People who work on car engines know the significance of the timing belt. If that malfunctions the engine simply will not run. Today we are seeing the pollical equivalent of a broken timing belt and the results are remarkably similar.

This all started, ironically, after the 2020 election. President Donald Trump nominated Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizella to be a U.S. District Judge in Tampa, Florida. Democrats, as always, were opposed. They boycotted the Senate Judiciary committee, so she was sent to the floor with a 12-0 vote, with no Democrats voting. She is a brilliant attorney, but the ABA felt she was unqualified because she had never presided over a trial. No one questioned her academic or legal background. The Senate approved her, after the 2020 election, but before the new congress took over.

This is the judge who just ruled that the CDC mask mandate is illegal. The response was immediate and thunderous. Within minutes the TSA announced they would no longer enforce the mask mandate. Major airlines and Amtrack made similar announcements. There are videos of flight attendants and passengers celebrating the decision while on aircraft.

The timing of this is devastating to the Biden Administration. They were caught by surprise and the masks came off before Biden was escorted back to reality by the Easter Bunny. Now they are between a rock and a hard place. If they try to litigate this, they will just make a lot of people even more angry, and there is no guarantee they would win. But this decision made them look plain silly. Which they deserved, because they kept extending this mask mandate, with extraordinarily little if any medical science behind the mandate. It is obvious that a lot of people were really tired of this and frankly it looks like everyone wants to get COVID behind them.

In addition, the one place people do still want restrictions is on letting people into the country illegally while ignoring COVID protocols. In other words, if you are here legally, you have to follow the rules, but if you come here illegally, nothing matters. This is so illogical that ten Democrats just crossed party lines and voted with Republicans to continue enforcing Title 42.

Bipartisan bill to extend Title 42 latest sign of moderate Dem opposition to Biden border move – 1010 WCSI

That included Senators Mark Kelly, Kyrsten Sinema, Jon Tester, Joe Manchin, and Maggie Hansan. Senator Mark Kelly, up for re-election, said:

“The Biden administration was wrong to set an end date for Title 42 without a comprehensive plan in place,”

The timing of this and numerous other things could not be worse for the Democratic Party. They gained what they thought was total power, in the worst conceivable way, mucked things up to a fare thee well, and don’t have any plan or even a theory on how to fix any of this, other than to reverse all the anti-Trump decisions made by the Biden Administration. Admitting you have done something wrong is seldom seen by any politician and admitting the other guy was right is just beyond the realm of possibility.

Things are so bad that even Democrats know they can’t steal enough votes to change the outcome this fall. I am not sure we have ever seen something like this in the history of this country. If you had any doubt about how things are going, just watch those videos of people on planes reacting to that judges decision. The timing could not be worse for the Biden administration, and this just may be the ultimate Timing Belt.