrating since the Browns paid them big bucks to remove their biggest headache.

Yet, the owners of the Cleveland Browns still come in a distant second, because they only messed up one team, while Democrats are closing in on losing the country. Only one statistic really matters. Look around you. If things are a hot mess, odds are Democrats are in charge. If the people lecturing you are patronizing, arrogant and ignorant jerks proposing things that have not, will not and can not work, you are almost certainly living in a blue state or a blue city. It is not that Republicans are that great, they aren’t. It is just that being better than Democrats has never been easier.

The only thing that could make things worse for Democrats, is to double down on the downward slide by putting on the ultimate political blunder, and then insisting it goes prime time. Everything this committee is saying is either a gross exaggeration or a flat out lie and deliberate misrepresentation. If this was designed to distract from the failures of the Biden Administration, it is likely to have the opposite effect. People may have a problem figuring out what they want, but this is a case study in what they don’t want. Calling this a Blunder Bust is actually a complement, but I couldn’t think of a more appropriate term that would not require using poor taste profanity.